CDC forced to release documents showing they knew vaccine preservative causes autism

By Dave Mihalovic  Feb 23, 2014

PhD Scientist and Biochemist Reveals Hidden CDC Documents Showing Thimerosal In Vaccines Increase Neurologic Disorders

The CDC has been shunning the correlations between thimerosal and neurological disorders for a very long time. Although the FDA gave a two year deadline to remove the mercury based preservative from vaccines after the neurotoxin was banned in 1999, it still remains to this day in 60 percent of flu vaccines. A vaccine industry watchdog has now obtained CDC documents that show statistically significant risks of autism associated with the vaccine preservative, something the CDC denies even when confronted with their own data.

For nearly ten years, Brian Hooker has been requesting documents that are kept under tight wraps by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). His more than 100 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have resulted in copious evidence that the vaccine preservative Thimerosal, which is still used in the flu shot that is administered to pregnant women and infants, can cause autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr. Hooker, a PhD scientist, worked with two members of Congress to craft the letter to the CDC that recently resulted in his obtaining long-awaited data from the CDC, the significance of which is historic. According to Hooker, the data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997, which was analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD, “proves unequivocally that in 2000, CDC officials were informed internally of the very high risk of autism, non-organic sleep disorder and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.”

Factually, thimerosal is a mercury-containing compound that is a known human carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen and immune-system disruptor at levels below 1 part-per-million, and a compound to which some humans can have an anaphylactic shock reaction. It is also a recognized reproductive and fetal toxin with no established toxicologically safe level of exposure for humans.

In November, 1997, the U.S. Congress passed the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act, requiring the study of mercury content in FDA-approved products. The review disclosed the hitherto-unrecognized levels of ethylmercury in vaccines.

In July 1999, public-health officials announced that thimerosal would be phased out of vaccines. The CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and FDA insisted that the measure was purely precautionary. They requested of all vaccine manufacturers to eliminate mercury from vaccines.

The requests were denied by vaccine manufacturers and continued every year thereafter.

The FDA does not require ingredients that comprise less than 1 percent of a product to be divulged on the label, so a lot more products may have thimerosal and consumers will never know.

Elevated Risk of Autism

When the results of the Verstraeten study were first reported outside the CDC in 2005, there was no evidence that anyone but Dr. Verstraeten within the CDC had known of the very high 7.6-fold elevated relative risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy. But now, clear evidence exists. A newly-acquired abstract from 1999 titled, “Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to Thimerosal containing vaccine in first month of life” required the approval of top CDC officials prior to its presentation at the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) conference. Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by weight, was used in most childhood vaccines and in the RhoGAM shot for pregnant women prior to the early 2000s.

The CDC maintains there is “no relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism rates in children,” even though the data from the CDC’s own Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database shows a very high risk. There are a number of public records to back this up, including this Congressional Record from May 1, 2003. The CDC’s refusal to acknowledge thimerosal’s risks is exemplified by a leaked statement from Dr. Marie McCormick, chair of the CDC/NIH-sponsored Immunization Safety Review at IOM. Regarding vaccination, she said in 2001, “…we are not ever going to come down that it [autism] is a true side effect…” Also of note, the former director of the CDC, which purchases $4 billion worth of vaccines annually, is now president of Merck’s vaccine division.

Toxic Effects of Thimerosal No Longer Disputed by Scientific Study

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury in vaccines is now well established as a mitochondrial toxin in human brain cells.

There are dozens of scientific inquiries and studies on the adverse effects of thimerosal, including gastrointestinal abnormalities and immune system irregularities.

Thimerosal, is metabolized (converted) into the toxic and “harmful” methylmercury. And then in turn, the harmful methylmercury is metabolized (converted) into the most harmful, long-term-toxic, “inorganic” mercury that is retained in bodily tissue.

“Inorganic” mercury is the end product of mercury metabolism. Methylmercury subject groups confirm that the metabolic pathway for mercury in the human and animal body consists in the reduction/conversion of the harmful methylmercury into a more harmful “inorganic” mercury which is tissue-bound, and long-term-toxic. Hence, both the originating substance (methylmercury) and its conversion/reduction, inorganic mercury are found.

Based on published findings by Dr. Paul King, the metabolic pathway for organic mercury involves the conversion of Ethylmercury (Thimerosal) into “methylmercury” and then the further reduction of “methylmercury” into inorganic mercury.

Congress Must Act

Dr. Hooker’s fervent hope for the future: “We must ensure that this and other evidence of CDC malfeasance are presented to Congress and the public as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence. Children’s futures are at stake.” A divide within the autism community has led to some activists demanding that compensation to those with vaccine-injury claims be the top priority before Congress. Dr. Hooker maintains that prevention, “protecting our most precious resource — children’s minds,” must come first. “Our elected officials must be informed about government corruption that keeps doctors and patients in the dark about vaccine risks.”

Referring to an organization that has seen its share of controversy this past year, Dr. Hooker remarked, “It is unfortunate that SafeMinds issued a press release on my information, is accepting credit for my work and has not supported a worldwide ban on Thimerosal.”

Brian Hooker, PhD, PE, has 15 years experience in the field of bioengineering and is an associate professor at Simpson University where he specializes in biology and chemistry. His over 50 science and engineering papers have been published in internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Hooker has a son, aged 16, who developed normally but then regressed into autism after receiving Thimerosal-containing vaccines.


Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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23 Responses to CDC forced to release documents showing they knew vaccine preservative causes autism

  1. Robin J. Engel says:

    I’d like to know how these people sleep at night. I have been around the block and lived a long time, but I’m still amazed at how people can be so unethical. What the hell is wrong with you? It’s really not all that complicated. Don’t compromise your soul for money. There’s lots of ways to make money. I don’t actually believe in hell or heaven; I think they both exist right here on earth, and frankly, you’ve apparently sold your soul to the devil. It really is simple. Just administer the vaccines the old way, without the poison. Perhaps, you’d like me to come and shove mercury down YOUR throat, or your child’s throat, or your grandchild’s throat. Stop hiding your head in the sand. Do something right for a change, before it’s too late.

    • Kathy says:

      Very Well put, Robin! God Bless You!

      • brad roon says:

        Don’t forget the GMO ingredients in so many vaccines. How about Gardasil – proven by Univ of Calgary to cause swelling in the lower brain fluids – and those deaths due to that form of encaphalitis. In fact, if you take Gardasil or give your girl that poison any headaches are supposed to be caused by that encaphalitic reaction. Gardasil and it’s clones (supposedly) are GMO yeast (the type of yeast infections) and 4 of the over 100 HPV viruses – two of which are allegedly the type causing most cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is much lower than the adverse reaction rate of Gardasil last i’d read. Besides the “70% protection” from those two HPV viruses (again disproven by the U of Calgary) STILL means a woman needs a pap smear to be checked since it is not bulletproof. The OTHER 100+ HPV viruses can cause other (rarer) cervical cancers, so you STILL need pap smears to be safe. WHY BOTHER with the Gardasil, since you still need to do what they are now phasing out? AND what about that girl in Australia who became sterile because of the vaccine?
        Then there are the GMO (from voluntarily aborted fetus stem cell tissues – they even know the “mother’s” name) ingredients, the dog kidney base and other animal ingredients.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I would like to know what vaccines have this chemical in

    • The Refusers says:

      Flu shots.

      Do the 2013-2014 seasonal flu vaccines contain thimerosal?

      The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several formulations of the seasonal flu vaccine, including multi-dose vials and single-dose units. (See Table of Approved Influenza Vaccines for the U.S. 2013–2014 Season.) Since seasonal influenza vaccine is produced in large quantities for annual immunization campaigns, some of the vaccine is produced in multi-dose vials, and contains thimerosal to safeguard against possible contamination of the vial once it is opened.

      • brad roon says:

        Who cares? The CDC stopped sampling “flu” samples in 2010 because only 16% involved actual influenza. How can “flu – like symptoms” without influenza be prevented (84% of the time) by a flu vaccine?
        The flu shot also carries an increased risk of developing a different flu the next year – and that 84% that is NOT flu? That means the majority of MDs misdiagnose the disease and take the easy (ka-ching, too) way out.

  3. Kyle says:

    i looked on and they don’t specify exactly what vaccines they use their ingredients in, but as far as i can tell just by reading what they have, it’s in all of them. Other ingredients used in their vaccines are Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Monosodium glutamate (MSG), and Thimerosal which is 50% of its weight in mercury. if you want to learn more about each of these ingredients you can search the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). All I can say is that you’ll be very disappointed that the government is putting this garbage into your blood stream and has known of the negative heath affects caused by these for about 30 years.

    • cia parker says:

      Dr. Sears in The Vaccine Book has all the brands of all the different vaccines and gives the ingredients in them. He tells the exact amount of mercury in each brand of the flu shot. Our supermarket this winter was pushing Fluzone flu shots, the flyer recommended the “preservatifve” (mercury) version for pregnant women and elders, but the mercury-containing version for everyone six months and up. And those who get it every year quickly accumulate a lot of mercury in their brains.

      • brad roon says:

        People voluntarily taking vaccines have working brains that we need to worry about?

        Just being sardonic here, but man – people need to take responsibility for their decisions and face the consequences. This ideally means not only the fools swallowing the vaccine propaganda and lies, but the governmental employees that force this lie upon the world, and most importantly – the investors and management of the corpse-orations that make and push these things for their profits.

        If YOU invest in a drug pusher company, a vaccine mfgr, a pesticide corporation, a petroleum business, a nuke power company/coal fired powerplant company – you are a functional psychopath. Don’t squirm out of it – your money comes from and supports things that are literally killing the earth, it’s people, and all it’s biologically living systems and inhabitants – so stop that shyt.

  4. Gwen Potts says:

    My son was born in 1989. He was developing! like he should, until he started getting his shots. He went back to infancy after the shots, Now he has Autism !
    How can we hold these people reasonable? Maybe we all should get together and sue them so this never happens again. My son has paid the price for their mistake some thing has to be done. Are they going to pay the price for what they have done to my son???

    • Kathy says:

      I hear you, boy do I hear you! Eventually, there will be justice. I pray everyday I get to see it in my lifetime. My son is on the spectrum too:(

    • cia parker says:

      You can’t sue them. The drug companies got a law passed in 1989, the only thing you can do if it’s within three years is file in Vaccine Court, which throws out nearly all the cases brought before it. The only thing to do is join the revolution!

    • sandra dorado says:

      Yes Gwen, my daughter was born in 1995 and she developed normally, until her 18 month shots….3 hrs after that shot she had a febrile seizure and her eye began drooping…after that things went to hell, she developed absence seizures, which has developed in to full blown grand-mal seizures…….developing learning disabilities, mr, and autism. As mothers we should get together and sue these bastards….at one time I did have a lawyer, he was disbarred and lost his licence and all my papers and information went missing????really….My daughter is now 20 yrs old and its been a rough life for both of us, me being a single mother…..We deserve compensation for our sweet children. Period.

      • brad says:

        i hate to break the news to you, but vaccines are the ONLY thing (at least used to be – but with govt being run by corporations/rich this may no longer be true) that a manufacturer does NOT have any liability for. They have contaminated vaccines all the time and guess what? Home free – no payments at all. Vaccines caused so many damages that in the 80s people won major lawsuits all the time for pretty big bucks.

        The vax mfgrs told Reagan that they were going to stop making vaccines unless he gave them “immunity” (only working immunity in the whole vaccine scam) from tort lawsuits. Reagan basically said “Okey-Dokey” and now the govt pays out for damages. Over 3 BILLION $$$ since they started. It is called the VICP Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – and you have to file with VAERS i believe – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. There is probably a time limit from damage to filing, and the system is totally rigged FOR the drug pushers.

        Their lawyers attack all claims, and the “court” drags things out so much that most people need 3 – 7 years and MORE to win through – if they win. That is a lot of legal fee and medical expert retaining fees to pay out for most people. Can you say “RIGGED SYSTEM?”

        There are people relieving autism damages. i suspect that if you research things heavily that you will find a lot of garbage and some gems. i personally would lean VERY FAR AWAY FROM ANY pHARMaceutical “solution” since vaccines are another drug and none cure a damn thing. Not one. Just cover up symptoms – but not for many things, like in your case here. There is a plethora of new research out for the last few years dealing with VERY hopeful things regarding medium chain triglycerides, GOOD fats – (you DO know hydrogenated fats and commercial vegetable oils are cell death right? Margarine, vegetable oils, etc.)

        There are people REVERSING ALZHEIMERS and Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, and other myelin sheathing issues with the medium chain triglycerides in GOOD coconut oils when going on a low carbohydrate diet. Then the glucose and glycogens are not made from your grains and sugars – and the ketones fire the brain at 6X the rate, WHILE repairing synapses and myelin sheathing.

        Sleeping on one’s side helps the brain flush out toxins too. In deep sleep the brain cells literally shrink and flush out the brain when laying on one’s side. They just found out about this “lymphatic” system and link about 2 years ago – and there is NO study in vaccine theology that takes the impact upon the brain through this system into account. Therefore – all vax research is in need of updating.

        i could go on and on, but….. i probably already bored you or put you into a coma, lol. i’m into this stuff and have been looking at natural healing since prior to your birth – 77. Love it. Know there are solutions out there. Some of them may very well be epigenetic – influences upon cells through DNA changes without DNA replacement – just repair through varying influences. Example: Aspartame causes brain damage, and that goes down into DNA level brain damage. Studies have proven that this DNA brain damage can be repaired by meditation. What doors does THAT open up in terms of intent?



  5. karine says:

    is this distributed in the UK too?

  6. Sarah says:

    Where can we find the actual admission they must make? Is there a formal statement?
    When I share this kind of info with people, they just spout off about news sources not being credible…
    It’s amazing how in denial people are!
    But it’d be best to have the actual CDC admission!

  7. YJK says:

    I believe, “The right choice in an informed choice”. Here is a link to the vaccine ingredients in all vaccines:
    It is accessible to the public and updated yearly on the CDC website. Often, parents are not given the information up front before they have their baby, and then they are often so overwhelmed and afraid to make the wrong decisions they end up doing whatever their pediatrician recommends. We should know what we are putting in our bodies and our children’s bodies. We can look at a food label and make and informed choice about whether or not we will eat it; how many times have you been offered the insert of the vaccine to read over before you give consent to vaccinate your child or yourself?

  8. Ginger says:

    This is absolutely the reason why so many Americans are afraid to see doctors and to seek any sort of medical help. Medical authorities are selfishly poisoning the majority of our population. Not sure if this is controlled by some jerk above our heads for “population control” reasons or not. I basically was scared into taking this while pregnant. My son became deathly ill 3 months after birth and I was told he had to have the vaccine every year. I stopped it 2 years later. He has displayed many different signs of not just autism but other issues. I chose no medications to aid him because I’m so uncomfortable about meds for this reason! The meds probably would have made him worse. I am now even more positive the food, the medication even the supplements we trust to take are all tainted. It’s terrible.
    It reminds me of concentration camps. Seems as though our country is turning into one more twisted camp. Now this country is starting to demand us to do things we don’t want to with healthcare. I hope they all get punished for this. They are just as guilty as murderers in my mind. Robbing children with every growing chance to be something great. I knew something was up when it leaked out that scientists who created vaccines wouldn’t even give them to their families. Thanks to the people who push for what is right, looking out for others.

    • brad roon says:

      Read the Constitution. The Fed govt is not even allowed to make any medical choices or impose them on us. They are not allowed to tell us what we can or can’t grow, eat, or feed our children. They are SPECIFICALLY ALLOWED a very limited set of functions which logically must cross over state jurisdictions. It makes no sense for me to have a separate trade agreement with Kenya or France. That is a national thing – not state or individual. The same with treaties, declaration of war (ONLY by congress – not prez) interstate commerce, weights and measures, mint coin, (they didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to print paper money) and a few other things.
      Furthermore the constitution expressly forbids states from giving the fed govt any of their rights/powers/responsibilities – AND – all rights NOT specifically assigned to the fed govt ARE RETAINED BY THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE!
      Since the constitution states nowhere that the fed can force you to do THEIR health choice, they have no such authority or purview. Period. They just are big, and mean, and do it as much as they can to help the rich parasitic class to force more and more income from us to them.
      i looked up the California constitution and it also has no right to steal my health choices or food choices. Who knows what your constitution says?
      Oh – and ACA as a “tax” by forcing you/us to pay corporate, for profit, insurance companies? Private business cannot tax us, and the fed govt is ONLY allowed to pass legitimate taxation for the purposes (roads, etc) that ARE under it’s purview.

  9. Mark Rawlins says:

    There should absolutely be a class action lawsuit against the CDC, the manufacturers and anyone else involved in the denial and coverup of these proven facts about poison in the vaccines that are all but forced onto a generally clueless populace. The people responsible should be locked up!

  10. Ly Braive says:

    My father-in-law got a flu shot before winter and is all day long sleeping since he got it. He told me he does not understand why he is sleeping so much, but I know why and do not tell him, because I do not know what to reply to help him to get a normal life again??????

    • brad roon says:

      Many times people do sleep a lot because that is when your body heals itself.

      This does look like it steps into the realm of narcolepsy – except you don’t state that he suddenly falls asleep. Perhaps some borderline sort of thing.
      When i’d moved from Minnesota to Colorado i developed some apnea. After moving to the wife’s family ranch about 10 years after the apnea started i was doing a stomach exercise with a wheel that you hold the axles on, and you kneel – then extend the wheel in front of you.

      My low/mid back clicked so deeply, the floor shook and my son heard/felt it 15 feet away. The apnea went away.

      The reason i mention this is because there is a possibility that your father’s autonomic nervous system is out of whack and he is always getting the message to sleep, like different nerve stresses can make one always feel hungry, or never hungry, etc.

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