47,500 paralysis cases after polio vaccine – Deccan Chronicle

MB Comment: Polio vaccines are causing paralysis and death in India and the local press is reporting it (not the US press, of course). This article is from the largest circulation English language paper in South India.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Bill Gates (PATH) are giving each other high-fives for supposedly eliminating polio in India. Meanwhile they are leaving behind a massive epidemic of vaccine-damaged children.

Here it is, transparent for all to see – the modus operandi of vaccinators: Cause medical-textbook-defined neurological damage in the name of disease eradication. It is particularly ironic that the symptoms caused by OPV polio vaccine adverse reactions are the same thing as polio.

Watch Gates and the WHO declare that the 47,500 kids paralyzed by their polio vaccine program in 2011 are all coincidences.

‘Dr. Jacob said the increase in the occurrence of non-polio AFP could be directly linked to the massive increase in the dosage of OPV in the name of eradication. Although, the increase in the non-polio AFP was known for quite some time, it was for the first time that a co-relation was established by collating the data of the national polio surveillance, he said.’


Rise in paralysis cases after polio vaccine

Deccan Chronicle – Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited is the publisher of largest circulated English Newspaper in South India

  • April 14, 2012

Cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis, better known as AFP, has sharply increased with the increase in the administration of oral polio vaccination (OPV) in the country under the much-acclaimed polio eradication programme.

According to a report by Dr. Neetu Vashisht and Dr. Jacob Puliyel, appearing in the April-June issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, the incidence of non-polio AFP had gone up by 12 times over and above the normal rates with the onset of the administration OPV 10 years ago. The report appeared at a time when Kerala is getting prepared for another round of OPV on April 15.

Dr. Jacob, also a member of the national technical advisory group on immunisation and of the working group on food and drug regulation in the 12th Five Year Plan, told DC on Friday that there was a definite co-relation between the increase in the number AFP and the irrational administration of OPV.

Normally, he said, the chances of children under the age of 15 getting affected by non-polio AFP are 1-2 per 100,000. But, the rate of non-polio AFP nationally “is now 12 times higher than expected.” In 2011, an additional 47,500 children were newly paralyzed, over and above the standard rate of 2 children per 100,000 non-polio AFP cases, says the paper in the journal.

Dr. Jacob said the increase in the occurrence of non-polio AFP could be directly linked to the massive increase in the dosage of OPV in the name of eradication. Although, the increase in the non-polio AFP was known for quite some time, it was for the first time that a co-relation was established by collating the data of the national polio surveillance, he said.

“It is sad that, even after meticulous surveillance, this large excess in the incidence of paralysis was not investigated as a possible signal.”

, nor was any effort made to try and study the mechanism for this spurt in non-polio AFP.”

According to Dr Jacob, the dream of eradicating polio will remain a mirage due to the existence of “residual samples of samples virus stored in laboratories, by vaccine-derived polioviruses or by poliovirus that is chemically synthesized with malignant intent”.

The increase in non-polio AFP might have been caused by the increase in OPV, leading to virus strains other than that of causing polio getting active, he said.

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9 Responses to 47,500 paralysis cases after polio vaccine – Deccan Chronicle

  1. mothman777 says:

    So Sorry to read about this. I am extremely angry about this. Vaccines are a total scam, but how can anyone convince health ministers who authorize this vaccination after they have been overly impressed by the smooth talking flashy vaccine salesmen, when they intend to reduce the population by means such as this anyway.

    The ministers obviously cannot see the bigger picture, of intended extermination of third world peoples by racist multinational drug companies serving the NWO agenda that will make sure only one race survives, the same one Bill Gates is a part of.

    Think my words sound too hot? Think about how those 47,500 crippled kids feel. This will carry on happening until someone has the courage to admit to their people that vaccines are a total scam.

    See the following YouTube videos and ask your ministers how the hell they were so blind? Or was it the bribes they took, or maybe they just could not care if huge numbers of different, and supposedly inferior castes were crippled or killed.



    How come government health ministers can’t be bothered to stop poisoning their people with this toxic filth?

    Your government is following a different agenda to what the Indian people think it is following. Maybe the government thinks they are a higher caste to the rest of the population or something, and just wants to reduce the population by exterminating what they consider to be less worthy members of the human race that they feel happy about culling. I know that they already know what vaccines do, and these reports are several years old now, and yet vaccines are still being given to unknowing victims whose parents have not seen these reports, whilst the corrupt and evil government surely has seen these reports.

    Rise up! These reports that I have shown you here prove that vaccines are lethal poison, and don’t think the government health ministers have never seen these reports either. They are fully aware of how lethal they are and are just using them to reduce the population.

    If I was government health minister not one single vaccine would be administered ever again. Since I am not the minister, each of you must act together; join together in a massive pressure group and stop vaccination, as it is surely quite intended only as a weapon, against you and your children, to cull the population.

  2. James says:

    America will do nothing, but if Gates steps out of America he needs to be arrested and convicted of murder!

  3. Mark says:

    he is the tender to an antiquated/dying (dinosaur) OS/technology-planet depopulation are his next interests

  4. tarik says:

    Vaccines are based on a DairyMaid superstitiion, “if you have cow pox you can’t have small pox!” This is UN-science if I have ever seen it! How can you put the following toxic waste into new born children? Formaldehyde, carbolic acid, thimersol mercury, sodium and aluminum Phosphate, horse hair, rabbit hair, pig puss, and other deadly toxins!! These are some of the ingredients that are used in vaccines. This is the most UNscientific BS in the history of medicine!! “CONcensus
    Medicine” DEATH BY MODERN MEDICINE a great book by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD.ND. IWhat the AMA and “Orthodox”Medicine is doing to the population amounts to Mass Murder. Iatrogenics is the No. 1 Cause of death in America!!

    • Erwin Alber says:

      I very much agree tarik. I always say that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

  5. laz says:

    Bill Gates parents were both rabid eugenicists. His father was on the executive board of Planned Parenthood for many years, and is the co-chair of the Gates Family Foundation


    and more of his nefarious activities can be read at: http://dream-warrior.bestforumonline.com/t63-bill-gates-the-eugenics-butcher-and-fake-humanitarian

    Incidently, Hitlers’ eugenics policy was known to be based upon the tried and proven California model!!

  6. Michelle says:

    I have vaccine injured twins and reside in Pennsylvania, USA. The masses here are asleep. The ONLY ones awake are those who have vaccine injured children. It’s sad when other countries know the truth but the USA remains ignorant by choice. In the age of technology there is absolutely no excuse for ignorance unless one chooses to be so.

  7. Blossom says:

    It was fact – not superstition – that those who had had cow pox were generally immune to smallpox. But there’s a vast difference between suffering from cowpox and being injected with mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium and other noxious substances; particularly at the levels that infants and other young children are subjected to.

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