Vaccines cause seizures in babies – But don’t worry it’s normal – Reuters

MB Comment: The medical establishment is stooping to new lows in defining vaccine adverse reactions as normal childhood events. This latest American Medical Association-published study on the pertussis vaccine (DTaP) admits that 2% of toddlers have seizures before the age of 1 1/2. The risk is six times higher on the day of the first DTaP vaccine and four times higher on the day of the second shot.

The CDC states that 10% of kids that have a first seizure develop epilepsy. This article attempts to whitewash that fact.

Anyone who studies the FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System  (VAERS) will find numerous cases of seizures reported after vaccination. Seizures are a symptom of encephalitis (the classic vaccine adverse reaction), which is consistently stated as a diagnosis in VAERS reports.  Encephalitis leaves a spectrum of neurological damage in its wake (aka autism). Parents of autistic kids report a much higher incidence of epilepsy and seizures.

So if medical morons think they are reassuring parents about seizures caused by vaccines in the dumbed-down study, they are making a mistake. Parents should do their own homework on the risk of seizures after vaccination before sacrificing their children to vaccine pushers.


Combined vaccine tied to fever-related seizures

(Reuters Health) – Babies who got a single shot that included vaccines against tetanus and whooping cough were at higher risk of having a fever-related seizure on the same day in a new study from Denmark.

However, researchers found the chance of having a seizure was still small after the shots, and kids who got them weren’t any more likely to go on to develop epilepsy than those who weren’t vaccinated, as some evidence had suggested.

The finding is not a reason for parents to avoid the combined vaccine, and is actually “reassuring,” said one expert not involved in the study.

According to the National Institutes of Health, about one in every 25 kids will have at least one fever-related seizure — short-lasting convulsions that don’t cause permanent damage. The seizures are especially common in toddlers …

She and her colleagues found that about 7,800 kids, or just over two percent, were diagnosed with a fever-related seizure by the time they were one and a half …

On the day of the first shot, that risk was about six times higher than would be expected, based on other babies who hadn’t recently been vaccinated, and it was four times higher after the second shot …

“This is definitely not a reason to not get this vaccine. On the contrary, this should be reassuring.”

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16 Responses to Vaccines cause seizures in babies – But don’t worry it’s normal – Reuters

  1. Twyla says:

    I was looking at this New England Journal of Medicine article which found an increased risk of febrile seizures after the DPT and MMR vaccines. But they said that this is nothing to worry about. “As compared with other children with febrile seizures that were not associated with vaccination, the children who had febrile seizures after vaccination were not found to be at higher risk for subsequent seizures or neurodevelopmental disabilities.” “It would not be appropriate to compare children who had febrile seizures with children who had never had a febrile seizure, since the former group may have a higher risk of febrile seizure that is unrelated to vaccination.” So they compare these children who have seizures due to the vaccine with children who have seizures for some other reason, and say that there’s no problem. But what if some of these children never would have had a seizure at all but for the vaccines? Their long-term health outcomes should be compared to children who never had a seizure.

    It’s kind of like saying, “Well we compared these people who had pianos fall on their heads with people who had boulders fall on their heads, and the injuries from the pianos were no worse than the injuries from boulders, so there’s no need to worry about pianos.”

  2. Brittney says:

    My son recently had the DTaP shot and started having seizures the day after. He had about sixty seizures total. The doctors told us that the shots didn’t cause but then they don’t want us to give the vaccinations, “I wasn’t going to anyway” so how can they say it wasn’t the shots if they don’t even want to give them to him? To me I think that just don’t want to admit that the shots can be dangerous. Now my son might have autism and other mental disabilities. Hopefully he won’t, but this is what they told me. My son was perfectly fine before the vaccinations, they did this to him. I think that if a shot causes one baby to have bad side affects then they should take it off the market!!!! They are always coming up with new better ways so why can’t they make this one better?

  3. Bonnie says:

    I found this blog while google-researching seizures because my 4 year old son had a petit mal seizure the night he got his FIVE four year vaccinations. I wish I had researched proactively; instead I allowed myself to be cornered, off guard, in my pediatrician’s office and am now researching reactively.

    I hope my son doesn’t have any more seizures or any problems down the road, but I wish wish WISH I had said no to vaccinations. And now, wishing and hoping are all I can do.

    • The Refusers says:

      CDC Says ‘Seizures Can Occur After Vaccination’

      Increased risk of developing epilepsy.

      If I were in your shoes I would get toxic metal readings (mercury, aluminum) from hair and see if there is something bad happening there.

      Good starting point for Mercury and testing

    • Matt says:

      Vaccines seem weird anyway – inject a poison into your perfect body? followed by “it should be fine….” from the establishment and a “I hope it is fine” from the parent….and the media all screaming that your a nutcase if you even consider not vaccinating – it happens every flu season, except that’s people that ‘don’t think’ but go anyway –

      ‘i fall in the ‘at risk’ category….better go an get my mix of toxic chemicals and ‘hope’ I’m okay – CNN says i should – NBC says the same – the BBC WORLDSERVICE is even pushing this crap down my throat…… 🙂 ”

      So much evidence points now to the damage that vaccines do that the only scrap of legitimacy the Manufacturers have left is buy lobbying Governments of the World to have mandatory vaccine laws for all –

      People look at you strange when you say that I don’t Vaccinate – I’m sure there will be laws passed soon that question the care of the parent that refuses to vaccinate –

      hey ho –

      Im sorry to hear about your Child – I hope he is okay to – just say no from now on and spread the word No – we are not used to saying it to people in so called authority – especially when the outcomes of saying no are that ‘for sure your baby will die’ if we don’t subject them to this cocktail off poisons….


  4. Cassandra says:

    Always, always, ALWAYS, if you are getting your child vaccinated, do it ONE vaccine every 6 weeks and only get the next vaccine if your child remained healthy those 6 weeks! But your body’s natural immunization is usually best to begin with.

  5. Christina Waldman says:

    I got interested in febrile seizures and did some research the last day or so. 1 in 25 kids (6 mos. to 5 years in age) will have at least one, and 32% of those will have more (75% within a year). There are simple (shorter) and complex (longer) febrile seizures. Seizures often accompany fever (but Don’t give Tylenol; research!). Doctors believe they are harmless, but “CDC continues to monitor.” Some may be indications of a problem, like rare Dravet’s syndrome. A few of those 1 in 25 (3-5% of the 4%) will go on to develop epilepsy–as will 22-30% of kids on the autism spectrum . Autism is associated with epilepsy at a rate of 10-30%. The rate of seizures in autistic persons is ten times higher than in the general population. 2.5% of reported seizures followed vaccination in the first year of life.
    Risk factors: developmental delay, discharge from neonatal care after 28 days, day care attendance, viral infection, family history of febrile seizures, certain vaccinations, possibly iron or zinc deficiency.

    “Recent evidence indicates that neuroinflammation can contribute to seizures, if allergy or stress or environmental factors disrupt the blood brain barrier.” C. Theoharides, Abstract, “Neurinflammation, blood brain barrier, seizures, and autism.” Journal of Neuroinflammation. 2011; 8:168
    (I have read that teething opens up the blood brain barrier.)

  6. shaunte says:

    Well I believe it is the shots are the cause of her seizures ever since she received her first set of shots she has been having them since then. Each and every time she has one they last longer than 20 mins. When she get her shots the seizures are worse and longer

  7. Tamie says:

    Parents!! Please do not vaccinate your children!! It’s ridiculous what they put into your babies body.. My son stopped breathing and turned blue 5 hours after his vaccination! The hardest thing for a parent to take..
    And the doctor admitted that it was the vaccine. Children without vaccines are doing just great if not better than those being vaccinated.

  8. my grandson had a seizure yesterday and today. shots two weeks ago says:

    Joan Stapler

  9. Seamus mc Guckian says:

    My we girl Cassie is 5 months old now and from her 4th day in life she’s been having seizures lasting about 2- 3 minutes. We’ve had her in hospital and got medicine which has cured the seizures. Since she had her 2nd vaccinations she’s started having them again. We’ve asked the doctor what we should do does she need more medicine. He says they are not going to up her dose every time she puts on weight and wait to see how long it is before we has another one. Some help would be great as I’m concerned for my daughter’s health.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Seamus,
      My son developed seizures after his boosters at age 5. Over 70 seizures a day that were visible to us. Before then, a febrile seizure at 17 months, and a desent into autism at 20 months
      Following his dtap. We had his metals tested through a French lab, which showed his inability to detox. His Mercury levels were higher than his DAN doctor had ever seen. Through years of liver support with products from a homeopath and now BioRay, and detoxing, he no longer has seizures – he’s been seizure free for 10 months. No meds. Help your baby detox, bioray even has kids formulas. Gentle and safe. I swear by them. All my best!

  10. james says:

    Very scary watching your child go blue during a seizure, we are nearly three years fit free but the top ups are over due, do we take the gamble of another vaccination. She is nine.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “do we take the gamble of another vaccination. She is nine.”

    NO. She will not die if she doesn’t get this gov rammed prophylactic med. Please do as much research as possible. Teach her to say ‘no’ if they try to corner her when you aren’t around. Check out sites like, and Lots of good info there as well as with the

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