Queen Knights Andrew Wakefield at Surprise Birthday Party

“May History Forgive England for Her Callous Disregard of a Brave and Selfless Physician.”

by Charles Hopewell (EPI), April 1, 2016

Andrew Wakefield, scapegoated former British physician now living in Austin, Texas, was knighted last night by Queen Elizabeth at a gala event celebrating his 56th birthday. The festivities were held at Four Seasons Austin, a 5-star hotel with views of Lady Bird Lake.

The joyous occasion, culmination of over a year of planning, was especially remarkable in the Queen’s journey being kept secret. Wakefield believed he was simply going on a weekend getaway with his wife Carmel.

More than three hundred people witnessed the unforgettable ceremony, the first time a British monarch has conferred knighthood outside of England. In her remarks preceding the ritual, Queen Elizabeth declared, “On behalf of all that is good and true in England, we profoundly regret that Andrew Wakefield has been treated so shabbily, and hope by this small gesture to begin making amends to him and his family. May history forgive England for her callous disregard of a brave and selfless physician.”

As Wakefield knelt before the Queen on a knighting-stool, she lay the blade of a sword on his right and then left shoulder. After he had been thus dubbed, Wakefield stood up, and The Queen invested him with the insignia of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

It has been over a decade since Wakefield was stripped of his medical license, his reputation, his career, and his country through a complex and well-orchestrated character assassination perpetrated by a collusion of vested interests in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, the British public health department, and the media after he voiced urgent concern about vaccine safety, especially the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccine.

Ever since, Wakefield’s ruin has been held up like a head on a spike, giving the grim message to all who question vaccines: “Beware! This could happen to you as well, if you proceed further!”

Even after relocating to Texas, Wakefield has continued to research vaccines, champion vaccine-injured children, and advocate tirelessly for vaccine safety, leading to his being nicknamed “the Ralph Nader of vaccines.” He said in a 2011 press conference, “I will not be deterred – this issue is far too important.”

Following the knighting ceremony, the company toasted Wakefield’s long life and good health, then everyone sat down to a ten-course banquet, with much merry-making by all. Among the guests were many autistic children and their parents, glad to express their gratitude for Wakefield’s immense support in the children’s healing.

Perhaps the most moving in an evening full of emotional moments was the interchange between Wakefield and Brian Deer. (Deer is the journalist whose slander was instrumental in bringing Wakefield down.) Deer fell weeping at Wakefield’s feet and begged for forgiveness, crying, “I have no idea what possessed me!” Sir Wakefield assented, “It has been rather a bother; but what really matters now is working hard to educate the public about vaccine risks.”

Deer vows to devote himself full time to this campaign. (Read more…)

–from Envision Press International

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15 Responses to Queen Knights Andrew Wakefield at Surprise Birthday Party

  1. You’ve outdone yourself.

  2. Lauren Yaghlegian says:

    This article about Andrew Wakefield is not an April Fools “Ha Ha” joke I hope! I would lose all respect for anyone who would make a mockery of Dr. A. Wakefield.

  3. amy says:

    Why is it, that when I click on ‘read more’, it brings me to an April Fools Wiki page?

  4. Carter's Daddy says:

    Ironically the royal family is reputed to use alternative medicine and don’t vaccinate. They all seem to be the healthiest family in the commonwealth.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I don’t think it’s a mockery. I believe it’s meant as a tribute to Dr. Wakefield, of what he truly would merit in a better world.

  6. Andrew says:

    I was very happy when I first read this and posted the news on Facebook which I have now removed or retracted. If this is an April Fools joke it isn’t funny in the least..We have a hard enough time fighting the vested interests whose only weapon is the big lie. Even as a joke credibility is lost on our side. If this is confirmed I’ll re-post the information. We gain nothing by doing the same thing – lie – as the other side.

  7. Jody says:

    This is not funny and certainly not expected from a group like you that supports vaccine education. Vaccine damages are serious business.

  8. cia parker says:

    I thought it was funny, and obviously a joke! A lot of the humor comes from the fact that it should be true, and would be in a reasonable world. I also loved the one last April Fools’ Day about Proffit being hospitalized after taking 10,000 vaccines at once! Don’t we wish!

  9. Suzanne Burrall says:

    I shared it too, but ok, of course it ought to be true, and we wish it was true (this year). I think this battle will come under the famous quote, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    The battle was already going strong when Andrew Wakefield entered the ring.

    • Suzanne Burrall says:

      “The battle was already going strong when Andrew Wakefield entered the ring.”

      And the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of skin in the game, not only their profits, but incurring incredible liability, whether they end up paying a cent. And the medical industry loses it’s “Hypocritical” Oath. 

  10. Suzanne Burrall says:

    And the pharmaceutical industry has a lot to lose in this battle, not only profits, but incurring incredible liability, whether they end up paying a cent. And the medical industry will have lost their “Hippocatic Oath” false face.

  11. Ray Howe says:

    What a lovely story! I hope the Queen sees this and says “lets do it, he should knighted for what he has been through.”

    • Charlotte says:

      And maybe if Brian Deer sees it, the evil spell will be broken, and he will make amends to Wakefield?

  12. John Fryer says:

    I suspect Her Majesty would be quite OK with this idea if asked.

    At least he would have a title to his name so mercilessly, ruthlessly and diabiolically removed from him by people who certainly dont even live up to their names.

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