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What use is mass flu vaccination? British Medical Journal

British Medical Journal     Oct 20, 2014

FluShotGhoulDrugStoreIt’s flu vaccination season again. People over 65 and those aged six months to 65 years who have a clinical risk factor (such as heart disease, asthma with regular inhaled steroid use, or chronic kidney disease) are eligible for the vaccine, along with people who live in residential care homes, pregnant women, and carers. Health and social care workers in direct contact with patients are also being encouraged to have the vaccine. But does it work?1 2 3 4

For each healthy adult, a Cochrane review found that vaccination saved an average of just 0.04 days off work and concluded that no evidence supported it as a routine public health measure.5 And among over 65s, Cochrane reviews found only poor quality data and were unable to draw conclusions of any benefit, thus recommending more trials.6 As for children, Cochrane again found the available studies to be of poor quality: the number needed to vaccinate to prevent one case ranged from seven (live vaccine) to 28 (inactivated vaccine),7 and effectiveness varied greatly depending on the season.8

The evidence is uncertain among people with asthma9; however, flu vaccination does seem to usefully reduce exacerbations in people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.10 And a review of flu vaccination trials for healthcare workers who looked after older people in long term residential care found no meaningful difference in the number of cases of laboratory confirmed flu, admissions to hospital, or deaths from respiratory infections in residents.11

So, why are we vaccinating so many people in whom we have no proof that it works? We should surely be doing randomised controlled trials of the vaccine in healthy over 65s and healthcare workers, at least.

The NHS has a “Flu Fighter” campaign to encourage uptake and offer incentives for staff to bare their biceps. In return for vaccination, hospitals have offered their staff entry into cash prize draws, as well as chocolates, lollipops, cakes, biscuits, stickers that read “I’m a Flu Fighter,” and even an extra day’s annual leave, some freedom of information requests have shown. But will those days off work be offset by the average 0.04 days saved through vaccination?

Treating children is one thing; treating adults like children is quite another. The Department of Health wants trusts to achieve a 75% uptake in flu vaccination for staff,1 when it would be better off ensuring that resources are used where they can do some good. I would have the vaccination if a high quality trial showed that it was worth it for me or my patients. But flu vaccination is offered millions of times every year at huge opportunity cost; given so much uncertainty, this policy is impossible to justify.

By Margaret McCartney, general practitioner, Glasgow

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Crucify the Vaccine Heretics! By Roman Bystrianyk (Dissolving Illusions)

International Medical Council on Vaccination – October 9, 2014

Roman Bystrianyk is co-author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History which is available on AMAZON.


The choice to vaccinate should be the individual – not dictated by laws. But those that push for more and more laws and shield vaccine manufactures from any responsibility whatsoever disagree. Since all vaccines are akin to the holy grail of the medical world those that question are considered heretics that must be crucified – if not literally certainly figuratively.

• Measles was mild by the mid-1900s with an almost 100% decline in deaths by the time the vaccine was introduced.
• You don’t need an antibody response to recover from measles and have lifelong immunity.
• The immune system is much more complex than a simple antibody = protection story that is often described.
• Vitamin A and C are key in human immunity and in measles.
• Large scale epidemics may occur in highly vaccinated populations due to waning immunity.
• Clinical measles is really MLI (measles-like illness) which is often caused by something other than the measles virus.
• Measles may have been misdiagnosed for decades making it difficult to even judge the effectiveness of the measles vaccine.
• Aseptic meningitis (brain inflammation) from the MMR vaccine was seen during a mass immunization campaign.


By Roman Bystrianyk (Co-Author of Dissolving Illusions)

I recently read a short piece in Time Magazine by Mr. Jeffrey Kluger on how the actor and activist Rob Schneider should “shut up about vaccines.” If you’re not familiar with what is going on, here is what the controversy is basically about. Rob Schneider is a parental rights activist that believes the individual should decide if he or she should receive a vaccine for themselves or for their children. Mr. Kluger disagrees. (1)

Mr. Kluger spends most of the childish, insult filled article painting Rob Schneider as an idiot and a clown who has no right to say anything whatsoever about anything at all, and certainly not about vaccines. The exception by Mr. Kluger might be that Rob Schnieder may be allowed to say something to do with comedy, but from the tone Mr. Kluger manufactures I doubt he even thinks Mr. Schneider even deserves that. There is little doubt here that Mr. Kluger feels he is intellectually vastly superior to Mr. Schneider by stating that Mr. Schneider would have scored a zero on the SATs because he lacks the skill to even write his own name. It’s hard to imagine that a chief science editor at a big name magazine would write such an article much less why Time Magazine would allow it to even be published as some type of news worthy story.

The goal of the article is simple – destroy the messenger as quickly as possible – impugn their character so that anything they might have to say is disregarded. This is sadly a tried-and-true technique of bullies from the playground to supposed grownups who have attained some position of power and influence in our society.

Funny how seriously the public is supposed to take actresses like Amanda Peet who are blindly pro-vaccine, but when a celebrity who has done some critical thinking and come to a different conclusion they are branded quacks (just like doctors) and blacklisted.

Science’s unofficial motto is “Question Everything.” Well that might be true for understanding the cosmos or physics but that certainly does not in any way apply to vaccines. Vaccines are the unassailable magic wand. They cure everything and have zero downside (well accept for a sore arm or two). According to Mr. Krulger vaccines are “not filled with toxins” so there just couldn’t possibly be any downside at all anyway.

Let’s look at some things that are never discussed when talking about these perfectly harmless and only flawlessly beneficial magic wands. Unlike Mr. Krulger’s article the following information comes from historical and scientific sources that are listed at the bottom of this article for anyone who wishes to do more research. To keep the article reasonably short I’ll stick to a single disease – measles.

During the 1800s into the early 1900s measles, like all infectious diseases, was a big killer. The measles vaccine was introduced in the United States in 1963. By this date using United States statistics the measles death rate had declined by over 98%. (2) Similarly, the measles vaccine was introduced in England in 1968. Since England began keeping statistics in 1838 we can get a much better idea of just how bad measles was during the 1800s – it was a big killer. Phenomenally, the death rate for measles had declined by almost a full 100% before the introduction of the vaccine in England. (3) (Take a look at the graphs in the reference section to see the dramatic decline in deaths.)

Something you may have never been told was that by the time of the vaccine introduction measles was considered generally a mild disease. This was written about in the medical literature at the time just before the vaccine was introduced in the late 1950s. (4)

Alexander Langmuir, MD, is known today as “the father of infectious disease epidemiology.” In 1949 he created the epidemiology section of what became the CDC. Even Langmuir knew that by the time vaccine was developed, measles mortality in the United States had already declined to minimal levels when he described measles as a “. . . self-limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity, and low fatality . . .” (5)

When the vaccine was introduced in 1963 out of 6 New England states there were only 5 deaths attributed to measles. (6) Bottom line – measles was not much of a threat by the time the measles vaccine was introduced. Yet, you would never know this since there is an instant panic as soon as a single child appears with a red dot.

If you read the general information for the CDC you’ll read about antibodies. (7) This is the corner stone of vaccinology – antibody stimulation. But this is really a kindergarten level description of the immune system. It is vastly more complex and even immunologists don’t really understand how it works.

. . . “the immune system remains a black box,” says Garry Fathman, MD, a professor of immunology and rheumatology and associate director of the Institute for Immunology, Transplantation and Infection . . . It’s staggeringly complex, comprising at least 15 different interacting cell types that spew dozens of different molecules into the blood to communicate with one another and to do battle. Within each of those cells sit tens of thousands of genes whose activity can be altered by age, exercise, infection, vaccination status, diet, stress, you name it. . . . That’s an awful lot of moving parts. And we don’t really know what the vast majority of them do, or should be doing . . . (8)

Without really understanding the immune system, vaccinologists began injecting people with various types of vaccines since the mid-1900s. And what was even known at about the time the measles vaccine was being introduced was that antibodies weren’t even needed for a full recovery from measles!

One of the most disconcerting discoveries in clinical medicine was the finding that children with congenital agamma-globulinaemia, who could make no antibody and had only insignificant traces of immunoglobulin in circulation, contracted measles in normal fashion, showed the usual sequence of symptoms and signs, and were subsequently immune. (9)

What? No antibodies need to fully recover from measles? That revelation ruins the simple story of antibodies are the immune system. The truth is that the immune system can be described as being made of two parts – the humoral part (antibodies) and the cellular part (natural killer cells, etc.) It’s the cellular immune system that relies on good nutrition and that in large measure explains why the death rate had improved so dramatically before the advent of the measles vaccine. Vitamins. Good nutrition is no doubt what brought about the 99.9% improvement in mortality.

Unfortunately, to this day vaccine developers and proponents really don’t understand exactly how the immune system functions. Worse, they use antibodies to measure immunity when the truth is that antibodies after measles are really just a marker of what happened and cannot be the sole measure of future protection.

So what about vitamins and measles? Back in the 1940s and 1950s a Dr. Klenner was using vitamin C successfully in treating measles. He published his results in medical journals of the time.

In the Spring of 1948 measles was running in epidemic proportions in this section of the country. Our first act, then, was to have our own little daughters play with children known to be in the “contagious phase.” When the syndrome of fever, redness of the eyes and throat, catarrh [inflammation of a mucous membrane], spasmodic bronchial cough, and Koplik spots [measles skin spots] had developed and the children were obviously sick, vitamin C was started. In this experiment it was found that 1000 mg every four hours, by mouth, would modify the attack . . . When 1000 mg was given every two hours all evidence of the infection cleared in 48 hours . . . the drug (vitamin C) was given 1000 mg every 2 hours around the clock for four days . . . These little girls did not develop the measles rash during the above experiment and although exposed many times since still maintain this “immunity.” (10)

It’s also known that vitamin A stores are rapidly used up during an attack of measles and after measles vaccination. Single doses of vitamin A are known to dramatically decrease the death rate by 70 to 90 percent. (11) There is lots of scientific information on nutrition and the immune system that you could spend a lifetime reading.

Another point that is rarely discussed with measles is that when you got measles naturally you were generally immune for life – good, solid, lifelong immunity. But, with the measles vaccine you have a different story – the story of waning immunity. This means that over time the humoral immune system protection (antibodies) afforded by the vaccine will decrease. A 2009 study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society investigated what could happen with waning measles vaccine immunity even with high vaccine coverage among children. They predicted that, after a long disease-free period in the population, the introduction of infection will lead to far larger epidemics than predicted by standard models.

When immunity wanes, vaccination has a far more limited impact on the average number of cases. While this observation has clear public-health implications, the dynamic consequences of the interaction between vaccination, waning immunity and boosting are far more striking. For high levels of vaccination (greater than 80%) and moderate levels of waning immunity (greater than 30 years), large-scale epidemic cycles can be induced. (12)

And when you and your doctor think it is measles is it even measles? Measles incidence always relied on a doctor’s clinical diagnosis with no laboratory confirmation. Now that laboratory tests are available, most “measles” cases are now found not to be measles. When you think have measles you really have MLI (measles-like illness.)

MLI (Measles-Like Illness) is common, particularly in younger age groups, and can be caused by a variety of pathogens that are difficult to differentiate clinically without laboratory guidance. In order of frequency, other common viral causes of rash-like illness – parvovirus B19, rubella, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein–Barr virus – were identified in our study. (13)

So just how accurate were the statistics of measles incidence in the 1950s and after? As an editor questioned in 1997, how could the effectiveness of the measles vaccine be known if diagnosing measles is so difficult?

Measles is wrongly diagnosed in 97 per cent of cases, according to new data from the Public Health Laboratory Service… We’re not saying for one minute that GPs [General Practioners] are poor at making diagnosis – these findings show how inherently difficult it is to make a diagnosis based on clinical symptoms alone. Any doctor would find it difficult to differentiate between viruses. . . Editor – It would be interesting to know how long the misdiagnosis of measles has been occurring? – Perhaps the last thirty years or more? – In which case how can they be sure of the effectiveness of the measles vaccine? (14)

Aseptic meningitis, or nonbacterial meningitis, is a condition in which the layers lining the brain become inflamed. In the early 1990s, a mass immunization campaign in Brazil deployed a modern product—the highly attenuated MMR vaccine. The use of that vaccine on a large scale over a short period of time made it possible to detect a significant increase in aseptic meningitis that is more difficult to see when vaccination is spread out over longer periods. (15)

So to recap:

• Measles was mild by the mid-1900s with an almost 100% decline in deaths by the time the vaccine was introduced.
• You don’t need an antibody response to recover from measles and have lifelong immunity.
• The immune system is much more complex than a simple antibody = protection story that is often described.
• Vitamin A and C are key in human immunity and in measles.
• Large scale epidemics may occur in highly vaccinated populations due to waning immunity.
• Clinical measles is really MLI (measles-like illness) which is often caused by something other than the measles virus.
• Measles may have been misdiagnosed for decades making it difficult to even judge the effectiveness of the measles vaccine.
• Aseptic meningitis (brain inflammation) from the MMR vaccine was seen during a mass immunization campaign.

I’ve only scratched the surface of all the information that is available in the scientific literature. And there is so much more to the story than can be mentioned here!

Are any of these things discussed in your local doctor’s office? Hardly. Only a simple puerile Pavlovian tagline is repeated – “vaccines are safe and effective.” What’s to discuss? If these things were talked about it would become clear that the history of disease and vaccines, understanding of the immune system, vaccines and how they actually work, and alternatives would be woefully lacking by most giving you a vaccine.

If you have the temerity to question anything at all then your pediatrician might even “fire” you from his or her practice so that they can collect the full amount from insurance companies for having a high enough vaccination rate. How’s that for a reasonable and open debate? Accept blindly what you are told or be excommunicated. After all, you’re an idiot and shouldn’t question anything except maybe the total of your doctor’s bill.

I’ve talked with dozens of nurses that don’t want to be forced to have the flu vaccine for various reasons. I suppose they’re either idiots or crazy in Mr. Kluger’s universe. Yet, for the most part they don’t want to protest anywhere because they are afraid of losing their jobs. Fear of the vaccine or fear of being ostracized and fired. Fear the great tool of those that want to control others. Fear is the very corner stone of the vaccine ideology. A recent NY Times article speaks to how fear is used.

Frightening parents about the consequences of failing to vaccinate their children will most likely be part of the campaign. (16)

But the self-anointed defenders of the faith proclaim that they are the arbiters of the truth. We’ve seen this type of attitude throughout history about “settled” science – the eugenics movement that began in the US and other Western countries resulted in the sterilization of many tens of thousands of the “unfit” and was considered very scientific during the early 1900s. It only fell out of favor with the horrific discovery of the Nazi death camps and then eugenics evaporated as a serious science.

The psychological diagnose of hysteria and nymphomania enjoyed their time in the scientific sun. A group of scientists (which were mostly men) determined that women (big surprise) suffered from these mental conditions. They published their theories in the scientific journals of the time. These articles reinforced the belief that these conditions were real resulting in thousands of women being put in lunatic asylums or having mutilating surgeries to “correct” their fictional condition. Believe it or not this was the science of the time.

History is replete with what people believed being later dispelled. But as Dr. Walter R. Hadwen correctly said in 1896, “Majorities are never the proof of truth.”

The choice to vaccinate should be the individual – not dictated by laws. But those that push for more and more laws and shield vaccine manufactures from any responsibility whatsoever disagree. Since all vaccines are akin to the holy grail of the medical world those that question are considered heretics that must be crucified – if not literally certainly figuratively.

Emeritus Professor F. W. Newman stated in 1874 “I assert that it is beyond the functions of law to dictate a medical procedure, or enforce any scientific theory.” No truer words were spoken. That’s what freedom and self-determination are in an enlightened society. We certainly can’t have that.

Roman Bystrianyk is co-author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History which is available on AMAZON.

2. Vital Statistics of the United States 1937, 1938, 1943, 1944, 1949, 1960, 1967, 1976, 1987, 1992; Historical Statistics of the United States—Colonial Times to 1970 Part 1; Health, United States, 2004, US Department of Health and Human Services; Vital Records & Health Data Development Section, Michigan Department of Community Health; US Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2003; Reported Cases and Deaths from Vaccine Preventable Diseases, United States, 1950–2008;
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4. Measles Epidemic, British Medical Journal, February 7 1959, p. 354; Vital Statistics, British Medical Journal, February 7 1959, p. 381.
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12. J. M. Heffernan and M. J. Keeling, “Implications of Vaccination and Waning Immunity,” Proceedings of the Royal Society B, vol. 276, 2009.
13. Wang, et al., “Evaluating measles surveillance using laboratory-discarded notifications of measles-like illness during elimination,” Epidemiol. Infect. 2007, p. 1366.
15. Sérgio Souza Da Cunha, Laura C. Rodrigues, Mauríco L. Barreto, and InêsDourado, “Outbreak of Aseptic Meningitis and Mumps After Mass Vaccination with MMR Vaccine Using Leningrad-Zagreb Mumps Strain,” Vaccine, vol. 20, 2002, p. 1111.
16. Panel Reviews New Vaccine That Could Be Controversial, NY Times, October 27, 2004,

Read the article

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Doctors Receive No Training In Nutrition – Medscape

Hippocrates“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

By MB Oct 9, 2014

Here you have it from the horse’s mouth: Medscape. MD Doctors know zilch about nutrition.

They have no training in the most fundamental factor of health. What goes into your mouth goes into your cells. Garbage in, you turn into a dump. They don’t get it.

This is official confirmation of a extraordinary fact. If you haven’t yet made the connection between nutrition and health, then keep eating french fries, scarfing prepared food with GMOs and washing it down with corn syrup GMO soda. See what happens to your family’s bodies and minds.

The implications of the following quotes should cause any educated, aware person to avoid primary care MDs like the plague. Their definition of ‘care’ is cat scans for ordinary headaches (leaving you irradiated) and Big Pharma’s patented BS pills (with associated adverse reactions) for any and every ailment. Mainstream MDs are completely ignorant of the most basic principle of health: Nutrition. Find a doctor who knows about nutrition.

If you want to be smarter than these quacks, a good place to start is avoiding the bad stuff: Fast food, deep fried anything, GMOs, factory farmed meat, corn syrup, sugar and processed food.

A starting place for healthy eating is fresh organic vegetables, molecularly distilled fish oil (omega 3), vegetable juice or superfood green supplements and vitamin D3.


Doctors Need to Learn About Nutrition

Medscape September 4, 2014

Dr. Devries: It’s been clear to me for some time that nutrition has not been high on the radar in clinical cardiology. I know from my own training 25 years ago that I received essentially no education in nutrition in 3 years of internal medicine residency and 4 years of cardiovascular fellowship training. Unfortunately, despite the knowledge gained in the interim about the link between nutrition and health, very little has changed regarding the paucity of nutrition education over the past 25 years.

It struck me as a peculiar paradox that clinical practice guidelines highlight the primary importance of nutrition and lifestyle, yet the physicians who are expected to implement these guidelines receive absolutely no education in these areas during their residency and subspecialty training.

It seems hard to imagine that current accreditation guidelines in cardiology, for example, outline very detailed requirements regarding procedures, yet don’t mention a word about nutrition. As I go around the country speaking to this point, the reaction is an incredulous “How can doctors not be required to learn about nutrition?”


Read the article

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Hollywood Reporter Announces Best Vaccine-Free Doctors and Celebrities

By MB Sep 11, 2014

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) has done the vaccine freedom movement a favor with its latest attack on vaccine refusers.

In a vain attempt to discredit anyone who isn’t a slave to the ridiculous CDC vaccine schedule, THR ‘outed’ vaccine-free celebrity moms, dads and their pediatricians.

Unfortunately for their Vaccine Gestapo agenda, the moms and docs they attempt to discredit come across as way more credible than the vaccination zealots.

So if you are a Southern California resident looking for a sympathetic pediatrician or moral support from intelligent and informed vaccine refusers, this HR article provides some useful information.

DrJayGordonLike Dr. Jay Gordon who speaks in favor of alternate vaccine schedules.

Refusers R us.

Hollywood’s Vaccine Wars: L.A.’s “Entitled” Westsiders Behind City’s Epidemic
The Hollywood Reporter Sept 10, 2014

There may be a safer way to vaccinate each individual kid, taking into consideration the family’s travels, the family’s history,” says Santa Monica-based Dr. Jay Gordon, the most influential pediatrician among Westside vaccine decliners. (His Twitter followers include Alanis Morissette, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Kristin Davis and Emily Deschanel.) Gordon, like Sears, concedes that opponents have issued him “a nasty challenge” to support his deviation from the endorsed schedule timeline, “and you’re right, I can’t prove it.” His devotees don’t need him to. For instance, actress Ione Skye, herself a former Gordon patient (“I never had antibiotics growing up; he really went the natural route”) who now brings in her own two daughters to see the physician, believes that the alternative path she and her husband, musician Ben Lee, have chosen makes “instinctive” sense. “With my kids, I spaced them out and waited and missed some,” she says. “As a mother, it just felt better to me —and my kids never had any reaction.” …

According to those on both sides of the issue, this demographic is unafraid to take on the medical establishment. “They are not intimidated by the authority of the doctor,” says Brendan Nyhan, Ph.D, a political scientist at Dartmouth who has studied parents who are vaccine skeptics. “Educated, high-income people are more likely to feel confident in standing up to doctors or seeking out ones who are more favorable to alternative schedules and selective vaccination.” …

“It’s a sense of entitlement and it comes out of a customer mentality since they are often choosing their doctor and paying cash,” says Dr. Nina Shapiro, the director of pediatric otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat conditions) at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine and a vocal critic of anti-vaccine sentiment.

Read the article

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New Study In Journal Of Public Health Finds Autism And Cancer Related To Human Fetal DNA In Vaccines

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute  Sep 8, 2014
Contact: Katie Doan 206-906-9922 PST Email:

r2(Seattle) A new study published in the September 2014 volume of the Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology reveals a significant correlation between autism disorder (AD) and MMR, Varicella (chickenpox) and Hepatitis-A vaccines.

Using statistical analysis and data from the US Government, UK, Denmark and Western Australia, scientists at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) found that increases in autistic disorder correspond with the introduction of vaccines using human fetal cell lines and retroviral contaminants.

Even more alarming, Dr Theresa Deisher, lead scientist and SCPI founder noted that, “Not only are the human fetal contaminated vaccines associated with autistic disorder throughout the world, but also with epidemic childhood leukemia and lymphomas.”

Their study comes on the heels of recent breaking news that the CDC deliberately withheld evidence of the significant increase in autism among African-American boys who were vaccinated prior to 36 months of age. (See:

So it should come as no surprise that the FDA has known for decades about the dangers of insertional mutagenesis by using the human fetal cell lines and yet, they chose to ignore it. Instead of conducting safety studies they regulated the amount of human DNA that could be present in a vaccine to no greater than 10ng. (

Unfortunately, Dr. Deisher’s team discovered that the fetal DNA levels ranged anywhere from 142ng – 2000ng per dose, way beyond the so-called “safe” level.

“There are a large number of publications about the presence of HERV (human endogenous retrovirus – the only re-activatable endogenous retrovirus) and its association with childhood lymphoma,” noted Dr Deisher. “The MMR II and chickenpox vaccines and indeed all vaccines that were propagated or manufactured using the fetal cell line WI-38 are contaminated with this retrovirus. And both parents and physicians have a right to know this!”

Certainly these discoveries by SCPI should generate an immediate investigation by FDA officials, if not an outright ban on the use of aborted fetal cell lines as substrates for vaccine production. There are numerous other non-human FDA-approved cell lines that can and should be used.

Dr Deisher’s study is available on the Academic Journals website at: or on their website at

Dr. Theresa Deisher is a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University with over 20 years in commercial biotechnology, prior to founding AVM Biotechnology and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute. As an inventor of 23 issued US patents she is world-renowned for her work in adult stem cell research and the first to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells. Dr. Deisher was a plaintiff in the US federal lawsuit to prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for embryo destructive research, which resulted in steering science towards adult stem cell research and 14 US FDA approved adult stem cell products.

Read the full study

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CNN iReport on CDC Whistleblower Spreads like Wildfire, then Censored

by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News Aug 24, 2014

CensorshipOn August 22, a user named Bobby Dee posted a CNN iReport about the CDC whistleblower who states he cooked data to hide a vaccine-autism connection.

CNN iReports aren’t official CNN stories. They’re “user generated news…opinions belong to the submitter.”

Well, Bobby’s submission, as Celia Farber reports at, rocketed to 45,232 views in a matter of hours. 178 comments, 17 thousand shares.

Story 1

Story 2

Then it was axed, removed, deleted.

printed the usual tired explanation. The iReport had been “flagged.” It was “in violation of iReport’s policy.”

Translation: Lots of people cared about the report, wanted to read it, it was getting more action than a great deal of what CNN calls news—and it implied something was wrong in the Holy Temple of the Vaccine.

So CNN axed it.

It’s gone.

CNN claims that when an iReport goes “virish,” they then “vet” the report to make sure it’s accurate. Look around and see if you can find examples where this has taken place. So far, I don’t see any—except for Bobby Dee’s report.


Here is what Bobby Dee posted on CNN’s iReport, before it was taken down:

“William W Thompson, PhD, Senior Scientist, National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities, has stepped forward and admitted the 2004 paper [which found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism] was a fraud.

“Dr. Thompson has admitted the 340% increase [in autism] in boys receiving the MMR vaccine ‘on time’ as opposed to delayed was buried by himself, Dr. DeStefano, Dr. Bhasin, Dr. Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Boyle [all co-authors of the 2004 paper]…”

CNN makes up the news as it goes along and as it receives marching orders from its “reliable sources,” but a citizen with actual news must be stopped.

An editor at CNN told Bobby Dee she would contact Brian Hooker, who played a central role in bringing whistleblower Thompson’s confession forward to the public—but so far, she hasn’t.

CNN: the most trusted name in twisted information.

CNN headquarters are right down the street in Atlanta from the CDC, where the MMR vaccine data were cooked, stepped on, and buried.

I guess it’s just too much trouble for a reporter or editor to hop in a cab and go over there and ask a few tough questions.

Well, there are really no questions to ask, are there? CNN and the CDC are the “already asked and answered” dancing twins, who can read each other’s minds.

Vaccines? Never met one they didn’t love. Adverse effects? Damage? Never heard of such a thing.

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Jimmy?”

“I want to be a mouthpiece for the vaccine cartel, Daddy.”

“That’s wonderful, son. Try CNN.”

Click PLAY to hear Refusers song It’s Only a Coincidence

Read the article

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Revealed: CDC Whistleblower Who Falsified MMR/Autism Safety Study

The CDC scientist who faked MMR/autism data at the request of CDC bosses is revealed in this excellent video: William Thompson CDC.

Brian Hooker PhD: “He has released quite compelling information regarding fraud and malfeasance in the CDC.”

William Thompson CDC: “It’s the lowest point of my career that I went along with that paper … we didn’t report significant findings.”

William Thompson CDC: “The higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it.”

William Thompson CDC: “I’m completely ashamed of what I did … I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem.”

William Thompson CDC: “Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did.”

William Thompson CDC: “I have stopped lying.”


Fraudulent Thompson/CDC study: MMR vaccination and autism: is there a link? DeStefano F, Thompson WW.

Fraudulent Thompson/CDC study: MMR vaccine and autism: an update of the scientific evidence. DeStefano F1, Thompson WW.

New PubMed study by Brian Hooker re-examining original MMR/autism data concealed by CDC

PubMed.Gov - Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data. August 8, 2014 

Background: A significant number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder suffer a loss of previously-acquired skills, suggesting neurodegeneration or a type of progressive encephalopathy with an etiological basis occurring after birth. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of the age at which children got their first Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine on autism incidence. This is a reanalysis of the data set, obtained from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), used for the Destefano et al. 2004 publication on the timing of the first MMR vaccine and autism diagnoses.

Conclusions: The present study provides new epidemiologic evidence showing that African American males receiving the MMR vaccine prior to 24 months of age or 36 months of age are more likely to receive an autism diagnosis.


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More Flu Vaccine Cockamamie – Dr. Brownstein MD

MB Comment: The biggest flaw in this ridiculous study sponsored by vaccine manufacturer Sanofi is there was no unvaccinated control group. Without that information, the vaccinated could have a HIGHER rate of flu than the unvaccinated

By Dr. David Brownstein MD August 20, 2014

Researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (August 14, 2014) that a high dose flu vaccine was more effective than the standard flu vaccine for seniors. The vaccine is called Fluzone High Dose vaccine. Of course, the media jumped on this report. In the Healthday article, the chief medical office for Sanofi-Pasteur—the Big Pharma company who funded the study—stated, “The study demonstrated a 24 percent reduction in influenza illness among the participants who received the high-dose vaccine compared to those who received the standard dose.”

To date, no flu vaccine has shown any significant efficacy in seniors. A 24 percent reduction in influenza illness in seniors would certainly be something to celebrate.

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When medical students and residents rotate through my office, the first thing I do is hand them an article and ask them to explain the statistical methods used by the researchers. Over the years, I have had one student/doctor who understood statistics enough to understand how research articles are reported. I always tell the students/doctors that if they don’t know how to properly read the original research articles, they cannot make a proper decision on whether the particular therapy is useful or not.

After seeing the media article, I pulled the flu research article and read it. Here are the results: 31,989 participants were enrolled form 126 research centers in the U.S. and Canada. Half were given the standard flu vaccine and half given the high dose vaccine.

1.4% of the seniors who received the high dose vaccine became ill with the flu and 1.9% of the seniors who received the standard flu vaccine developed the flu.

(I hope you are not laughing as I did when I read that.)

How in the world did they report a 24% lowered incidence of the flu with the use of the high-dose vaccine? Simply dividing 1.4% by 1.9% gives the relative risk reduction of 24%. However, this is a relative risk reduction—a useless number to use when deciding whether a therapy is good for any patient.

A better analysis of this data involves calculating the absolute risk. The absolute risk, according the New England Journal of Medicine, is better to use when deciding whether a particular therapy is warranted for an individual patient. The absolute risk is the difference between the treated and untreated group. What is the absolute risk difference in this study? 1.9 percent minus 1.4 percent which equals 0.5 percent or 0.005. That means that, according to this study, 200 seniors (1/.005) would have to be vaccinated with the high-dose flu vaccine to prevent one case of the flu. Here’s my interpretation of this study:  This study shows that the high dose flu vaccine is a colossal failure as the results indicate that 99.5 percent of seniors who get this vaccine will not receive any benefit.

So, 200 seniors must receive a vaccine to prevent one case of the flu. What is the cost of that? I called my local CVS and was told that the cost of the flu vaccine was $32.00/dose. Multiplying the numbers reveals that it costs $6,400 dollars to vaccinate all those people.

What a waste of money. That amount of money could buy a lot of vitamin C which would not only help the immune system but also provide the body with an essential nutrient.

What is the take-away? Just say “no” to the flu vaccine.

Folks, don’t be fooled here. This study was another failed flu vaccine study. The flu vaccine has never been shown to protect the elderly from getting the flu, dying from the flu, or developing complications from the flu. The elderly would be better served by eating a better diet, maintaining hydration and taking vitamin C.

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Junking Down Our Food Supply With Monsanto Herbicide

Dr. Thierry Vrain - Common Ground – June 8

• Dr. Thierry Vrain, a former soil biologist and genetic scientist, worked for Agriculture Canada for 30 years. He was the designated spokesperson to assure the public of the safety of GMO crops. Since retiring 10 years ago from Agriculture Canada, Dr. Vrain now warns of the dangers of GMOs.

It is high time to change the debate from the safety of engineering food to the pesticides that are inside the food. The technology is essentially about spraying a weed killer on the crops and the herbicide RoundUp is an integral part of the technology – the engineered crops are called RoundUp Ready. Farmers everywhere have been assured complete safety, higher yields and savings of herbicide. When these promises don’t quite pan out, the farmers don’t have much of an opportunity to do something different. It turns out the technology has been incredibly successful, so much so that there is not much of a market for non-engineered seeds now. Monsanto has a monopoly and has cornered the seed supply of much of the planet.

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Since all engineered foods come from crops sprayed with RoundUp, they all contain residues of RoundUp. And it turns out other crops are also sprayed with this herbicide, but much later, just before harvest, because it kills the plants and they are dried fast to make harvesting easier for the farmers. This is commonly done with sugar cane, beans, grains, potatoes and many other crops. I usually say in my lectures that if you want to avoid any residue of RoundUp herbicide in your food, go organic. That is the only choice.

A bit of history to show why RoundUp should be avoided: in the early 60’s, a small chemical company was testing new molecules that could be used to clean industrial pipes and boilers of mineral deposits – just like the kettle in your home that makes mineral deposits after a few months or years. In 1964, the company, called Stauffer Chemicals, patented their best molecule. It was named glyphosate and described as a strong and very broad spectrum descaling agent. A descaling agent is a chelator in chemistry and biology lingo. A chelator is a molecule that can grab onto and hold metal ions.

Within a few years, the descaling agent was also found to kill plants very effectively. It was then bought and patented in 1969 as an exceptionally broad spectrum herbicide by a bigger chemical corporation named Monsanto. The 70’s were the years of my graduate work in North Carolina and I remember RoundUp being touted as the new wonder herbicide. Allegedly, it was non-toxic to animals, had no effect on the environment and biodegraded rapidly. It was a really effective weed killer that grew very popular very fast.

Starting with the first two engineered crops, corn and soybean, engineered to survive being doused with the weed killer, the spread of the technology since 1996 has been nothing but revolutionary. This is seen as high-tech agriculture – a gene revolution after the green revolution. In 2013, there were about 500-million acres of engineered crops and 90% of them were doused liberally with close to two billion pounds of glyphosate. The molecule is so ubiquitous, it is now found in our food, our drinking water, the rain and most importantly, in our bodies.

Life is movement and movement is an activity that only one kind of molecule can perform in living cells. Proteins are the only molecules that can move. Their movement relies on metal ions that are an integral part of the protein molecules. Proteins with metal ions are called metallo-proteins, also known as enzymes. All enzymes of all living cells rely on their metal cofactors for proper function. If the metal ions are not available, the protein molecules cannot function, the cells malfunction, the organs slow down and show disease symptoms.

So in one corner we have all living cells – which include bacteria, fungi, plants and animals – that must find metal micronutrients in their food to have a normal function. And in the other corner we have nearly two billion pounds of a chemical that functions by grabbing onto metal ions and holding on – making them bio-unavailable. If you find the imagery disturbing, read on. In 2010, glyphosate was also patented as an antibiotic by Monsanto. Obviously, the plan was to use it in hospitals and pharmacies. The patent contains a very long list of bacteria killed by this chemical; this is a very broad spectrum antibiotic and indeed damages the microbiome of animals. It does not affect many human pathogenic bacteria, but it certainly kills a lot of bacteria.

In case you did not notice that word, microbiome, I will say a few words about this organ. It turns out all animals – even the bees – are symbiotic organisms with thousands of species of bacteria in their digestive system. We humans have about one hundred trillion bacteria in our intestine. Aside from riding with us and getting fed, this complex bacterial community actually controls many of our organs. Our immune system, our brain and many other organs are completely “influenced” (if you do not like the word control). We humans may think we are on top, but we are in a very dependent and symbiotic relationship with these bacteria. Firstly, they make most of the serotonin in your body. A small malfunction and a small decrease in serotonin and you are depressed. They make most of the other neurotransmitters too and your vitamins and half of the building blocks of your own proteins – too complex for your bodies to make. The microbiome is like a second brain. That is how important it is.

When you eat engineered food – by definition, depleted of metal micronutrients because it contains residues of a strong chelator – your microbiome and your intestine are, of course, first in line. After a few years of eating depleted food, other organs start to show symptoms. This is shown in the statistics of both the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia and the US Department of Agriculture, put together by Dr. Nancy Swanson for the US. I wish somebody would do the same compilation in Canada. The statistics show a very probable link between the amount of glyphosate sprayed on crops and the number of people coming down with gastrointestinal problems, kidney inflammation, liver damage and a host of other degenerative (read inflammation) diseases. These are very similar to the symptoms we have seen for the last 10 years in published studies of rats fed engineered food. Calorie rich and nutrient depleted, isn’t that the definition of junk food?

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New Study Claiming Vaccines Are Safe Has Suspicious Origins

By Health Sciences Institute  July 17, 2014

Vaccine alert: Don’t be tricked by this deceptive new ‘study’

memeStilllWaitingForMainstreamMediaIt’s a shameful example of corporate propaganda dressed up as a scientific study.

And the media moles bought it hook, line and sinker.

You probably saw some of the news coverage — it was everywhere.

Stories with headlines that said “Large study confirms that childhood vaccinations are safe.” Or this one from USA Today: “Study finds vaccine side effects extremely rare.”

This latest “research” is meant to “give parents some reassurance,” and counter all that “misinformation out there about vaccines” said the authors.

But even they couldn’t hide all of the facts.

And that’s how I discovered the shocking truth about the “study” that’s behind all the headlines.

Big Pharma knows its vaccination ship is sinking. And it’s doing whatever it can to try and keep it afloat.

That’s because more and more parents are questioning the safety of these shots.

And what was just published in the journal Pediatrics is a brazen attempt to turn things around for vaccine makers. But when you look at the real story, suddenly what these people are saying holds about as much water as a leaky bucket.

The researchers set out to “reassure” parents on the safety of vaccines, as that’s “critical for population health.” And to do that, they pulled data from published studies, vaccine makers, the CDC and reports by other federal agencies.

And their conclusion, the one that made all the headlines, is that “vaccines are very safe.”

But hold on. There are some tidbits here that throw that conclusion right out the window.

To begin with these researchers started with 20,000 studies, but only used 67 for their report. Talk about cherry-picking your data!

But here’s what makes the whole thing a joke. And if it weren’t so serious we could all have a good laugh over it.

They omitted all the reports sent to VAERS — the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System!

Are you kidding me? These researchers are doing a study on vaccine safety and they don’t even bother to include reports of vaccine side effects sent into this federal program!

VAERS was set up, and is run by the CDC and FDA, to collect data about adverse reactions from vaccines. Also, vaccine manufacturers, by law, must report any side effects they are aware of to VAERS.

The program receives over 30,000 reports annually. And it says that 13 percent of those are “serious.” Things like disability, life-threatening illness…and death. Since it started collecting data in 1990, it’s received over 200,000 such reports.

And magically, none of those reports made it into this “study.”

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But the researchers wanted to make sure it looked like they were doing their job. That is if you don’t look too far.

So they included a brief mention of what they called “rare but actual side effects.” Things like the MMR shot causing seizures, or the flu vaccine causing diarrhea, or the rotavirus vaccine giving some kids a serious bowel disorder.

Well that’s certainly “reassuring!”

But here’s the icing on the cake — and it will explain a lot.

Nine out of 10 of the authors of this study come from the RAND Corporation. That’s the mostly federally funded “think tank” that produces “official” studies to support its sponsors.

And two big RAND “clients” are GlaxoSmithKline and Merck.

Unfortunately that news won’t make it into the headlines. Because if it did, those headlines would read something like this:

“Study sponsored by Big Pharma claims its vaccines are safe. Ignores over 200,000 reports of adverse effects.”

And if it said that, I doubt we ever would have seen the story.


“Vaccine side effects are very, very rare” July 2, 2014, The Huffington Post,

RAND Corporation annual report 2013,

Read the article

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