Australia cancels pertussis vaccine program because it is clinically ineffective

MB Comment: Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile. An Australian government committee has ruled that vaccinating parents with the pertussis vaccine is clinically ineffective in protecting newborns. They have cancelled the program.

This is a big step forward in acknowledging reality. The Refusers Newsroom has posted numerous scientific articles pointing out that the pertussis vaccine is a failure. Vaccinated people get pertussis and spread it because the vaccine is not bactericidal. The pertussis vaccine is also dangerous: The package insert for the toddler version (DTaP) lists autism and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) as adverse reactions.

In my home state of Washington, public health officials are moving in the opposite direction, expanding the cocooning program and blaming the unvaccinated for every case of pertussis.

These Washington State public health officials are dishonest, incompetent, unscientific quacks and should be fired.


States ending free parent whooping vaccine  May 8, 2012

PARENTS across Australia will no longer receive free whooping cough vaccinations because it is not effective in protecting newborns from the potentially deadly illness, a parliamentary committee has heard.

Since 2009 all states and territories except Tasmania have at some stage introduced the free parental vaccination program in an effort to shield infants from the illness.

Whooping cough, a highly infectious airborne bacterial disease, can kill if complications cause lack of oxygen to the brain.

It is most serious in babies under a year old, with newborns susceptible as they are unable to be vaccinated until they are at least four months old.

But at a Victorian Parliamentary Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing on Tuesday, Department of Health divisional executive director Chris Brook said states were abandoning the “cocooning” program from June 30.

He said the national Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) had determined vaccinating parents was not effective in protecting newborns, after two pharmaceutical manufacturers made submissions to the PBAC.

“The PBAC, which is totally independent and very expert, has determined that there is no clinical effectiveness of this strategy,” Professor Brook said.
He said this had made it clear the cocooning strategy should not be continued.

“So all jurisdictions who have been in this program will be effectively ceasing the cocooning strategy as of the end of June this year.”

In the same hearing, Victorian Health Minister David Davis said the initial decision to fund free parental vaccination was made “in light of the best evidence that we had at that time”.

But asked by Labor MP Jill Hennessy if the government was “taking a massive gamble” withdrawing the free parental vaccine, given that whooping cough can kill babies, Mr Davis supported the decision to now withdraw it.

“I make decisions of this type on the basis of the evidence that’s put to me by the department and by clinical experts,” Mr Davis said.

“There has been a national committee meet to look at this and to make decisions on the basis of the best scientific evidence available … the evidence is that the strategy has not been effective.”

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2 Responses to Australia cancels pertussis vaccine program because it is clinically ineffective

  1. FreGirl says:

    I got jabbed with this vaccine as part of my tetanus(?) shot and I was not told until AFTER the needle was already in my arm. I don’t like this kind of vaccine for a reason, they don’t work and frankly I think they are more dangerous than they are helpful. It’s all about the damn phama money though so don’t expect this to happen in the U.S. even though in WA state we are already getting reports that 80% of those who are getting this WERE vaccinated for it — which means a complete and utter FAIL.

  2. SeedofTruth says:

    Yes, FreGirl, the same thing happened to me. I had a serious wound and told I needed a Tetanus shot. I was given a combo TDAP shot without my knowledge or consent and only realized when I looked at the hospital paperwork at home later! Wonder how many others this has happened to? SMH.

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