Meet Jon Entine: Pro-Monsanto GMO activist and pro-Bill Gates activist

By MB July 14, 2013

Jon Entine has made a career out of flacking for GMOs, Monsanto and Bill Gates. Entine appears to be the public face of Bill Gates and Monsanto’s media campaign to present GMO food as the holy grail. He writes hit pieces in Forbes Magazine against real (non corporate) GMO studies that show health risks.

Entine’s lucrative empire includes a media consultancy (clients: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and formerly Monsanto), a pro-chemical book deal with the Monsanto-funded American Council On Science And Health (Paul Offit is on the Board), a GMO media lobbying outfit called The Genetic Literacy Project, a relationship with STATS (George Mason University ‘advocate scientific and statistical methods as the best way of analyzing and solving society’s problems’), Senior Research Fellow with the Center for Health and Risk Communication (George Mason University) and he is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (with a focus on anti-environmental issues).

With all these seemingly professional and academic positions you might assume Entine has ironclad scientific credentials.

You would be wrong.

Science degree? No.
Statistics degree? No.
Medical degree? No.
Media communications degree? No.

Paid activist flack? Yes.
His degree? BA in philosophy.

So what is Entine doing advising the public on medical, statistical and health issues? What is Entine’s meal ticket? Why would Bill Gates and Monsanto finance his empire?

Answer: Mainstream media access. Entine was a producer for Tom Brokaw (NBC News) and ABC News. Entine’s empire is based on tapping his media background to counter consumer resistance to genetically modified products.

The mainstream media laps it up, Entine is one of them. That’s why he gets such big exposure.

But you know what? Entine and the mainstream media are on the wrong side of this issue. Polls show 82% of Americans support GMO food labeling (GMOs are currently hidden ingredients in most prepared foods). Industry opposes this because they fear labeling will be a skull and crossbones mark of the devil that will destroy their GMO markets. And they are probably right. They are running scared.

So let Bill Gates and Monsanto throw their GMO money around like drunken sailors. Let Entine soak up their big bucks with his cavalcade of mainstream media pro-GMO activism.

You know what? They’re gonna lose.

When you see Entine’s byline on mainstream media pro-GMO hogwash, you know who paid for it.

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7 Responses to Meet Jon Entine: Pro-Monsanto GMO activist and pro-Bill Gates activist

  1. shanti north says:

    Why does this man prefer money over nature? Did God not make a perfect world? This man must be working on the opposite side of God? Who would you think that would be. I guess if you believe money is God, he has made his choice.

  2. I wish I could post the picture I have of me photobombing Entine a couple months ago on Kauai. He is one nasty lying human being.

  3. Judy Frankel says:

    I’m so ashamed that Jon is also Jewish. He can be booked for speaking engagements through the Jewish National Fund. I am also Jewish, and I can not believe that someone as intelligent and obviously hard-working as Jon would want to be a shill for the pro-GMO and pro-glyphosate businesses. All I can say is, I hope he is reincarnated into the world that he’s helping to create while those of us who don’t want bioengineered life get reincarnated into a world without them. This is a travesty! Shame on you Jon Entine. You give Jewish people a bad reputation, only caring about money and not caring about future generations. If you GMO lovers are so enamored of your industry, why don’t you do long-term human studies on ingestion of your products, but do them on yourselves and not all the rest of us who don’t want to be part of your grand experiment.

  4. NonSanto Power Man says:

    Fortunately, the world is slowing waking up about deadly GMOs.

    Now, if we can just teach Science to American “scientists” and American “science” writers we would be a step ahead.

    Good science and bad technology are two very different things!

    • pinkie lynn says:

      Well stated! Monsanto has deployed the same sort of PR machine that denied ill effects from DDT and Agent Orange for so many years. They implied that military veterans who reported the same effects over and over from exposure to Agent Orange were malingering and/or mentally ill. Disparaging anyone who calls their official line into question, deriding their education and intelligence, and implying that they are insane have been their method of attack for more than 50 years now.

  5. Matthew Lambert says:

    Jon Entine has worked hard to get to the top of the food chain where he can rub shoulders with Tony Blair and George W Bush and other top sociopaths.I guess like them he has managed to convince himself that he is fighting for greater prosperity for a significant many.

  6. luxoluv says:

    This post failed to mention that Entine also consulted for the Carlyle Group, remember them? Post 9-11 war mongers extraordinaire.
    Also, George Mason U. is massively funded by the Koch Brothers.
    Also, in one of his early 2000 articles, he slyly defends Enron; he’s big on deregulation.
    Also, he appeared in a pro-fracking “documentary” made by anti-abortion climate change deniers.

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