How The Refusers secretly infiltrated ORAC’s Respectful Insolence science blog

Remember that scene in the movie Casablanca when gambler-in-chief Captain Renault declares ‘I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!’

Gorski the Orac

Orac is David Gorski’s pseudonym. Gorski is a doctor who authors a pharma-science blog entitled Respectful Insolence.

In a recent column, Gorski pretends he doesn’t know that comments on his blog have advocated infiltrating vaccine freedom websites, lying about infectious disease outbreaks, using emotional warfare by blaming diseases on the unvaccinated and making vaccine adverse reaction victims appear crazy.

Orac (Gorski the blog moderator) is shocked, shocked to find such comments on his blog!

Gorski goes even further, speculating that those comments were secretly planted by a Refuser to discredit his blog’s sterling reputation.

Orac has stumbled onto a grain of truth, and it is time for us to come clean with the facts and get it off our chest.

We didn’t plant that wacko commentator or his fruitcake remarks, that pro-vax fanatic is an genuine Orac disciple.

We created ORAC!

Gorski (Orac) is a top-secret infiltration droid created by Refusers scientists in our biological programming department.

Merck vaccine tank of Orac's conception

We cloned him from a defective vat of Merck mumps vaccine stew (a hot lot containing fermented monkey kidneys, cancer cells, fetal cells, thimerosal, aluminum and formaldehyde) – and programmed him to infiltrate the vaccine establishment.

We bioengineered an Orac cyborg unit that would have Elvis-appeal for cookie-cutter, drug company science robots who have been stamped out of the Pharmatron. You know, people who have vaccines for breakfast.

Bioengineered Cyborg Vaccine Droid Goski the Orac

But our bioengineered franken droid has a secret fatal flaw: He is designed to be so absolutely smug, hideous and revolting – that most real mothers with real babies take one look at him and his blog, yell eeeech! and run away from him and vaccines like victims fleeing from a chainsaw-wielding murderer in a horror movie.

Our scheme has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Our infiltration cyborg Orac has climbed to the pinnacle of pharma-blogdom at scienceblogs (National Geographic) with a fervent following of vaccine fanatic groupies.

We couldn’t give Gorski self-knowledge, or he would lose credibility and ruin the deception, so he actually believes he is Orac and not a Refuser Manchurian double-agent.

Orac is programmed to give the pro-vax establishment a permanent black eye with his deranged pseudoscientific hysteria. We arranged and subsidized his appointment as assistant professor at third-rate medical dead-end Wayne State exiled in the Siberian wasteland of downtown Detroit – and inserted a Satan gene (heaven isn’t big enough for him). The Satan trait presents as his megalomaniacal pretense to be a world class expert on anything and everything vaguely associated with pharma-corrupted science.

Authentic scientists cringe when they read his tirades against victims of vaccine adverse reactions – because they know Gorski is fueling a vaccine opposition movement. Little does he know how well he has accomplished the covert mission for which he was tasked. Refuser numbers are growing daily.

Gorski is as megalomaniacal of a music critic as he is a vaccine authority. Orac’s scathing review of the Refusers’ music video First Do No Harm video helped it go viral (286,000 views in three months) and elevated the Refusers to #15 in Seattle Rock on Reverbnation (out of 1,900 bands = top 1%). Orac’s caustic reviews are more valuable than a glowing endorsement from Rolling Stone – so we feature his spewing venom in our press clips.

The joke is on Orac’s followers, who are devoted to a Manchurian candidate who is accomplishing the opposite of their pro-vax agenda. Gorski attracts anti-liberty activists like flies to rotten meat. Read a few reader comments on his blog and you’ll get the picture. They proudly refer to themselves as Skeptics.

Consumer health advocate Tim Bolen has exposed the so-called Skeptics for what they really are (read more links about them here). Judging by their rhetoric – most appear to be childless, evolutionary dead-ends – like genetically engineered mosquitoes that have been bred without reproductive genes. At least their brand of vaccine fanaticism seems not to be putting THEIR children (because most don’t seem to have any) at risk of adverse reactions. Of course those Oracites who do have children can follow the CDC vaccine schedule (69 doses of 16 vaccines). The Refusers certainly aren’t preventing them. But Orac Skeptic disciples aren’t so concerned about THEIR kids, they insist on imposing their vaccine agenda on YOUR children.

Let them take their immunization fanaticism to its ultimate pinnacle – and vaccinate themselves into oblivion (with Offit’s 100,000 vaccines at once), in a Jim Jones-style vaccine Kool Aid party at their vaccine religion shrine at the Temple of Jenner (consecrated by Bill Gates’ vaccine priests).

Comrade Gorski – your mission has been a great success!  Even now, your spawn are sliming the pro-vax establishment and your hyperventilating weasel-speak is paradoxically raising awareness about vaccine adverse reactions, vaccine ineffectiveness, bogus drug company safety studies and medical corruption. Bravo! Mission accomplished!

Coming up next: How the Refusers infiltrated the CDC and Merck.

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6 Responses to How The Refusers secretly infiltrated ORAC’s Respectful Insolence science blog

  1. drsuzanne says:

    This might just be the greatest blog ever. As a target for Oretch’s venom, I am still looking for the “respectful” part. Well done 🙂

  2. WoW! Awesome! Just great!

  3. Gambolputty says:

    This…is simply brilliant! I bow to you, good sir. Never have I seen a more accurate portrayal of Gorski’s drooling verbal butt-drippings and his squealing mob of grovelling butt-sniffers.

    Well done, my good man…well done!

  4. Zoey O'Toole says:

    I really enjoyed this. Orac is so whacked out that he is doing us a service. Sane people have to recognize the hysteria.

  5. Johnny says:

    Yeah, I wound them up on their blog and one interesting thing always happens. As soon as you start posting evidence from their own cess pit of peer review showing that vaccines don’t work, never did and never can – they ‘edit’ and ban.

    Then the character assassination starts, they try to bury descent under a smokescreen of medico speak garbage until they turn off your right of reply.
    I have come to the conclusion that there are only a handful of them under different names because it is always the same character types that appear.

    Their role is to trawl for descent in their own peer review and then campaign to get papers removed and thus prop up the myths of medical science woo.

    I like the idea that they all trot out for their yearly flu vaccine and look forward to seeing that nemesis come to conclusion.

    There is no need to get angry with people like this, they have enough of that already, what they all need is a big hug and to be forgiven for being assholes and maybe they just might go away. We need to ignore their black hole of knowledge and create a better point of reference that is totally non reactive or engaging of them. That way they drop off the Google stats into oblivion.

    Well done.

  6. Johnny says:

    We need to start a cartoon piss take site for all of those skeptic characters and turn them into Disney bots. Make people laugh at their flat earth science and medieval vaccine ideas. Anagrams of David Gorski is a good start:
    Vodkas Rigid
    Divas God Irk
    Diva God Risk
    Avid Dog Risk
    Sad Kid Vigor
    Skid rag void

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