Pro-vax trolls are impersonating disease-injured families on comment boards

MB Comment: Message boards on the virulently pro-vax web site ORAC Respectful Insolence (Gorski) advocate fraudulently impersonating disease-injured families and insane people on the comment sections of vaccine injury and vaccine freedom websites such as Age of Autism, Mothering Magazine and Amazon.

These pro-vax maniacs’ purpose in life is to discredit anything that casts doubt on vaccines, which is their pseudo-scientific religion.

The next time you see comments saying: ‘My unvaccinated child has autism’ or My immune-compromised child can’t take vaccines – it is your duty to immunize your child so my child doesn’t get sick’ or ‘My sister got measles and died’  etc. – please be aware that these may be totally fabricated lies concocted by vaccine fanatics to intimidate and discredit vaccine freedom and awareness websites and facebook pages.

They also advocate setting up phony email accounts and IDs so that their dishonest comments cannot be traced back to the source.

This despicable behavior makes it impossible to believe the veracity of any pro-vax comments you may read on news articles, Amazon forums, Mothering Magazine, etc., where these slimebag commentators lurk.

If you needed any further proof that vaccine zealots will stoop to any level to deceive and intimidate parents who are looking for truthful vaccine information, read on.


ORAC Respectful Insolence April 20, 2012

g724  April 20, 8:54 pm

‘Use emotional warfare on anti-vax blogs. Tell emotional stories full of tears and sobbing and unbearable grief and terror, about people in your own family or people you read about, who were sick with or died of terrible diseases. Don’t hold back details about bodily fluids and suchlike: the more gross the better. This stuff has a way of infiltrating the minds of readers and subtly influencing their decisions, in a manner similar to advertising.’

‘Go in there and “agree with them” and then say things that appear thoroughly delusional, overtly nuts, blatantly and obviously wrong even to nincompoops, etc. Occasional spelling and grammar errors are also useful but don’t over-do. The point of this exercise is to create an impression that drives away undecideds who may come in to check out these sites. It helps to do this as a group effort and begin gradually, so the sites appear to be “going downhill slowly.”‘

‘But it is useful to have an email address that can’t be traced back, for certain legitimate and ethical uses, just as it is useful to have a mail box at say the UPS store.’

MikeMa  April 21, 7:20 am

Bravo. That was quite a lengthy, well thought out list of possible attacks against disease promotion by the anti-vax crowd.


ORAC Respectful Insolence April 23, 2012

April 25, 4:08 am

Poe2go @ 12 is right on target: post that kind of schizophrenic word-salad on the anti-vax sites in large quantities, under various pseudonyms, and clog up the sites with it until it appears that a large fraction of the members are downright wacko. This will seriously turn off undecideds who check out those sites. Poe2go’s comment is an excellent template for this tactic, but you can easily make up your own by inserting random words into sentences and then going on digressive riffs about the random words. Be sure to Capitalize occasional Nouns and Verbs as well.

Really: listen up folks, the way to fight this crap is NOT by “patiently explaining” to people who are already way past being persuaded that the Earth isn’t flat. You may as well be talking to rocks (healing crystals?:-). The way to fight it is by sabotaging the anti-vaxers with crazy stuff that drives away undecideds. The way to fight it is with emotional narratives that undermine the ones that the anti-vaxers are pushing.

Re. Matt @ 16: What will the anti-vaxers do after enough data come in that unvaxed kids have the same autism prevalence as vaxed kids? Simple: they will blame the autism on the vaccinations that mothers and fathers got when they were kids, that “damaged their DNA!” and “warped their chromosomes!” and so on. (Remember the old claim that LSD caused chromosome damage? That kind of scare tactic used to work, it may still.)

Denise @ 26 and others: Yes, the hyperbole contest. So we should sneak into the anti-vax blogs and compare vaccines to the 9/11 attacks, complete with lots of weeping & wailing to make it “interesting.” And of course lots of embedded 9/11 CT, for example, “Just as Dick Cheney piloted those planes into the WTC by remote control, vaccine-pushers pilot their deadly shots into our children!” That kind of stuff also drives away undecideds. …


April 25, 5:25 pm

Denise @ 76: The way to do it is to set up a fictitious email address. Speaking from experience working on research on extremist groups:

Start by setting one up on your existing broadband provider: AT&T, Comcast, and the rest of ‘em give you five or more email addresses of your choice. Create a totally fictitious name and then an address that reflects that name e.g. John Doe and JDoe1234@.

Next, get an address on a free service provider such as Yahoo or Hotmail or whatever. Since most of these ask for your “other” email address as proof of identity, give them the one on your broadband provider. They will send a confirmation email to that address giving you your starting password.

Third, after about a week of using your new fictitious address in various places that let you sign up for comments, you can be sure it’s working, so then go in and delete the address you created on your broadband service. Typically they deactivate the address immediately and then take a month to free up that slot for re-use. This step ensures that your Yahoo or Hotmail address becomes un-traceable back to your broadband provider.

Fourth, wait a month for the original fictitious name to completely purge from your broadband provider.

Fifth: Now you’re home free to get onto the anti-vax boards and any other objectionable boards you want to go after, and make all manner of noise to make them look ridiculous and drive away the undecideds. Yeee-hawww, round ‘em up!

Speaking of rounding ‘em up, you now have an untraceable email address …

That said, the option of simply going forth and making noise on anti-vax boards makes it all worthwhile. Every undecided you scare away from those boards, is one more family that will probably get their kids vaccinated. And that helps boost herd immunity and contribute to preventing outbreaks. So the work it takes to do this stuff translates directly to reduced risk of measles, whooping cough, and so on in the general population. That (plus the possibility to help catch criminals) makes it all worthwhile …

I think it was Denise, at 83 (I can’t see the posts while in Preview mode): This isn’t Black Ops, it’s Gray Ops. Gray Ops are nonviolent. I don’t approve of Black Ops.

Y’all need to pay closer attention to how hardball politics are played, or you’re going to lose, and lose, and lose some more. How do you like fighting creationists and other flat-Earthers in the 21st century? How do you like fighting for contraception in the 21st century? How’bout faith healing and power-placebo water and crystal magic and all the rest of it? Read up on what happens in the pediatric wards of Christian Science “hospitals,” and read up on dominionism, and the impact of home-schooling on science literacy, etc. etc. Do you think any of those wackos are the slightest bit deterred by propriety and politeness?

Sure it’s not “nice.” But infectious diseases don’t care about your sense of propriety.

The goal is to make anti-vaxism as socially unacceptable as public nose-picking, and then repeat the exercise on parental use of quack “healing” on their kids. But beyond that, the goal has to be to stop playing “defense” and go on the attack, and push all of these forms of pernicious irrationalism right off the far edge of the table and into the proverbial recycle-bin of history. If people want to believe silly things that are harmless, that’s their choice. But when they attempt to inflict quackery on their kids, or on the general public by becoming walking disease vectors, or write it into laws or public policies, that’s where we have to stand up, step in, roll up our sleeves, and fight.

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43 Responses to Pro-vax trolls are impersonating disease-injured families on comment boards

  1. Ivor says:

    Wow what a rant .. talk about zealots !
    However its a good guide to vaccine trolls and another modus operandi. I wonder what it is that we do to these people that makes them lose it so very badly ?

    But we are winning when one sees them stoop so low and the total lack of empathy it is almost sociopathic.

  2. Kathy says:

    how do you figure out who is a troll or not? I mean, mama/baby boards occasionally have fake people on them. Fertility boards, too. I have seen it happen and seen it proven. It is very sad. So, how do YOU (The Refusers) prove who is a troll and who is not?

    • The Refusers says:

      I have no magic formula but after moderating this website my instincts are improving. Just know that they are out there.

      • Hi, and that’s good to hear. You know, the one thing these zealots cannot figure out is the fundamental common sense in so many people – we can readily “smell rats” and sensor them out of our reading. That these zealots actually exist, however, is worrying and undoubtedly an obstacle to the spread of rational understanding and I’m interested to see the above insight into their organisational skills!
        I am constantly aware of the possibility of “Big Pharm” sponsoring this kind of activity – and that to utter this is to get accused of being a conspiracy theorist. But chat rooms and Wiki information are so readily distorted by commercially backed operators. Has anyone tried to measure this ever?

  3. Liz Hempel says:

    I have noticed this happening before too.
    They will deliberately refer to themselves as ‘anti-vax’ (whereas most people who do not vaccinate do not call themselves that).
    One wrote about her homeopath prescribing paprika and garlic as a vaccine for whooping cough. I know for a fact that is b.s. These people make me furious.

  4. Twyla says:

    Thank you for exposing this crap to the light of day.

  5. derek says:

    This sort behavior is so exceedingly sickening. And it allows me to understand now why I’ve read such weird posts on these boards

  6. Charity says:

    This kind of stuff is the reason I go on gut instinct first. I remember my Kindergarten boosters and I remember getting REALLY sick. I vaccinated my oldest because the pediatrician convinced me it would be better that way. It went completely against how I wanted to parent, but I did it anyway. He did really well until he was 6 months old. The cheerful babbling stopped, the eye contact stopped, the smiling stopped. One of the vaccines he received changed his brain chemistry.
    He was finally diagnosed high-functioning autistic at age 5. I knew he was sick because of me and I vowed to never let that harm come to another child of mine. So far, my children are the healthiest in my group of friends. None of them have ever had one of the diseases these vaccines are supposed to prevent. They’ve also never had ear infections or been on antibiotics. My parenting now is based solely on gut instincts and what I feel is right for my kids.
    Sorry… That seems rantish, but I promise I’m not a troll. Lol

    • Tonya says:

      I know I’m commenting on an old post but just want to let you know that I also have a vaxed and an unvaxed and the unvaxed has never had ear infections and never took an antibiotic. My vaccinated child had every illness and continual antibiotics the first 10 years of his life. Hope all is still well with your children.

  7. Sharon says:

    Thank you for this expose!!! When the people that ARE awake and looking for the TRUTH will find sites like this with blogs like this it SOLIDIFIES the truth 😉 With the greatest threats to TRUTH out there there will be the greatest opposition to keep it silent…STAY STRONG as we KNOW THE TRUTH and have NO NEED to stoop to the level of deceit to PROTECT our FUTURE, not just our individual children, but the WHOLE future!!!

  8. Michelle Parsons says:

    The Pro-Vaxx shills will stop at nothing to make those of us who want CHOICE AND SAFETY SANS NEURO-TOXINS in caring for our children’s health out to be loonies…since when is being able to think and figure out, (for OURSELVES) what is best for OUR children a Mental Illness? Methinks the MANIC PHASE of the ANTI-CHOICE, PRO-VAXX Pharma-Brigade has hit FULL THROTTLE. I see an impending implosion for them and their followers on the horizon.

  9. Michelle Parsons says:

    My comment on their silly game playing post…

    “You, the Pro-Vaxx shills will stop at nothing to TRY and make those of us who want CHOICE AND SAFETY SANS NEURO-TOXINS in caring for our children’s health out to be (“wingnuts” did you say?)…since when is being able to think and figure out, (for OURSELVES) what is best for OUR children a Mental Illness? Methinks the MANIC PHASE of the ANTI-CHOICE, PRO-VAXX Pharma-Brigade has hit FULL THROTTLE. I see an impending implosion for you and your easily lead followers on the horizon. Proceed with your silly Games…ENJOY. I will lean back and enjoy my marvelous, amazingly healthy and beautiful 100% vaccine-free children…BTW…call me Anti-Vaxx or anything else you feel the need to in order to satisfy your manic state anytime you please, it does not offend me in any way, shape nor form, since I simply consider the source and take your “name-calling” to be a compliment. I, PERSONALLY AND PROUDLY, AM ANTI-VAXX…have been for over 30 years and will continue to be as such. Aloha Nui Loa. Have a wonderful and Blessed evening.”

  10. Cherry Misra says:

    Often one cannot be sure that a claim of a child being unvacciinated but having autism, is untrue, but there are some clues.: The usual details are missing- about HOW the parent managed not to vaccinate, for example. Or, as pointed out above, the person uses phrases which autism parents never use- calling himself an anti vaxer or saying “We dont know who to blame” . I mean, what autism parent ever talks about who to blame.? They talk about their kids and what they are doing for them, and their other experiences. The fake autism parent never talks about what risk factors may have been there in his case- Did the mom get dental work done during pregnancy, take flu vaccines? Eat a can of tuna every day? They never tell how they avoided the Hep B at birth or how they could be sure that it was not given behing their back. One apparent fraud wrote “No sneaky vaccines at birth” , The give-away is the s at the end of “vaccine” There is only one Hep B vaccine at birth. The person who wrote that one was probably not even a parent. And have you ever heard a genuine autism parent speak of “sneaky vaccines”. I think that people who run websites, should contact people who make these claims and ask if someone could go to interview them, as it would give us more insight into the cause of autism. I personally, would like to know if there is actually anyone out there who has NOT had a mercury exposure. I have met so many parents with affected kids and I cant see any case so far. In fact, in a few cases, , the situation was very interesting. One mother in New Delhi, came to my nursery school to seek admission for a child of barely two. In two minutes I noticed the insane screaming to get whatever he wanted, the vigorous lining up of my school chairs, the pushing me like an object, the hyperactivity But what did not make sense is that the family was vegetarian and the mother reported getting vaccines from two doctors, who has I understand it are using few or no vaccines with mercury.
    But just before she left she gave me the final clues. Her husband was working in New Zealand and she went to join him but she came back because her little son “Did not like New Zealand”…. He began hitting his head against walls. Friends, this was just at the time of the swine flu scare , in which New Zealand panicked because some athletes came from Mexico with a case of swine flu. No doubt, this mom was required to give her little son a couple of swine flu vaccines. So the apparent exception proved the rule.

  11. cia parker says:

    Thank you, Michael, I’m glad you alerted people to the presence of pharma sluts on websites like Shot of Prevention, as well as the others you mentioned. I’ve continued to worry about people believing Lara Lohne when she says her child got autism even though he was “unvaccinated”, when she had posted elsewhere that he got vaccines until he was six months old. I can only conclude that Big Pharma must be paying them a lot to make them sell their souls.

  12. cia parker says:

    I think these days many of us who have been vaccine-damaged are willing to just come right out and say we’re anti-vax. I know I am. My daughter got encephalitis at birth from the hep-B vaccine, given although I had told her doctor I absolutely didn’t want her to get it. Lost her only two words after a DTaP booster at 18 months. I reacted with encephalitis as an infant to the DPT vaccine, and both arms were paralyzed for two days by a tetanus booster when I was nineteen, brachial plexus neuropathy, and I later developed MS, another disease caused by mercury. With few exceptions, people will have a healthier life if they get no vaccines. Vaccines are bad news, and if recipients escape an encephalitic reaction, are likely to fight autoimmune disease for the rest of their life from the heavy metals and other vaccine ingredients stored in their bodies. I am very sincere, and completely anti-vax.
    If the doctor you referred to used any vaccines, whether or not they contain mercury, that in itself could account for the child you mentioned having autism. The MMR, as well as other live vaccines, have never had mercury or aluminum, but still cause havoc in many (or even all) of those who receive them. Even one vaccine could be enough to destroy a child.

  13. cia parker says:

    Go to Shot of Prevention, they have a whole board of trolls to tear up any testimony or facts given as to vaccine damage. They post within five minutes of an anti-vax post, this is their full-time job. Chris, Kelly, Nathan, Lara. Look at the comments for the articles posted this last month, and you will be floored by their lies and cruelty. They also post on other sites in the extra time left them, like White and Nerdy and Ken Reibel do full time.

  14. Throw it back on Gorski says:

    Orac is an evil pig. Has anyone thought of setting up a paypal fund for the purpose of placing billboards around his city, preferably near his place of work, using his own words from his blog? Show his colleagues and fellow “researchers” what a megalomaniacal sociopath he is. Not like they don’t already know. Imagine working with that animal.

  15. Carly says:

    I don’t understand their purpose to creating an “untraceable” email address, when sites regularly record IP address of the computer leaving the comment…. They have perceived anonymity, but if they make any illegal comments (threats, etc), they can easily be traced. I guess that shows just how “smart” they are.

  16. Dennis says:

    I know that it is fairly common practice in other industries with few large players, large profits, and controversial products to hire PR firms who then hire independent contractors whose purpose is to discredit opinions and movements that threaten their products and profits. The petro-chemical, big agribusiness, big food processors, and military contractors all operate this way and have been caught doing this. The vaccine industry is a multi-billion dollars world wide business with patentable monopoly profits that are nearly 100% risk free in the US where they are immune from lawsuits. It is my opinion that this industry is resorting to the same tactics and that the individuals involved are being compensated in some form for their actions (or at least the primary leaders are being compensated to recruit shills to perform the actions). Most people who vaccine don’t give it a second thought and they certainly have little motivation to become a pro-vax crusader. I find it hard to believe that someone would be so pro-vax that they would spend free time and invest emotionally on the topic. What you are reading is the play book of a professional using techniques of PR and information warfare.

    • Zesar says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! Most of my friends vaccinate but seriously none would be spending their free time online to leave pro vax comments.

  17. Brandi says:

    I’m a non-vaxing mom and often refer to myself as anti-vax. I’m of the educated opinion that they’re 100% bad, 100% of the time, even if it isn’t obvious right away. I was fortunate enough to become educated on vaccines long before my son came along, so I had no emotional involvement and could take on information with an unbiased perspective. In fact, learning the truth about vaccines changed my entire career path. I was pre-med, planning to be a trauma surgeon, when I was first introduced to the truth. The more I learned, the more anti-allopathic I became. I’m now a student doctor of Chiropractic and 100% ANTI-vax and proud of it!

  18. Dennis says:

    To follow up. I suggest one watches the film: Psywar by Metanoia Films.

    It can be watched free online at this link:

    The techniques discussed on ORAC are not one of armatures represented a personal position or movement. They are techniques similar in use by counter-intel, PR agencies, information warfare, psych warfare, and agencies that typical go by three letters. The point is, whoever is organizing this at the higher levels, is sophisticated, well funded, and trained in these techniques. In other words, they are professionals. The people at the lowest levels actually doing the dirty work and posting on many sites may not be professionals, they may simply be patsies suckered into it by professionals.

    However… the techniques suggested and used have all the fingerprints of a professional.

  19. cia parker says:

    I think one way to spot a paid shill is to talk about how the pertussis vaccine is very ineffective, so much so that Australia has cancelled its free vaccines for adults to “protect” newborns, because scientific studies have proven that they just don’t work. And mention that 91% of those who got pertussis in California two years ago had been appropriately vaccinated. I advocate quarantining newborns in their homes for the first four months if there’s any pertussis in the area, it’s really the only answer, since they can catch it even from many vaccinated people, and it has possibly as much as a 1% fatality rate in newborns. (Close to zero after the age of four months.) If the person posting just keeps saying the answer is to vaccinate everyone more and more and more often, and refuses to say anything about the advisability of quarantine as being more effective protection, you know that they really don’t give a darn about children’s health, it’s all about the money for them.
    There are so many dozens of intelligent, well-informed, passionate people posting anti-vax comments out there, that I don’t think the trolls are going to get much traction with all their ploys. I think everyone understands that not everyone posting on any subject is well-informed or even intelligent, and not many people would make up their mind based on ill-informed comments. Someone the other day (a pro-vaxer) said in the U.S. we would have had a lot more deaths if it had not been for the smallpox, measles, pertussis, T.B. and scarlet fever vaccines. The U.S. has never given the BCG for T.B. nor a vaccine for scarlet fever routinely, vaccines had nothing to do with the disappearance of these diseases.
    Shot of Prevention had a genuinely sad story about Brady, a beautiful baby who died four months ago. It said that it wasn’t until he died or was near death that they realized it was pertussis. To be fair, it’s very likely that this was a true story. Young babies can die of pertussis, because their airways aren’t very developed yet. Some people die of measles, nine out of thirty thousand in Europe last year. It’s not fair to ignore that the vaccine-preventable diseases can kill or disable in their own right. But it’s dishonest to not also mention the numbers of those disabled or killed by the vaccines for these diseases. The pharma shills will never say a word of sympathy for those damaged by vaccines, the way a normal human being would. At most they’ll say that the chances of a vaccine reaction are only one in a million, but even then, never in a real person.

  20. Brother Sun says:

    This type of pro-vax propaganda can be easily weeded out by the site admins simply deleting posts that resemble the tactics described. Perhaps posts should not appear immediately, but be screened by a moderator first. They are spending a lot of time and energy to compose those hoax comments. We can delete every one with a click.

  21. AK dude says:

    I have had this experience too on anti-vax sites. I never post my own opinions, but post cited facts for the sake of civil discourse. This very quickly will turns into personal attacks from the pro-vaxers irrespective of the topic at hand. I have seen the same posters on these boards who will post within an hour of my post, almost as if they have no employment and sit at the site, all day, waiting for anything that may cause people to question vaccination policy. Some of these posters claim to be scientists from the CDC, physicians, nurses etc.

    It is very clear that there is an information war at hand, and the status quo is very threatened by the internet, education and information freedom.

  22. Victor Pavlovic says:

    Provax trolls are appearing on a lot of comment boards, as soon as they defend vaccines in any way is your tip, since there is no reason for anyone in their right mind that would protect vaccines and the damage they do to children, I can understand the passion us parents of vaccine injured children have, but to come on any website and protect vaccines as if they were our savior is just ridiculous, and with that said you know that they are pro-vax trolls, I am anti-vax and insist on it!

  23. cia parker says:

    I agree with you that anyone in his right mind who has studied the issue at all would have to be anti-vax, and that the trolls on pro-vax sites just cut and paste pharmaganda in an attempt to defend vaccines. I would be very interested in knowing if they believe what they say, are deluding themselves for self-protection, or are knowingly lying for profit. However, that still leaves out the vast majority of people in the U.S. and the world who are still cruising on the information they grew up with, about vaccines having conquered smallpox and polio, with no harm done to the vaccine recipient, only providing him with protection from dangerous diseases. My elderly neighbor (84) is well-educated, very religious and moral, and has been like a loving grandmother to my vaccine-damaged, autistic daughter. But she absolutely refuses to believe a single thing that I have told her about vaccine damage, I think from a need to believe that the authorities know best and would never countenance anything that would damage us. She uses a lot of insecticides and fungicides on her garden, too, and told me the government would never allow dangerous chemicals to be sold for use in gardens. Several of my friends, who work in microbiology labs at the university hospital, are the same, absolutely impervious to any of the information I have given them. It’s not that they’re crazy, but that they are faithful adherents to the religion of science and vaccines. Facts on the ground seem to make no impression on them. What do you think?

  24. Paul says:

    First I’d like to say it’s good to be among like-minded people. I spend so much of my time trying to have digital discussions with pro-vaccers and end up with a headache and the need for a strong drink. They seem to hate those of us who simply A) question the safety and efficacy of vaccines and B) believe in personal liberty.
    It’s actually quite…. for lack of a better word… creepy. I have never understood the vehement opinions that we are all out of our mind conspiracy theorists.

  25. Amelia says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about your article, on the one hand we should be all aware of people trying to represent themselves as something they are not. And I find that majority of the time a pro-vaxer (troll or not) can only regurgitate the information from a government pamphlet and often lacks knowledge or research about vaccination, because if they had, they wouldn’t be shoving vaccination down everyone’s throat.
    As for me, I have a 3.5 year old daughter, who recently got diagnosed with Autism, and she has not had one single vaccination. Not the vitamin K which I believe causes the jandice in newborns. Not the Hep B as I signed a form and couldn’t see why a baby living with a non-hep B family needs this. Not the 2,4,6 mths ones as there are just too many. Not the whopping cough as the people I know who have had it got it from the injection. Not the polio as on it’s own it’s only available as oral and has higher incidence of catching it from the vax. Not the rotavirus and was advised by the Dr to steer clear of public tables as they can catch it, and the list goes on. Not the MMR as I got shingles about 4 weeks after my MMR at 12 and the list goes on. We have our conscientious objection lodge and have sign the petition against enforcing vax or reducing family tax A etc. If the fact that my ASD child is unvaccinated is inconvenient to some, I’m sorry but it’s the truth and I can’t change that.

  26. I would just like to draw attention to my book Dirty Medicine: The Handbook which exposes tricks like this and many more while tracing the history of the groups that are involved. The book can be obtained through my web site: I have been researching and investigating these groups and individuals for 20 years now and I feel it is very important that people understand the kind of dirty tricks they are involved in. On the vaccine front, Meryl Doray in Australia has found herself and the organisation she set up, a extreme victim of these corporate parasites.

    • The Refusers says:

      Thanks Martin,
      I have read your great book. Welcome to The Refusers blog, really glad to have you here.

  27. Mary Cavanaugh says:

    We are in the attacking phase of discovering TRUTH. Keep going. There is no question truth will prevail. NEVER give up!!!

  28. toni says:

    if you state you found out who such and such is, they typically stop commenting. I did this to “whiteandnerdy” and a few others and they immediately stopped their rebuttals

  29. Erwin Alber says:

    Thank you Michael!

    When in doubt, wipe them out! That’s where on Facebook the ‘delete-and-ban function’ comes in handy! Usually it soon becomes evident from their behaviour whether they are trolls or not.

    Also keep in mind that vaccines now cause far more injuries, disorders, disabilities and deaths than the infectious diseases we are told they prevent.

    The death of any child is obviously a tragedy, but usually the few children who still die from a supposedly “vaccine-preventable” diseases are likely to have died from underlying health problems or failure to provide life-saving medical treatment such as intravenous vitamin C (IVC), or in the case of measles vitamin A if the child has sore or light-sensitive eyes; or due to the administration of inappropriate medical treatment such as fever-lowering drugs.

    In some instances children’s immune systems are also so badly damaged by vaccines that they succumb to even minor infections. In other words it is doctors’ ignorance which kills these children, but the disease is then blamed for the death.

    The situation is reversed when a child is injured or dies as a result of vaccination: the child is then said to suffer ADHD or “autism”, or is written off as a “SIDS” case if a baby has been poisoned to death by a vaccination.

  30. malka mueller says:

    I am a life long non vaxer. I am very libertarian on the subject. Everyone should do their own research and make up their own minds as to what to do regarding health care in general and vaccination in particular.
    I grew up the oldest DD of a DC. I learned early, 1958 to not discuss vaccination, pro or con, in polite company. When I had my own children, my husband recalled a childhood of vaccine reactions and agreed with me regarding vaccines. I am happy and proud of my family being not vaxed and I urge others to do their own research so that their consent can be informed.
    I also want to say that I have been posting about vaxes on internet forums since 2001 and I have noticed the last five years have become contentious regarding natural health in general and vaccinations in particular. Many well scripted posters spend inordinate amounts of time on line posting and claiming to be highly educated and professionals of some scientific kind. Trolling for the pharmaceutical houses has become a well paid, at home profession.

  31. I consider myself ‘anti-vaccine’ since the day I witnessed our four month old son suffer horrendous reactions to his whole cell DPT vaccine back in 1993. Since then, I learned that this was likely his ‘tipping point’ and that he’d actually suffered from ALL his vaccinations, prior.

    Keep up the great work, Michael.

  32. Just shows a couple of things:
    They have little to no courage
    They have little happening in their lives
    They are arrogant and ignorant.

    Here’s a post I did a few weeks ago:

    Profile of a Pro-Vaccinator
    We are accused of being anti-vaccine because we have looked into this issue and decided not to poison or continue to poison our babies anymore. Personally I do not care about these labels as I don’t worry about what people (specially those like the ones below) say about me. Most of us who are now against vaccines did vaccinate at one point so clearly we have been pro-vaccine to some degree in the past.
    Let’s look at what being staunchly pro-vaccine really means:
    1. Blind faith in a religion called medicine
    2. Ignorant to the facts – they just don’t want to read further than what is fed to them
    3. Gullible – believe the positive spin even when babies die
    4. Fearful – vaccinate out of fear, not facts
    5. Insecure – don’t want to look further in case they lose friends
    6. Beligerent if someone has an opposing view
    7. Irresponsible – a major job of a parent is to look into ever side of an issue
    8. Tunnel vision – only look at a narrow and selective part of research
    9. Limited perception – think only about their child while pretending otherwise
    10. Irrational – even when they think their child is ‘safe’ they are still scared
    11. Primitive – believe in human sacrifice – they think it is OK for some to die for
    the ‘good of the community’.
    12. Prideful – even when they are shown to be incorrect, they cannot admit it.
    Don’t know about you, but I am happy and proud to be a non-vaccinator and anti-vaccine!

  33. Jamie Werly says:

    BOUGHT – the film that will make you question Big…:

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