Pediatric Journal Seeks to Increase Autism Rate Among ‘Underimmunized’ Amish

MB Comment: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) will leave no stone unturned in its assault on the brains of healthy children. Their latest salvo is aimed at the Amish, who have an extremely low autism rate and (not coincidentally) do not follow the CDC and AAP recommended vaccine schedule. This resistance of the Amish irks pediatricians.

There is one and only one major epidemic in the United States and it is an epidemic of neurological damage (conforming to the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction, encephalitis) which has been inflicted by pediatricians’ obsession with the ever-increasing load of childhood immunizations. They cannot accept vaccine refusal because it violates everything they stand for, which has been ingested from the silver spoon of pharmaceutical companies during their medical training. You might assume that the medical profession would be interested in investigating the anomalously low autism rate among the Amish and finding out its cause. Nope. They would rather stomp out Amish vaccine ‘hesitancy’ and spread the autism epidemic among the Amish community.

First some background: Dan Olmsted of Age of Autism did some digging in years past and discovered that the Amish autism rate is a small fraction of the US autism rate and that most Amish either partially vaccinate or do not vaccinate.

This is from Age of Autism, April 2009. ‘The autism rate for U.S. children is 1 in 166, according to the federal government. The autism rate for the Amish around Middlefield, Ohio, is 1 in 15,000, according to Dr. Heng Wang. “I take care of all the children with special needs,” he said, putting him in a unique position to observe autism. “The one case Wang has identified is a 12-year-old boy.” He said half the children in the area were vaccinated, half weren’t.’

Fast forward to the present: Yesterday’s Pediatrics (Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) published this thinly-veiled attack on the neurological health of Amish children.

Underimmunization in Ohio’s Amish: Parental Fears Are a Greater Obstacle Than Access to Care.

‘Objective: Holmes County, Ohio, one of the largest Amish communities in the world, has persistently low immunization rates … Eighty-six percent of the parents who completely exempted their children from vaccines stated that the main reason they do not vaccinate their children is concern over adverse effects. Many parents indicated that they allow their children to receive only some vaccines because of concern about the way certain vaccines are produced. Conclusions: The reasons that Amish parents resist immunizations mirror reasons that non-Amish parents resist immunizations. Even in America’s closed religious communities, the major barrier to vaccination is concern over adverse effects of vaccinations … Underimmunization in the Amish population must be approached with emphasis on changing parental perceptions of vaccines in addition to ensuring access to vaccines.’

A Reuters follow-up story carried the following comments: ‘Forty-nine families refused all vaccines for their children, mostly because they worried the vaccines could cause harm and were not worth the risk. Other common reasons included concerns that the shots have dangerous chemicals in them and that the diseases the vaccines protect against are not a problem in the community.’

MB final comment: Look out Amish families! Don’t surrender your good sense and children to these medical charlatans. Your community is an island of common sense within a nation of over-vaccinated children. This so-called study is an attempt to revoke your religious exemption to vaccination and reclassify you as philosophical exemptors so they can use the law to forcibly vaccinate your children. If you follow this pediatric propaganda, you will end up with the same plague of neurological damage they have already inflicted on the rest of us.

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