Australian journalist wins prestigious award for exposing flu vaccine scandal

MB Comment: Natasha Bita, a journalist for The Australian has just won a Walkley Award (the Australian equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize) for an in-depth article series on the CSL Afluria flu vaccine, a shot that caused convulsions in one percent of Australian infants who received it.

To put this vaccine scandal in perspective, the CDC states that ‘seizures can occur after vaccination,’ 33% of infants who have a first seizure will have more seizures and 10% of infants who have one seizure can develop epilepsy. According to the Merck Manual (the largest-selling medical textbook), seizures are a symptom of encephalitis, which the Merck Manual defines as a vaccine adverse reaction. Vaccine-induced encephalitis can leave a spectrum of permanent brain damage in its wake – post-encephalitic syndrome (aka epilepsy and autism). In other words, kids that have convulsions from Afluria can have lifelong neurological disabilities.

Incredibly, the defective CSL flu vaccine Afluria is still on the market in the US: FDA-approved and CDC-recommended. The only concession US vaccine authorities have made to this Afluria scandal is to raise the recommended age for this vaccine, but even that feeble response is colored by a direction to give Afluria to young kids anyway if no other flu vaccine is available.

This vaccinate-at-any-cost mentality displays the utter depravity of US vaccine authorities. They really don’t care about vaccine adverse reactions or the victims of defective vaccines. When vaccine regulators are so transparently irresponsible, it is up to individuals and families to defend their own health by rejecting the gung-ho vaccine recommendations of the CDC, FDA and medical profession.

This award is a smack in the face to asleep-at-the-wheel US journalists, who are being instructed by the National Press Foundation (at the behest of Seth Mnookin, Gates’ GAVI vaccine alliance and minions of Paul Offit) to censor all negative reports on vaccine issues and stick to big pharma’s and the CDC’s party line.

‘These articles were published in the face of hostility and stonewalling from the federal health department and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) …

Natasha Bita chipped away methodically and professionally at Australia’s questionable vaccine policy. Beginning with a story about an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine, she realised she was onto a bigger story. Her series was not only newsworthy, but of significant public benefit, and revealed the personal traumas behind the statistics.’


2011 Walkley Award winners

Natasha Bita, The Australian, “Virus in the system”

The Walkley Foundation and its custodian, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, congratulate all the winners of the 56th Annual Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

Last year, the federal government suspended the seasonal flu vaccine for young children after it triggered febrile convulsions in one per cent, resulting in dozens of hospitalisations and a possible death.

This suspension may not have taken place if not for Natasha Bita’s reporting of the health scandal and the flaws in the country’s system of approving and monitoring new medicines.

Government inquiries have since recommended major reform.

In a series of 23 articles for The Australian, including a 4600-word cover story in The Weekend Australian Magazine, Bita exposed manufacturing flaws at Australia’s biggest pharmaceutical company, CSL, as well as potential conflicts of interest between the government’s key immunisation advisers, and wastage at a cost to taxpayers of $65 million.

These articles were published in the face of hostility and stonewalling from the federal health department and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

After Bita’s front-page interview with a boy who contracted polio from a vaccine, the federal health minister said she was open to the idea of a compensation scheme for people suffering the side-effects of immunisation.

Bita is the consumer editor of The Australian, where she has worked since 1990. In 2007 she transferred to Europe, working as the London-based Olympics correspondent for the News Limited group of newspapers, and then as Italy correspondent for The Australian until her return to Brisbane in 2008.

Judges’ comments

Natasha Bita chipped away methodically and professionally at Australia’s questionable vaccine policy. Beginning with a story about an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine, she realised she was onto a bigger story. Her series was not only newsworthy, but of significant public benefit, and revealed the personal traumas behind the statistics.

You can read selections of Bita’s sustained coverage here, and here.

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44 Responses to Australian journalist wins prestigious award for exposing flu vaccine scandal

  1. Noreen Albright says:

    My son had an over active inflammatory reaction to the flu shot and was diagnosed 6 months later with Autism. He also had seizures, lost control of his tongue (so had difficulty eating and speaking) and balance and muscle control problems. They better listen up! The parents and others are on to them. I disregarded parents because the MEDICAL field told me they were “unfounded” only to have my PERSONAL experience of the same thing the parents truthfully spoke of and find out that NO ONE is responsible for the care of these kids who suffer their whole life with medical problems and all these hours upon hours of therapy. Government and pharma should pay and so should the FDA and CDC for being as bad as Phillip Morris. YES, vaccination can cause gene mutation and up the anty for Autism and turn on things in a young infant ARTIFICIALLY causing brain inflammation, interfering with connectivity and pruning of neurons and ultimately causing a cascade of problems.

    • CASS says:

      I encourage you to research the ‘gaps’ diet. It helps to reset the gut and can cure the symptoms of autism, particularly if it is from immunisation.

  2. I also wrote a scathing article about the Swine Flu Scandal. I think you’ll enjoy it. Check it out on my website at:

    Please enjoy and let me know what you think…smile

    Dr. Len

  3. Anthony Lucca says:

    Bill Gates was getting a tax passed at G20 meetings last month on every stock market trade and speculation called the Robin Hood tax to give the billions to fund his genetically modified food and vaccine investments for the poorest nations when we destroy more food than we consume thru the department of agriculture in order to control PROFIT~ Vaccines are bad for an infant’s immature neurological systems causing degeneration and destruction of life. If you are told it is mandatory to get vaccines tell them you want IN WRITING that there will be no detrimental effect from the vaccine or damage to the infants nervous system.

    • Steve says:

      You would also want to get their personal public liability insurance policy number and hold them personally responsible for any detrimental effects caused by the vaccine… that’s the administrating nurse, overseeing doctor, and any others involved in this travesty on our childrens health and wellbeing… but it’s too late after they have injected/infected our children… the best thing is to wake up to the scam they have been perpetrating on us for decades, or more realistically centuries, and refuse any vaccine under threat of personal liability…
      Vaccines are sound science in that if you infect the body with a small amount of a disease the body will counter it with generating anti-bodies to fight the disease… the problem lies in the ingredients of the vaccines… mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde, all of which are highly toxic even in small doses… then there’s monkey and bovine blood cells and other body juices, and who knows what else they put in them…
      Beware, be aware and be well

      • cia parker says:

        The vaccine ingredients you mention are toxic and should absolutely be avoided, remembering that killed virus vaccines without adjuvants such as aluminum (etc.) would not work to alert the body to the pathogens, so that killed virus vaccines without aluminum etc. simply wouldn’t work. But the nature of the ingredients besides the killed or live weakened pathogens are only part (a big part) of the problem. The additional problem is the reaction of the immune system to the sudden appearance of weird foreign proteins, chemicals, and pathogens in the bloodstream, that have bypassed the body’s natural filtering mechanisms and early alert system. Every vaccine produces inflammation: if it didn’t, the body would not produce antibodies to the pathogens. But this inflammation is provoked unnaturally by the injection of foreign particles into the body, and causes the body to mount what is usually a last-ditch immune defense, often involving untoward, extreme inflammation, which, when it is in the brain, as it often is, causes encephalitic brain damage (autism, ADHD, learning and behavioral disorders, seizure disorders). And vaccines skew the immune response from development toward an appropriate Th-1 kill-the-invader response to an inappropriately-predominant Th-2 autoimmune response, in which the body inappropriately targets normally innocuous substances as dangerous invaders which must be attacked, resulting in all the autoimmune diseases which have become so common now. I don’t thnk “green” vaccines are possible, because even without mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze, etc., they would still be very dangerous.

  4. tania says:

    I read it Dr Len, and i congratulate you and thank you for your info, particularly when people are saying I’m a whackjob and nutter for not vaccinating on stupid facebook groups where you have 50 know-it-alls with no medical background screaming at you. It’s good to know you have our back’s.TY TY TY/.

    • RaviK says:

      @tania, there are many FB pages that totally embrace your position and will congratulate you on your stand :). You have been going to the ones who have the nutjobs in them who think vaccination is the same as immunization 🙂

    • petunia says:

      I’m with you tania, been there too- it’s so draining to have a million ignoramuses bleating about how irresponsible you are for not vaccinating, when you’ve read more widely than them on the issue!

      • cia parker says:

        Tania and Petunia,
        I comment all the time, and am widely reviled. It is hurtful and unpleasant, no doubt about it. But you have to remember that Big Pharma spends millions of dollars a year paying their shills to comment on every article about vaccines, defending them, promoting them, and insulting and dragging through the mud those who criticize them. They wouldn’t get paid if they didn’t. There are also many, though ever fewer, people who still trust their doctor and roll out their spiel about polio, smallpox, the “deadly” nature of measles, flu and chickenpox, and the millions of lives vaccines have saved. (NB: they have saved many lives, but they have destroyed and are destroying many more than they ever saved.) That’s why we comment, to counter their lies with the truth about vaccines, on both the scientific and personal levels. We are gaining adherents every day, as every day thousands more children get their shots, react thereto, and develop neurological or autoimmune symptoms. So what we say rings ever truer with the personal experience of ordinary people, while the dismissal of these reactions by doctors and vaccine makers as coincidental sounds ever more ludicrous.

        It is a battle, one in which no holds are barred on either side. You should not take their insults personally: most of the commenters are paid to post their pro-vaccine poison, and, I have to admit, that if someone paid me a couple thou a month to post my “true” opinions on a wide variety of subjects, I would be glad to oblige. Not on the vaccine question, though, those who accept payment for defending vaccines are the most contemptible scum alive today, prostituting themselves to protect the profits of those responsible for killing and maiming children (and adults) every day.

    • Kathryn says:

      check out The Mother magazine!
      Promoting Natural Immunity, standing unapologetically against vaccination.
      You’ll feel right at home 🙂

  5. vmv says:

    Congratulations to Natasha Bita–we need more journalists like her!
    Noreen Albright, my deepest empathy for you and your son, who has autism. I hope that you will tell as many people as possible about your own experience, including doctors and legislators. Maybe someday enough people will listen that things will change! Dr. Len, I plan to read your article. And also, I agree with Anthony Lucca.
    Also, I am concerned about the children in third world countries who are given vaccines. I’ve read that those vaccines still contain mercury.

  6. Katherine de Bry says:

    It is so good to see someone being heard, when they are questioning the SACRED VACCINATION LOBBY. Recently I heard an interview on the radio by someone from the teachers federation, stating that they have had a 400% increase in autism in the last 8 years…Why are there no alarm bells ringing??? Could it be that Vaccinating babies at 3 days old , with 5 or 6 different could cause their imune systems into overdrive????

  7. nikkii says:

    they actually made up certain virus – its a way of creating fear and mass purchase of medical supplies thus increasing the economy to the pharma bank accounts.. Drs are Dangerous because they fail to warn the patient of the dangers of vaccinations but they are all too quick to tell you to quit smoking..

  8. Jeff Mann says:

    NY Times is shocked! to learn of pharma companies bribing doctors? Come on guys, having a parent who wrote for the Washington Post for 27 years up until the last decade, she would not have been shocked or even surprised-10 years ago, much less five when she was given the last pharmaceudical which destroyed her immune-system and thus her chances at survival! The fact of this matter is that the pharmaceudical industry,yes I know spelling is off, is and has been engaged in radical shifts in their policies toward immunizations recently, and most whom are paying attention realize this is part of the globalist agenda gearing toward controlling population, and in future whom actually are able to breed, its called “Eugenics” look it up, a last ditch effort from the so-called elite before their services are no longer required!

    • Steve says:

      Hear hear Jeff… I wasn’t going to mention Eugenics and the Agenda 21 of the UN but this is exactly why the big push for compulsory vaccinations… Bill Gates was quoted as stating that if the vaccines do their job properly they will lower the population by 15%… his vaccination program has left 50,000 children in India paralyzed after they received his “humanitarian gift” of free vaccines for all third world children…
      My Uncle worked for WHO many years ago and was stationed in Vietnam and Thailand after the Vietnam war “looking after the survivors”… I only learnt years later that they were squirting quinine into the uterus any woman or girl of childbearing age or younger, this immediately sterilizes the woman… very sad to say this, but this is the mentality of the pharmacidal companies… Eugenics is indeed the last grasp at the straw before the ‘elite’ are as you say, no longer needed…
      Cheers Jeff

  9. val lawrence says:

    Thank you, so glad to see real journalism.

  10. Gina says:

    Does anyone know at what age when the fear of your child getting autism is reached? My son is 5 and healthy with no autism symptoms.

    • Steve says:

      Gina, considering there are syndromes known as “post Gardisil Vaccine syndrome”–there truly is NO safe age to inject Neurotoxins into the human body….

    • cia parker says:

      I have heard of children regressing into autism after a vaccine as old as two years old. I think your child is unlikely to regress into autism at five. But older children and adults are more likely to develop neurological symptoms, I developed MS as a vaccine reaction, many are paralyzed, and many develop autoimmune diseases such as asthma, allergies, bowel disease, diabetes and arthritis as a result of vaccines they got when they were older than toddlers. Alzheimer’s is a result of reactions to vaccines: my mother died three weeks ago after having Alzheimer’s for fifteen years, as a result of yearly flu vaccines from 1980 on. I read the book The Age of Autism, and its description of the paralysis and dementia that overtook a huge percentage of those treated with the mercury-containing medications of the time for syphilis sounds so close to the paralysis and dementia that afflicted my mother that I think it is obvious that they are essentially the same syndrome. Michelle Bachmann talked to a mom whose daughter developed mental retardation as a reaction to the HPV vaccine. Your son probably won’t develop autism at this point, but there is a wide array of other permanent disabilities he can suffer as a reaction to vaccines.

  11. Stuart says:

    This is great! Now maybe finally the Truth will start to surface. Someone who has written several papers on vaccines as well as made documentaries and devoted much time on his show interviewing experts is Gary Null. Check out and Progressive Radio Network ( – Gary Null Show.

  12. Lori Harvey says:

    Here is the #1 article on my blog – A closer look at the flu shot

    I put it together for the college news paper & it got pulled just before it went to press. All 4 doctors I quoted in the article were “discredited” by our advisor.

    She told me that I would have to redo the article & show the plus side of the flu shot also to show both sides. I told her that you don’t hear about the negative stuff on the mainstream media sites. She then proceeded to discredit me & that my 20+ years as an independent researcher meant nothing.

    I resigned from the paper a few weeks later. It turned into a hostile work environment that I just couldn’t deal with anymore. It was too stressful.

    • cia parker says:

      Great article! Hold the line! I’m sorry your article met with rejection, but that’s what you still have to expect at this point. Hilary Butler talks about editors insisting on a line at the end of every article on vaccines they publish about their being safe and effective. She cites several articles which proved the dangers and ineffectiveness of several vaccines, and said she was surprised that the last line of the articles said: “But the bottom line is that the vaccine is safe and effective, and everyone should get it!”

  13. Danielle says:

    Have heard nothing of this in Australia!!

    • Anna says:

      Why do you think this is? Most Australians believe our media is free but it is absolutely not.

    • cia parker says:

      Do you visit the Immunisation Awareness website? It’s in your neck of the woods, and counts Hilary Butler and Wendy Lydall among its writers and supporters, both staunch vaccine critics, both have written great books on the dangers of vaccines.

  14. Kenny says:

    ABC radio yesterday had immunization professor on knocking 50% rates even in the rich suburbs….why does it still have lead in it ?….this award is empty media hates truth…poor girl get out of the industry all are sell out cowards owned by oil Gods they worship….what is agenda 21 ?

  15. Penny Fidler says:

    Is there any way we can contact Natasha to thank her personally for her great work… I dont see her on FaceBook?

  16. J.Sloat says:

    Check out this link regarding Natasha Campbell-McBride as she explains the link between Autism, the gut, and vaccines…Her information has filled in a lot of the pieces that the medical profession is totally missing:

  17. Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

    What about flu vaccines for the elderly? They are starting it this week in my city in Brazil. I am 64 and now I am wondering if I could take it.

    • cia parker says:

      You should read Randall Neustaedter’s The Flu Guide: he offers lots of ways to prevent and treat the flu, and thinks the vaccine is too dangerous to get at any age. My father was paralyzed the last three years of his life from a reaction to the flu vaccine, and my mother died three weeks ago after having had Alzheimer’s for fifteen years, having gone to the mall with my father every year for twenty years to get their flu vax. Read books like those by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Neil Miller before consenting to any vaccine, and then you’ll probably refuse all of them!

  18. I have read in a medical journal and also on that 5 flu, shots 5 years in a row increases your chance of Alzheimer’s ten fold. The number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses per year is horrific – the Government’s answer is to just build more and more facilities and not look at what is being done to create this epidemic. At autopsy time, it was discovered a long time ago that Alzheimer’s sufferers have aluminium on the brain. Yes, you guessed it, aluminium (aluminum) is in most vaccines. It should not be surprising then to know Alzheimer’s is happening in younger people now. There was a 35 year old on TV a couple of years ago. Please educate your older relatives about this scam!

    • Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

      I would like to know more about it. All vaccines has got alluminium? Only flu vaccine? They are about to start it next week in my city including for children. I am really worried about it.

      • Kym says:

        Hi Virginia

        “The Vaccine Book” by Dr Sears is really great. It gives a specific breakdown of how much aluminium is in all the different brands of recommended childhood vaccines and also gives information about a study that was done on babies born at 34 weeks with no significant problems, who were given feeding solutions containing aluminium. The findings suggested that more than 5micrograms of aluminium per pound of body weight in this group caused deposits of aluminium to be found in bone tissue (and I think brain tissue also). When we considered vaccinating a few years ago there were over 800 micrograms of aluminium in the 3 month shots.

      • cia parker says:

        Most killed virus vaccines have aluminum, but, surprisingly, not the flu vaccine. Fudenberg’s study on the flu vaccine was on data from the ’70s, and he said it was the aluminum in the flu vaccine which caused the huge increase in Alzheimer’s in those who got it more than five times in ten years, or three times in a row. I think he’s correct in saying the more flu vaccines, the more Alzheimer’s., but for other reasons than aluminum in the flu vaccine, which actually shocked me when I learned there was no aluminum in flu vaccines. Most of them still have mercury, though, and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, paralysis and dementia, are identical to those of mercury poisoning. I have no information on whether or not mercury-free flu vaccines can also cause Alzheimer’s. I know they can cause paralysis, which is reason enough to avoid them. Alzheimer’s is associated with aluminum buildup in the brain, which could be from other vaccines, drinking water, antacids like Tums, antiperspirants, and many other sources.

      • cia parker says:

        Not all vaccines have aluminum, the live vaccines don’t need to be adjuvanted, which means that the M, M, and R don’t have it, nor varicella. No flu vaccine has it. The killed virus vaccines are the ones that have it, and this is true of both the human and the pet vaccines. Purevax vaccines are genetically modified, recombinant vaccines, and are supposed to be safe because they don’t have aluminum or any other adjuvant. I told the vet that my daughter had been rendered autistiic by the hep-B vaccine, which is genetically modified, and at that time (2000) still had mercury as well.

        • Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

          Thank you very much for your answer. I am still worried as there is no way for us to know which vaccine we can have. We never know not even the name they give to them. We only know govern is calling people to get our shots. Here in Brasil nobody talks about it. Lots of people were vaccinated some days ago, including children. Not a single word about colateral effects. When I mentioned what I have been reading here they don’t believe, as midia is silent. Doctors also ignore the problem.

  19. Allan Jones says:

    Recently I have been researching the connections between Mercury, (thimerosal) lead, aluminium,and fluoride a case study revealed in the peer reviewed journal Brain Research 1998 reports that fluoride at tap water contrations allows for the bio-availability of aluminium into the brain, it is known that mercury and lead can also follow. What was supprising in all this was just how little of lead and mercury in synergy was needed to cause death in rat tests when combined in mammals these two are 100 times more neurotoxic and cytotoxic than when alone.
    The pathway provided for aluminium by fluoride into the brain can work along side of lead and mercury to cause alzheimer’s (virtually unknown before fluoridation) and dementia reported in the Weekend Australian Mar 16-17th as number 3 cause of death in Australia after heart and cancer both of which is also linked now to the toxins and poisons mentioned here.
    The NHMRC was unable to refer to any “studies” on the synergistic actions of the above toxins and poisons when asked.

    • cia parker says:

      All of this is true, and a study was done in England which showed that the higher the amount used in water purification plants, the higher the rate of Alzheimer’s in those locations. However, the rate of Alzheimer’s in the US has quadrupled since 1980, the time when my parents started going to the mall every year for their flu vax. It may be that the flu vaccine has a synergistic effect with aluminum stored in the body from other kinds of exposure.

  20. Those of us who read between the lines have known immunizations are bad news. We also know journalism is almost dead, so thanks for this bit of light! Aids has been tracked to the ‘immunizations’ given all over Africa by America in the ’50s. Why we give authority
    to the AMA is beyond me. There are cures for cancers suppressed for 80 years. People die trying to tell the truth..

  21. marie-ange arundel says:

    My daughter is 26. She had a normal birth with very good milestones. I was a young registered nurse at the time and concerned at various medical compromises that I had already witnessed in hospitals, so I decided to delay vaccination. At 7 months I began vaccination without apparent untoward effect. At 9 months, she had her second vaccine. One day while she lay sleeping, I witnessed a significant seizure. She had never had any before or since. Following the convulsion, her responses remained very weak and she breathed as if she had Whooping Cough. I rushed her to hospital where they were unable to diagnose the problem. After 10 hours the whooping cough eased. Many months passed when I noticed that one eye had begun turning inward, her feet started turning inward and her digestion slowed. She seemed to develop a far away stare. She turned 2 and was using few words. I took her to a pediatrician who declared her in good health. By pre-school age she appeared introverted, she spent much of her time observing rather than engaging. I saw another pediatrician who said that she was “delightful” and declared her in good health. He allowed me explore genetic testing, bone density, kidney and stool studies and more. All tests revealed that my daughter was in good health, “just a little slow”.
    Many years later, I had another child. I chose not to vaccinate. My 6 month old baby contracted Bronchiolitis and we sped to hospital were we stayed overnight in the children’s ward. The following day,two pediatricians came to investigate my baby, check the xray etc. They expressed their concern at my baby not being vaccinated. When I explained what had happened to my daughter they looked at each other, noted the year that my daughter had reacted to the Triple Antigen vaccine and said “You know That vaccine has been taken off the register. The vaccines today are much safer.”
    My 26 yr old daughter now has the mental age of a 12 year old at best. She has never had a job in spite of her trying and desperately wanting one. She lives in a flat where support agencies visit her to help her clean, shop, prepare food and pay bills. She has jumped from size 8 to size 16. She has mental health issues. Many of her friends exhibit similar symptoms. How many children have been affected by adverse reactions to Vaccination around the world? When are we going to test medicines with an unbiased and ethical perspective?

    • Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

      I am so shocked and so sorry of what happened to your daughter. I am so worried because how can we not vaccinate the kids? And how can we do it now knowing it’s so dangerous? How can we trust? I Knew the vaccines for animals are dangerous. And I avoid it on mine. I mean, they ask for vaccines every year and I prefer to believe in what I read somewhere saying it’s enough from five to five years. I could never imagine human beings were also sort of being tested by scientists. Too sad.

      • cia parker says:

        We took in a stray cat,, and I went through the whole risk/benefit analysis, and got him a feline distemper/rhinotracheitis/calicivirus three-in-one live virus vaccine. He’ll never get another one, the second two diseases aren’t very serious in most adult cats, and the first is the most effective vaccine ever for any species, and one vax gives lifetime protection. And a Purevax rabies vaccine, non-adjuvanted, but I”ll only repeat it every four years until he’s ten, then no more. Our future dog will only get one Purevax distemper, one parvo, (two if we start at nine weeks) and limited Purevax rabies vaccines. I agree that pet vaccines are as problematic as human ones, but ours is an indoor/outdoor cat, and we have raccoons in our yard every night.

        There are a lot of sources you can trust. I’d recommend reading Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s Make an Informed Vaccine Decision, Wendy Lydall’s Raising a Vacciine-Free Child, and any of Neil Miller’s books. (Also the book The Age of Autism, Vaccine Epidemic, Cynthia Cournoyer, and HIlary Butler’s books). Dr. Sears with a grain of salt, his sections on the hep-B scandal and aluminum are great, but I disagree with his recommendations to give infants DTaP, Hib, Prevnar, and rotavirus vaccines on the regular schedule, and the separate MMR components later. My daughter reacted to the hep-B vax at birth with encephalitis, she got the DTaP vax at 2, 4, 6 months, caught pertussis anyway at 8 months, started saying two words, uh for up and uff for dog, but those words disppeared forever when she got the DTaP booster at 18 months. Diagnosed with autism at 20 months. Didn’t say another word until 34 months. In a self-contained autism class now.

        There’s no question but that the vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases. Yes, the diseases can kill or disable, but much less often than pro-vaccine sources tell us. There are naturopathic, vitamin, and homeopathic treatments available to treat all the diseases, and crisis care in modern hospitals is very good. See Aviva Jill Romm’s book Vaccination, on natural ways of nursing children (and adults) with the formerly universal childhood diseases.

        In the US you can take a religious exemption to vaccines for schoolchildren in all but two states (and we have). Do they force you to vaccinate your children before they enter school in Brazil? I hope you will tell me, I’d be very interested in knowing whether or not there is a way to legally refuse vaccination there. No religious or philosophical exemption available?

  22. Syrine says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any studies done in relation to getting the fluvax while pregnant? I was vaccinated in early 2011 at 6 weeks gestation (to my now utmost regret).
    Just over 2 weeks after being vaccinated I started lightly bleeding very old blood which lasted 3 days.
    Ultrasounds could not determine where the bleed was coming from and baby’s heart beat was strong.
    Approx. 22 weeks I felt baby kicking repeatedly in the same spot but presumed they were hiccups. I was also told baby was very active.
    28/11/11 I gave birth to my amazingly beautiful baby girl. At 5 days old she had her first seizure which I was assured was a common twitch. At 9 weeks old she was diagnosed with febril seizures, which showed on her EEG was almost constant. An MRI later confirmed she had gross cerebral atrophy, abnormal and enlarged brain stem and non pressurised hydrocephalus. She has seen so many specialists and had genetic testing with all results returning normal. I have said from word go something was not right with the fluvax I received, I became very ill, pale and weak but because I didn’t get a rash I was told there’s unlikely to be a link.
    I am desperate to know what happened to my baby girl who will be 3 next week. She has profound disabilities including CVI, cerebral palsy and retractable seizures. Any information would be very, very appreciated related to fluvax or not that could possibly give me answers. Thank you.

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