Italian court rules MMR vaccine caused autism

MB Comment: Watch the medical mafia and vaccine manufacturers thump their chests like gorillas and proclaim that Italian courts know nothing about science (vaccine pseudo-science), which has proven unequivocally that vaccines don’t cause autism.

Oh yeah? Read a medical textbook or the Merck MMR package insert (page 7, adverse reactions) – primate morons. By definition, vaccines cause encephalitis. The aftermath of measles vaccine-induced encephalitis includes brain damage, death and autism spectrum disorders, which have been acknowledged by the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Vaccine plutocrats like Offit would also like to erase that evidence and prevent the US compensation program from helping the victims that they have injured. Vaccines: Modern medicine’s greatest achievement? Not for the numerous victims of vaccine adverse reactions, like the one described in this article.

This is a google translation of the Italian article.


Autism. Court of Rimini: “Blame the vaccine.” Ministry ordered to pay compensation

The court granted the appeal by parents of a child who, according to the prosecution, would become autistic after vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. Asked for compensation to the Ministry of Health. Sites, FIMMG, FIMP and Sip: “Judgment based on false science.” Here is the text.

April 10 – It seemed an old theory, now discredited, but the Court of Rimini has returned to claim that a vaccine can take a child to become autistic. He did it with no judgment. 2010 \ 148, Position No. 2010 \ 0474; Cron. N ° 2012 \ 886, with which he has accepted the appeal lodged by a pair of parents against the Ministry of Health to demand payment of compensation for irreversible complications caused by a vaccination.

The vaccine in question is the one against measles, mumps and rubella. According to the parents, in fact, the symptoms of autism in their child would have arisen just after inoculation. Even the same day, as stated in the judgment. Returning dall’Auls of Riccione, March 26, 2004, the child would begin to show worrisome symptoms (diarrhea and nervousness), while between 2004 and 2005 would have appeared signs of severe psychological and physical discomfort to the recognition, August 31, 2007, total and permanent disability to 100%. Whether this was due to vaccinations you practice the specialist Niglio already stated in June 2008 and to confirm it arrived a year later, the specialist Montanari.

That this condition was due “with reasonable scientific probability” to the administration of the vaccine MPR occurred at the ASL in Riccione was then the medical-legal evaluation of the auxiliary, that judges must be upheld. Established, therefore, that the child has been harmed by the irreversible complications due to vaccination, the court ordered the Ministry of Health to pay the compensation.

The ruling has caused “great confusion” among the experts of the Scientific Board of the Vaccine Schedule for Life, which brings together figures of high standing of Hygiene and Public Health, General Medicine, Paediatrics of the hospital and university-territorial belonging to the Company Italian of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health (sites), the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (FIMMG), the Italian Federation of Paediatricians Doctors (FIMP) and the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP).
The judge, according to these experts, should have “apparently” based on “what is published, now 14 years ago, the Lancet, and subsequently withdrawn by the obvious lack of foundation of what was initially proposed by a group of British researchers.”

The known medical journal Lancet has officially withdrawn because the study on possible links between autism and MMR trivalent vaccine. The article, published in 1998 and written by British doctor Andrew Wakefield, was due to a long scientific dispute lasted almost 12 years. Wakefield claimed that the vaccine was due to intestinal infections, in turn linked to Kanner’s syndrome. His claims were discredited by the scientific world, and were at the base of one of the most important disputes in the history of medicine: “Unfortunately – says the Scientific Board – the false thesis proposals led to a strong decrease in the number of vaccinations in the United States, in Great Britain and other parts of Europe with the result, in many cases disastrous, a sudden increase of cases of measles and its complications, including several cases of encephalitis and death. “

“Different points of the 1998 work of Wakefield are incorrect,” he said in a press release the same journal, by retracting the publication of 1998, experts remind SItI of FIMMG of FIMP and Sip in a statement, adding that ” a disciplinary committee of the British General Medical Committee (General Medical Council), after a careful study, has decreed as Wakefield presented his research in ‘irresponsible and dishonest’ and has ‘callously ignored’ the suffering of the children under study. In the report of the Scientific Committee says, moreover, that Wakefield also has ‘ruined reputation’ of the medical profession. Wakefield himself was expelled from the Royal College of Physicians and can no longer practice medicine. So sharp and severe verdicts that leave little doubt. “

The Scientific Board points out however that “the results of two recently published scientific studies on one of the most authoritative medical journals worldwide, the British Medical Journal (January 5, 2011 a BMJ 2011; 342: c5347, and the other published on 11 January 2011 – BMJ 2011; 342: c5258) have decreed the groundlessness of this association, among other things, that patients were recruited by anti-vaccine activists, and that the study was commissioned and financed by a special purpose characterized by ideological prejudices and economic interests. “

“Too often, without scientifically sustainable evidence, the only temporal relationship between administration of a vaccine and an adverse event or disease due to unknown causes is considered by itself sufficient to determine that the fault of vaccination,” said the Board , which states that “before taking actions that directly or indirectly hesitate in the negative on the whole community, putting at risk of illness for children and adults a negative impact on adherence to national prevention programs, one called to judge – former Act 210 Commissions / 92 included – take the most rigorous scientific and especially the sustainability of the claims, judgments and assessments based on acquisitions universally recognized. “

“It is also unusual – continues the statement of experts SItI, FIMMG, FIMP and Sip – the fact that the judgment can ignore the motives and actions of national and international scientific community, among other things, has the right / duty to protect all workers for the sole purpose to practice the profession with the necessary medical and legal guarantees. Unfortunately, decisions like the one just issued are likely to be the only result in loss of confidence in a key preventive tool for the health of children and the entire population, with subsequent re-emergence of serious and sometimes fatal diseases such as measles, leading however, the parents of children with a serious illness such as autism the false belief that he had found the reason of so many sufferings. And certainly these parents do not deserve further falsehoods about the condition of their children. “

Finally, to avoid adversely affecting law make that judgment on the dynamics of professional operators, the Board hopes that the Ministry of Health as a defendant in the case which challenged the decision at first instance, wants to propose at the Appeal Court of Bologna. In this regard, the members of the Board will make “available to assist the Attorney General’s Office by providing advice and literature that serves to reiterate the lex artis and in particular the inability of specific vaccination with the value set prior causal determinism in autism “.

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15 Responses to Italian court rules MMR vaccine caused autism

  1. Sara Petersen says:

    What people who would like to believe that vaccines cause autism have never been able to explain to me is why I have twins who got the same vaccines on the same day, same manufacturer, same lot, same everything, and only one of them has autism. Shouldn’t both be showing symptoms if vaccines do indeed cause autism?
    I believe this hysteria arises from our need to find one easily removable source that we can blame–and even better, sue. But the truth is probably a lot more complex. Recently, there have been findings that seem to indicate the older the father is, it increases the odds, as well as living within two blocks of a freeway. Also, if the mother is carrying extra weight, it may increase the odds. My husband and I waited to have children until we were financially secure. Like many American women, I am larger than I want to be. They were building a parkway next to our house where I conceived, so I was within two blocks. No-one knew it at the time, but I think all of these factors, common in America (which by the way has the highest rate of autism) combined and we have an autistic child. Not because of her vaccines. The truth, as it often is, is more complex.

    • No. Different kids may react differently since we all have differences in the physiological constitution.

    • Liz says:

      If all those things you mentioned; older father, over weight mother, proximity to a highway are the real causes of autism then , in your own words, ” and only one of them has autism. Shouldn’t both be showing symptoms ”
      Perhaps it is because the cause of autism, namely vaccines do not Cause the problem 100% of the time, as even twins are individuals.

      • Noa says:

        Exactly. She obviously doesn’t want to believe it could possible be linked to vaccines. Why are people so closed-minded, especially when plenty of proof shows a viable connection?

    • Rev. Vernon York says:

      We have a choice of listening today to educated idiots. or those with ACTUAL EXPERIENCE.
      Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have

      1. Known the vaccines don’t work
      2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
      3. Known they are a hazard to children
      4. Colluded to lie to the public
      5. Worked to prevent safety studies
      6. Are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.

      Anyone who watches television can see warm fuzzy ADS constantly with warnings of how this or that drug will screw you up, and then minutes later see CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS of countless people who are suing because they WERE SCREWED UP.
      I ALMOST DIED when I was a kid from a “SAFE” VACCINATION, and had complications from others. I choose to believe the people who’s children became autistic after being vaccinated rather than your babble. I also had a brother who had horrible flu every year for years after having been vaccinated. My late mother in law got the flu EVERY YEAR AND WAS VACCINATED EVERY YEAR. My wife and I have NEVER BEEN VACCINATED FOR FLU AND NEITHER OF US HAVE HAD FLU FOR OVER 20 YEARS.
      Vaccines of different lots are often CONTAMINATED. The SAME GOVERNMENT PUKES WHO ENGINEER VACCINES ALSO ENGINEER VIRUSES!! They commonly will inject a virus into pigs, then after it runs pathology into birds, and then HUMANS SO IT CAN BE ENGINEERED TO JUMP FROM ONE SPECIES TO ANOTHER!
      Think about it….none of the grocery stores and pharmacies in town are BREAKING THEIR NECKS to give ANYONE food or vitamins or other products, but they ALL CARE ABOUT US SO MUCH THAT THEY ADVERTISE CONSTANTLY TO GIVE US A FREE INJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!
      For anyone reading this who wants to get informed by those who have made it their cause to research and expose the truth on this before rolling up your sleeve for a disease cocktail, check out the following.

      In Spirit and in Truth,
      Rev. Vernon York

  2. paul says:

    If one child in a family catches the flu but their sibling doesn’t–does that mean a flu virus didn’t cause the flu? Please let’s be logical. The Italian court is just one more piece of evidence linking vaccinations and Autism. I am so happy to hear your other child was spared the horrors of autism.

  3. Becky says:

    America does have the highest rate of Autism. America also has the most aggressive vaccination schedule. I am certain that other factors play a roll in getting Autism. Highways, age, weight – all things that are not good for you”. I can not justify that the toxins in vaccinations are “good for you” either. It is likely that the twin who has autism also had a compromised immune system at the time of the vaccination – this can happen even when you are not aware. I know a woman who had triplets. 1 of them had the sniffles when she took them in for their vaccinations. The 1 with the sniffles is now autistic. I also know another parent who does have twins and they are both autistic. It is not simple indeed! Gee, if only the CDC did more research to help us understand better.

  4. Liz Wildrose says:

    Sara – unless two people have the exact same genetic makeup, everything you’ve described is entirely possible. Even identical twins are subtly different. One may be more suspectible to developing autism than the other. The vaccine is the straw that breaks the camels back in many of the cases (as it was for my own son). As for carrying extra weight during pregnancy? That is the biggest load of hoohah I have ever heard. I have been on the leaner side of normal for most of my adult life (even whilst pregnant). I know plenty of other parents of kids with autism who are not the slightest bit overweight. The authorities are grasping at straws.

  5. Sara Petersen says:

    Liz: just to let you know, that is called “anecdoctal evidence”, and does not give you a clear idea of the larger picture. This is why we have scientists conduct research.
    Paul: the “horrors of autism”? Excuse me? Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. My daughter has a bright future ahead of her and she’s clearly smarter than you. FYI, she’s also smarter than me–she has tested as a genius, which sometimes gives me the heebie-jeebies. But autistic children are often highly intelligent. Her twin doesn’t really feel as though she’s been “spared”, either–autism affects the whole family. But you don’t seem to grasp that. Just a friendly tip: don’t mention the “horrors of autism” again. You might run into a parent less forgiving than I am.

    • Denise Ferraro says:


      I’m very happy that your child with Autism is so healthy, bright, and well adjusted, unfortunately that is not the case for my son and way too many intensely loved children with Autism My son with Autism has GERD,bowl disease, OCD (where he will scream and scratch his face numerous times during the day if he percieves someone as talking too loudly among other things), PANS, and he is now being tested for a Mitochondrial Disorder. He is 22 years old non-verbal and still in diapers and yes, we, his family, love him with our whole hearts and spend most of our time trying to make his life better and eliminate his pain and YES WE HATE HIS AUTISM!!! What your child has is not the same as what my child has. My child was damaged by his vaccines which caused him to become ill and his illness was labeled as Autism. So maybe what your child has is true Autism and what mine has is vaccine damage labeled as Autism but because your child is not suffering and ill doesn’t mean that other children are not. So please spare us your lectures that Autism isn’t a horror. It might not be for your family but it is for my son and our family. And here’s a little FYI for you about why both of your twins didn’t get Autism . If one of your kids is allergic to penicillin or to bee stings it doesn’t mean that all of your children will be alleric now does it? Everyone’s body chemistry is different and dependent on multiple factors at any one moment in time, hence the reason why one a one schedule fits all vaccine program is so wrong for so many children.

    • This is not “anecdoctal” evidence. Its simply evidence. By the way, if “anecdoctal evidence” would have low significance, every court decision based on witnesses putting criminals in prison would have to be disqualified.

  6. Mom says:

    Sara: If both twins got stung by two different bees, from the same hive, and one reacts and the other doesn’t, it couldn’t possibly be the bee sting, right? I know what caused my child’s autism and many other parents know as well.

  7. Kelechi says:

    I have always suspected there is something they know which they are not saying,and that they are not making real efforts at this problem is a bigger shame.

  8. Shannon says:

    You all may want to check out GAPS, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. This will inform you as to how some will get it and some may not!

  9. Ivor says:

    the latest news from the Age of Autism is on line now the URL is a follows
    As a Scientist I am sure they would be pleased to hear from you.

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