Current thoughts on vaccines – by Bill Sardi (Knowledge of Health)

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Current thoughts on vaccines – by Bill Sardi 

April 10, 2012

1. Very young and very old as highest at-risk populations who often do not produce adequate antibody response to vaccines.

2. Flu vaccines are nonsense since flu viruses mutate rapidly and are self-limiting and impossible to develop a vaccine that addresses a targeted viral strain that is mutating.

3. That vaccines may not provoke adequate antibodies is admitted by the presence of toxic adjuvants that provoke an immune response.  Mercury, aluminum, heavy metals, etc.

4. Vaccines must have an intact immune system to work. Modern medicine ignores anything that boosts immunity other than vaccines.  Vaccines do not address fast-responsive innate immunity (largely neutrophils) which can be boosted in activity by vitamin D and vitamin C.

5. The current mind set of a vaccine for every pathogen is untested. In household animals, dogs, veterinarians are backing away from multiple vaccines due to side effects. There is no study of humans given 43 jabs.

6. Vaccines against viruses are misleading when they say “killed virus” or “attenuated virus.”  Viruses are not live.  They are pieces of genetic material that must reside within cellular machinery to replicate.  A anti-viral vaccine is a “little bit of disease” as are vaccines against bacteria.  If they don’t produce a bit of a fever response they aren’t working.

7. Pumping vaccines into young children who do not have a fully developed blood-brain barrier appears to be complete misdirection.  Hepatitis vaccine at birth is good example.

8. Vaccines may wear off over time.

9. Vaccine industry is too cozy with government health agencies to sell their vaccines for them via requirement to enter school, get health insurance, hold a job (nurse, teacher, etc).  This is medical fascism.

10. CDC completely fabricated threat of a flu pandemic, using numbers gleaned from seasonal colds to justify mass vaccination. Not to be trusted.  CDC was willing to force unproven vaccines on the public.

11. CDC has responded to their failed efforts to “sell” vaccines by broadening locations where vaccines are available (i.e. drug stores). This is again commercialism over public health.

12. Newly appreciated fact that vitamin D produces anti-biotic cathelicidins should completely alter public health approaches to pathogens.  High-dose D appears to be a safer and better direction than vaccines.  Antibiotic resistance would be completely averted.

13. If it can be said that seasonal colds, flu and even cancer is due to low vitamin D levels, then why are we promoting vaccines to address a low vitamin D status?  Vaccines would be inappropriate and not address the true cause of the low immune status.

14. Papilloma vaccine only addresses the most common strain, and the vaccinated are still at risk for the other viral strains.  Vitamin C and folic acid quell the human papilloma virus and address all viral strains.  Why is this being ignored?


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2 Responses to Current thoughts on vaccines – by Bill Sardi (Knowledge of Health)

  1. Surely you already know why inexpensive cures are being ignored. No profit. Especially, no monopoly profits due to no patented drug. This is why known cancer cures and many others are unpursued. Zheng Cui at Wake Forest first found a single mouse that was highly cancer resistant. He developed four lines of offspring, but nobody is studying how they do it.

    Then he used his test for the cancer killing activity of white blood cells to discover that ten to fifteen percent of us humans are cancer resistant, in the summer. In the summer? What does that mean? VItamin D? Where are the studies of this phenomenon?

    There is one tiny trial underway at a bone marrow and stem cell transplant institute. Is it funded by the National Cancer Institute? No. Major cancer charities? No. It has less than one million bucks from a supplements vendor. I sure hope that they succeed.

    Nobuto Yamamoto showed that both cancer and HIV can be combatted by activated white blood cells including macrophages. Look up the activating factor. called GcMAF, to see those tiny trials conducted with 15 or 16 patients each, in Japan, with otherwise healthy young Japanese patients. Others have found several kinds of reasons that their own success rates are less impressive, but why isn’t this being pursued with vigor? Same answer: no patented drug, so no monopoly profits.

    How can we get the not for profit funders to overcome that barrier? Can we shame them with anecdotes of successful cures that are not being followed up? That is my hope and effort. Care to join me?

  2. Wanda mcclenaghan says:

    i have been studying health and nutritiion for the past 60 decades and i know you are correct. i have recommended you to all my riends. i heard you on coast to coast….wanda

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