The Healthiest Children In The Future Will Be Unvaccinated – By Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor

Before It’s News,  December 07, 2011 

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment

The emerging generation of unvaccinated children will be among the healthiest in the world, and they’ll have their parents to thank. The refusal of significant numbers of parents to vaccinate their children has created a sizable population numbering in the millions around the world and has raised a number of important public health issues, namely why do we continue to vaccinate at all.

Unvaccinated children will never have dangerous, immune suppressing, carcinogenic, neurotoxic and infertility promoting chemicals pumped into their bodies. These include those chemicals that are found in almost every FDA approved vaccine.

According to Dr. Buchwald, “the reason vaccinations are promoted with such intensity is to prevent people from realising that vaccines do not protect and also in the event of an outbreak or an epidemic the vaccinated are as much at risk of becoming infected as the unvaccinated. The truth can be kept hidden if people’s vaccination status remains unknown and if everyone is vaccinated, making a comparison with unvaccinated people impossible. This is also the real reason for the relentless push to vaccinate as many children as possible.”

“I have not seen autism with the Amish,” said Dr. Frank Noonan, a family practitioner in Lancaster County, Pa., who has treated thousands of Amish for a quarter-century. “You’ll find all the other stuff, but we don’t find the autism. We’re right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that’s just the way it is.”

More educated parents are less likely to vaccinate, which contradicts the misconceptions of many health professionals who profess that parents don’t vaccinate because they are under-educated, poor or misinformed.

More encouraging for anti-vaccine advocates is the finding that highly educated parents also reduced their uptake of other non-controversial childhood vaccines, a good sign that most of the hidden toxins in vaccines are slowly being discovered by parents and the public in general.

According to historical charts, graphs and two centuries of official statistics, we know that vaccines have never prevented any diseases and are in no way responsible for improving life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies. In North America, Europe, and the South Pacific, major declines in life-threatening infectious diseases occurred historically either without, or far in advance of public vaccination efforts for specific diseases.

In a just-published shocking study virology researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands have demonstrated that a regular flu vaccine in children actually worsens a key aspect of their flu-fighting immune system. This research was not conducted by vaccine-disliking scientists. Rather, it was conducted by pro-vaccine researchers who have spent their careers trying to develop better vaccines. Lead author Rogier Bodewes delivered the sobering message as he explained that flu vaccines “have potential drawbacks that have previously been under appreciated and that are also a matter of debate.”

It involved highly advanced scientific evaluation of the immune system. The researchers collected blood from 27 healthy, unvaccinated children with an average age of 6 years old, and 14 children with cystic fibrosis who received an annual flu shot. The unvaccinated children were found to have a superior immune response, giving them broader protection against what they might face in an actual flu season, including pandemic strains.

We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we’ve taken care of over the years, and I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines…….Every doctor now essentially in this country has done something as heinous as the Nazis did, unknowingly,” stated Dr. Mayer Eisenstein.

According to [2011 Aug] State of health of unvaccinated children: Illnesses in unvaccinated children, the results show that unvaccinated children are far less affected by common diseases.

Asthma, hayfever and neurodermatitis…..A recent German study with 17461 children between 0-17 years of age (KIGGS) showed that 4.7% of these children suffer from asthma, 10.7% of these children from hayfever and 13.2% from neurodermatitis. These numbers differ in western countries, i.e. the prevalence of asthma among children in the US is 6% whereas it is 14-16% in Australia (Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW). The prevalence of asthma among unvaccinated children in our study is 0.2%, hayfever 1.5% and neurodermatitis 2%.

According to the KIGGS study more than 40% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years were sensitized against at least one allergen tested (20 common allergens were tested) and 22.9% had an allergic disease. Although we did not perform a bloodtest, less than 10% stated that their children had an allergy.

There are also autism cases in unvaccinated children. However over 80% stated, that it is only a mild form or a high functioning form of autism. Among all participants there were 4 severe autism cases. Of these 4 children one tested very high for metals (mercury, aluminum, arsenic), in another case the mother was tested very high for mercury.

KIGGS showed that 12.8% of the children in Germany had herpes and 11% suffer from otitis media (an inflammation of the middle ear). If you compare this to unvaccinated childen you can see that herpes among unvaccinated children is very rare (less than 0.5%).

In young kids under the age of 3 warts are very rare. After the 3 years of age, however, the prevalence is rising. In the ages between 4 and 6 years, 5-10% of the kids have warts, in the age group 16-18, 15-20% have warts. (Source: Only 3% of unvaccinated children in our survey have warts.

“I observed that my unvaccinated children were healthier, hardier and more robust than their vaccinated peers. Allergies, asthma and pallor and behavioral and attentional disturbances were clearly more common in my young patients who were vaccinated. My unvaccinated patients, on the other hand, did not suffer from infectious diseases with any greater frequency or severity than their vaccinated peers: their immune systems generally handled these challenges very well.”–Incao’s Hepatitis B Vaccination Testimony

Unvaccinated kids are five times less likely to have asthma than the vaccinated, 2.5 times less likely to have skin problems and 8 times less likely to be hyperactive.

Vaccinated children are up to 14 times more likely to have asthma than the unvaccinated and up to nine times more like to have skin problems.

The long-term question which vaccine advocates persist in asking is what will the general health of this unvaccinated population be like? Well, from what we can deduce from the data so far, there is a strong indication that unvaccinated children will likely make up the healthiest populations in the world someday. Thank you Mom, Dad and every researcher and journalist who is exposing vaccines for what they really are.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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31 Responses to The Healthiest Children In The Future Will Be Unvaccinated – By Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor

  1. Rebekah says:

    I totally agree with this. I chose to not have my child vaccinated or immunized because of allergies on one side of the family and nervous disorders on the other. You would not believe the number of friends and family that have told me that my child would die of some horrible disease and it would be my fault. They have told me I am stubborn and uneducated and many other ridiculous statements. I thoroughly did my research though before making this decision. Also, regular pediatricians won’t see my child w/o these vaccinations or immunization, so I have to be tip top on my knowledge and application of health and nutrition. It does take a lot of strength and spirit to not go the regular route to take charge of your family’s health and not leave it in a “certified” doctor’s hands. I don’t blame some people for going the most travelled route, but I don’t mind the extra work and time. It’s worth it to me for my family’s good health we enjoy. Thanks for this.

  2. Sarcha says:

    I had all my children immunized because I wanted what was, as I was told by Doctor etc, best for my children. Born healthy babies they all had reactions to some of their immunizations. High pitched screaming, high temps, and one of my children covered in a rash from head to toe that could not be identified by Dr ( who was concerned and sent photo to specialist, specialist didn’t know what it was but apparently it had nothing to do with the shots given a couple of days before.)
    As far as I know none of these adverse reactions were reported by the Doctor.
    Another One of my children had a major allergic reaction to egg at 20 months (they had never had egg before). My four children suffered ear infections, chest infections, wheezy like asthma at times and picked up every bug going. I have stopped immunizing them for the last 7 years ( since my youngest was 20 months)and now their health has improved greatly. They rarely get sick and never have ear infections or asthma like symptoms. Perhaps the over immunized child in the Doctors office is more of a threat to the health of the non immunized child, luckily my kids don’t need to live at the Doctors office anymore because they are healthy.

  3. Cath says:

    So refreshing to read something which confirms what I have believed for a long time. I had my first child vaccinated at 3 and 6 months and then stopped after he had a reaction. He has since been diagnosed high functioning autistic although I am having alot of success healing him with homeopathics. My daughter however is completely unvaccinated and she is a healthy little child, often escaping nasty bugs or shaking them off within a day or two. Both my kids drink green barley, have regular colloidal silver doses and avoid preservatives. They have lovely skin, with rosy cheeks and bright eyes – something not seen often anymore. I wish more parents and carers would research vaccines and their misuse and make healthier choices for their children.

  4. Cate Wallace says:

    I would like to ask about Dave Mihalovic’s qualifications. Is he a medical doctor or a doctor of something else? I am not a fan of vaccination, as my children’s experiences have been negative, but I am worried when I read Dave Mihalovic, doctor!

    • The Refusers says:

      Naturopathic doctor. Here is the link to the description from their medical association:
      What is a Naturopathic Doctor? Naturopathic physicians combine the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. Steeped in traditional healing methods, principles and practices, naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, naturopathic physicians help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. It is the naturopathic physician’s role to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.

  5. Melissa Lamb says:

    we have been immunizing our child since he was born. He is now 1 year old and has been hospitalized for bronchitis and had an ear infection which burst his ear drum, an infection which we did not know about due to the fact that he did not display the normal symptoms. the doctor told us that it was due to the vaccination which masked the symptoms. My questions is what can we do from this point forward? Is it wise to stop vaccinating now? I truly believe that the vaccinations have made our son’s immune system weaker.

    • Mindy says:

      I would stop vaccinating all together. There’s no harm in stopping once they are started. I have one 5 that has not been vaccinated since 2 years old and a 13 month old that is completely vaccine free. My non-vaccinated child is much healthier.

    • ciaparker says:

      I also would stop vaccinating altogether. The fact that your child has already reacted means that he is very likely to have even worse reactions the next time. My daughter reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth with four days and nights of inconsolable screaming and was later diagnosed with autism. She reacted to the DTaP at 18 months, losing the only two words she had developed, uh for up at the playground, and uff for dog. She never said them ever again after she got the shot, or anything else for another year and a half. There are many kinds of neurological damage and autoimmune disease that your son might develop in reaction to a vaccine: autism, asthma, bowel disease, allergies, diabetes, seizure disorders, learning disorders. It is really not worth the risk. I would buy some books on homeopathy and herbal health care for children to treat his present condition and any future ones. My daughter has not had a vaccine in six years, and neither she nor I will ever get another one. Although she has high-functioning autism and will probably never be independent, she is loving, helpful, and as healthy as a horse, with no allergies, and has never had an ear infection or a diarrheal illness. Good luck!

  6. Linda says:

    We did all of the research prior to our daughter’s birth. She is now almost 3.5 years old. She has had been sick 4 times since birth. One of the struggles we had, in our area, was finding a doctor that would accept our beliefs and choices. The only time that we go to her pediatrician is for her physicals and the last time that we went there was a new doctor who obviously believes in vaccinations. He gave us a 15 minute lecture about how we were bad parents – after all, he had an 8 month old – and we politely told him to mind his own business. We would not be scheduling her “15” shots that she was “behind”. It was just downright scary at the number of shots and their reasoning for them being given.

    We also have had so many people say that she will never be able to go to day care of be in public school – and they are all wrong!

    Thanks for sharing everyone! Keep your kids healthy!

    • Ben says:

      I think the sad thing about people who say “well, she will never be able to go to day care or public school” is that that is their first concern. I mean, shouldn’t it be whether or not vaccines (or the child) are safe or not?

  7. Dorota says:

    My son was vaccinated once at 4 months, since i was struggling to make a decision at that time. That was the very first and last vaccine he got. After his shot he developed eczema, that I healed with probiotics and allergen free diet. He is vaccine free ever since and he’ll stay that way. He is very healthy, if he catches rarerly infection, he fights it off in the matter of 1-2 days and he develops well. When I compare him to other children, I can clearly see he is healthier, hardly ever seen with runny nose. His skin is beautiful, he has no sleeping or behavioural problems. I’ve done a lot of research in the topic of vaccination, I still do. I am so glad that i made this decision, but I can’t forgive myself the first vaccine he got, all my senses were telling me – ‘don’t do it’, but i have done it because i didn’t have scientific knowledge to back up my intuition. The only recommendation to others I’d have : do your research when you’re pregnant, because its much harder to make it when you have a little child and everyone arround you (health professionals) pressures you to vaccinate it!

    • Anna Hiltibidal says:

      Great advice, and don’t beat yourself up. It is a challenge to stand up for our kids. OUR KIDS, right, not the doctors. Good for you.

  8. My unvaccinated kids are definitely healthier than their peers and their older siblings at this age (my first two received vaccines until age 2 when we discovered my oldest son’s epilepsy was from his vaccines.) I have seen them only do harm and no good. I hope more research continues to come forth about the unvaccinated vs vaccinated.


  9. Mary Myers says:

    My 4 year old daughter, in 1987, had received all her vaccinations on time. At 4 1/2 years of age, her pancreas failed. Unfortunately for us, no one in the medical physicians office had ever heard of this – or apparently, had read the package inserts that come included in the multi-dose MMR vaccine. “MMR is known to cause side effects in children. In boys, testicular atrophy, in girls, pancreatic failure.” With the help of a miraculous child health specialist, we kept her alive for a year giving her Pancrease three times a day with meals. It took a year of diligence and digestive enzymes until her brain triggered the pancreas to begin sluggishly working again. She is now 28 years old and, while fit and slender before the vaccinations shut down her pancreas, has struggled with obesity due to her insufficient insulin level. She has 3 children of her own, only the oldest, at 9, received a Hep B shot at birth, and developed a horrible case of eczema that took years to heal. The other two children have never received any vaccinations whatsoever. Also…be aware, the package insert of Tetanus says clearly “not to be administered to children under 7 years of age.”

    • Dorota says:

      That’s insane with the tetanus vaccine! It’s so angering. People would vaccinate their kids against tetanus because of fear they’ll catch it when they crawl……

  10. Parents…please empower your children and educate them as well! My college-aged daughter was just given the physician immunization drill by a physician who was recommended by her yoga teacher, a professor at her university. She refused. The MD persisted telling her that “it is a myth that vaccines cause harm”. I am so thankful that my daughter listened and absorbed my teachings. As a shaman, I embrace nature’s amazing ways. Unfortunately, ‘doctors’ with MD after their names hold a lot of power over clients who they call patients. May healing and truth prevail…

  11. Gary Haws says:

    Is it true parents are told their newborns can’t leave the hospital w/o a hep.B vac. , and they will be reported to CYS if they refuse?

    • DeJa says:

      that is not true. we said no at the hospital and when we went to the doctors at our newborns 2 month check up they tried to give it to him again we refused all vacinations. im not sure about calling cys but we signed something so that the health department wouldnt be calling to bother us about it. Hep b is contracted by sex and drug use through needles. my newborn wont be doing either.

  12. Anna Hiltibidal says:

    What a wonderful place for us to be connected with other educated parents, not afraid to take on making the choices for our children. Our oldest girl will be 16 soon, and has never been vaccinated. We have lived in 4 states and she has been in the public school system since pre k. ( we are Military too) Our 2 boys are not vaccinated either. We were “fired” from our pediatrition in GA for refusing the H1N1 vaccine. That doctor had my “letter of exemption” in each childs file, and I guess he found it after the 2nd time I very nicely told him we had “chosen” to not give our kiddos this “new” vaccine…. Keep up the good work all, and don’t be afraid to research for yourself. A good site to give facts is This site is not an ANTI site, just gives you ALL the facts, good, bad and ugly.

  13. sarah says:

    Thank you for this article. Truth can be shocking when you have believed a lie your whole life. Been there.
    My 3.5 yr old recently HAD to receive her first shot ever as we were moving to Africa and the yellow fever vaccine had just become mandatory to enter the country we were moving to. After researching ways to go around the new law and coming up with nothing I had no other choice but to take her to the appointment. As soon as the nurse had pricked her i pulled her out of the room -pretending she needed to use the restroom- and in the bathroom applied a poultice of bentonite clay on her arm. Once home I also made a poultice of cabbage leaves [both used to draw poisons out]. I upped her vit C intake as well. She didn’t have ANY symptoms at all, the nurse had predicted well otherwise since my daughter had never been vaccinated before. I felt like a renegade! IT WAS AWESOME! But the point is that we are in a messed up world and I -and my husband who is behind me- are solely responsible for our decisions for our children.
    Of course the nurse tried to bring our daughter up to date with her shots… she would have given her more than 10 right then and there had we not stood our ground.
    Oh and has anyone else ever gotten a $50 voucher in the mail with a letter asking to make sure to get your child vaccinated…. ?!?!?! we did

    OH and has anyone else ever gotten a $

  14. Parrent First Time says:

    Thank you people. That’s the best kind of knowledge I have received in my research on the vaccination issue. I have a 3.5 month old son and they have already made 4 shots on him. We have refused the last ones.
    The “doktor” said we should have told her earlier because she wouldn’t have an unvaccinated patient. Amazingly quick they have managed to administer 4 shots. One immediately after birth “for hepatitis”. One at one month age and TWO at 2 months age. My son had some reaction to the second couple of shots, he cried a lot and generally wasn’t well for a week or so. My intuition said “NO DON’T DO THAT”…and after having the shots I felt really bad and guilty…so me and my wife started doing research and agreed not to continue. For the last month since the last vaccine everything is back to normal and the child is healthy. Now my only regret is that I didn’t follow my intuition earlier. I’m hoping that since the body renews itself in 7 years that I haven’t done too much harm to my child….and to those who are asking “Are we doing the good thing for our child?” ..Think about this – Mother Earth…Mother Nature…Those “Doktors” cleverer than them huh?…be brave people…question what people are telling you ..Think for yourself.

  15. Michelle says:

    Great job parents! My daughter is almost 4 1/2 years old and has been on a very,very, delayed immunization schedule, with the help of my doctor. Unfortunately I didn’t start my research until right before she was born and during our initial dr visits or she wouldn’t have given her any! Her last shot was a year ago, DTAP, she got so sick, her leg blew up and she could barely walk…the day before her shot she was running around the park!! We haven’t been back for a vacinne since! She is so very healthy and has never been sick with more than a cold. I attribute this to her not being fully immunized, diet and lots of fresh air!! She will be starting school next September and now I don’t know what to do! Apparently it is very hard to get a religous or medical exemption in my district! Any words of wisdom! I really don’t want her to get anymore vaccines!

  16. Janny says:

    I am looking for a holistic/homeopathic pediatrician that do not push vaccines, does anyone know of one around Philadelphia, PA area that take BCBS insurance?

  17. Emm says:

    Reassuring, informative article including research data. Here in Australia the media is fuelling a campaign to ostracise unvaccinated children from all childcare. Everyday there are news articles spreading fear and misinformation. I wish something like this could be published instead.

  18. Adrienne Owen says:

    My 3.5 year old son is completely unvaccinated. His father and I have actually always been proud of the fact that we were able to make such a tough decision for him in the face of all the nay-sayers who swore he was going to be ‘harmed’ by not being injected with ‘stuff’. I fit into the ranks of educated, middle class mom who is independent and able to think critically. I have never been a person who believes something just because I have been told so by another person, MD or not.
    I am also a Californian who will soon have to battle the AB2109 law which went into effect in my state. I will prevail because there is no way that my son will be injected with that garbage.
    I can say thatat 3.5 years old my child can think very critically. His vocabulary is amazing. He says thousands of words and uses paragraphs as sentences. He really is never lacking a word or thought. He imagines and plays like a 5 year old. He is healthy as can be. Has he been sick, yes. He has had a couple colds, the flu, and even roseola as child. But he bounced back without the use of antibiotics every time. He’s had one ear infection, but never once after. He’s been on half a dose of antibiotics in his entire lifetime. He rarely sees the doctor. I stopped taking him to his ‘well check-ups’ because 1. there are tons of sick kids at the doctor and 2. I got sick of being told he was behind in shots. Do I really need a pediatrician tell me, wow your son is tall, slender, talks well and looks as healthy as can be? LOL.
    Trust your instincts as parents. Trust your child and trust that as a person who loves your child, that you can and are the best protectors in his/her life. There is no one who cares more about my child than me. There is no one that knows the health of my child better than me. I am proud to have a vaccine-free child.

  19. Nate Anayor says:

    Thanks doctor for this veritable information. These evil vaccines have wrecked many beautiful families. Keep up the good work.

  20. Heather says:

    I made the decision not to vaccinate my children before I had them. They are now 3 and 6. No shots have been given. Both are extremely healthy and thriving. Unfortunately I live in California who has now passed the strictest vaccine law of any state. This is devastating the government has removed my rights to make that decision about my children. Unless I choose to home school. Which in all honesty I’m not thrilled about. The vaccine industry is poisoning children and the government is not only turning a blind eye. They are legally supporting them. This is the first HUGE step in removing our rights. If they can come into my home and tell me what chemicals to inject into my children. Where does it go from there. It doesn’t get more intimate than that. If I don’t comply my children are deprived of a great education (I live in an amazing school district). We should all be concerned about the direction this is headed. Whether we choose to vaccinate or not. Very concerned parent here

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