What happens if you decide not to vaccinate your child?

The story of a four-generation unvaccinated family.

By Jennifer Z. Vaughn


Every American is expected to understand it: “Get the shots that your doctor recommends or suffer dire consequences. Vaccines are one of the greatest achievements of biomedical science and public health. They are the most important and valuable tool in the history of mankind for reducing infectious disease, and those who fail to obtain them are at an elevated risk for injury, disability, even death.“ Children’s programing on Sesame Street once advised:

“Shots are good

Germs are bad.

Get your shots or

You’ll be sad.”

But many of us who are paying close attention are hearing another (and radically different) story. Accounts of vaccine injury, disability, chronic illness and yes, sadly, deaths that result from placing trust in those same declarations.

Mine is an anecdotal story. It’s one that I believe deserves to be told. I won’t be presenting any studies, graphs, tables, statistics—all of which are within easy reach to anyone wanting to see the available ‘science’ on the much-debated subject of vaccination. The result of Googling the word ‘vaccines’ delivers four million, seven hundred eighty-nine thousand, seven hundred seventy-six sites. During the past 35 years, I’ve read thousands of journal articles, research documents, blogs, websites, news items and many books that are often as confounding as they are informative. So in an effort to keep this as simple as possible, think of it as just another story about an average family doing its best to thrive.

Of the countless decisions parents face today, few are as controversial as the vaccine question, and if not for the rising number of alleged injuries the question would be a virtual no-brainer. Unless (and until) someone is personally touched by a vaccine-gone-wrong, the conventional wisdom prevails. Surely doctors, hospitals, public health officials and medical authorities know best? If vaccines presented a genuine danger, wouldn’t they tell us? Is “immunizing” the same thing as “vaccinating?”

Let’s look at this more closely.

It’s undeniably true that we have not seen polio or smallpox outbreak in America for a very long time. Surely that’s because vaccines “work.” Isn’t it? There are also other things happening that we’ve NEVER seen before—like chronic illness in the childhood population, escalating numbers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, psychiatric medication for childhood behavioral and learning disorders, childhood allergies, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, unparalleled need for special education facilities…and the list goes on. One would think that with so many ‘life-saving’ vaccines, America would have the healthy child paradigm pretty much sewed up. Right? So what gives?

Maybe the real question could be: What happens if you decide not to vaccinate your child? Public health officials and the mainstream media advise, “don’t risk it.” Doctors warn parents that if they don’t adhere to the schedule, “your child will die.” Collectively, they suggest that despite all the improvements in public sanitation, personal hygiene, availability of nutritious food and accessibility to medical care, we must be evermore vigilant about vaccinating according to this ever-expanding “schedule.” In fact, authorities can (and do) remove children from their homes to administer medical care, including vaccines. And without the necessity of parental consent in extreme cases. But does repeating something often enough and loud enough make it factually true?

I am a member of a four-generation family who has side-stepped the traditional vaccine cover story. Our eldest family member was born in 1916, our youngest in 2005. With very few minor exceptions, we are entirely unvaccinated. The patriarch and matriarch of our family died at the ages of 93 and 84, respectively. The patriarch, my father, was still working in his lifelong career until two weeks before his death. The second generation, (my own) whose formative years ran parallel with the ‘polio era’, are now in our sixty’s, suffer no chronic illness, have no need for prescription drug use, no history of hospitalization or illness-related surgery. I have lived outside the U.S. and visited 18 foreign countries. Unvaccinated, and without incident. The generation of our own children are now also parents of healthy, high-performing unvaccinated children who are scholastic and athletic award-winners who attend both public and private schools with none of the all-too-common maladies of today’s children.

Within this family, we have both mainstream and alternative healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. There are also successful small business owners, degreed psychologists, teachers, a certified nutritionist, professional actor, landscaper, building contractor, designer, restaurateur, wind/solar power consultant, organic farmer, artists, song writers, classical musicians, scholarship recipients and numerous perfect attendance awardees.

Even the most skeptical person must ask: How Could This Happen? If, indeed, vaccination is necessary and essential for the health and wellbeing of children (and adults) how did this family escape certain death? Shouldn’t we at least be sick? Were we simply riding off the so-called “herd immunity” and getting remarkably lucky? Did we dodge the potential bullet of infectious illness because almost everyone around us was vaccinated? Are we healthier now because the majority of the population was vaccinated in the 1950’s? This is, after all, an anecdotal story. Maybe a better question is “What are we doing that helps us maintain robust health despite being vaccine-free?” Isn’t that called immunity?

Did we ever develop acute childhood illnesses? You bet. In the era of commonplace measles, mumps and chickenpox, we (along with the general population) experienced them. Whooping cough? Yes. Did we gain lifelong immunity to these once-common childhood maladies? Yes. Did anyone ever have the flu? Yes, albeit,

rarely. Were our parents frightened and concerned about communicable illness—even polio—when everyone else was freaking out?

The answer is decidedly not. Their understanding was that childhood illnesses were not only harmless to healthy children, but also served an important function in immune system development. This was their focus and priority. During the polio epidemic we were sitting side-by-side with children who were vaccinated with both the Salk vaccine and the live-virus Sabin vaccine, which was known to shed live poliovirus through mucosa and fecal routes. This is a known mechanism for ‘vaccine-induced flaccid paralysis’. [Translation: vaccine-induced polio.] Were our parents reckless and hopelessly deluded? Did some unscientific dogma cause them to put us in front of an unstoppable train called “polio”?

Did they risk our lives to make some sort of religious or philosophical statement? NO. Within this family group, there are Christians, agnostics, Deists, conformists, non-conformists who all believe there is enormous wisdom in the planet’s bounty. We also believe there is more to ‘us’ than our bodies. We humans have the ability to organize, adapt, mobilize and reason. We understand that vaccines are neither the main nor the most important issue in maintaining health today. We understand the age-old building blocks of immunity—diet, hygiene, restful sleep, stress reduction, exercise, Joy!, optimized nervous system function—are all powerful tools for avoiding catastrophic outcomes. As growing children our diets consisted of abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein, selective grains, limited sugar and zero carbonated drinks. Our parents were far ahead of today’s trends because they understood and insisted on healthy fuel for our growing bodies, much like the parents of today who are referred to as ‘crunchy’. As a result of lifelong attention to known health-boosting practices (other than vaccines) what is also “missing” in this atypical family group is that we’re also free of diabetes, arthritis, asthma, autism, ADD, fibromyalgia, infertility, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, obesity, heart disease and the list goes on. I understand that many people have been convinced that their health is a product of their ‘genetics’ and while it’s true that a small number of today’s maladies are inheritable, all signs point to environmental causes as a far greater indicator of our health status. These are things within our conscious control, even if our genes are not. We are not powerless. We have choices.

Besides avoiding the toxic components of vaccines, what else is involved in staying healthy? Naturally, it requires some vigilance toward staying on the safe side of everyday life. It requires a dedication toward healthy eating, healthy pregnancies, breastfeeding, external and internal cleanliness, cultivating loving relationships, finding meaningful life’s work, generosity toward others, spiritual harmony and in our case, naturopathy and chiropractic. But are we ‘purists’? Hardly. None of us are strict vegetarians or vegans, most of us consume alcohol, a few are tobacco users and even some pot smokers. The optimization of naturally-acquired immune function isn’t merely avoiding potentially harmful vaccines. It involves “immunizing” oneself by giving a body the essential environment for vibrant

health. It doesn’t happen by accident, and does require effort. Sometimes it also means sacrificing a momentary indulgence in an effort to serve the greater good, the long- term goal, or the road less-traveled. And in today’s heated medical environment, it can mean derision, ridicule, suspicion and harassment coming your way. No doubt, there will be criticism toward me for even telling this story. Is it “easier” than, via Dr. Nancy Snyderman, just getting “the damn shot?” Hardly. But is it worth that extra effort? Absolutely.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. In fact, they are constantly, in every minute, doing so. Drugs and surgeries are sometimes necessary to bring about the optimal conditions for this self-healing to occur. But neither drugs nor surgery “heal” anyone. Neither does any doctor. All healing is an inside job, and can be enhanced in various ways as it occurs from the inside-out. Your capacity to heal is greater than mainstream medicine would have you believe. For the vast majority of humans today, pharmaceuticals are first-line tools in the arsenal of fighting illness. Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that are perceived to keep people “healthier.” But do they? America has the most highly vaccinated population in the history of the world, and ranks frighteningly low in parameters of health and infant survival, but extremely high in medical expenditure. It appears that more might not be better.

The majority of vaccines on today’s U.S. schedule have been created over the past 30 years, coincidentally, since the time that vaccine manufacturers obtained legal immunity for their risk. Before that time, were we seeing large numbers of death attributable to infectious disease? No. The leading causes of death in America (for the past fifty-plus years) are heart disease, cancer and iatrogenic. [Iatrogenic means “caused by doctor and/or treatment”.] Why, suddenly, are we expected to believe that survival is impossible without these so-called life-saving vaccines? Were these vaccines created out of an urgent need to curb death in a country whose access to clean water, clean food and medical care is plentiful?

For any parents who are sitting on the fence about this issue, I implore you to educate yourselves. Long after you are dead and gone, your children will thank you for your love, vigilance, and tenacity regarding their health. Have faith in yourself to make the right decision for yourself and your children. There is no higher gift than having confidence in one’s own integrity—body, mind and soul. In the words of a cherished colleague (whose name you would all recognize) “Today’s unvaccinated children will inherit the earth…and it’s not going to be a pretty job. “ By all means educate yourself. Learn the basics of staying healthy and make the right decision for yourself and your children. Neither the government, the medical profession nor the pharmaceutical industry—even judgmental relatives and neighbors—will step into the abyss if you become a vaccine injury statistic.

Educate Yourself Before You Vaccinate, because once it’s done, you can never un-vaccinate. If it’s true that we‘re helpless without vaccination, the family should be dead, or at the least, sick. True health is within your grasp. Seize it.

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514 Responses to What happens if you decide not to vaccinate your child?

  1. Serene says:

    I am amazed people still can’t see this for what it truly is. Keep up the good work!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks for your support, Serene. Everyone deserves to know the facts.

    • Denise Herrera says:

      My son died 4 days after getting his first immunizations. My daughter has now called me uneducated and a voodoo queen for turning away from conventional medications and going a more holistic route. We are not speaking because of this very issue. She called and said her son has been acting differently for the last week. Unhappy not the smiling happy baby he has always been. I asked her what was different in the last week. She said just immunizations and not to start in with my governmental conspiracy crap. I said goodbye they are your children your choices. Not anything I can do there. I am done. I can not help her. She said I was uneducated. I think she is playing Russian Roulette with my grandson’s lives.

      • BP says:

        send this link to your daughter.

      • Bernadette says:

        Hey Denise.
        Just wanted to say hang in there…you are the first post of many I’ve read that I’m actually replying to.
        I just broke up with a long-distant b.f of nearly 3 years, who said we can never work cos of my ‘ridiculous’ convictions re vaccination etc, and all my s*** about not vaccinating kids doesn’t suit him.
        But I’ve been sick for a long time as a result of them and similar conventional methods, and its probably justice, cos I literally bullied kids at high school whose parents opted out of vacc’s.
        It hurts so much and I’m a complete mess. But when you know deep in your heart you are right… well all I can do is pray I will find love again from someone who supports and respects me, or that he sees first hand in some way why I have come to be of this mindset when I used to protest with the pro-vacc camp. My biggest fear would be that if I react so bad to anything with trace amount of toxic chemicals (even deodorants etc), surely I would be a fool to stick them into my biological baby.
        Anyway, my thoughts go out to you, I dont think we can force this opinion on our loved ones, but by staying humble and living the change we want to see, they might be attracted to a more hopeful way. xx

      • Jessie says:

        I agree 🙁 I hope she is ready to face potential consequences

      • Tony says:

        These things always remind me of this quote, although about investing, applies equally well here: “It astounds me how investors never learn, and simply accept what is suggested to them by those writing articles, or those speaking on television, as gospel. Have we lost the ability to think critically? Have we lost the ability to question what we are told based upon actual facts? Or have we simply adopted the “Foghorn Leghorn perspective”: “Don’t bother me with facts, son. I’ve already made up my mind.”

        Did you know that for measles, chicken pox, mumps, pertussis, and polio more people have been dying from the vaccine than from the disease? Go to VAERS and CDC. You don’t even have to do hours of research, just compare the statistics. And if you go to VAERS, remember that only a fraction of the cases get reported there, and still the rates are higher.

  2. Renee Fox says:

    I am just now, at 48, looking into the negatives of vaccinating. I thought this was a great article. And the first one I’ve read that presents the healthy side of not vaccinating. Glad I read it.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks for your support, Serene. Everyone deserves to know the facts.

      • Galadrialle Kraft says:

        Thank you so much Jennifer for your much needed post. I became aware of nutrition too late for my son who was born when I was a teenager. He was fed an atrocious diet in my womb. I only breast fed him for a month. This was 1970 and I followed all the medical protocols, he was allergic to life on planet earth.He was sick A LOT. Because of his allergies I learned to read food labels and shop at the “health food store” .Bless those ladies in those stores they taught me so much about REAL health and nutrition. And my next child born 10 years later when I was 27 benefited greatly from my knowledge. When it came to the vaccine question I had to fight for my/her right to forgo them.I finally got talked into it when she was a year old and it was my worst nightmare. Her poor little pure system,didn’t know what to do with the poisons she was given. She had fevers spiking 108 she had seizures was in the hospital for 5 days and they could find no illness OR cause. BUT the doctors assured me it was NOT the vaccine. So they sent her home with a script for anti-seizure meds. and that was the LAST time I got guilted,badgered, or otherwise harassed out of my convictions. Of course when school time came along I signed the waver stating I objected to vaccination. The rest of the time she has thrived and been healthy so much so that my son once asked me why she didn’t get sick like he did. Obviously America needs to change something, sorry this was so long but it’s all true<|;)

        • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

          Galadrialle, share your story. There are many ears out there who need to hear it.

          • Gudrun B says:

            I second that!
            Even though the pro vaccine folk call this anecdotal evidence at best and will not admit to its validity, people need to hear this!
            A friend of mine has her 3 year old under nutritionist care for all his allergies and sensitivities; she keeps asking why he has so many heavy metals in his system – yet she still keeps his vaccine schedule up to date

            I just have to wonder!

    • Jennifer sonnenberg says:

      I am so happy you are looking into it. I am a 32 year old non vaccinated female who now has 7 non vaxed children. My other 4 siblings are all vax free as well and are all healthy adults! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all my children, siblings and myself are 100% healthy!

      • Deby says:

        Hello I have a 5 month old baby that has not been vaccinated, he is a very healthy and happy baby. I want to go vaccine-free for him but I am scared that he gets a disease like polio, whooping cough or another illness because of my decisions. My question to you is did your kids ever got any of these diseases because you didn’t vaccinate? Thank you.

        • Carole says:

          As long as you are feeding your child organic, non gmo, no soy, no corn, no wheat…no dairy, Raw fresh or lightly cooked fruits and veggies for strong immune system, you will be fine…the problem is the children are born with no immune system to fight off what attracts it…so if they give these shots with these live viruses in them and the child doesn’t have an immune system then what…I use a lot of essential oils …did you know that clove oil rates the highest on the ORAC scale for antioxidants…in the millions vs blueberries in the 1000’s

        • Deby, Look up anything written by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and listen to her talk about Polio here: http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/dissolving_illusions.htm Breast feed your baby and he will become (like mine) healthy a lifetime and immune to everything that comes down the pike, or recover from anything intact! The only thing kids don’t recover from are ‘vaccines’. My son was never vaccinated for anything ever.. he turns 17 TOMORROW and has not been sick a day in 11 years! HE DID get measles, mumps and chickenpox as a child, (like we all did in the 50s) and got over them in just days. Today his health is stellar! Nick’s never even had a single ear infection. VAX NOT and BREAST FEED! That and obedience to God will get anyone through the mine field called ‘life on earth’. God bless! Victoria

        • Tony says:

          Here is what I found from a search of the VAERS database, from 2000 – 2015: http://tonybelmontphotography.blogspot.com/2016/01/vaccinations-forget-everything-else-for.html
          And here is a chart from CDC for Pertussis – notice that at 3+ vaccines, the rates of pertussis are the highest, by far: http://www.cdc.gov/pertussis/downloads/pertuss-surv-report-2014.pdf – 13 deaths from pertussis.
          For the same year, according to VAERS, 149 died from the vaccine for pertussis.

          Now you know why you should do your research before agreeing to any vaccinations.

        • brad says:

          Deby – please know that polio was originally defined as paralysis in two or more limbs for two days. That is because after a few days to a week, (literally) 999 out of 1,000 people repaired theirselves, leaving (all defined as having polio, mind you) one out of a thousand with permanent symptoms – or even more rarely, dying. SO – 1,000 polio patients and one with permanent symptoms.

          Enter the vaccine. IMMEDIATELY the definition/diagnosis of polio changes to paralysis in two or more limbs for two WEEKS!!!!

          Did you get that? The DEFINITION ALONE “saved” the other 999 out of a thousand people. The day before, 1,000 people had polio. By changing the duration of unremediated symptoms, now one out of a thousand “had polio”.

          Don’t worry about the polio – there hasn’t been a case that was NOT caused by the vaccine since 1979.

  3. Dondi Dahlin says:

    FANTASTIC!! THANK YOU for this. Thank you for your courage to write it.
    I will be sharing with lots of people.
    Dondi Dahlin

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Please share far and wide. The airwaves have the other side of this story, and it’s presented at every opportunity.

  4. ebrophy says:

    This was a great confirmation that I am taking a valid path with my children. I was vaccinated as my parents didn’t have access to the information I now have, and were doing their best with their knowledge. They now support my sister and me in not vaccinating our children. My mother works in a hospital and prays every year that they don’t mandate the flu vaccine (she has never gotten it since working there) in order to keep her job. I allowed my son (now 4 1/2) to get a select few vaccines at his early well check ups, but never felt right about it so at each appointment I voiced my concerns and was treated like an uneducated idiot. I continued to research and have never looked back. I only take my children to the Dr. when they have something that I am unable to handle at home from injury or complication of an illness (once he had severe constipation with vomiting and became so dehydrated he had to have IV fluids). I am currently pregnant (due in the next 4 weeks) with my second child and have an entirely different view of birth and health than I had in the beginning with my first. He is mostly unharmed from the couple of vaccines that I allowed, but even with a low-sugar diet with lots of fruits and greens and organic grains, and no food dyes, I feel that he could have been healthier without the ones I allowed. His cousins are fully unvaccinated and when they get sick with the same cold or flu as my son, they get over it much faster. When my son contracted Rubella from a playmate who had recently been vaccinated by MMR, his cousins ,who had constant contact with him, only had a fever for a day then were better. My son had a 7 day mild course of the disease (2 1/2 days fever, sore mouth, and mild rash)…far better than many kids, but obviously not as good as it could have been. There is something to be said for unvaccinated children! My new baby will not be having ANY vaccinations. I regret the ones I allowed for my son, even though he is much healthier than most children his age and very strong, he could probably be even more healthy. Thank-you for your story!

  5. Margo says:

    This is a wonderful perspective that is all too often overlooked. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, Margo. I was inspired by friends and associates to share our story because we rarely hear anything positive in the media about the health of non-vaccinated individuals. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. mo garcia says:

    Thank you for this. My family also has been unvaxed since the 1920s. Everything you say is true. Thank you for saying it.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, Mo. Please share your story with anyone who is willing to listen. I know far too many families who got caught in the snare of not-knowing.

    • dawn says:

      Has your family have had any bad things happened to them while not being vaccinated? I have a 2 yr old girl and I’m worried she might get some type of bad illness. She was vaccinated after 25 months old. The last time she got her last 4 shots I got a weird vibe that I should not be doing her shots again when she needs to get them done. Help me out I dont know what to do. Although her dad is against the shots. She wasn’t vaccinated when she was born up til now she’s only had 8 shots and a vitamin k shot when she was first born for the doctors and all said she needed it.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Dawn, the only medical emergencies we’ve ever experienced were the result of serious auto-related accidents. And even then, the medical professionals were somewhat astounded at the rapid recoveries afterward. On two occasions, emergency medical care and hospitalization were required, and we a united in our appreciation for the remarkable care they received. In our opinion, emergency care is where American medicine Shines Brightest.

      • lavinialuna says:

        I too had that same experience. I denied the shots at the hospital when my son was born. I have 5 kids, I don’t know why I denied them as I never had before, I just had a “feeling”. Then whenever he was vaccinated I felt in my gut that it was wrong. He would get fevers, be listless, and be ill for a week. I was tired of bringing my healthy child in and bringing him home sick. I quit getting him vaccinated at about 9 mos. I think I did the right thing. I know my intuition is better than I think it is. I only wish I could back and unvaccinate my other 4 kids, 2 of which have ADD. I guess my advice would be listen to your instincts, be educated and don’t let people pressure you. No one wants their kids to be sick, but the reality is there are risks either way. I myself am a walking vaccinated autoimmune disease. I want better for my kids. Good luck!

        • Treena says:


          Thank you for your post! I am just now coming across this article and have been simplely amazed and reassured that my “instinctual” decision to stop my sons vaccination is most likely the right one, and that I am not the only one. I truly believe that God sends us signs and that when we feel doubt, that he sends them at the right time. Thank you!

          • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

            Thanks, Treena. Please share your story whenever possible. It’s the only way these truths will be exposed…we certainly can’t rely on the news media to serve as our microphone.

          • Lacee says:

            Amen….confirmation for me and my little ones as well!

        • Sally says:

          Hi Lavinialuna.
          My baby is 8months and is at the moment sick because of her Vaccines. she had her 6 in 1, the Men C and Hib injections about 5 weeks ago and the other night i had to bring her to a doctor because i couldnt get her temp down, i had to put her in a cold bath of water until she started to turn blue but she still had a high temp. Im from ireland so the temp is different to peoples in America. But her temp was at 38degrees. When i got her to the doctor on call he said it could be because of the vax or just a bacterial infection in the throat and gave me an antibiotic to give to her over the next week. Today she got mimi measels! and she is so cranky i just dont no what to do with her. Doctors will just keep giving her medicines until she starts to feel better and im not comfortable with that.
          So im basically wondering if because iv started to give her the vaccines can i stop at any time? Im scared if she doesnt get the rest when she is one year she may get sick anyway, l too feel its not right and should of never started them in the first place only for being pressured by my own doctor i never would of got them. I dont no what to do at this point. But i do no that once she starts school she wont be getting any injections, my sisters little boy is almost 7 and hasnt got injections in school and had to put up with nurses and doctors giving out to her because of it. But she never let anyone bully her into it and hes such a healthy boy, i just wish i was as strong and didnt let myself get bullied into them aswel, if God is to bless me with more children they will not be getting ANY vaccines!
          I still need to know can i stop now with the vaccines even though i started them, and kept them up to date since she was born

          • cia parker says:

            You should not let your daughter get any more vaccines. If possible, you should take her to a naturopath and a homeopath for advice on how to deal with the damage vaccines have already caused in her, or do so when neurological, autoimmune, or other problems may show up in the future. Allowing her to get more vaccines is very likely to do more damage. At 8 months, she’s already past the age at which pertussis might be dangerous: my vaxed daughter caught it anyway at 8 months old, and it was alarming and long-lasting, but not dangerous. She doesn’t need the MMR or separate vaccines. It would be good for her to get all three of the diseases in childhood. The other VPDs are rare, and can be treated with high-dose intravenous vitamin C if they occurred. I would strongly advise you to just carry on from here and definitely never allow her to get any other vaccine.

          • Prudence Dagg says:

            Oh, Sally, please listen to your mother’s instinct and what the baby’s body is telling you!

            I have a file I can send you that may help. Look up Dr. Russell Blaylock (neurosurgeon) on brain inflammation. I have other sources as well, and I can ask in a very large anti-vaccine group I am a part of. (Feel free to friend me on facebook! Just drop me a note to remind me where we “met.”)

            I would urge you to get second opinions and help from holistic doctors or those who are sympathetic to this viewpoint. I would *not* take her back to the same people who caused this to fix it. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but for so many of us saying no to vaccines is just one step on a journey to better health, and other milestones are consulting professionals who view the body differently. I wish you the best.

            Oh, also you can check out livingwhole.org; it has vaccine detoxes for children and adults.

        • Karen says:

          i just requested the school form for my daughter today.. she is the only one of my 5 children i havent had vaccinated at all.. i find it interesting that you mention ADD… i read that 2 ADD or ADHD children in one family is rare.. all 4 of my boys are ADHD..all of them have had pneumonia a couple of them more than once..that is the main reason i decided not to vaccinate my daughter… my daughter on the other hand has never had any serious illness.. not even chicken pox or even a serious cold.. there has to be something to it!!

          • Deby says:

            Hello Karen. Will they accept your unvaxed daughter into school? What do you have to do to get approval?

      • Camille says:

        It is ultimately your choice to vaccinate or not, but if your gut is telling you something is wrong, then follow that. I have four young children and have not vaccinated any of them. I have studied this topic in depth and feel that is best for us for right now. I have considered starting the vaccinations on my oldest, who is 6, but still can’t bring myself to do it. One piece of advice if you decide vaccinating is for you: SPREAD THE SHOTS OUT. Never allow your doctors to give your child more than one vaccine at a time. That would just be way too much on their little bodies. When they go in giving 6 or sometimes more vaccines at once, it really makes me wonder what havoc that could reek on those bodies. Good luck with your decision.

        • Marta says:

          Came to the US with my 9month son. He had taken all the necessary vaccinations in our country, Eritrea. Vaccination is free and they don’t give you a lot of them. It’s been 9months since we got here, but I’ve never taken him to a Doctor to get shots. He’s healthy, happy and smart too. I thought I was wrong not letting him take his shots.

          • cia parker says:

            It is up to you which, if any, vaccines to allow your son to get. As you can see from reading this and many other articles at this site, vaccines are dangerous, and many don’t want to endanger their children by getting them. If you send your son to school, in most states you can take a religious exemption to the vaccine requirement. In Mississippi and West Virginia, the only exemption permitted is the medical one, which most doctors are very reluctant to give even when fully warranted. If SB 277 in California is passed this fall, then schoolchildren entering kindergarten and seventh grade will be required to get certain vaccines unless they are able to get a medical exemption or are on an IEP. It may be that public protest is such that it won’t be passed, but it’s already gone over most of the hurdles. If it is passed, the outrage on the part of hundreds of thousands of Californians will be such that I think it will be quickly repealed, but we’ll have to wait and see.

            I would recommend that you read Dr. Randall Neustaedter’s The Vaccine Guide before deciding whether to permit that your son get any more vaccines.

        • Deby says:

          Hi Dawn why do you want to start vaccines on your older kid now that he is 6?

      • cia parker says:

        Get Aviva Jill Romm’s book Vaccinations, it has great advice on caring for kids with the less-severe, formerly universal VPDs. All of the vaccine-preventable diseases have caused death or disability, but all the vaccines have done so as well. I think the only diseases frightening enough to consider getting the vaccines for are meningitis (Hib, Prevnar, and meningococcal) and tetanus. However, since they are all rare, and most adults have immunity to the different kinds of meningitis through subclinical exposure, and breastfeeding offers good protection for babies and small children, and since all the shots for them are very dangerous, the Hib vaccine having caused the peanut allergy epidemic, I’d think about it carefully before getting any of them (personally, I wouldn’t). Antibiotics can successfully treat meningitis if started early enough. There is treatment available for tetanus that prevents most deaths now, and intravenous vitamin C has been shown to be very effective in treating it. Good wound care will also prevent most cases of tetanus from occurring. My opinion is that the shots are not worth the risk involved. Try to keep your small children away from large groups of people, and breast feed for as long as possible, feed them healthy food when they are old enough for it. Having a healthy immune system undamaged by vaccines in most cases will insure life-long health and the ability to overcome infectious illnesses.

        • Prudence Dagg says:

          If you read Aviva Jill Romm’s account of vaccine history, as well as Neil Miller’s, the evidence seems shaky that any disease has ever been “vaccine-preventable.” It seems in the few cases where the vaccine may stave off the illness, it only does so until adulthood when it may be more dangerous.

          Ineffective, unsafe, unnecessary. That’s why I don’t do them!

          Best to all of you.

          • cia parker says:

            I think every vaccine must be considered individually. While the pertussis,mumps, and flu vaccines are very ineffective, the measles vaccine is effective, not in all but in almost all, in preventing measles for an indefinite length of time. The question is why you would want to prevent a relatively mild disease that gives so many benefits to those who have had it. I don’t think effectiveness is the reason people should choose or refuse a vaccine: chickenpox is mild, measles beneficial, pertussis not dangerous beyond the newborn stage and gives permanent immunity if no vaccine for it has ever been given. Every vaccine has killed or disabled many of those who have gotten it. While people should be aware of the signs of a dangerous case of the diseases, they should not be so afraid of them that they take the vaccines that for most people are much more dangerous than the diseases would be.

      • Prudence Dagg says:

        I was told before my baby’s birth that the oral Vit. K was technically recommended, the shot ONLY if the oral wasn’t available. (I had a midwife.) I would personally be much more comfortable with oral, in an olive oil base, than a shot which will *still* have shot ingredients and still has reaction risks. (Vit. K is recommended for circumcision, but it’s not the only option for boosting Vit. K, and remember circumcision doesn’t have to be done right away, nor does it have to be done at all.)

        Excellent sources on vaccines include http://gianelloni.wordpress.com/ and Neil Miller’s Vaccine Safety Manual.

        It appears to me more and more that nearly everyone who recommends vaccines has financial ties to them; doctors are more heavily influenced by drug companies than we’d like to think. Please check out these wonderful resources, as well as anything by Dr. Russell Blaylock and Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, and I would love to talk if there is anything else you are looking for: prudence.dagg@gmail.com

    • Teri says:

      Yes, Mo. Please share your story and link it back to your comment here if possible. I am trying to spread these stories and help educate others out there. I, too, learned about all the natural health and the dangers of vaccinations way too later – after my 3rd child was about 4 yrs old. All three of our kids suffer from mental and/or physical issues that my educated and maternal instincts tell me are mostly if not 100% due to the vaccinations. Thankfully, I have been teaching our children, and our daughter (23) who just had our first grandchild in June this year, is all about natural health. She asked me to be in the delivery room to fight for her right to have and not have certain things. FIGHT ended up being the precise word. I could not believe how I had to fight this doctor and the nurses to NOT have the baby vaccinated, not eye drops, etc. They hated me! But baby is fine and healthy. I’d love to read and gather many more stories from folks like you! 🙂 Thank you Jennifer and everyone else. Post away please! 🙂

  7. Kristen says:

    My doctor is insisting that I get the whooping cough vaccine during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy so that my daughter would be born immune to the sickness that causes so many deaths. My body has always responded in a negative way to the required vaccines, usually much worse than getting it naturally and fighting it off. I want my daughter to have a natural immunity to any sickness she gets and don’t want to give her a sickness that she could have potentially avoided or had a much more mild version of naturally. It is nice to see good evidence backing up the “old fashioned” and “outdated” form of practice.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Educate, educate, educate. There’s nothing old-fashioned about being healthy, right?

    • Momof9 says:

      Hi Kristen. I just wanted to say that my oldest daughter (who is now 15, and extremely healthy, thank God!), had every single one of her childhood vaccinations, (up to 18 months), and she was my sickest child! At around 18 months, she was hospitalized with whooping cough, and had to be put on a ventilator because she was so sick and could not breathe. Over the course of her early years, she battled whooping cough, and there were many nights I sat up with her as she coughed and wheezed in my arms. How could this be if she was vaccinated against it??? I have 9 children now, and have not vaccinated since my 3rd child was 6 months, and screamed like I had never heard a few hours after his vaccination. It scared me so much, that’s when I decided to get educated, and stopped vaccinating. My kids have been, and still are, some of the healthiest kids I’ve ever seen. Not like my first, vaccinated child, who was sickly, always had a cold, or stuffy nose, or some weird sickness. Yes, some of my kids have had a “croupy” type cough here and there, but they always get over it quickly and it has never been cause for concern. Not like with my vaccinated child. Poor little thing. Thank God I got educated, listened to my gut instinct, and stopped blindly getting her (and the rest of my blessings) vaccinated.
      Shame on that doctor for insisting you get vaccinated while pregnant!! And good for you for sticking to your guns! I just wanted to encourage you, and let you know I strongly believe you are doing the right thing. Blessings!

    • Kevlynn says:

      In 1982, before I was aware that I was pregnant, I was given a flu shot. Turned out to be morning sickness & not the flu. To make a long story short, within a few days of this flu shot, I started hemorrhaging & was confined to bed rest, which was pretty impossible for me to do with a lazy husband. My son was born 6 weeks early with a syndicalism of his hands & one foot. It was explained to me that at one point, my uterus was coming apart (shortly after the flu vaccine) AND these amniotic bands of tissue of the uterine wall break off into the amniotic fluid & tangle around the parts of the fetus & I was told by the hand surgeon -that did 10 surgeries on my son from the time he was 2 months old to 2 years old for reconstructive surgery- that my baby was lucky as when this happens sometimes the bands cut off the penis or get wrapped around the baby’s neck & that it could have been much worse, NOW GET THIS: when I decided to get my medical records a year later, for PROOF of the flu shot, ALL records of this taking place were gone! Including the doctor who had left the practice & moved out of state to California. It wasn’t until I was in my forties when it really sunk in did I actually wake up to the reality of the medical establishment & their “one size fits all” protocol of barbaric treatments & prescribing chemical toxins. When I had medical malpractice done to me, & how these doctors “stick together” even with second opinions & threatened with another surgery, “if you don’t like the results of your lens implants we can do another surgery that isn’t good & you’ll go blind”… but that’s another story. Find a holistic practitioner & stay as far away from this doctor that wants to jab you & your unborn child because he has learned to do so it in medical school. IMO don’t get me wrong, doctors are good at putting people back together & dispensing antibiotics only if you’re dying, but THAT’s basically it. I commend you for questioning the doctor’s belief system.
      Belief system = BS….Best wishes to you.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Thanks, Kevlynn, for sharing your experience. It’s a story that is heard far too often, and the reason we must all educated ourselves.

    • GudrunB says:

      sorry, but your baby will not be immune if you get the shots – however chances are if you had whooping cough, your immunity is passed on until about 6 mos, especially if you breast feed!
      i stopped even the selected vaccines for my children because of the terrible side effects we endured every time, more and worse with each injection! to the point that the state health department would not even give the third injection to my middle child – they feared it could be too dangerous after the history! no MMR, no chickenpox (they all had the chickenpox!), no rota of any of that new fandangled stuff!
      search on the subject and find all you can! then go with your gut instinct!

    • Erica says:

      Kristen, I chose to not receive the whooping cough vaccine while pregnant. It did not sit well with me and I’m so thankful that I didn’t get it. Breastfeeding will help you and your newborn to stay healthy. Good luck to you and your new babe.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Kristen, here’s another article for your perusal. Hope it helps you make the right decision for you and your baby. Medical professionals do not all agree that ‘more’ vaccines are necessarily ‘better’.

    • Joy Harwood says:

      Do not get any kind of vaccination while pregnant. If your gut is telling you no, trust it. My friend is now in her 50s and will never be able to live unassisted. She still lives with her parents and is a bagger at the grocery store. Her parents were missionaries in Peru when a yellow fever epidemic came through and they told her mom, pregnant with her, to have the vaccine to prevent her new baby from getting the disease. Major brain damage occurred. Very sad. The guilt is unreal. You can always vaccinate when your child is older. I suggest changing practitioners, maybe even consider a doula or midwife to help with delivery if your MD is not agreeing to your wishes. You should not feel any undue pressure in such a high pressure situation as delivery. I signed all the papers the hospital wanted me to sign saying I was refusing all the vaccines, etc. (but I allowed the vitamin drops). You are an American, a citizen, and a human being with a right to treat your body as you see fit. Best wishes on a smooth delivery and a fast first year. Live one day at a time and sleep when the baby sleeps! 🙂 (Best advice I ever got and heeded!)

    • cia parker says:

      Probably too late now, but do not get that or any vaccine during pregnancy. The pertussis vaccine is extremely ineffective as well as dangerous, and there’s no reason to believe it would make your baby immune to the disease. When he’s born, keep him at home away from groups of people until he’s six months old or so. After that it’s not considered a dangerous disease. My fully-vaccinated baby (2, 4, and 6 months) caught it anyway at a La Leche League meeting at 8 months old, and gave it to me. It was scary and exhausting, lasting over a month for her and two months for me, but not dangerous, and we eventually recovered. If an infant gets it anyway, Dr. Suzanne Humphries has an online protocol for high-dose vitamin C therapy which is very effective, and the infant must be held up to the shoulder during all coughing fits (essentially walk them around all night). Alternate homeopathic Pertudoron 1 and 2.

  8. Rachel Martin says:

    Well, I believe this is the most well-written anti-vaccine bit I’ve yet encountered. (My friend is now vehemently anti-vaccine and that baffles me. She keeps linking to such pages, and I try to diligently check them out.) Because most pages are NOT like yours (cogently written, with an absence of conspiracy theories and obvious-seeming misrepresentations), they are easy to dismiss. Yours honestly give me a little pause.

    I do agree _generally_ that we’ve gotten away from both letting our bodies develop immunities* and letting our bodies simply fight some things. (E.g., there’s now a drug you can get to shorten the chain of the flu – but the original side-effects are _terrible_. Yes, the flu sucks, but unless you’re immuno-compromised, it’s just a few days of feeling like crap on toast.) I do agree that diet, lifestye, and environment have oodles to do with health.

    But … I think at least some vaccines are necessary. And I do think “herd immunity” is a big factor, both for your family’s health and others’. It’s all well and good to make the medical decisions for yourself and your children, but you have to consider that you live in a _society_, and other folks and their health matter too. So elementary kids can perhaps fight off certain illnesses (e.g., whooping cough or the measles) if they’re not vaccinated … but what about the infants they excise that can’t?

    And are you actually saying that the polio vaccine was a bad idea? (I understand that members of your family managed to not contact it, and that’s great, but MANY did, and were disabled or died. On a quick check, per Wikipedia, “polio vaccines have reduced the global number of polio cases per year from many hundreds of thousands to under a thousand today.” I don’t think that’s disputed. And, reading more about it, natural immunity _had_ prevented mass epidemics of polio in earlier generations: but only because there was constant exposure because of the lack of basic sanitation. Shall we go back to that? 🙂 )

    (By the way, I certainly don’t think Big Pharma has our best interests at heart; I’m mindful of that.)

    Perhaps we do now over-over-immunize (I’m now more open to the possibility, thanks). But I’m not at all convinced that it’d be safe for our society to just chuck the whole pile. I certainly appreciate your reasoned approach, though, and some of your points about broadly-considered health and well-being are excellent.

    *(See George Carlin’s bit on germs: perfect and to your point, but vulgar, of course.)

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Rachel, I was just about to post the link to Dr. Humphries’ excellent expose of the polio history that another (Rachel) supplied. I think you’ll find it fascinating, as it reveals the true statistics vs. the public relations campaign that existed during the epidemic. While it’s true that many cases of polio occurred, they were largely self-limiting and many were entirely non-symptomatic. The media was very effective in presenting a frightening picture to the public. Dr. Humphries addresses these findings in detail, and I highly recommend viewing this video.
      Another area of controversy that you mentioned is that of ‘herd immunity’. Much has been written that disputes the modern mainstream claim that highly vaccinated populations create protection for unvaccinated members. The origin of this concept arose out of observations in naturally-acquired communicable diseases in livestock populations. It has never been demonstrated to have the same effect in humans, nor their association with vaccination. It is, however, a very good sales tool for boosting vaccine compliance and guilt induction.
      To suggest that healthy people should “take one for the team” (particularly with a product for which the neither the manufacturer nor the administrator has liability) is disturbing for a number of reasons. As the number of immune-compromised grows, we are faced with the perplexing dilemma that didn’t exist in the relatively recent past: these individuals were so rare and their conditions so fleeting that their danger could be minimized by temporary self-isolation. Like children with contagious illness, they were able to recuperate and re-enter their normal lives when the danger passed. But we are now seeing many more chronically-ill, immune-compromised individuals who may very well be the PRODUCT of over vaccination. Additionally, a vaccinated child is also capable of transmitting pathogens to an immunocompromised individual. So vaccinating ‘everyone’ doesn’t solve the problem, either.
      And yes, I love Carlin’s take on germs, too.

    • Arthur Andrew says:

      Rachel, polio never got eradicated. No, this is not a conspiracy theory. Study the history, ask current doctors at hospitals. People who contracted polio since the polio vaccination campaigns were not allowed to be labeled / diagnosed as polio but as aseptic meningitis and many other names. This still happens today. If your child develop polio symptoms within hours or days of polio vaccination, you will soon find out the doctors and hospitals will refuse to admit/acknowledge/label it polio, because in their mind, how could your child develop polio if you’ve just received the all powerful polio vaccine? Look this up, ask local doctors, study aseptic meningitis and many other similar diseases with different labels to cover up polio.

      • Arthur Andrew, Please get yourself a book called “A History of Poliomyelitis” by John R Paul (1975) and read that. It’s fascinating to me that even an ardent provaccine doctor like Paul wouldn’t come close to saying what you said. In fact, the treatment for polio by the medical system was barbaric and he admits it. the treatment for polio today is still barbaric. Why is that? Because everyone has forgotten what Sister Elizabeth Kenny did to revolutionise treatment and while she was alive, her methods spread, but the minute she died, the medical profession did everything possible to bury her methods, so even by John R Paul’s standards, we are now back in the treatment dark ages.

        The irony is that had they listened to her from the start, the paralysis rate from polio would have been so low, and the use of respirators almost non-existent as shown from her treatment centres…. But then, had they listened to her, there would have been very little emotional blackmail to fuel hysteria, and to whip up all those donations through the March of Dimes. People would no longer have been scared of Polio, so where would the market for a vaccine have come from?

        Of course, all those people who read medical literature published by Dr Benjamin Sandler, also knew the other side of the story in terms of how to PREVENT getting it in the first place. The other untold story.

        It’s a constant amazement to me, what people don’t know, and don’t care enough to actually go and research in the medical profession’s own literature.

        If you did that, your view on polio might have a different bigger picture….

        • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

          Thank you, Hilary. I appreciate your input and have long enjoyed your work regarding vaccines. I agree with the suggestion regarding the polio information, too.
          Many thanks for all you do.

    • Mariel says:

      Many sick kids diagnosed with polio may have had DDT poisoning, which has the same symptoms.The ban on DDT could be responsible for a drop in polio-like illness. I remember watching through the window as the big DDT fogger truck came by spraying a white cloud you couldn’t see through that reached from the road up onto our porch. My family made me stay in for hours after.

    • Joy Harwood says:

      Thanks for looking into the other side and making the decision on your own. Please affirm others abilities to exercise this right as well. When your state starts making vaccine exemption more difficult, please resist it. It should be a parent’s right to decide what medical care his/her child receives or does not receive. Regardless of where you stand on vaccination, be thankful that you still have a legal ability to hold that opinion and practice and that it was not forced on you by the government. (For example, August 2012, I was asked by the South Carolina Aiken County Health Department nurse, “…And so what religion are you?…” Since when is that a legal question?and from a government entity? My response was: “I do not have to disclose that information to the government.” If that does not concern you, it should….)

    • cia parker says:

      Most of the 48,000 Americans diagnosed with pertussis two years ago had been appropriately vaxed but got it anyway. The acellular vaccine is extremely ineffective. No reason to make people feel guilty so they’ll get vaxed to protect infants. The fourth DTaP booster wiped out my baby’s only two words and she was diagnosed with autism two months later (had already reacted to the hep-B at birth with encephalitis, but she was saying two words at 18 months that got erased by the vaccine). Parents should keep young infants at home for their protection (and no, it’s not 100% protection, but it helps). Mothers who have had natural measles offer their babies protection with placental immunity for some time after birth, and immunity through breast feeding for as long as they do it. That was nature’s way of handling the infant problem, and then the child got natural measles after weaning, when it was least dangerous. It would be much better for no one to get vaccines, to start true herd immunity.

  9. Rachel says:

    Rachel Martin – Medical Doctor Susan Humphries gives a good lecture discussing and challenging the perceived history of the Polio vaccine.

    • Stefan says:


      Just because someone is a scientist or an MD, doesn’t mean we should listen to them if they present things that are clearly wrong.

      • Wendy says:

        The only reason you state Dr. Humphries is “clearly wrong” is because you’ve been conditioned to believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

        Open your mind. Read ALL the research and listen to ALL the arguments, not just the ones that support your decision.

        Keep in mind conflicts of interest. Ask yourself “Who benefits financially from a certain outcome?”, “How much do they stand to make?”, and “How much influence do they have?”.

        The truth is scary once you start to learn it.

  10. Jersey Shore Girl says:

    Thank you for sharing your story of your unvaccinated family. Your family is extremely smart for making that choice. I am a well-educated person with a degree in chemistry and I knew nothing about vaccines. I wished I knew about the dangers of vaccines before I had my 1st baby almost 10 years ago. My son is now vaccine-injured and he has autism. Our lives will never be the same ever again. I learned my lesson quickly by the time I had my second son. My second son is unvaccinated and he’s healthy and smart. How I wished I knew then what I know now. Once you know the truth about the dangers of vaccines, there is never going back. I hope the truth about vaccines causing autism and other childhood disabilities comes out. Americans need to wake up and realized what’s going on with a whole generation of disabled kids.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank You for your testimony, Jersey Shore Girl! You have spoken.

    • Kim says:

      Dr. Rashid Buttar has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of vaccine injured children regain their health, including his own son. Please look him up…

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      Also Kerri Rivera if you have not heard…Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism. Includes some parasite protocol from Dr. Andreas Kalcker. Sounds crazy, but I looked at symptoms and knew this was my sister. It is helping her at the age of 33.

  11. Mariel says:

    carcinogenic SV 40 that contaminated polio shots found in tumors:
    Int J Health Sci (Qassim). 2007 Jan;1(1):11-6.
    Presence of simian virus 40 DNA sequences in egyptian patients with lymphoproliferative disorders.
    Mohamed WS, Samra MA, Fawzy MA.
    Virology and Immunology Unit, Cancer Biology Department, National Cancer Institute, Fom El-Khalig, Cairo 11796, Egypt.
    Although no definite risk factors have emerged for the different hematological malignancies, a viral cause has been postulated. Several studies have detected SV40 DNA sequences in tumor tissues obtained from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients. A link between SV40 and NHL is biologically plausible because SV40 causes hematological malignancies in laboratory rodents.

    We investigated 266 Egyptian cases of different hematological malignancies, for the presence of SV40 DNA using multiplex nested PCR technique. These cases consisted of 158 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), 54 Hodgkin’s disease(HD), 26 acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), 13 acute myeloid leukemia (AML), 8 chronic lymphoblastic leukemia (CLL), 7 chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), in addition to 34 subjects of control group.

    Our results have shown that SV40 DNA sequences were found in 53.8% of non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients, 29.6% of Hodgkin’s disease patients, and 40.7% of different types of leukemia cases. Frequency of SV40 DNA sequences was higher in NHL patients compared to the other tumor cases. Also, frequency of SV40 DNA sequences was significantly higher (p<0.05) in NHL patients than in the control group. Regarding the different histological types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, SV40 DNA sequences were detected frequently in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and in follicular lymphoma.

    The present study suggests that SV40 DNA virus is significantly associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and might have a role in the development of these hematological malignancies. Polyomavirus SV40 may act as a cofactor in the pathogenesis of these tumors and this could lead to new diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive approaches.

  12. Kat says:

    jhuf rft4nju7/’;
    lpgfzSsThank you. I really can’t tell you how inspiring your simple words are. I’m the mom of 4 unvaccinated boys- determined in my cause, and at times question myself. Sometimes I wonder if the green smoothies I make for breakfast are really worth it- a poptart would be so much easier. And all of the oils I’ve invested in to rub on feet or drop in a tub- wouldn’t it]

  13. Cynthia says:

    Hi! Great article!
    I’m wondering how the nurses and doctors in your family were able to bypass vaccinations. I’m starting nursing school in the spring and freaking out about the mandatory flu shots. I don’t want it, but I’m afraid I will be force to get it or forfeit my dreams. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      As I mentioned in the article, there are a few (very limited) exceptions to the family’s unvaccinated status. One such exception applies to members who were required to have certain vaccines in order to work (as nurses) in hospital ER’s and intensive care departments. They were all unvaccinated as children, so these shots were limited, received in full adulthood, and without incidence.
      As for the doctors in the group, you must remember that there are many types of doctors. Not all of them adhere to the necessity of vaccination.

  14. Erin says:

    Jennifer, I truly could not have said it better myself. This is one of the best articles I have seen on the topic of vaccines. I do so appreciate the sharing of your story. I am 54 and had all of the childhood illnesses that people are so terrified of now. My mother is a robust 82 on no medications. The grand kids are not vaccinated and are the picture of health. Good health is really not a big mystery. Knowledge IS power. We’ve had some missteps and some bad vaccine reactions in the extended family. I have no doubts about the insidious harm that they can do.Thank you for your wisdom, insight and common sense.

  15. Kat says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your encouragement. I’m one of those moms who has poured over hours of journals, articles, graphs, and have ultimately decided against vaccinating my 4 healthy and robust children. I catch a lot a flack from my friends for the green smoothies I make my kids for breakfast, the oils, the homeopathics, the flouride free toothepaste- and sometimes wonder if it really makes a difference. A pop tart would be so much easier than fresh from our own chickens eggs with a green smoothie, having fruit snacks instead of a drawer full of fresh fruits and veggies that I have chopped and portioned to perfect snack sizes. And then I read you encouraging words, and I think to myself- ‘you bet it’s worth it. Years down the road it will be all the more worth it. Stick to your health and determination for provide the strongest, healthy bodies for your kids so that if or when they encounter an illness their bodies will do as they were designed to do and spring into amazing immune action.” So thank you for your encouragement- we young Mamas need it. As strong and set in our intentions as we are, it is always encouraging to hear from someone who has been there and done there that it is indead worth it.

    • Menina says:

      You are doing a great thing! Don’t ever second guess your choices. I am in the same boat. I’ve been researching vaccines intensely and decided NOT to vaccinate my 3 year old. I KNOW I am doing the right thing. She is the healthiest child I know. Every time I am questioned, I take it as an opportunity to educate the person.


    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      (*_^), Kat.

  16. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for that super article!!!! I believe that vaccines have really hurt children’s health. So many people have been blinded and brainwashed. It’s so sad.

  17. Serena says:

    Fantastically written article. I whole-heartedly agree with everything stated within this writing. I have children if my own(5) and have, with much research and effort in my part, chosen the same path as this family. All of our children are some of the healthiest children I know. Our youngest (5) has never been to the doctor for anything. Our 7yo has been yo the doctor once, for a seizure she had at age 3 and has not had another one since. We did have her on a medication for 1 year afterwards, which I had researched and found that there were very minimal side affects, which we did find to be true over the year she was taking it. Our 11 yo has been to the doctor only twice for a broken arm each time. Our eldest son(13) has been to the ER only twice for two different ear infections that I could have continued to remedy on my own, but the pain was overbearing for him at age 4. Our 16 yo daughter has only been to the doctor once, ever, for a UTI that we were not aware of until it reared its ugly head. She was 11. None of our children have been vaccinated. This has been our choice. We made this choice not based on being frightened of what they could do or by reading horror stories of people and their children who have been severely injured or worse yet, have died, but because of knowledge and painstaking research over many years. I don’t just FEEL that we have made the best choice for our children and their future, I KNOW we have done the right thing. I have never bashed anyone I know for choosing to go the other direction and vaccinate. All I do is let friends and family in on my reasons for not doing it and tell them to educate themselves thoroughly. To never walk into a health-based decision blindly and never let anyone coerce them or guilt them into making a life-altering choice that they are not comfortable with. It is truly my choice, my children and I will protect them with not just my life but my attained knowledge as well. Thank you for writting this article. I will share it with the hope of helping someone opening their eyes to a new perspective and a new-foubd hope that they do have a say in their families health. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      I love your story, Serena. Please share it far and wide. Loving parents EVERYWHERE are hungry for answers.


  18. Kate says:

    I appreciate the article, but I find it extremely important to check for spelling and grammar when you are speaking on a such a controversial subject. I couldn’t get past the first paragraph without finding a (embarrassing) spelling error: “pubic health.” Please double check before posting, so that others can share these articles without nit pickers using these things against our debate.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, Kate, and the typo has been corrected. The article was proofed by several others before submission and the error was missed. And of course, auto-correct missed it, too, because it’s a legitimate word that was merely used in the wrong context.
      It would be a shame for anyone to disregard the message of this post due to an unintentional misspelling, and would demonstrate an attempt to marginalize and undermine its message. As you might imagine, I’m used to that type of straw-man criticism. Thanks to all of you who caught the error.

  19. Katherine Boston says:

    I appreciate this article very much. With the all encompassing internet and social media outlets and groups, it would be easy to think that choosing not to vaccinate is a new idea. My mother and her sisters were not vaccinated, due to the choice of their father, a chiropractor. My brothers and I were not vaccinated. And my son has not received any vaccinations. My grandfather lived well into his 80s and was never on a prescription medication. My mother takes no prescription medications. My brothers and I, even today, are rarely ill. I even had a healthy child without being vaccinated against rubella. As with the author, this is an anecdotal story of one family.

    But when I see other women my age and their children, roughly my son’s age, I see a marked difference. He, age 5, has never taken an antibiotic. I did not see an MD until I was 24. (Upon taking the antibiotic that was prescribed at that time, I wrecked my intestinal bacteria. Big mistake on my part.)

    Every parent must live with the decisions they make on behalf of their children in the formative years. After my son was born, I watched him develop day by day. Although I had made it to adulthood without vaccines, I still seriously contemplated their validity. I finally decided that I could live with myself if he suffered an illness. I could not live with myself if I allowed him to be injected with something, anything, that could compromise his healthy state. I could not do it! I am grateful to my husband for being on board and listening to my conversations with myself.

    Many people do not get notably harmed by vaccinations. But some do. I know more people, personally know them, who have had an adverse reaction to a vaccine than who have died from a communicable disease.

    That’s what I know. I encourage everyone to make a decision they can stand by, whatever comes their way.

  20. jroark says:

    what I would like to know is….how do you NOT vaccinate your children, when it is required by law?? I tried to fight it, but was told my children would “not be permitted to attend school until they received all of their shots.” the doctor’s office knows that if it is not required by law, it is pointless to ask me. I refuse everything I am legally allowed to. I’ve never had a flu shot, nor have my children. I had the shots spaced apart to try to make them as “safe” as possible, as I have one autistic child (he was born this way, not caused by any vaccinations-that HE received, anyway), and did not want to risk another child if my family was already pre dispositioned to it, if that makes sense. the younger two will be required for more vaccines in the future…and I would love to know how to refuse, legally!

  21. nikki says:

    To each his own. I vaccinate. I believe it is due to community immunity that people who choose not to vaccinate are kept safe! God Bless!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      nikki, I support everyone making informed choices about vaccination. Sadly, too many people don’t really understand they have choices, and I support your decision to do what you believe is right. Thanks for your comment.

      • Lynora says:

        My husband and I were just talking about this on Friday evening. What I don’t get is: the people who choose to get their children vaccinated, (some) claim that those who choose not to vaccinate are putting their children (the ones that have been vaccinated) at risk. If their children are vaccinated so they don’t get the childhood disease, then how are they “at risk” of getting it? That is what the vaccine is for, right? How can their children get the disease if they have been immunized? I have 11 grandchildren, two of them are autistic. I do believe it is because of the vaccinations that they have received. They were healthy normal, growing children making progress in their milestones (walking and jabbering). Then suddenly they were regressing (no communication, no touching, screaming etc.). It has been a long road with them. I love them dearly! Our granddaughter is just now starting communication through speech (before she would have to show me what she wanted because she couldn’t form the words to tell me). She just turned 9. I love seeing them grow and progress but I also wonder what they would have been like if they had not received the immunizations.

        • Kim says:

          Dearest Grandmother,
          Please look up Dr. Rashid Buttar. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands of vaccine injured children regain their health, including his own son! I too am a grandmother and know the pain of once healthy children lost inside themselves from what seems to be a unknown, outside enemy. Check, out Dr. Buttar. He may be able to help your family.

        • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

          Lynora, regressive autism is the most common (and most tragic) form of neurological injury. I’m touched by your concern and love for your grandchild and hope you find ways to recover to the degree possible. You might appreciate seeking support from the website at “Age of Autism”, where they discuss many issues that are important to families like yours.
          Thanks for contributing.

    • Dani says:

      This is probably the most well written article I have come across. The decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate SHOULD be one that is mulled over and researched. To simply take a govt agency or physician at their word is irresponsible parenting. For pete’s sake- we research our new TV’s or smart phones more than most parents research something they inject their child with. A game changer for me and my view of vaccinations safety happened when I began working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist and saw first hand the injuries as a result of vaccination reactions. In addition – was when the govt gave the vaccine manufacturers immunity from lawsuits in 2006. They set up a vaccine court of which the media is virtually silent on the millions and millions of dollars given out for vaccine injury *(yes – Autism as a result of vaccines has been acknowledged and granted 500K in this very telling list). http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/opinions_decisions_vaccine/Unpublished

  22. Cheryl says:

    I am wondering how in the world you have nurses or doctors in your family who have never been vaccinated when that is MANDATORY for all nursing and medical schools? It is the one reason it looks like I won’t be able to go, because I absolutely refuse to have poison injected into my body. Can I ask what schools they went to that didn’t require vaccines to get in?

    • Menina says:

      Cheryl – It is NOT required by law to vaccine to attend school. There are exemptions in every state – medical, philosophical and/or religious exemptions. They vary from state to state.

      Go to the following link to check out the vaccine exemption laws in your state…

    • Mnm07 says:

      Do your research! You have to educate yourself on your options and rights, I can’t imagine that this is not what is truly stopping you from going… As I’d hope you would have researched your options before giving up your career goal. I AM A NURSING STUDENT, I work at & do my clinicals at a hospital that “requires” the flu-shot! I posted this comment above on another post.

      [[FYI, I’m “pro-vaccination,” and received the shot!! I believe it’s what’s best for me and for the patients I care for.]]
      However, after I began working at the hospital, they put the policy in place that it was MANDATORY for ALL employees/students/volunteers/etc. to get the FLU-SHOT!
      Although I’m very much [pro-vac] and would have gotten it regardless of the policy, I was offended at the thought of ppl not having a choice!! So I did my research!!! There were a handful of ppl who refused, which was OK!!! Just bc they say mandatory, does NOT mean they can vaccinate you against your will, they won’t refuse to let you into med school or nursing programs, or fire you! Knowledge is power…!

      Here’s my post from earlier about they handle flu-shot policies at our hospital, and in all others that I’ve read about so far….

      “They will not force you to take the take the flu-shot. As most hospital policies are similar to this: employees, volunteers, & students are required to receive their flu-shot by ____date (Ours, for example, is Nov. 1st). Anyone refusing the flu-shot must sign a vaccination declination form, and those refusing the vaccination must wear a mask throughout their entire shift (while in the building/on the clock/etc). Masks must be worn at all times by individuals refusing the flu-shot, starting __ thru ___ (again ours is usually from 11/1-4/1, but the mask requirement has been extended thru May in years of late or prolonged flu seasons.) They can not force you to accept the shot, but they will strongly encourage it; as you will likely be coming into contact with patients that are positive for the flu, as well as immunocompromised patients that can’t afford the risk of coming in contact with the flu or other illnesses. Hospitals definitely do not want employees/students/volunteers to be the source of the flu in their facility, but they also can’t afford for mass volumes of call-ins. So this policy could generate controversy between an employee & their employer, if the employee refused the vacc. & in turn had to miss multiple days of work due to the flu or flu-related illness.
      I’m in nursing school now, & was already a hospital employee when I started in the program.”

  23. Renee says:

    I love this, sadly i did get most of the vaccines when i was a child but stopped when i was 12 or 13. With my daughter she wont receive them. Thank you for writing your family’s story, and I am curious how is it you can leave the country and come back without getting the vaccines or is it all different now?

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      I’ve never encountered any mandate for vaccination upon entering any country, or returning to the U.S.
      Please share your sources for such mandates.

  24. Emm says:

    Thanks for this Jennifer, it’s great to finally read some positive examples of unvaccinated families. We only ever see the negative in the media:( you have lots of courage, god bless you!

  25. Angie says:

    When I was pregnant, my brother (who had just had his own daughter and lives overseas) warned me about vaccinations. At first I dismissed his views and thought he was crazy but I knew that he only wanted his niece to be healthy and the concern came from a good place, so I thought maybe there was something to it. The least I could do was research, so I did like a mad woman and eventually came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to vaccinate. Of course, everyone (cept my bro) thought I was crazy and I had very little support so I relented and let her have the first vacs. I felt so terrible about it, my conscience would not rest, so I did more research and even spoke with my family doctor about it. She gave me books to read, videos to watch and said she would support my decision, just wanted me to be fully informed. So I looked at both sides and have firmly stuck with the decision not to vaccinate. People still look down on me and make remarks here and there, but it’s like water off a duck’s back now. I know I am doing the best I can for my little one, let those people think whatever they want. It always feels great to be reassured that I am doing the right thing! Thank you for this article and blessings to your wonderfully healthy family!

  26. Thank you so much for a wonderful personal story that all of us can benefit from . We also did not vaccinate our children for all of the same reasons you cite. Our children have had their illnesses, of course, yet rebound quickly and are alert, bright, articulate and energetic! As a health professional, I dedicate my life daily to help remind others of their bodies innate intelligence and that it is never too late to make healing changes in our habits and life style choices. Sadly, I do have to be somewhat careful who I choose to share our non-vaccinated status with. Some folks in my very conservative corner of New Jersey may be a bit reactive!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, Robin. Unfortunately, New Jersey isn’t the only hotbed of contention…but it does serve as home base for the largest number of vaccine manufacturers in the U.S.
      Tempers run high when dollars are at stake. Tell you story with those who’ll listen.

  27. Nick McMillon says:

    I like the idea of natural immunities and the power of our bodies, but what about the schools? My child goes to public school, and last year when he was behind on his vaccines the school gave us a deadline and told us he would be sent home after said deadline until he recieved his vaccines.

  28. Anon says:

    I am going into the medical area. I have been going to school and due to graduate next summer to become a medical assistant. I have a young son. We decided for the vaccinations, Partly, because I was and still am a young mother and I’ve heard Jenny McArthy bit on anti-vaccinations and did not agree. I feel that her stance is very one-sided and in most cases she is getting money for endorsing, and with her, in itself, she has hordes of people who agree. I read this article and it stopped me in my tracks completely. I have never heard or read a column based on first-person experience of not being vaccinated. I do believe you are right that we as humans need to take better care of ourselves and not allow our government to make our choices for us, in this way. I also believe in medicine and I believe with studies we could find out more about this issue. But with that, you would have the pharmaceutical companies up in arms because the government wouldn’t be pushing their product in our infants. And with them not being able to push their product they wouldn’t make money. In today’s times, sadly, I doubt that will happen bc we live in a capitalistic society. But this is a nice refresher for me, so thank you for sharing.

  29. Danita says:

    Thank you for this very well-written and confident piece. We allowed my daughter to have the Hep-B vaccine when she was born, and within an hour she was lethargic to the point of almost being comatose. I was concerned, but no one ever mentioned that this may be a side effect of a vaccine. After meeting a few people with children who had very real, very, VERY acute reactions to vaccines, and researching different parenting methods more and more, I became very concerned about vaccines as I started actually reading through the VAERS data available on deaths and serious injuries from vaccines. We have decided not to give my daughter any further vaccines, but are criticized about the decision by more people than just her doctor. It has been an interesting road.

    I think my biggest confidence booster about refraining from vaccination was when I ran across this article, and started looking more into Dr. Klenner’s work with Polio and other viral infections. His success rate in curing them is astounding, and yet no one has ever heard of him. I was reminded that substances occurring in nature cannot be patented, and are therefore not profitable. It really casts some grave doubts on vaccinations.


    Also, I read a really disturbing journal article a while back speculating that the original Polio vaccine trials may have been responsible for the HIV epidemic, given that the populations where AIDS cases first appeared were the same populations the vaccines were tested in 8-10 years prior, the original vaccine was grown in monkey tissue cultures, and the CDC retains quite a few vials of the original vaccine which it refuses to release for DNA analysis in spite of several Freedom of Information acts being filed for that very information. I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories easily, but the amount of evidence that the article’s author had collected for this particular idea was fairly disturbing.

    Even if I didn’t have grave doubts about things like that and the heavy metals used in vaccine production, I know enough about biochemistry to firmly believe that injecting foreign species DNA directly into a human bloodstream is probably a recipe for disaster.

    Thank you for taking this stand, there are so many people like myself who never questioned the doctor’s advice until something was done that couldn’t ever be undone. You have my applause.

  30. Jill says:

    Very interesting info. Thank you. Second sentence in, please change from “pubic health,” to “public” health. It made me chuckle though. 🙂

  31. dawn says:

    My daughter is 2 yrs old now and back then she didn’t had her shots for the 2 yrs she was born and she did fine the only shot she got was thevitamin k shot when she was 1st born. Then Istarted thinking yes to the shots n she has only gotten 8 shots so far. The last time Itook her to get her shots she cried real bad and after last 4 shots she got it made me feel wirded out again n Istarted to secong guess n have second thoughts bout her shots. But after reading this article Idont want her getting her shots again her dad is against them for Idont know why but after seeing how she reacted and was screaming and crying almost bloddy murder that tore my heartapart. My girl was breastfed for 4 months too and wasnkt taking any shots til she got to be like 25 months.but after reading this article I’m not having her go and get them done again. I espically don’t want my 2 year old to hate her doctor at that young of an age and be scared too. Thank you so much for opening up my eyes again too. This makes me feel better not to start them up again.besides if we eat healthy and exercise properly then wh shouldn’t get that sick anyways.

  32. tiff says:

    I need more information in how to not get my daughter vaccinated anymore. I dont know where to look. I know its possible but my dr says if she could get a vaccine for every cold she would. I want my daughterto go to the drs and school without being vaccinated. help please!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      tiff, several people have posted information that will give you some guidance. The National Vaccine Information Center is an excellent first-stop. You can find the laws that apply to your state. Best to you.

      • Prudence Dagg says:

        You will probably find that the less you vaccinate, the less you will need the doctor’s office. Even Dr. Stafford (this blog posts one of his posts) alludes to this.

        Find a supportive or at least sympathetic doctor…asap. Best to you!

  33. Lisa says:

    I am frustrated because I cannot find a way to get around having my children not be vaccinated and still attend school. Are there ways to protest or must I home school them. Do you offer any advice?

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Lisa, laws vary by state. Consult the National Vaccine Information Center (nvic.org) to get the information you need. Never Stop Searching for ways to keep your children healthy!

  34. Jill says:

    Jennifer Z. Vaughn,
    This is the best anti-vax article I have ever read. Thank you for not being a fear-mongering, conspiracy theorist nut. I have four kids. The first two were 100% vaccinated, #3 had some and #4 has had none. I am not convinced of vaccine harm or safety. I am a research junkie. I love education… problem is I feel both sides are corrupted and biased. Can you link some reputable, trustworthy and factual sites please? I am tired of hitting my head up against walls of conspiracy theories. I want facts. Thank you soooo much! God bless 🙂

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      The subject of vaccination has long been ruled by fear, unfortunately. To understand fully requires a look at history, economics, and politics. What may sound like outrageous ‘conspiracy theory’ can become common knowledge once enough people are informed. There are many mainstream medical professionals who disagree with the current paradigm and are afraid to speak out. That’s why you have to be vigilant in your search. I’d suggest going to NVIC or think twice.com for a great compilation of the Facts surrounding the subject.
      Just remember, as history has proven….not every conspiracy is a theory.

      • Truth says:

        Precisely, not every conspiracy is a theory.
        In my community (of 100,000) I am under constant judgement about my personal choice to not vaccinate my children, any further. I’ve had conversations with people about the subject and people get VERY offended, I’ve seen some people go as far as to say it is murder to not vaccinate because you are potentially killing other people’s children! I can see why the common attitude is of such distaste though, our local physicans put raw fear into parents. At my last appointment with my 8month old my doctor acted like I was playing Russian roulette with my children’s lives and the nurse said if her children didn’t vaccinate her grandbabys she would slap her!? I simply said I’m glad I’m not one of your children then.. But we began to talk about why I have been re-affirmed to not vaccinate and sited that 3 of my close friends had bad reactions after their flu shots just this last year, she said there was no way they were related to the vaccine. I asked how many people she has seen due to vaccine reactions, she said NONE! Unbeleivable! But she has seen babies die right there on the table because they didn’t have their shots. Pure fear! Who would want to subject their kids to imminent death? That’s why I vaccinated my son all these years, it took my daughter now almost 3 getting really sick and acting very irritable after her shots as a baby that made me spend hundreds of hours pouring over documents and journals referring to vaccine safety. There is a real risk to vaccinating, there is also a risk of getting into an accident everyday.. But I wouldn’t take something that has been proven (if you look into it) dangerous, and give it to people who I am responsible to protect, the tiny little loves of my life. Why? These diseases are rare, why give something that will likely cause some form of damage at the very least it’s disarming your natural antibodies. The fact that people are so insanely crazy and inhumane with words in the subject tells me that it’s wrong. Do your own research people don’t let dr’s continue to bully the public into poisoning themselves. Research the causes of cancer and you will learn the truth about everything wrong with our world, look up vaccine injury .gov to learn the raw truth about vaccines, look at the data & statistics FROM the gov. Millions are paid to those injured by vaccines.

  35. Marla Svihl says:

    Thank you! Well written and a keeper for my files! What they are doing to children these days in the name of vaccinations, it is amazing some do survive! We raised 5 children. We immunized our 1st son till he went to school. Our 2nd daughter, the 1st year. Till she started walking around furniture, my brother commented; her legs look different from each other. After years of doctoring, even Mayo clinic in Rochchester, Mn. One Dr. An orthopedic surgeon told me it looked like a touch of polio? Well, from that day I decided to take matters into my own hands! They will never admit to their involvement of problems related to vaccinations.
    I thank God for the wisdom he gave us to deal with her situation, which was nothing. They wanted to do surgery, put extensions in the top and the bottom of her 6 mths younger than her other leg. Which could have ended in losing her leg, one of the side effects. This was when she was 15 years old. I saw drug addiction and a whole lot of lost life? They did try to mess up the growth cells in her good leg, which was a joke!
    So our 3 other daughters were never vaccinated. Along the way,there was lots of ridicule; but not discussing it with many that were ignorant, was best!
    My surmise is, God created us wonderfully! We have immune systems that if left alone and treated well, are amazing; almost miraculous! When we get sick, it builds your immunities. So sick is not bad, it’s a reason to rest and let your body heal itself!
    I agree wholeheartedly with this story, I have my own story! The truth!

  36. Jenny says:

    Good article! Have you ever heard of Wegener’s Granulomatosis? I hadn’t, until my father was diagnosed with it almost ten years ago. Sadly, neither had most of his doctors. It’s an autoimmune type of vasculitis that most commonly attacks the lungs, upper respiratory system, and kidneys, but can affect many parts of the body. While my dad just barely got treatment in time and has been struggling to manage it in the years since, it can EASILY kill you before you or your doctors figure out what it is. And, like other autoimmune diseases which seem to be on the rise, there is no known cause.

    So, significant and growing numbers of people are suffering greatly because their immune systems are going rogue and turning on them. In some cases their own bodies are literally killing them. The medical community has been unable to give an explanation, but they still expect us to believe that unrelentingly stimulating our immune systems through artificial, toxic means is safe! My eldest child did have a few vaccines as a baby before we read up on it, but we no longer subject our children or ourselves to any of it. We are enjoying vibrant health thanks to chiropractic, a decent diet, and a trust in the amazing bodies God gave us. It also doesn’t hurt that we homeschool, so we are not as exposed. I have never been able to figure out why we as a society don’t place more responsibility on those with contagious illness to stay home until they are well.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks for sharing, Jenny. My family also relies on regular chiropractic care and many naturopathic practices. We’ve found that it reduces the need for either drugs or surgery for many conditions that most people wouldn’t associate with either of these healing arts. Share your story!

  37. Adrienne says:

    Every decision has positive and negative consequences. Making those decisions are what life is all about. I’m so happy that your family has maintained great health over the years. Unfortunately, almost every positive personal experience can be matched with an opposite, negative one. Before the polio vaccine ( with all of its flaws) was available, a close family friend contracted the illness at a young age. As a result, she was permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Would she have contracted the illness had she received the vaccine? We will never know for sure but I believe her chances of contracting it would have been lessened. Would she have cancer now instead of paralysis? Once again, we will never know for sure. Vaccines are created to prevent very specific diseases that once posed a great risk to society. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they have maintained great health despite not getting vaccinated for specific ailments as vaccines aren’t meant to enhance general health. If enough people over the course of the next 50-100 years continue to choose non-vaccination, the consequences will only then become apparent. We will start to see a rise in the number of these diseases that are now virtually eradicated. Perhaps some of these illnesses will spark a new pandemic that will once again urge the use of a vaccine. I’m not saying vaccines are perfect or they don’t cause secondary chronic illnesses. All I’m saying is, if we love our children we want to think about all of the long-term consequences of our choices. Will some be healthier without the vaccine now? Yes, probably. For others there will be no change one way or the other. But we must also think about our great, great, great, grandchildren. Will they have to deal with another polio pandemic? Another measles pandemic? One more thing to think about is maybe it’s not our vaccines aren’t actually causing chronic illness but our horrible, pesticide-laced, hormone-filled food supply.

  38. Georgia says:

    Thanks for sharing your family’s story, Jennifer. I think you made a good point about your family not being scared to contract the diseases. I hear a lot of people taking about not vaccinating whose argument is “these diseases are not a risk anymore. ” Which might be true for some, but for many it is not true at all. And that’s OK! Our society has become convinced that contracting diseases is a death sentance. It’s not. Some of them suck and require some down time to recover, but they are absolutely survivable with many benefits.
    With that said, there are populations of people who are more at risk of serious injury for certain diseases. For Kids under 6 months, pertussis can be horrible. Under 3 months, it can be deadly. That’s no joke. But instead of placing the burden of this on the community, exposing them (the community) to who knows what by way of vaccination and removing their opportunity to contribute to TRUE “herd immunity,” I would love to see more education and support for new parents around keeping their babies safe and at home during the times when their immune systems are at risk of not being able to handle the disease as well. Same goes for the sick and elderly (I hesitate including “elderly” because I know many extremely healthy elderly so that’s not really a guarantee for weakened immune systems. )
    Anyway, hearing stories of healthy families, free from vaccines, is needed. Get your stories or there people. And let’s work together to support new families to be socially responsible for their children’s health. Be diligent about their protection and careful what you expose them to when under 3 months and be willing to do what it takes to support our children to process disease (taking time off work to be with them while they have chicken pox, pertussis, etc. .) Let’s spend some of these monetary government resources on educating and supporting women to breastfeed. The way this piece to the “immunity recipe” has been pushed aside might be the single most detrimental thing we have done to damage our health in this country, aside from vaccinating.
    Thanks for starting this conversation in this way. It’s much needed!

  39. Donna Dreyer says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Two questions. Number one, I have grandchildren born and unborn, how did you fight the “your child can’t enter school without these vaccines” issue? And two, I work in healthcare and am told this year that I HAVE to get the flu shot. I can no longer just sign a declination statement but have to go to occupational health, explain myself, sign papers, and then wear a mask from Dec 13 – March 31. Even though I am surrounded by sick people everyday, I eat healthy, exercise, WASH MY HANDS, have no significant health issues that put me at risk for illness, I rarely get sick and don’t feel threatened by a few “germs”. What raises the biggest flag for me is that “someone” is now dictating my right to make my own decision regarding my own plan of care for myself. I don’t mind wearing a mask during the flu season (and I will), but I feel its almost like when the Jews were made to wear their little arm bands so the superior population could steer clear of these filthy lesser breeds.
    These are both huge topics and I realize much could be said, but if you could respond, I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Donna, please read the comments above on this thread. I think your questions will be answered. If they’re not, please let us know what else can be answered. There’s a wealth of knowledge in this group-think.
      Please continue to question!

  40. Holly says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was reassuring for me, a mother of an unvaccinated 14 month old baby girl. On occasion I find myself thinking, “She’s 14 months old and hasn’t received a single vaccine. Am I playing with fire?! Have I made a big mistake?!” Personally, I find it awful that parents who choose not to vaccinate have to grapple with an uncomfortable fear that they are placing their children in front of a disease-ridden bullet and they better hope that bullet changes course before blasting into their children. I believe the fear is unfounded, Nevertheless, it is the message pushed on us by mainstream medicine.

    I started reading and researching about vaccines a few years before I had my baby. The truth is, I have simply never felt a peace about giving her vaccines. Not even on a delayed schedule. Some may say that’s because I have an “irrational” fear that vaccines will harm my child and this fear is not grounded in “science.” I say I have a lot of faith in my “gut” and I’ve made many a decision based on what my gut tells me is best. If I truly feel discontent with the idea of vaccinating my child, and I’ve spent considerable time researching the topic, I believe my decision should be respected. It is unfortunate that parents who choose not to vaccinate are considered irresponsible, uneducated, and irrational by a large group of people.

    My hope is that by the time my children are grown adults with their own children, the decision will be easier and the choice to not vaccinate will not be chastised. In the meantime, I hope more people like you continue to share their stories.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Holly. I believe, especially for parents, that trusting your ‘gut’ is profoundly loving. Keep on educating yourself, and you’ll discover you were probably right.

  41. Laurie says:

    So I am one of those parents who began vaccinating my child as recommended. My son, now 6, is very healthy. Outside of the normal coughs and colds, he has rarely been ill. He has had all but 4 of his vaccines, because I stopped them out of fear. Fear driven by my, now, 4 year old daughter.

    When she was born, we began the same recommended schedule for her. She was developing normally, and wonderfully. Somewhere between 4-6 months, she regressed. She became unable to roll over, sit up, track objects, etc. She stopped moving forward. To date, no cause has been found for her “Global Developmental Delays,” or her Optic Nerve Damage. We have done MRI’s, EEG’s, Genetic Testing, Metabolic Testing, etc. She has recently progressed to almost being able to walk now with daily intervention through schools, therapies, and home. The ever looming question is there of whether or not this was caused by vaccines is always haunting me. Did I let this happen?

    Choosing to vaccinate or not is never easy. Neither is living with what may be the consequences of choosing either route. Thank you for sharing your side.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Laurie, for your story. I’m sure many parents can relate.

    • Sue says:

      You may want to explore homeopaths or naturopaths, as they can provide treatments to counteract or eliminate vaccine toxins in your child, which may help. You also may want to check out the Anat Baniel method. She works with children with multiple forms of disability and brain disorders with amazing success.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Laurie, I’m also going to suggest that you try to locate a chiropractic neurologist in your area. They maintain a diplomate status in neurology, and are having much success in vaccine injury recovery.

  42. Melissa says:

    Hello, I am an RN and although we’ve all been vaccinated on schedule for everything, I am definitely against flu shots because they are very ineffective, the virus is very mutable, it requires a yearly shot (yearly injection of who knows what) and the flu is a minor illness that resolves quickly.

    I believe the cost/benefit analysis of say the MMR (1-2 shots required in lifetime) and 90%+ efficacy is a better gamble, so I did all other shots. Still I am healthy, free of allergies, asthma, chronic illnesses, mental illness. I married a healthy man with same requirement. Our children are the same, very, very healthy.

    I do believe you didn’t take these factors into account. One: survival of the fittest, to be frank, people who wouldn’t have survived to breed, or those who would not have been able to hang onto a partner (without medications) are now breeding, making more defective people. Two, people now have the “get it fast, quick and painless” mentality. Everyone wants the epidural, the csection, everyone wants to prevent every illness known to man, no one wants to slow down, to take the time off to heal completely at home, they load up on cold meds and OTC stuff and carry on with life, they think their lives should be as free of suffering as possible. They slather themselves with chemicals on a daily basis and bake them into their skin when really they should enjoy the sun and the vitamin D in moderate amounts. They are afraid of everyone and everything.

    I know a woman who is about as pro-vaccine, pro-pharma as they get. Ideally, she would like a world without sickness – no one should ever suffer a moment’s inconvenience. She didn’t understand why anyone would want to get a cold, or if you did, why you should suffer a moment’s inconvenience or suffering. This is a huge problem of what is wrong with people today.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks Melissa. It’s very important for people to hear this message from medical providers, such as RN’s. Most people believe that everyone in mainstream medicine thinks nothing is ‘wrong’ with the way we’re using vaccines today. They often trust nurses more than doctors, so please educate at every opportunity!

    • Truth says:

      So true!

  43. Nicole says:

    A wonderful essay! Thank you! It’s tough to be the minority on this issue when so many argue against you and it helps so much to read the words of others who support the cause. Your conclusion was very passionate and inspiring.

    • Nicole says:

      Also, I tried searching that quote and I got no results. Could you please tell me who said it? “Today’s unvaccinated children will inherit the earth…and it’s not going to be a pretty job. “ Thanks 🙂

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        No, Nichole, it was a comment made in a private conversation I had with a well-known doctor who is critical of the current vaccine program. I happen to agree, but I won’t say who without his permission. (I was enormously touched by his wisdom and foresight in that statement. I understand you are, too.)

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Nicole. I appreciate your support.

  44. Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

    Melissa says, “She didn’t understand why anyone would want to get a cold, or if you did, why you should suffer a moment’s inconvenience or suffering. This is a huge problem of what is wrong with people today.”
    I wholeheartedly agree, Melissa. “Feeling bad” is something we universally try to avoid. But sometimes, (like fever) it’s an inevitable part of the process.”Suffering” for a lifetime is an altogether different thing.
    We have choices, and we must choose wisely. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  45. Tiffany says:

    I was unaware of the risks of immunizations when my daughter was born 10 yrs ago. She was immunized up to 18 mos old. She has a GREAT immune system! Hardly ever getting sick like almost EVERY other kid around us. My son on the other hand, at age 5, has NEVER been immunized and was breastfed for 10 mos. He has had the worst illnesses with pneumonia, RSV, bronchitis, bronchilitis and 2 yrs ago diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.We were told it was genetic since his grandmother is also a diabetic. It broke my heart the first time I had to inject him myself in the hospital. I cried! He was my baby and I was having to put a needle in his little body and inject him with poison. After 2 yrs it’s still hard for me and HATE that I have to give him insulin shots. I KNOW there is something the medical community and government can do to help all these MILLIONS of people with diabetes but then what would all the doctors do?
    My point is, sometimes your kids will still get life long illnesses even without vaccines but I’m not willing to take the risk of making my children anyone’s guinea pig. No one in my husbands family has been immunized and I am ever grateful to them for sharing their knowledge with me on the matter. And thank you for sharing your story so someone else out there can be educated 🙂

    • Mary Joyce Brady says:

      Please locate a board certified Naturopathic Doctor at http://www.AANP.org (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) to be educated about vaccinations, diseases, immune system support, antifungal treatments, NO annual mammograms (thermography instead), NO synthetic hormone treatment (bioidentical hormone replacement instead), alternative cancer treatment (more options than chemo/radiation/surgery), etc. Diseases CAN BE CURED (NOT bandaided) by these physicians who are taught the Naturopathic Field’s way to treat and cure illnesses. These doctors take longer appointment times with their patients and usually recommend supplements rather than synthetic prescription drugs to aid healing. Please give them a chance to assist you and your Loved Ones in getting well…

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Yes, Tiffany, we’re seeing very high numbers of Type 2 Diabetes in vaccinated children–a condition that was almost non-existent in the pediatric population in times past. Our genes “can” play a role, as well as other environmental factors, but vaccines have been implicated by recent research into the connection. You might want to consult with some nutritional experts who are reversing the the condition through diet–it’s fascinating!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Tiffany, there is some great work currently being done to reverse Type 2 diabetes. It’s been reported that some of these same protocols have also been successful in improving the health of Type 1 diabetics. Raw, whole food strategies can be very helpful and there are some great documentaries available online that you might want to check out. Best of luck to you in your search to help your child. We’re all in a constant state of ‘becoming’.

  46. Kelly Sakal says:

    Thank you for the great article. We have seven children and our last was never vaccinated due to his sister before him at the age of 4 months experiencing a hypo tonic reaction to her shots. I am wondering about your comment related to living in 18 different countries. My 20 yr old son will be traveling to Panama in Feb. I assume that he will be getting shots. I prefer he not. Any suggestions/comments?

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Kelly, for starters, I only ‘lived’ in one of the 18 that I’ve visited. (the U.K.) so I’m not familiar with the legal statutes that apply to Panama. You can probably find that information online, whether or not they require proof of vaccine status, but none of the European, North American or African countries I visited require vaccines for entry. Thanks for the question and I look forward to you keeping us informed about your research!

  47. Serena says:


    Please correct me if I am wrong, but thinking in logical terms, and taking the words of the medical community seriously, if vaccines are so effective, moreso than not, and if they are deemed extremely “safe” to mostly everyone who receives them, and the majority of the population in the US were getting them regularly, would it not make sense that the only part of the population who might/would be threatened with a health/safety breach would be the unvaccinated people? In my way of thinking, it is those parents that should be the most concerned with their child’s health, correct? If a child has been properly immunized from all of these terrible diseases, then why in the world would a parent be afraid or concerned in any way, that their child would somehow become infected with one of those diseases from an unvaccinated child? The vaccinated child should essentially be in the clear, even if there was an outbreak of some kind with, let’s say, polio. They have the so called polio anti-bodies in their system, or so they believe, and therefore would be protected in the event of an outbreak. I hope I am making sense. If someone is “protected” then what would they have to worry about? In my mind, there is something seriously flawed with this logic. How can someone who is supposedly protected be threatened by someone who is not? Would it not seem more sensible for it to be the other way around? Thanks Jennifer for any thoughts. 🙂

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Yes, Serena, you’re making sense. In my opinion, this is more of a ‘political/economic’ issue than a ‘scientific’ one. Vaccine manufacturers would like to have it both ways: 1) not be held responsible for vaccine injuries 2) not have decliners. They want you to feel confident in the vaccine’s ability to keep you ‘safe’, but warn you that if you actually encounter an unvaccinated person, that safety disappears. Without a system of proper redress, people are becoming more hesitant to automatically adhere to their suggestions. Thus, the reason for marginalizing non-vaccinators by accusing them of being ‘hysterical’ and ‘uneducated’…and worse, accusing them of being murderous.
      If vaccines were both as safe and effective as they claim, their argument would be easier to swallow. And many people don’t have enough information about vaccines to challenge that mentality, so they comply and jump on the vaccine bandwagon. I’ll also say that the Billions that have been paid to the vaccine-injured were ALL paid to previous fans of vaccination (who are no longer fans.) We really should listen to their stories.

    • Sue says:

      I agree. And this is why it makes no sense to me that NY State Dept of Health requires that I wear a mask all day at work simply because I didn’t get the flu shot. If the majority are all protected, what threat am I to them? I believe they are just uneducated. Meanwhile, some who were vaccinated have gotten the flu or other illnesses while I am in perfect health.

      • Serena says:

        My sentiments exactly! It basically boils down to the all-sacred dollar and how much a few select people can line their pockets with. I do not believe for a second that these people, who say they have the countries citizens best interest in mind are being honest with anyone, and those who do genuinely have a hearfelt interest in the safety and good health of others are quickly silenced when they speak any truth about what big pharma, the feds or any other private organization are, in my opinion, scheming against us. My dis-trust runs deeply when it comes to where our gov’t stands on our health as a nation.

  48. E.Cole says:

    Common sense is not always common. You have car insurance? You wear a coat? You utilize shelter? Why would you not protect yourselves from possible serious illness!!!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      E. Cole,
      If I was convinced that vaccinations ‘protected me from possible serious illness’, I’d be the first in line. I’ve simply never seen that to be true. In fact, some of the most chronically-ill children I’ve ever known were the most highly vaccinated. Their subsequent siblings, unvaccinated, among the healthiest.

      More importantly, I think it’s important that people have a choice.

  49. Mnm07 says:

    Though I feel very strongly about the importance of vaccinations, I found this article to be extremely respectful & well written. It’s nice to hear the other side, without feeling attacked or offended. Though we differ in opinions, I love being able to read other’s perspective into why they believe the way they do; without feeling belittled. At the end of the day we all have the same goal; doing what’s best for our health & the health of the ones we love! Thanks!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      I agree, wholeheartedly. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Ashley Paradox says:

      Us ‘un-vax’ers’ definitely have some crazies that’ll tell you you’re crazy and scream at you, tell you you’re wrong, but most of us are just normal people. You might even know a few of us and have no idea that we don’t vax. Consider, maybe, that vaccines are relatively new in human history/life, and just like everyone on this planet in most cases, we aren’t running to jump off the next bridge to get into ‘heaven’ because the Pope said so. The newest vaccines are not old enough to know for sure the long term effects on our bodies. People make us out to be uneducated, poor, and emaciated. Enough’s enough. I’d be mad too, if I didnt know better. XD

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Thanks, Ashley. The pharmaceutical manufacturers have a very large microphone with which to beat “non-participators” over the head. Their motive is profit-without- liability. But for parents, the motive is love.
        We must never confuse the two.

  50. chris says:

    Thanks so much for this important article! I hope you, and the readers of this article, will continue to spread the truth about vaccination- multiple studies do show that non-vaccinated people are significantly healthier than vaccinated. I am a teacher and it is stunning to see how many children today have health maladies that were virtually never seen decades ago.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, chris. We’re now being told that this may be the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. There are probably numerous reasons for that decline, but the vaccine schedule is the one with the most universal participation.

  51. briANNE says:

    Thank you. I am a second generation unvaccinated- and my kids are not as well. (I was born in 1976- my father was 1940). I am so grateful to my mother for interviewing doctors back then- They told her they wouldn’t give their own children shots….. Besides a recent cancer, I was relatively healthy my whole life….. My family are the people who are the 1-2% that react to drugs- I almost lost both my kids to allergic reactions/ serum sickness. Simple antibiotics. Thank you for painting us in a good light and not weakly sick dying people. RIGHT ON!

  52. Årstein Sjøen says:

    Thank you for telling this important story of your family, we are also discussing these things in my family.
    All the best from the west coast of Norway.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, Arstein, this issue affects families all over the world as the vaccine manufacturers branch out to all populations. Notably, the Scandinavian countries have much lower numbers of recommended vaccines than we have here in North America and also lower numbers of chronic childhood illness. Thanks for keeping the discussion going in your homeland.

  53. Very well written! I’m glad to see someone speaking out about the truth that vaccines don’t create/insure or guarantee health. But rather quite the opposite.
    Its takes years to treat vaccine injury and we while you do make progress its one of those things where if knew then what you know now….you would have never went there. We could have entirely prevented autism and most of today’s current health crisis by not vaccinating. That’s the truth that they don’t want people to know. So thank you for this blog post!

  54. Scribe64 says:

    GREAT! I love it will pass on as many as possible, I don’t vaccinate now but I did my first set of kids but fortunately not totally I seen the harm and near death it causes up front and personal I wish I knew then what I know now, Thanks again!

  55. Laura says:

    Before my oldest daughter got all her shots she was quiet and knew so much and was easy to teach. Then she had all her shots and it’s like she forgot everything she knew and became very bouncy. At the age of 6 was diagnosed with ADD AND ADHD. Wish I knew back then what vaccines can cause. My youngest daughter hasn’t been vaccinated and she’s not as bouncy and is very sharp minded and she’s only 3yrs old. Any future children will be unvaccinated.

    • Rosemary says:

      thank you laura.i have a son whose almost 3 .before he was vaccinated he never got sick!.After i vaccinated him he has had 5 ear infections.i recently had another baby who is 9 months now.A baby girl.well knowing what i know now i will not be vaccinating them anymore from now on .Am willing to fight to save my childrens lives

  56. Ashley Paradox says:

    WOW thank you sooo much for posting this. In our city, Pittsburgh, PA most of the people vaccinate, and will tell me I’m nuts for not vax’ing. This city is infested with, and run by, sheeple. Being a young parent this is hard to get by- honestly the hardest part of my entire motherhood. I’m 20 years old with a four year old and a three month old and neither of them are vax’d and both are thriving! I do not regret a thing so far and honestly dont think I ever will! SO much gratitude for you post! Please keep doing what you do- passing on this word! We’re not crunchy, we’re NORMAL! Vaccinating is a trend. Totally unnecessary. Immunize by correcting that pH fpeople! Carrots, lettuce & celery all day!

  57. Mykidsma says:


  58. Brittany says:

    I have a serious question, my yongest is 6 months old. He has yet to be vaccinated, but sooner or later, thr matter will come up. Does.anyone know how i can et away with it in the state of tennessee. I fear they may try to take my children when they find out. Please help?

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Brittany, there is no law (in any state) that requires forced vaccination. Please go to the National Vaccine Information Center (nvic.org) and check to see what the state of Tennessee requires for attending public schools, etc.
      No Forced Vaccines. Not in America. We must remain vigilant so that this does not change.

    • Truth says:

      Also, you can have an attorney write up a statement for your physican to sign, accepting liability for the vaccinations before they give them to your child. I’ve never heard of a doctor signing one, which speaks volumes in itself.

  59. Natasha says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I could not agree with you more. I am a second generation Chiropractor. My parents were vaccinated however my parents chose not to vaccinate us. And I will not be vaccinating my children.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Natasha. Our family has always relied on regular chiropractic care for maintaining vibrant health. It is one of the things we find most effective in “immunizing” ourselves. Thanks for your thoughts.

  60. Blanche Heidengren says:

    Thank you so much, Jennifer, for sharing your story! My oldest 3 children had high fevers and difficulty breathing after their vaccines, but I didn’t realize that the vaccines were to blame because my doctor never said anything about how they could cause those symptoms.15 years ago, after my 4th child was vaccinated at 2 months and had a really bad reaction, I started researching vaccines…and after he was 9 months, decided not to vaccinate any of us anymore. My 5th child has not been vaccinated and other than getting and battling the whooping cough this past summer, has been my healthiest child. We treated it with chiropractic and homeopathic remedies, healing prayer, as well as homemade chicken noodle/garlic/onion veggie soup. He made it through and I am so thankful that he didn’t have a vaccine which might have harmed him like it did my 4th born child, who is still battling the effects of it to this day. I am so thankful also that the schools that our children attend have honored our exemptions…they see how our children have been some of the smartest, most athletic, and most cooperative in the classes and respect our choice of not vaccinating. May we tell our stories so that many will be saved from the harmful effects of vaccines! (BTW, I have a friend whose 2 friends in their 60’s died in their sleep the nights they had the flu shot–only a year and a half apart from each other!). My friend, Lori, in her 50’s, who is healthy, had the flu shot last week and that night she felt weird and fell asleep…she woke up 12 hours later and couldn’t move!. It took her an hour to get herself up (she lives alone) to go to the bathroom and afterwards she fell back in bed and slept for another 12 hours! She woke up with a cough, fever, and aches and pains all over her body which she battled for 4 days! Needless to say, she told me she is NEVER getting a shot again!

  61. Chelsea says:

    Thank you for sharing your story it just backs up the research i’ve done. I’ve always regretted having my first child vaccinated; despite her good health. So I’ve begun a journey to educate myself prior to the conception of my 2nd child. I’m willing to except the ridicule of others but; how do you begin to enroll them into the school systems? I don’t have a religion or priest to back my beliefs. So where do you begin to look for information like this? My physician basically told me to find a witch doctor for such questions; and if i continued to question, i would be banned from the facility.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Chelsea, the National Vaccine Information Center (nvic.org) is a great place to start. You can educate yourself about the risk vs. benefits for each vaccine and make truly informed decisions for your children. Educate, Educate, Educate…it’s your greatest tool. (personally, I’d find a different doctor, too, who is more open to cooperating with you. They do exist.)

  62. Cathy says:

    Everyone is certainly free to parent as they wish, but I strongly believe that if it weren’t for the high percentage of vaccinated people/children out there, you wouldn’t be able to make these claims. I have four children within 5 years of each other, all vaccinated equally and all are FINE. Make your choice and be thankful that others choose differently.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Cathy, I am happy to hear that your children are “all FINE” and I also support parents making an informed choice about which (if any) vaccines their children receive. If vaccines are as effective as they’re advertised to be, it is the unvaccinated who take the greater risk; but what we’re seeing in the general population doesn’t bear that out. The rate of vaccine injury is far greater than most people realize.
      One of the reasons I am passionate about this subject is that I’ve had the (dubious) honor of working with literally hundreds of vaccine-injured children whose parents made an UNinformed decision to vaccinate and are now regretful of that decision. Many of them have stated that they would far rather have nursed their child through a communicable illness than see them permanently disabled for life because of a vaccine injury. I hope your children are able to remain healthy and that you never have to experience the heartbreak they have. In the end, we all must choose ~ with full understanding ~ which risk we would rather take. Thank you for contributing to this discussion.

  63. Dalen says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am almost 30 years old and 100% vaccine free. My parents did research before I was born and made their decision then. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I have always been one of the healthiest people I know. I have friends who have chosen not to vaccinate their kids and I hear what they go through and it saddens me that they get ridiculed the way they do. I hope society will open their eyes soon because nothing will ever convince me to vaccinate my child when I have one.

  64. Mark Richards says:

    Human beings have slogged through a lot longer than even these four healthy generations. 100 thousand years of evolution and natural selection have, until recently, produced a robust organism capable of withstanding, by virtue of its own resources, a vast majority of infectious disease. I say “until recently”, for the abundance of technological manipulations and prophylactics have, in my view, served to alter and weaken the human immune response. These threaten our future.

    Yes, pandemics happen, but today supportive treatments from our modern health care system are well equipped to help the more vulnerable weather a storm. That is, once we achieve the level of medical sophistication that holds as its hallmark the routine practice of hand washing by clinicians, for we are technologically advanced yet, scientifically and socially, ours is a bumbling, incompetent lot.

    Thanks to for-profit medicine, technology has been allowed to outpace the science. Safety and safeguard of the genetic code is traded for cash.

    When breaking a leg, one wears a cast and uses a crutch for a limited time. Eventually the crutch is traded for a cane and the cane for a limp and over time the limp resolves. Without the crutch, the muscles are exercised and strengthened and eventually we stand on our own.

    Vaccines provide an unnecessary crutch. We are well advised to mindfully observe common sense in public health practice, avoid the crutches, and take ownership and pride in the amazing human immune system.

    Stop messing with nature. She will bite back.

  65. HomeSchoolMum1968 says:

    Thank you for your story Jennifer as this is very encouraging and just gave us more confidence that what we did for our children (ages 9 to 4) were right for not having them vaccinated. When I fell pregnant with our first child we were told to consider whether to vaccinate or not. Being first-time Mum, I have got no idea what to expect but my husband and I did our research anyway. When we saw all the negatives and the horrifying side effects, I felt very scared… cold blood ran into my spine. After much research and thought, my husband and I prayed about it and just lay everything in God’s hand that no matter what, we will not in anyway have our children vaccinated. In every birth plans we have for our 4 children, we specifically and strongly tell the midwives that we are not vaccinating this is with written and signed birth plan making sure that everything is documented. We even blatantly told our GP that we will not do it… we are thankful that the Lord provided us an understanding one who never shove the idea that we have to. In every birth that I had, I have midwives who strongly pro-vaccinators asking me all the why’s everytime and all the time that I had been in the hospital and I gave them the same answer over and over and they still keep trying to sway me. My motherly instinct and gut tells me (and with much prayer) that I am more and more scared of the thought that they would harm my baby more than help him with the so-called cure for diseases that they’re going to have regardless. I have never let my babies out of my sight whilst in the hospital because now and then, there were midwives that would try and say that they will look after my baby while I am having a bit of sleep but I refuse all the time. We have odd midwives who would commend us for not vaccinating our children but most of the time we get the ones who would try hard to get into you and sway you with the scare tactics. I have been indirectly told off by one of my family members of being irresponsible just because the media used a case of a dying child of a certain disease and we didn’t immunize our kids for that particular illness. We have had bouts of whooping cough but got through it pretty good and all our children are healthy. We go through normal sickness but they come out of it good with new built up immunity to that sickness and then they would have growth spurts. We learn to encourage more and more people (family and friends) about not vaccinating and we get both positive and negatives responses but we will continue on sharing information as long as we can. We really appreciate your story and we hope that we can reach more people to do what is right for them.

  66. Victor says:

    Thank you Jennifer,
    You addressed this issue in a rational, sensible way, even though it’s a very difficult thing to do. I, too, am a member of a multigenerational family of unvaccinated individuals. Like yours, we have no members with chronic illness or other major problems. My 80 year-old mother takes no medication of any kind. My own three children were all high school valedictorians and excelled in multiple other ways. Our son was one of the very few nationwide that received a perfect score on the ACT exam in the year he took it. I could go on, but you get the point. This doesn’t represent scientific “proof” that what you and I have experienced is evidence that vaccinations are harmful, but that “taking the road less traveled” is not necessarily a dangerous choice to make in the modern world. And, just maybe, it’s the right one. I’ll even acknowledge that vaccinations given to others make this choice an easier one, but informed persons need to continue to have the legal right to make it.

  67. Michael says:

    the polio vaccine could have been infected with a virus causing a type of brain cancer and will be manifested in our aging populations, vaccinations should be an individual health choice and not mandated because certain individuals can become allergic to them, I am 70 years old and in perfect health with zero history of vaccinations except for early childhood (MMR) before by father went to Chiropractic school and would not allow any more vaccinations, but stressed improving immune system function, he was quite obviously correct,

  68. misslalou says:

    I am still not completely convinced that it is vaccines that are causing all the problems. Vaccines for polio and such stopped epidemics. I was born premature in 1969. It was being so underdeveloped that caused my asthma, poor eyesight and club foot. Modern medicine fixed my foot and eyes. Also modern medicine has come a long way and I require much less and take safer asthma medicine now.

    Personally I believe that our food causes much more issues. Vaccines seem to be less dangerous when we ate no GMOs and preservative-filled foods.

    I’m not saying that people don’t have the right to choose not to vaccinate. I think it’s a personal choice and that we should all respect each other’s choice.

    • Cait says:

      I think this is a really good point. Most people don’t realize the food issues as I hardly see it discussed in relation to vaccine issues, and yet the GAPS diet has reversed autism triggered by vaccines!

      We are consuming toxins, and our modern diet isn’t really allowing our bodies to remove them and then properly heal. Then, when we recieve vaccines which are injected directly into our blood (rather than the pathways our body is meant to understand via the lungs and stomach) it can just be the tipping point. I believe that is why we are seeing so many vaccine related injuries. If we all had truly healthy diets, vaccine injury would be much less of a problem.

      Of course we can’t even tap into this information on a large scale because pharma companies, doctors, press, and fearful people at large won’t give the proper rational discussion to the subject that we all deserve. Both sides of the vaccine argument are highly fear driven and it is rare to see an impartial attitude. We can’t get close to the real solutions, because we all simply refuse to see the situation at eye level.

      Besides, I’m I’m sure large companies have much invested into keeping the status quo.

      I believe whether we choose to vaccinate or not, putting our health, our diet (watching for organic high quality no added hormones or GMOs, consuming probiotics, all proper nutrients and building materials for a healthy body) should be the basis for our immunity. Vaccines should be complimentary medicine–not the source of health.

    • Mark Richards says:

      “I am still not completely convinced that it is vaccines that are causing all the problems. Vaccines for polio and such stopped epidemics.”

      Polio was in its decline when the crude Salk vaccine was introduced. The introduction of improved sanitation led to the prevention of exposure. This weakened the human immune response to Polio in the wild. The immune system needs germs in order to develop resistance. There’s nothing quite like the real thing.

      Some reading on the subject will also reveal that the vaccine, even in its improved form, was the direct cause of the disease itself. Present century, the OPV is well known for Vaccine Derived Polio and there are a few cases where the IPV has managed to generate the disease, too. The WHO is considering ending its programme as the statistical evidence of Vaccine Derived Polio is higher than the disease in the wild.

      “Modern medicine fixed my foot and eyes. Also modern medicine has come a long way and I require much less and take safer asthma medicine now.”

      Modern *palliative* medicine has come a long way. But in most other matters we are but a few steps from bloodletting. Modern surgery removes broken parts. In years past there was excision and amputation. Difference: we do it cleanly, with fancier equipment, and with better outcomes.

      Allopathic medicine chases symptoms. We suppress one and another pops up. Our treatments tend to shift blame from one part of the body to another. Our interventions often have longer term consequences, but as in most things, our attention span and concern does not extend for very long. And now that medicine is hooked to money and politics, the entire game is rigged in favour of cashflow. This means decisions of a public health nature, already lacking in critical science, are tilted in favour of pharmaceuticals, insurers, medical technology makers, and “health care delivery”, all by an eager government system keen to take in a bit of the cashflow themselves.

      “Personally I believe that our food causes much more issues. Vaccines seem to be less dangerous when we ate no GMOs and preservative-filled foods.”

      The primary issues of Autism and chronic inflammation came long before GMO, but you make a good point. Tinkering with the food supply is another assault on the complex, and in some ways delicate, biology of all living things.

      “I’m not saying that people don’t have the right to choose not to vaccinate. I think it’s a personal choice and that we should all respect each other’s choice.”

      And this is where it comes to. Although the P-R campaigns of paid US government shills like Paul Offit will violently claim that we must force these medications on the public, in the end the choice is a basic human right.

      In America, so far we have lost our rights in criminal proceedings; lost our privacy and confidentiality; lost control of our governments. Next, they come for our very human body. This is where the line must be drawn.

  69. My child is 33 years old now and was NEVER vaccinated. We were able to
    get the vaccines waived due to religious reasons. One of the main reasons I am all about prevention is because who can bear what is going on with the PHARMA companies?

  70. Jen says:

    How do you get around vaccinations when schools require it? I don’t want to vaccinate my children but I thought they wouldn’t be accepted into preschools and the school systems unless they had these shots. Any advice or info anyone can share??

  71. lindsay stumm says:

    saaaaaaaaay it!!! thank you thank you thank you.

  72. Heather says:

    I am so very scared and do not know what to do. My son will be having his one year shots in 5 days and I have never been so stressed and sick to my stomach because of his upcoming vaccinations. I’ve read and researched both sides and I am still undecided. I do not want to vaccinate because it seems like such an increase in autism and childhood cancer. This scares me. It scares me to know that vaccinations have tripled in the past 30 years. That just doesn’t seem like enough time for researchers to know the long term effects from these shots. Yet, on the other hand, I am scared if a serious disease was to happen for my son. I would feel terrible knowing I could have prevented it. I don’t know what to do, please help!

    • Heather says:

      Also, he has had his 1, 2, 4, 6 month shots. What happens if I stop it? Does this cause a health risk since he’s had some already?

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Heather, you’ve received some great suggestions here. The bottom line is really that everyone should have the power to choose what vaccines (if any) they will administer to themselves and their children. But in order to make the best decision, it is necessary to Educate Yourself about the risks vs. benefits of vaccination. Until you do that, you will be plagued by fear, and that will lead to disintegration within yourself and your family. We all owe it to our children to learn as much as possible about the vaccine procedure, its corresponding laws, its level of effectiveness, its potential side-effects and develop an understanding of the alternative ways to live a healthy life. At that point, no matter what your decision is, you will have walked with your eyes open.
        Best wishes to you as you explore this monumentally important topic.

      • cia parker says:

        No, there are no health risks if you stop vaccinating at any time. I have MS from a vaccine reaction, my daughter has autism from two reactions, my father was paralyzed for the last three years of his life from a reaction to a flu shot. I have had typical cases of measles, rubella, chickenpox, pertussis, hep-A, rotavirus, and flu: some of them were unpleasant, but none was serious. Read Aviva Jill Romm’s Vaccinations to know how to handle the diseases should they occur. The vaccines are much more dangerous than the diseases in most cases.

    • The Refusers says:

      The Marvelous Health of Unvaccinated Children – by Françoise Berthoud, MD Pediatrician

    • lindsay stumm says:

      research the actual illness the vaccine is for, the side effects and rates for actual deaths from constracting…most vaccines are for relatively harmless illnesses that are easily treatable. then you can easier make a decision based on each shot given, pick and choose if you want to give any or none, and if its tearing you up so badly, trust that and wait to give them, you can always get them but once given cant take it back. trust yourself, ask yourself which option feels right for you and your child and follow that!

    • Mark Richards says:

      It seems you are gripped in fear. This emotion is the driver behind many irrational things. When so overwhelmed it may be helpful to step back, and breathe.

      A mother’s instincts are not, however, to be downplayed.

      In the final analysis, I had to decide whether the vaccine was in fact necessary. The conclusion was: absolutely not. It was a risk/benefit analysis that came up higher on the risk side simply because the benefit was so very low.

      Wishing you well with this vaccine choice.

  73. cia parker says:

    He’s past the age at which pertussis is dangerous. There really aren’t any more diseases which are common in the U.S. at this time, and if he were one of the rare cases of measles, it would be for his benefit to get it, I wish my daughter could get it. Don’t let him get the MMR at all costs, or the varicella vaccine. It would benefit him to get natural chickenpox now, when he’s young.

  74. Chantelle says:

    Thank you for your article.

    I am 5 months pregnant and my partner and I had decided not to vaccinate after doing a bit of research. Lately though all I keep reading is how stupid people are who don’t. Recently there was a measles case in the city I live. I was reading the comments people posted to the news online and the nastiness and ferocious comments people were leaving was making me question myself and ask if I had it all wrong.

    Faced with these people in real life after having the baby now terrifies me as a dont know what I would do or say to such a strong attack from people but I do believe it is the right choice.

    Thanks for making me believe in my stance again.

  75. Hollande says:

    Jennifer, very good article! I stopped vaxxing my children at the ages of 3 and 18 months. Now with a 3rd on the way, I do not want to be bullied by any pediatricians! NO vaccines at all for us- I’m not interested in “alternative vaccine schedules” because there will be none at all. So….where should I take my children for health care? A naturopath? Chiropractor? I am a nurse, and the more I research, the more I realized how corrupt the medical establishment is. I really can’t afford a naturopath, but I need to have a regular provider for my children who won’t bully me into vaccinating them! (Like the last 3 pediatricians have). I live in Denver, CO. Thanks!

    • The Refusers says:

      Find a Vaccine Friendly Doctor Near You


      Pakhi Chaudhuri, M.D.
      Pediatric Associates of Durango
      1199 Main Ave., Suite 205
      Durango, CO 81301
      (970) 259-7337

      Pediatric Pathways
      Adam Huff, MD
      Joe Marceny, MD
      6909 S Holly Circle #150
      Centennial, CO 80112

      Terri Rebibo Fox, M.D., ABIHM
      Holistica Integrative Care
      2975 Valmont Rd., Suite 100
      Boulder, CO 80301-1361
      (303) 449-3777

      Partners in Pediatrics
      North Office
      919 Jasmine Street
      Denver, CO 80220
      (303) 388-4256
      South Office
      9785 Maroon Circle, #G104
      Englewood, CO, 80112
      (303) 779-1172

      Pediatric Partners of the Southwest
      Dr. Kelly Miller
      Dr. Bob McGrath
      Dr. Cecile Fraley
      Dr. Brenda Huffman
      Dr. Art Zemach
      575 RiverGate Lane #109
      Durango, CO 81301
      (970) 375-0100

      Lila Rosenthal, M.D.
      Family Practice
      1155 Alpine Ave. Suite 230
      Boulder, CO 80304
      (303) 557-6274

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Hollande, The Refusers has given you some great info, some of which applies to providers near you. That’s where I’d start, and then establish a relationship with someone who is recommended by those people in your area as being respectful of your decision not to vaccinate. I personally endorse chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy and like-minded DO’s (osteopaths), as they can guide you toward prevention as well as help you navigate your needs for medical intervention, should those arise. These providers as skilled in diagnosing, so will advise you if the needed care falls outside their field, and the relationships carry on far past childhood. Many tend to lean more in the direction of prevention than crisis care, so it’s helpful to establish a relationship when no acute/urgent events are occurring. Best of luck finding the perfect ‘fit’ for yourself and your family.

    • shine says:

      Jennifer, its awesome to hear that you stopped vaccinating and are a nurse. Noted in your post of Jan 26, 2014, have u still not vaccinated? Your then 3 year old did not get 4 year old vaccinations? I’m in the same boat. Interesting to see a comment on here from the 4 corners. !

  76. Carol says:

    I am not going to put anyone down for not vaccinating a child but I don’t understand why parents are becoming so against it. I understand that certain health condition occur but they are rare. The reason I believe in vaccinating is that sense we have been doing so we have kept some serious diseases at bay like polio and small pox. Now that some have not been vaccinating we are bringing back whooping cough and other diseases will be behind it. I would rather keep those horrific disease at bay and vaccinate our children or we could end up like countries who can’t afford vaccines and full of diseases.

    • Mark Richards says:


      You make a number of statements that are not quite aligned with the facts. And this is understandable as your assertions are what one receives from the popular press, the us government, and various mass-vaccine programme enablers.

      It might be worthwhile to examine these a bit deeper:

      – certain “health conditions” as a result of vaccination are “rare”
      – vaccines have kept serious disease at bay
      – pertussis is returning for lack of vaccination (two statements there)
      – we will “end up” like third world nations with disease if we fail to vaccinate

      To reply to each of these in detail would require substantial time and text. However with some reading (start at nvic.org) you will find the facts. What I will say is, generally, I think you’re opinions will shift once you better understand the facts.


    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Carol…regarding the description of these “deadly diseases” that will leave hundreds/thousands/millions of people dead…the most recent measles ‘outbreak’ left ZERO people dead.
      The media’s account ( as was already pointed out) doesn’t exactly line up with the facts. Do Homework. Always.

    • Rosemary says:

      hello carol
      for your information i came from a third world country before i moved to the states.i had never been sick with the exception of chicken pox ..i had as a child aged 8.thats it .fast forward igot married moved to the united states ..got vaccinated ..ive been so sick for almost 5 years now.on and off.had two kids vaccinated ages 2 and 9 months,knowing what i know now i wont be vaccinating them anymore..i breastfed my son for 2 years and i intend to do the same for my daughter .i wont be vaccinating them anymore

  77. cia parker says:

    I agree with Jennifer and Mark. You are mistaken. I read Dr. Suzanne Humphries new book Dissolving Illusions recently. She has many direct quotes from scientific and medical literature showing that smallpox evolved in the US after 1898 to become much less serious, so mild that within twenty years it was causing very few deaths and was often mistaken for chickenpox. The only deaths from smallpox after 1948 were from reactions to the vaccine, and she includes a photo of a boy dying from a reaction to the smallpox vaccine in 1958. The Poisoned Needle has many more. Hundreds of thousands rioted in the streets of many European cities in the nineteenth century to protest the mandatory vaccination policies, which were killing so many, causing gangrene, anaphylaxis, withered limbs, cancer, syphilis, TB, and leprosy. (See Wendy Lydall, Raising a Vaccine-Free Child). The vaccine was very ineffective and apparently caused huge epidemics, unprecedented in size: all across Europe hundreds of thousands died from smallpox, with a background vaccination rate of 98-100%.
    Doctors in the US in the ’30s were saying that pertussis and measles had become so much milder that there would be no need to develop a vaccine for them. See this article on how mild measles was, how rarely it killed as of 1960 in the US (one or two per ten thousand in the UK). I had it when I was six, all children did then, and no one worried about it.
    This on incidence and mortality statistics from the UK:
    Pertussis is only dangerous now to those under four or five months old. (mortality 1/200) The shot then does no good, as their immune systems are so undeveloped, and starting the series at two months more than doubles the risk of asthma at seven (Manitoba study). Even CDC Dr. Anne Schuchat said that the outbreak could not be blamed on the unvaccinated, as so many of the vaccinated were getting and spreading it. There were 18 fataities, all of newborns, who should be kept at home for their protection in the first six months. Since even vaxed people can spread the disease, your baby is not protected even if everyone around him is vaxed. Australia cancelled their “cocooning” free Tdap shots for adults when they realized it did no good. Dr. Suzanne Humphries has a high-dose vitamin C protocol that has saved many infants with pertussis. They must also be held up to your shoulder during all coughing fits. It is very stressful and tiring, but there really is no other answer if you want to save your baby’s life, even if he’s in the hospital. Antibiotics do not treat the disease once the coughing has started, and may be harmful to the patient. Cough suppressants are ineffective and should not be used, since if you are successful in suppressing the cough, the mucus pools in the lungs, where it can cause pneumonia. The acellular vaccine is very ineffective, though still dangerous, causing asthma, allergies, SIDS, autism, and seizure disorders. Two years ago, when the three-four year pertussis cycle peaked, 48,200 Americans were diagnosed with it, most of them appropriately vaxed, but got it anyway. Far more got it who were undiagnosed. My baby got it at 2, 4, 6 months, caught pertussis anyway at 8 months, when it is no longer dangerous, though wearing and unpleasant. When she got the DTaP booster at 18 months, it wiped out her only two words, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later, like one in 36 American kids now. It’s now one in nine with asthma, one in ten with allergies, one in fifty with peanut allergies (caused by the Hib vaccine, see Heather Fraser’s The Peanut Allergy Epidemic), one in 80 with a seizure disorder, one in ten with bowel disease, one in 400 diabetes, all of these conditions being unknown or vanishingly rare before vaccines. The reality is that the vaccines are much more dangerous than the diseases. See Aviva Romm’s Vaccinations for advice on treating patients with the formerly universal childhood diseases at home with naturopathic remedies and appropriate nursing.

    • Mark Richards says:

      A few points to heap upon Cia’s excellent notes:

      1. “Antibiotics do not treat the disease once the coughing has started, and may be harmful to the patient.”

      Antibiotics can, if the correct one is used early enough in the disease onset, reduce the length of symptoms by as much as 7 days and in this it is a “treatment”. However, good luck finding a clinician who can recognize pertussis early on as you need to catch it before the cough advances into is paroxysmal stage. It’s tricky, and takes a small amount of education and then some experience to raise the skill. Note that antibiotics, after day 2 of their use, pretty effectively eliminate the patient from spreading the disease. Yes, these can be harmful to the gut, but I chose to trade this off against the need to quarantine for 1 month or more. We used some excellent yogurt cultures which mitigated the issues.

      “Dr. Suzanne Humphries has a high-dose vitamin C protocol that has saved many infants with pertussis.”

      Would be great if we we could bring Linus Pauling into the discussion. However, present day, there is overwhelming evidence that Vitamin D3 adequacy (serum concentrations of 50-75 ng/ml) are linked with a marked reduction is pulmonary infection. A healthy D3 status may not prevent, but it will generally reduce severity, simply because the immune system is at its best. As I like to say, “5,000 IU a day may keep the Dr. away”.

      “The acellular vaccine is very ineffective…”
      We might define “very”, but if one considers the re-infection rate of the vaccinated, the assertion has some bearing. And it speaks to the original comment that suggested lack of vaccination is linked to recent “outbreaks”. Minimally two points on this: (1) we don’t know if all reported cases were conclusively Pertussis B or Parapertussis (the latter has no vaccine) and (2) we do know that the vaccine does not last very long and that there are varying degrees of effectiveness, therefore one can be mildly infected and consider it a simple cold whilst spreading it freely to all. These variables alone add factors not considered when blanket statements are made. All this points to a bogus public health policy which has sold out to pharmaceuticals, genetic manipulation, and public convenience versus sound and simple principles that do not cost a lot of cash.

      “When she got the DTaP booster at 18 months, it wiped out her only two words, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later, like one in 36 American kids now.”

      And now my heart breaks.


      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Thank you, Mark Richards. Very well said, and the heartbreaks continue until everyone sees the biggest picture. “Accidents” happen, but this has superseded the random incidents. Things Must Change. And parental education is the key.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you so much, Cia. Invaluable information….parents, choose wisely.

  78. cia parker says:

    I’d like to ask everyone to look at this chart at the bottom of measles incidence and fatalities in the UK, 1945 to the present. In the US the pharma cartel is saying now that measles causes death in one in 500 cases, and that one in a thousand suffers encephalitis. Neither is true. Look at the note at the bottom of the UK chart: the last death from acute measles was in 1992, the few occurring since then have been in immunocompromised individuals or in those with the rare SSPE, which can very rarely be caused either by the disease or by the vaccine. In well-nourished children with healthy immune systems, measles is simply not dangerous if they stay in bed, stay warm and well-hydrated, and take no Tylenol or anything else to reduce the fever, which is the most dangerous thing you can do. Cool baths to reduce the fever should also be avoided. The fever is good and is the best method the immune system has developed to vanquish deadly invaders. The body knows how high a temperature is needed and how long it should last.
    The incidence of measles encephalitis is only one in ten thousand, at most, with about a third of those dying and a third being brain-damaged. Measles pneumonia is not uncommon, but is usually self-limiting if it’s viral and can be treated with antibiotics if it’s bacterial. Staying warm in bed and out of drafts, no baths or showers during fever, will prevent pneumonia. Ear infections and bronchitis can be treated the way they usually are, and are usually not serious. Vitamin A will prevent complications and eye damage from the conjunctivitis that often occurs. Since measles suppresses the immune system for some time after recovery, patients should be kept at home for two or three weeks after the rash first appears, to try to prevent them from getting infections while they are still recovering. But having natural measles is so beneficial in many ways, permanent immunity, the ability to protect babies when they are most vulnerable, strengthening the immune system, producing leaps in development afterwards, and preventing several chronic diseases and cancers in adulthood, that it is a very good thing for healthy children to just go ahead and get natural measles.

  79. Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

    Brava! Cia.
    Thank you so much for you diligent contribution.

  80. Alexandra says:

    My daughter is almost 4 months old she got the first shots they said she needs and it broke my heart seeing her in so much pain, and to top it off she got them on my birthday, so my day was ruined.. well she got a little fever after getting the shots, she was fine before and got over the fever. Well i just saw an article about a 10 month old dying after getting her vaccinations. I haven’t scheduled my daughters next appointment for shots because i cant handle seeing her in that much pain, just the thought makes me cry (shes my first child). Well after reading the article i really don’t want to get her shots now, and then i came across this page. My husband has been against vaccinations since before she was born, but i know you need them for school that’s why i got them the first time now i don’t want to get them, but how will she go to school? Is school the only thing that we will have problems with by not getting her vaccinated?

    • Mark Richards says:

      “My husband has been against vaccinations since before she was born, but i know you need them for school that’s why i got them the first time now i don’t want to get them, but how will she go to school? Is school the only thing that we will have problems with by not getting her vaccinated?”

      It depends what US state you live in. Human rights and the maintenance of the Nuremburg Principles vary from border to border. States use the public schools as levers to force the vaccine programme upon families. At some point they will withhold other services, such as motor car licenses… and then we will see the kind of court cases the vaccine industry doesn’t want.

      See http://www.nvic.org for information about vaccines and school attendance. Most states have provisions for public school attendance with statement of objection, religious grounds, or physician’s statement.

    • lindsay says:

      no you do not need to be vaccinated to go to public school! no one can make you do anything like that! you just need to sign a form they already have saying you do not get vaccines for you child, thats it! easy peasy, follow your heart! trust your intuition!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Alexandra, as Mark Richards and lindsay said, you need to consult the NVIC website for state laws regarding vaccination. In addition, start NOW reading, studying, researching every shot, every disease and every legal issue of vaccination. It is only when you are fully informed that you will be comfortable about the choices you make.

      Best wishes for a happy healthy family.

    • cia parker says:

      Unless you live in West Virginia or Misissippi, you can take a religious or philosophical exemption to the vaccines, it’s no problem.

  81. Astriddc says:

    I have just come across this article and want to say thank you for such a well written piece. It just goes to show that these things can be said without using nasty language or finger pointing!
    I am a chiropractor living in the UK and we have the same issues and discussions going on here as in the US. While pregnant with my daughter six years ago I was at a seminar and listened to the wonderful Ted Koren. There and then I decided that no vaccinations will ever be given to my children. I then made my husband watch several of his lectures and videos on the internet and we have never looked back. My children are five and three, they get adjusted every week, more if there is a cold going around and neither of them has ever seen a doctor or taken prescription medication.
    I do not discuss my choices with a lot of people, not out of fear but because I know that years of propaganda mean that some parents will just not accept the choices that I make. I do look forward to the day though when the tide turns and we won’t be regarded as hippies or irresponsible parents any longer!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Astriddc, for sharing your great story! I love Ted Koren, too, and believe he has helped so many parents understand that we have vital choices which will determine the health and well-being of our children. I had the honor of serving on the faculty of the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (Bournemouth) at one time, and would love to talk with you about it privately. Please send me a friend request on Facebook and we’ll discuss it further. Happy to hear about your healthy, non-vaccinated children. Share your story whenever you can!

  82. Milly says:

    For everyone saying that there kids were very healthy without there vaccines .did you guys breastfeed? And if so for how long? Because I really don’t want my baby to get her shots but I only reastfed her for the first month…and I’m wondering if your kids are so healthy without the vaccines because they were breastfed? Some one plz answer ?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Milly, I have a 14 month old son who breastfed for about a month. Shots stopped at 6 months and so far the worse thing that has happened to him was a 48 hour stomach bug.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Milly, most parents who are opting out of the current vaccine schedule agree that extended breastfeeding is an extremely important aspect of optimal health. They understand that for the first few months of life, babies are developing their immune systems and derive huge benefits from the mother’s acquired immunity. However, breastfeeding ‘alone’ will not confer a permanent state of health to your child. As he/she grows, it’s important to make sure that all the important nutrients are provided from other nutritious foods. If you will go back to the points in this article regarding the things (in addition to a nutritious diet) that are necessary for optimal health, you will see some suggestions about staying healthy without the need for medical interventions.

    • Mark Richards says:

      I found it discomforting and shocking, and now a point of sad and instructional humour, that the US American Academy of Pediatrics, a self-serving trade group with political and economic interests, finally figured out in the mid-1980’s that breastfeeding was actually a good thing. What they failed to note, and 30 years later still haven’t grasped, is that breast milk delivers some but not all of what the infant needs. Principally, Vitamin D3.

      One might think the basic facts of human biology would be at the fingertips of these groups. Apparently they struggle.

      Babies breast fed must get some sun, daily, or otherwise receive an appropriate supplemental dose of D3. This is critical to development, and in my opinion remains one of the top public health issues around the world. Every infant born, and this is not an exaggeration, is essentially D3 insuffcient. That America owns the distinction of having the highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized nations in a number of important measures may well be tied to this tragic disparity. D3 insufficiency continues with our fear of the sun, the occupational hazards of working indoors, total lack of public health leadership, and overall medical ignorance.

      The AAP, through its lack of emphasis on this topic, simply demonstrates its own cluelessness, ineptitude and irrelevance. But, they are ready with the entire schedule of vaccines. Of this you may be certain.

      Vitamin D3 supplementation by the mother is equally vital during gestation, and moreso when IVF is involved. Connections between fetal development abnormalities and the D3 status of the mother are mounting, while the AAP and US public health in general remains in the wastebin marked “pharmaceuticals”. Let them stay there, and if someone might find a lid, please nail it shut.

    • lindsay says:

      yes still nursing my 20 month old and my 2 month old, i nursed my 7 year old who recieved shots until about the age of 4 when i woke up and decided to do my own research was breastfed for a year. my oldest, 13, was only nursed for 2 months, and recieved pretty much all the shots…he has by far had the worst health of all of them…super bad “asthma” almost cured through changing diet, poor growth, easily catches sickness from others and allergies..the rest of my children have near perfect health 🙂

  83. cia parker says:

    Breastfeeding is the best way to nourish a baby and toddler and the best way to protect him from diseases the mother has ever been exposed to. But vaccination screws up the immune system, causing neurological conditions from encephalitis (autism, seizures) and autoimmune disease (etc.). Unvaccinated children have immune systems that develop normally and so protect the child from many dangers, alert, capable, and right on track, and help him heal quickly when he becomes sick. And being sick sometimes is a valuable experience, giving the immune system a chance to practice and hone its skills. The ideal would be long term breastfeeding and few or no vaccines.

  84. marie says:

    I am one of those mothers who vaccinated because i thought that’s what you do. i always kind raised an eye brow at ppl who aren’t vaccinating or will not. I am very much confused on what is the right thing to do . I myself was never vaccinated and was a very sick child and still am. I didnt decide to vaccinate my son until he was born. I don’t even think i was asked, i think the hospital and Dr. just told me they were doing it. I do remember being scolded when i made the decision to circumcise my son.(odd) Long story short within 3 years Ive had 11 miscarries, lost both fallopian tubes (having my son between the loses) and have 0 answers. I am afraid of the outcome of vaccinating my son, and afraid of what might of happened if i didn’t. I am not 100% healthy . my son drinks tummy ticklers, and eats pop tarts and suckers, but he has never been hospitalized sick. He has now mild eczema, (worse as newborn) and was born with coloboma of the iris( tear shaped pupil,no harm)I do babysit a few dif children, some have been vaccinated some not. The two that aren’t seem to be sick a lot. My son usually gets the sniffles right after a sick kid has been around but it is gone fast. I want to make the best decisions for myself and my child but struggle all the time. There are two sides to this ongoing debate and both have similar results depending on which article or blog you read. I really wish there was a simple answer as to what is right and wrong. But what i can gather from this amazingly written and education story , and others I have researched, is that the CHOICES are up to each individual. My future child i may decide not to vaccinate, and he dies from a common illness that could’ve been prevented, or lives to be 100 without ever being sick. WHO KNOWS. Im not saying either is wrong im just saying its very hard to determine what the right thing to do is. I am trying to help my family eat and be healthy and i appreciate people like you who arent judging others, but trying to help. thank you!
    also sorry for all the grammatical errors lol

    • Mark Richards says:

      Marie: “…its very hard to determine what the right thing to do is.”

      And this is the awful conundrum. However, we are better decision-makers when these are made with deliberation, looking at the evidence, and keeping a finger on the pulse of your maternal instincts.

      Deliberation frees you from making choices under stress. Generally, people make awful decisions when faced with a choice they have not prepared for. So, each and every person writing and reading this rather longstanding and therefore relevant blog comment are in good shape. They’re thinking.

      Looking at the evidence means abandoning wishful thinking. It also means taking risk/benefit into account. Remember: vaccines are prophylactics which are supposedly designed to prevent a disease or, should the disease strike, serve to reduce its impact. So one might question: where are these diseases? What is their prevalence? What is the chance the disease will be acquired? What is the chance that, once infected, serious health issues or death will result? As one goes down this logical path, I find the necessity of a synthetic prophylactic dilutes to the point of irrelevance. You may not.

      Along with examining the diseases, one might also consider our personal health responsibility. If we drag our 3 month old into the (very) general public during influenza season, we increase the risk. We have a responsibility to prudently avoid until the infant has sufficient strength. We are not born totally ready for the bugs. Our immune system needs practice to grow… it’s the onslaughts that land us in hospital, or worse.

      The problem in public health compounds. With the almost universal application of synthetic vaccines, a good portion of collective human immunity is subject to variation in vaccine effectiveness. Inadequate distribution, lack of “boosters”, and the same genetic and immune health factors that play into the vaccine reaction matrix may compound risk to the most vulnerable and therefore suggest even more stringent isolation and personal hygiene practice than is otherwise our norm. As the public health policy has shifted to the blanket use of convenience pharmaceuticals, Americans (especially) have become increasingly lazy and lax in their personal hygiene and responsibilities to others. (Look at the HPV vaccine and its terrible effect upon PAP testing). I say Americans with evidence. Where in the US do you find adults and children milling about in the (very) general public with a simple protective gauze mask to protect others from their runny-nosed viral spread? Now consider the cramped subways and city streets of any Asian capital. Masks abound. The same ones that the otherwise clueless American medical establishment are finally suggesting the sick wear in its waiting rooms.

      Vaccines introduce a variability: that the human immune system is insufficient to the task. Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on the overall health and genetic constitution of the patient. But if we keep mucking with the species, perhaps we’ll manage to break it. A one-size-fits-all policy that, as you pointed out, just assumes your newborn will be pumped up with vaccines, fails to take individuals into account. Hence, we see the fallout.

      Finally, maternal (and for me, paternal) instinct should not be discounted. If it doesn’t smell right, it’s probably unsafe to eat. From an old hand in this game: follow your nose.

  85. Joni says:

    I have been on the fence about vaccines since my daughter was born (19 months old now). I have tried to do research, and have found little from the “pro-vaccine” side other than “you should do it, because we said so; herd immunity” and that’s about it. However, the anti-vaccine crowd doesn’t seem to do itself many favors either; while the ingredients in vaccines alone are enough to make you want to run in the other direction, all of the histrionics and “vaccines CAUSE autism, and may KILL your child” can get a bit extreme and off-putting. It was very refreshing and informative to read such a straightforward account and perspective on the subject. I have allowed some vaccines for my daughter, but have skipped over half of the recommended ones at this point. I didn’t really want to get her vaccinated, and my doctor was very understanding and open-minded about my decision, but I still felt torn between the potential problems the vaccines might cause versus the guilt I would feel if she caught anything life-threatening that she could have been vaccinated for. So while I have vaccinated her for some of the things that are not easily curable and very dangerous, I have skipped all of the easily treatable illnesses and things she is unlikely to contract. I’m okay with her getting sick, and I think it’s important for your immune system to actually be used. But I simultaneously don’t want her to die as a result of my not vaccinating her AND don’t want her to die as a result of my vaccinating her. So that part sucks. She has luckily been a very happy and healthy girl, has only gotten one minor cold, eats well (although not perfect; I was raised on the bad dietary habits and lab-created “food products” we Americans invented, so while I have transitioned a lot there is some holdover….but she eats better than I do because I don’t want her to end up with my bad habits), is very active, still breastfeeding, etc. She also is not in daycare because although a single mom I’m able to work from home, so she gets exposed to far less. So I thankfully don’t feel as if she has come to any harm from the vaccinations she has received so far, but this article makes me feel more confident in my hesitation and instinct to avoid vaccinations in the future. Thank you 🙂

  86. cia parker says:

    Michael’s daughter was killed by the hep-B vaccine and my daughter reacted to it with four days of encephalitic screaming, the DTaP booster erases her only two words immediately, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. It is not histrionic to draw people’s attention to these real and present dangers. None of us want our children to be killed or permanently damaged either by the vaccines or the diseases, but, unfortunately, a huge percentage of children are. You are lucky your daughter didn’t react noticeably to the vaccines you got her. I don’t know what the diseases are that you thought were dangerous enough to take the risk of the vaccines. I have had measles, rubella, chickenpox, pertussis (when my thrice vaxed daughter caught it and gave it to me at eight months old), flu, rotavirus, and hep-A. I had typical cases, and my daughter had typical cases of pertussis, chickenpox, and flu, meaning not that serious. You could make a good case for getting the tetanus vaccine, although even that has caused reactions in many (MS in me, though that may have been from the mercury in it). You could think about the meningitis vaccines, the three kinds there are vaccines for CAN on occasion be very dangerous or fatal. On the other hand, breastfeeding provides good immunity, they are rare, most people carry several kinds asymptomatically in their respiratory system for long periods of time, and most adults have achieved immunity from subclinical exposure. There are many serotypes not included in the vaccines, which are multiplying to occupy the gap created by taking out the strains in the vaccines. Hib meningitis was not a big problem until antibiotics began in the ’40s, when it started to become a bigger and bigger problem until the vaccine started about 1987. It has prevented a lot of cases of HIb meningitis, but Halvorsen describes a lot of vaccine injury and deaths in England caused by it, and Fraser describes how it started our modern peanut allergy epidemic in one in fifty children now. Taking out the HIb germs permitted the rise of pneumococcal bacteria (Prevnar meningitis), and taking them out by use of a dangerous vaccine permitted the rise of meningococcal bacteria and the use of a new vaccine. Meningococcal bacteria are more dangerous than Prevnar bacteria, which are more dangerous than Hib bacteria.
    So of course parents should be aware of all this before deciding whether or not to give the vaccines. It is possible that whatever they choose may be the cause of their child’s disability or death. There is no treatment for all the viral diseases, though there are naturopathic, vitamin, and homeoopathic treatments for them. The pharma antivirals are dangerous in their own right, and are not usually given. But these viral illnesses are usually self-limiting and not dangerous in previously healthy, well-nourished children. My daughter reacted to vaccines given singly; giving them one at a time, or on a delayed schedule may help, but is certainly not a means of preventing all severe vaccine reactions. Parents must be humble, read widely, consider all the different angles, remember that vaccine damage can usually not be treated, remember that any neurological or autoimmune disease in the individual or family background makes reaction more likely, and make the best decisions they can. I don’t think dismissing the grief of hundreds of thousands of parents whose children were disabled or killed by vaccines as histrionic is fair or accurate.

  87. Laura W says:

    To be fair, I don’t think Jodi is dismissing the sufferings of parents with children injured and killed by vaccines. Parents like you and Michael need to continue to speak out because, to quote an ad from NVIC: “The risk is ours. Why isn’t the choice?” The callous denialism of your experiences, both on and off-line, is appalling and borderline pathological.

    What I do see is a problem with messaging. Vaccine injuries are rare, as are cases of serious vaccine-targeted diseases AND serious complications from minor vaccine-targeted diseases. Rarity certainly doesn’t dismiss or eliminate tragedy! Vaccines, however, do come with a complicated risk-benefit ratio. For advocates of vaccine choice, like you and me, the message may be more powerful and compelling if we frame it around who has a fundamental right to have the final say in this complex risk-benefit decision –namely, the parents.

  88. Jodi says:

    I’ve heard of Dr/pediatritions taking their babies away from them because they denied the vaccines. Then at my daughters first check up I asked if I could talk to the pediatrition about which shots I wanted her to have and which ones I didn’t so she could give me her impute and she yelled at me. And left the room! What are our rights? Can we choose not to give them the vaccines.

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      Oh, Jodi, that is terrible. YOU have the right to decide, period. There are 2 states–West Virginia and Mississippi–where sending your child to *public school* will be especially difficult if she is unvaccinated. But she probably is not that age yet, and I would move states before I would allow my child to have a vaccine.

      However, it is relatively easy to be targeted by social services from what I hear. So I wouldn’t go out of my way to antagonize medical personnel–in fact, in the hospital I said I would need to discuss this with my pediatrician later; I did *not* treat them to a full unveiling of my views. This is not RIGHT by any means, but we need to gain strength in numbers.

      Vaclib.org can give you more information on your rights, as well as NVIC. But of course you will need to double check and make sure the information is updated. I have also read that it is best not to copy forms or statements from the internet regarding opt-outs as it may seem insincere.

      If you have an unsupportive doctor, please, please change doctors! You do not want to be harassed about this if you have a true urgent situation (i.e., broken leg) and the doctor uses that as a prime time to try to force something. I am *not* a healthcare professional of any kind, network with a number of people who exercise vaccine choice. Please let me know if I can help you: prudence.dagg@gmail.com.

  89. Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

    Thank you, Prudence. I agree and think you’ve given Jodi some good advice. I’ll emphasize that it is VITAL for every parent to become educated about vaccine choices, their state’s laws, and the specific vaccines that are being recommended so that discussions with doctors are as productive as possible.

  90. cia parker says:

    They say that GPs are more reasonable about shots, also osteopathic doctors (who are MDs). Either one would be a good choice if the pediatrician is going to act abusive and dictatorial. You can’t undo a shot once it’s given, so you need to be pretty sure it’s the right choice before you consent. And with one in nine with asthma, one in fifty peanut allergy, one in ten allergy, one in 36 autism (U of Minnesota), I don’t think vaccine reaction is rare these days.

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      No, I don’t think vaccine reaction is rare at all.

      I was pondering this today: The logic of vaccines is not based on any positive effect whatsoever from administering the vaccine, but only on a *theory* of “how sick he would be if he HADN’T had it.” “What if” will ALWAYS be a THEORY.

      Also, the outrageous idea that it’s okay to sacrifice a few for “the greater good” leads inevitably to this: there’s no set percentage of how many must be well and how many can be sacrificed. “Reactions are rare…benefits outweigh the risks” is simply a thing to say. I would highly, highly recommend reading Russell Blaylock (neurosurgeon)’s foreword to Neil Miller’s Vaccine Safety Manual. He describes the heartbreak of neurological issues, and he’s treated many.

      Best wishes to all of you, and thank you, so much, Jennifer, for sharing your story.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Prudence Dagg, you’ve elucidated one of the more frustrating points about the “science” surrounding one-size-fits-all vaccine practices. The industries that profit from universal vaccine consider themselves (and their recommendations) “scientific” while using utterly unscientific phrases, such as “even if you contract the illness after vaccination, it will be a much milder case.” In scientific terms it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine “what might have happened”. All that science can honestly answer with certainty is “what DID happen” after the fact. They cannot have it both ways, but use this slippery sales tactic to sell product. It’s like saying “the science of automobiles says that if you buy this car, you’ll have a happier life.” And it’s not only soundly UNscientific, it’s also ridiculous.
        Thanks for your contribution, and I also agree with familiarizing oneself with Dr. Blaylock’s work. He’s a treasure for those seeking truthful information regarding vaccines.

  91. Miranda says:

    I am 27 and a member of a 6 person unvaccinated family. We are all happy and healthy and have traveled many countries. I think every situation is different but the ability to have the choice is important.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      I agree, Miranda. It’s very important that we remain free to make the choices that are most appropriate for ourselves and our loved ones. With respect to vaccines, one size definitely does not fit All. Thanks for your contribution.

  92. angela says:

    I think this is an excellent article! I it is sp refreshing to hear such postive things about not vacciniating!! I have two girls almost 4 and 2, and they have never had any vaccines! I TOTALLY agree with what is being said. My girls have never had any “major” illnesses and they are rarely if ever sick with any type of cold or anything. I look around at all my friends kids, and the seem to always have something going on! I think we made it through this winter with no major colds or viruses, where our friends every time we turned around had a horrible virus or something. Of course I always so, I beilieve it is the vaccines, but I don’t honestly know. All I know is that we don’t get them, and we don’t get sick! 🙂 So I am thankful. I am also thankful for such an amazing Dr. that does not push them on us! He askes at every visit, but we just keep saying we arent ready. I too have never felt at peace with getting them, and I don’t think I ever will.

  93. Heather says:

    I’m new to all of this and I had previously posted here before. I’m curious to know why pro-vaxxers think the unvaxxers need their children to be vaccinated to protect the unvaccinated children? I’ve read this craziness quite a few times in the past week and can’t believe this is one of their theories. Out of anything, wouldn’t an unvaxxed child want to stay away from a vaxxed child who is walking around with these terrible diseases in their little body?

  94. Tammy hunt says:

    My son just had a baby in whom he chose not to vaccinate. I need assurance that this is the right thing to do.

    • lindsay says:

      if your son choose it for his child, then it is the right decision for them, you have no say in anyone elses’ parenting but your own, what you can decide to do is if you will support your son as a parent or not.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Tammy hunt, your concern is understandable, because the majority of medical providers have told us for decades that vaccines are safe, effective and protective against communicable illness. Rather than suggesting you simply tolerate your discomfort on your son (and his partner’s) decision, I’m going to suggest that you educated yourself about the available information on vaccine safety and effectiveness. This site (The Refusers) is a great resource, as well as the web site for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org), thinktwice.com can get you started on your search for peace of mind. Be patient with your loved ones, because as you know, all parents are interested in making the best decisions for their children. I’m sure they would love to have your support and I wish you all the best.

      • lindsay says:

        well said Jennifer, nice to give options and support, and thank you for giving me exercise in not taking things others say/do personal, even when directed at me. With that said in no way did I advise Tammy to simply tolerate anything, I cut to the chase about the situation she asked for advice in from my perspective. I feel it is very necessary for people to start looking within, educating and deciding for themselves with their own issues instead of telling everyone else what to do, how to feel and how to live, and this starts in our families, our intimate relations, and mainly with ourselves 🙂 if we are constantly judging others decisions then we have no time to think/deal with our own lives and happiness, and actually create way more separation, pain and unhappiness. Ultimately the blatant truth is: we have no control over others decisions no matter how close to us they are…we can only control how we act/react. I would love to see unconditional love become a part of our relationships once again, and this starts within. 🙂

    • cia parker says:

      It is probably the right thing to do, if they are aware that they should keep the baby at home and expose him to as few people as possible. Maybe give them Aviva Jill Romm’s Vaccinations so they can learn about the diseases and how to treat the mild ones at home.

  95. Dan Hull says:

    I am a journalist and blogger, among other things, and in the past few months turned my attention to vaccine research.

    The results of that research can be found here: http://magellan35.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/vaccination-a-call-for-parental-caution-and-industry-reform/ Please feel free to link to or quote anything you like from my blog if you find it useful.

    Something strange happened in the midst of my project. A few weeks ago, I asked my parents if I was fully vaccinated as a child (I have always assumed I was). My Dad gave me a funny look and said, “Absolutely not. Your mother and I did not believe in them,” as though it was an obvious thing that I should have known.

    Eyebrows raised, I asked, “So, I’ve never been vaccinated?”


    That got me thinking. I recall that I allowed myself to be talked into a DTaP vaccine after a deep puncture when I was 21, but have never received another vaccine in my adult life.

    Bear in mind that when I started researching vaccines and public health programs, I didn’t have a strong opinion. Philosophically, I am entirely pro-science (pure science, not the “applied science” that is destroying our biosphere) and expected to find solid support for mass vaccination and public health initiatives. However, much to my surprise, after reading thousands of web pages and hundreds of lab studies in PLoS and PubMed, I came to the firm conclusion that vaccines are far more debilitating than health-protective.

    Until a few weeks ago, I was confused about something that remains very personal and entirely anecdotal. I have wondered throughout my life why I have such robust health and vitality. I have always excelled scholastically and in sports; am virtually never sick, and always back on my feet quickly; my metabolism and weight have remained constant for thirty years; I sleep peacefully almost every night; I have all of my hair (very little of it gray) and look at least ten years younger than I am; and I have no syndromes, skin conditions, or chronic discomfort. I feel like I did when I was 20,. Oh, and I cut and scrape myself constantly in dirty old wrecking yards as an auto restoration specialist, but never worry about “germs”. I regard the germ phobia fomented by the media with a very jaundiced eye.

    I didn’t share any of that to boast. In fact, it seemed mostly irrelevant until a few weeks ago, when I found out that I am an unvaccinated person. Suddenly it seems incredibly relevant.

    Thank you for the remarkable gift you have given me, Dad and Mom.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Dan, thanks so much for sharing your story. I had to laugh (only a little) when you suddenly realized….as an adult!…that you’d never received vaccines. Until recently, that would be entirely understandable because it’s only ‘now’ that our culture has been so engrossed in the perceived necessity of endlessly vaccinating Every Child for Every Imaginable thing. (I have to admit that if not for the 50’s-era polio scare, I might have never given it a second thought, either. But public schools and the media make it impossible to ignore in those days. My siblings and I were standing alone as our classmates lined up and took the shot. Frankly, we all felt really, really lucky!)
      Thank you for your honest reporting of a healthy life, without concern for the so-called “dreaded illnesses” that are believed to be “dangerous”….ever since the vaccine industry gained immunity for damages. Please continue to share your story. People are fascinated to learn that vaccines are optional. And you’ve now reinforced my message to parents:
      Your children will thank you later!

  96. Allison says:

    I have a question. How did those that never were vaccinated able to go to school? I live in Texas. My five year old will be starting Kindergarten this year. I have never had him vaccinated. The research I have done states that not only do I have to have a signed and notarized form from the State excluding him from vaccs AND IN ADDITION I have to have from a physician in writing that vaccinating him would be detrimental to my son’s health and/or other household members. My son is completely healthy so no physician will ever attest to that statement. So I am being forced to vaccinate him so he can go to school! How did any of you get to go to school? Note homeschool is not an option I have to work to pay the bills. One last comment – I have had 3 Doctors tell me they would not see him if he was sick for any reason if he did not get vaccinated. One sent me a letter “dropping” him. He is not a sickly child by any means – just a first time mom if he got bad sniffles I took him in! Its like bullying. Thank you and I look forward to a response.

    • Dan Hull says:

      We need to find Allison a doctor in Texas who will sign for her. Does anyone here know of a list of doctors who are pro parental rights?

      Allison, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, because the vitality of your children is definitely at risk. After all of the research I’ve done regarding epigenetics and cellular metabolism, I am firmly convinced that every person who is ever vaccinated has epigenetically damaged DNA, active (by which I mean replicating) DNA that tags along in some vaccines (how Frankensteinian is that?), and/or chronic inflammation with attendant autoimmunity in one or more tissues or organs. Last I heard, asthma, MS, and diabetes kill more people in the U.S. than childhood illnesses….

      The question any of us considering vaccination has to ask is: Do I choose a very, very small risk of death from a pathogen or an almost certain risk of a disorder that will diminish quality of life – possibly for its entirety – for myself or my child?

      I live my life knowing I can die in a car accident today. Life IS risk and there’s only one way out. All you can do is consider the quality of the life granted to you, and I would risk death from one of the billions of microbes around me and in me every day over short-sighted profit-driven chemistry in a needle.

      Again, it’s your right and responsibility to make this decision, no one else can make it for you, and you have to be able to live with the results either way. I’ll tell you this though: I’m unvaccinated and in my mid-40s with great health. According to the CDC, I should be dead or crippled. Furthermore, I will never resent my parents for trusting their own research and ignoring the “experts”, even if I get measles tomorrow.

      We all do the best we can, and you’re doing more than most already or you wouldn’t be here with this difficult choice in front of you. I hope you find a doctor to sign an exemption. I really do. If you make the decision to vaccinate because you can’t see another way out, please space out whatever shots are given and research supplements that can block or ameliorate most of the crap that’s in that syringe; the info is out there.

      All the best to you as you face the bullies.

      • Prudence Dagg says:

        Alison, what part of Texas? I have a doctor in the Houston area who is at least non-vaccinating-friendly, and I have an online group where I am networking with literally thousands of non-vaccinators from ALL over. I could ask around there.

        But Texas should currently allow all exemptions: religious, medical, and philosophical. How can it be so hard to get exempted? Are they cracking down on this? Honestly, my guess is that you aren’t being told your rights. Frequently people don’t volunteer “shot record…or an exemption form.” You have to state straight up that that is what you will need & use.

        • Allison says:

          Hi thanks for your reply. I got this information from the Texas Department od State Health Services. I printed off the form showing what the immunization requirements are for Texas 2013-2014. On the second page is says Exemptions and reads as follows “The law allows (a) physicians to write a statement stating that the vaccine(s) required would be medically harmful or injurious to the health and well-being of the child or household member, and (b) parents/guardians to choose an exemption from immunization requirements for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief.” The key word here is “and”. If it was “or” then it would be either a physician statement OR the exemption form. Since my child is healthy the first part does not apply as a doctor will say he is healthy enough to be vaccinated. I will check out P.R.O.V.E.. Thanks so much for your response!

          • Mark Richards says:

            From nvic.org:

            “Quick Fact: A signed affidavit must be presented by the child’s parent or legal guardian, stating that the child’s parent or legal guardian declines vaccinations for reasons of conscience, including because of the person’s religious beliefs. The affidavit will be valid for a two-year period. The child, who has not received the required immunizations for reasons of conscience, including religious beliefs, may be excluded from school in times of emergency or epidemic declared by the commissioner of public health. Medical exemptions are allowed as are exemptions for active duty members of the United States armed forces. ”

            Seems simple enough.

          • Allison says:

            Thank you for your reply. I printed off from the Texas Department of State Health Services the 2013-2014 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirments. On the second page the first sentence after “exemption” reads “The law allows (a)physicians to write a statement that the vaccine(s) required would be medically harmful or injurios to the health and well-being of the child or household member, and (b) parents/guardians to choose an exemption form…” just like you wrote. What is throwing me off is that is has the word “AND” after the physicians statement so I am taking that to mean that I have to have both the statement AND the exemption form. Am I taking this out of context? If I only have to have the exemption form then its a done deal. Thank you.

          • Mark Richards says:

            I’m not a lawyer and cannot provide advice, but I would note that regulations are written to be interpreted (and often written by the illiterate).

            The way I read it is that the law provides two options (“allows”), the first being a physicians note; the second a “form of exemption”.

            If puzzled, try the second option and press forward with it. If in doubt, simply call the NVIC. They’re the trusted experts in these matters.

            States are itching for a fight on this, so some nice juicy test cases that can make it to the supremes are of interest. If someone finally comes along and claims that withholding basic education on the basis of compliance fails informed consent, it’s a whole new game.

            America has its own human rights issues, much like the third world they so often invade and occupy to bring “freedom”. Difference is it’s manifestations are not as openly gross; glossed in words and process which, when the veneer wears off, amounts to the same violation.

            Good luck.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Thanks again, Dan.

        P.R.O.V.E. (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) is Dawn Richardson’s site. It has all the information you need to file for a philosophical exemption in Texas. The forms will be sent to you, and once they’re submitted you’ll need to opt OUT of the state registry. (if you don’t, your child’s records will be on file…I recommend opting out.)
        Please let us know if you have any more questions regarding the opt-out procedure.

      • Allison says:

        Thanks to all of you for your reply and research. I sincerely appreciate your help. Getting the exemption form and having it notarized is the easy part. But in addition you have to get a doctor to write a letter stating the child for medical reasons cannot be vaccinated. My son is a healthy child so in their eyes he can be vaccinated. I will search the other avenues you have suggested and see what I can come up with. I live in Livingston Texas which is about 75 miles from Houston. You all are awesome and thanks for being there!

        • cia parker says:

          This is the requirement in Texas, you can get the form from the health department, you don’t need a doctor’s consent. An affidavit signed by the applicant or, if a minor, by the applicant’s parent or guardian stating that the applicant declines immunization for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief. A form must be obtained at the Health Department.

    • cia parker says:

      In Texas you have to give them a signed affidavit that says that for reasons of conscience, which can include religious beliefs, you don’t want to vaccinate your child. I don’t think you need a doctor’s letter saying that it would be detrimental to the child, that would be a medical exemption, something different. No big deal. I went to the city health department a couple of weeks ago to request a religious exemption form.

  97. Allison says:

    Update – I have ordered the state exemption form. I will take that form when I register my son for kindergarten on May 1. If they also require a statement from a physician I will let them tell me. As of now I am cancelling his appoint. for his vaccines and truly hope that all I need is that one document. Again you all have been a tremendous help and I thank you all!

    • Mark Richards says:


      Attitude shift…

      You tell them what your rights are, not the other way around!

      (see Wikipedia: “natural and legal rights”).


  98. Allison says:

    Update – I wanted to thank all of you – Dan, Mark, Prudence, Jennifer, Dawn and all others who replied to my call. It has been clarified that in Texas you can have a medical exemption from a Doctor in a written statement OR an Exemption form that is notarized. The problem I was having is that when you read about the exemptions allowed the word “AND” is used. It is misleading to make you think you have to have a Doctors statement AND the notarized exemption form. II have ordered the exemption form and have canceled the Doctors appointment and will enroll my child in Kindergarten on May 1st instead. Thanks so much again for the clarification!

  99. Prudence Dagg says:

    Wonderful, Allison, so happy to hear it and thanks for sharing!

    Yes, I think a big issue is that we ought to have our rights stated to us clearly.

    Take care and good luck with school! I’m sure your child is excited.

    We went to Dr. Kalia with Nassau Bay Pediatrics, looks like 1.5 hours from you. If you ever truly cannot find anyone closer for a checkup, though, she’s there!

    Take care and best of luck to your family. May the truth continue to go out!

    • Allison says:

      Thank you for the Doctor information. Like I said I have had 3 Doctors refuse to see or treat my son because he is not vaccinated so I will keep yours handy. I think there is one and I mean one in my town that will see him by the name of Dr. Goin. There are only 5,000 people in Livingston so my choices are limited and I do not mind a drive. I am a child of the 60’s and I and my husband were both vaccinated but out parents did not have all the information there is available today. Our parents were children of the polio era and other scary diseases and they have friends that are now in their 70’s that are in wheel chairs from having polio so they had a different outlook on getting their children vaccinated. So needless to say our parents disagree with our choice but I am glad we have one! Thanks for listening and I am grateful!

    • Mark Richards says:

      “rights stated to us clearly”

      See my note above.

  100. Prudence Dagg says:

    🙂 Great, Allison. Also feel free to request me or message me on facebook (there’s a group you may be interested in to share information), and my email address is prudence.dagg@gmail.com.

    • Dan Hull says:

      This has been an education for me, since I live in Canada. You’re an amazing group of people to respond so quickly with resources that help a parent to understand the available options.

      As for “friends in wheelchairs as a result of polio”, I would never make light of the scary results (such as the iron lung) of some diseases, but I feel it’s important to stop and consider how many people are in wheelchairs or on portable ventilators today because we have traded polio for MS, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, morbid obesity, severe asthma…the list goes on. I get a little upset when radical pro-vaccine folk tell us we’ve been saved by vaccines, yet I see crippled sick people everywhere and higher infant mortality rates in the U.S. than in most other developed nations.

      Clearly there is a tremendous amount of marketing going on to sell the idea that industry can supply health.

      …And everything about those last four words is wrong.

      • Allison says:

        Right on Dan. It seems there is always a new disease, a new syndrome that a new drug has been developed for to “help” or vaccine to “prevent” against these new things. Then they list all the possible side effects and they are scary to say the least. I am glad that people like you and all the other refusers have taken your time to research and to help and make a difference. You and the rest that helped me clarify my rights have saved the most precious gift I have ever been given – my 5 year old son. I hope you and the rest who answered know you all made a difference. I had the appoint. scheduled for the vaccs because I did not fully understand the way they worded the law and I am glad I took a chance and sent that first message because it changed a life. BTW my husband is Canadian, eh? Thanks again!

      • Mark Richards says:

        When medicine, and the public health system in the US, was not a profit-centre but rather an ethics-centre and community service, vaccines were targeted at reducing suffering for those diseases which overcame large segments of a vulnerable population. The Poliovirus vaccine was, in its first crude form, as much a killer as the disease and came as Polio was on the way out. Nonetheless, the effort was noble, and its alleged success is often ignorantly quoted as a basis for vaccinating, say, an infant for Hep B.

        Today, with commercialized medicine and public health built upon the revolting phrase “public-private partnership”, vaccines are developed by a wholly-shielded industry, promoted by government regulators soon to be industry executives, and pandered by a vast system of marketing, distribution, and forced mandate, for the following purposes:

        1. To increase revenues to pharmaceutical corporations (influenza, HPV, MMR most notable);
        2. To reduce costs of insurers through a reduction in hospitalizations (Rotavirus a good example);
        3. To increase work output and thereby increase profits on broad scale;

        Additional side-benefit: greater convenience to the (very) general public, who are now free to wander about with illness, spreading everywhere, with a “what, me care?” attitude… the American way.

        Conclusion: If public health had its morals straight and wasn’t in the game for cash, we would not be having this conversation.

        • Dan Hull says:

          Mark, your comments are lucid and insightful. Do you mind if I incorporate some of them into my blog? I hit some of the same points, but I particularly like the way you frame the argument.

  101. Kymber Heinze says:

    This is a very well written, much needed article. My husband and I are expecting our first child in July, and this has been the main topic of discussion for quite some time now. We, as other parents, were on the fence. We have read and researched through blogs, scientific journals, speaking with health care professionals such as our pediatrician, chiropractors and a nurse practitioner. We originally had this gut feeling of being uncomfortable giving our child so many drugs at such a young age…hence the prompt to research.

    Even through all the research, we still had this fear of “What if?” What if we don’t vaccinate and our kid gets sick? Will we feel we are to blame and it could have been prevented? On the other hand, what if we do vaccinate and our baby has a terrible reaction to the vaccine? I feel like the what if’s go both ways equally. We see both sides of the vaccine controversy. This blog was one that made me feel at ease for our decision not to vaccinate. Why? Because it was written from an everyday person, just like us, whom has done the research and lived the choice herself.

    We have decided not to vaccinate and to go with our gut feeling on this because we choose to live healthy lifestyles. We eat right, exercise and believe our bodies are going to be subjected to an illness whether we vaccinate or not. It’s a fact of life. People get sick. I don’t wake up everyday and take a Tylenol for fear that I might get a headache that day. Same concept. We can’t plan for everything, but we feel by putting good in our bodies, we will get good out. Our baby will have a chance to build a strong immune system so they can fight everything naturally. Yes, in some cases medical attention is necessary, but without a reason for that medicine or medical attention, we are trying to fix a problem that isn’t there. I have experienced the medical way of doing things fail first hand, more than once. This just proves medicine is not always the answer. Also, just a thought to ponder, is it not sort of naive to think we can make one vaccine and expect it to work for millions of people? Everyone is different, is in different surroundings, has different backgrounds and reacts differently to medication.

    We will continue the fight everyday with people who are uneducated and ridicule us for our decision even know they did not do the research or know the facts. That is the hardest part about this whole situation to us. We are judged all the time. But, that’s ok because in the end, we feel good about making an educated decision for our child. Peace of mind is everything sometimes.

    Thank you again, for writing this article!

    • cia parker says:

      I think not vaxing is the best decision. Maybe the tetanus series once your child is two, maybe not. When my daughter was a baby, it never even went through my mind to be cautious about exposing her to people, and, despite three DTaPs, she caught pertussis at a La Leche League meeting when she was eight months old. It wasn’t a big deal, but if I had it to do over again, I’d be much more careful about taking her out in public vs. keeping her at home and being aware of the possibility of her contracting diseases. I’m totally in favor of just getting and going through the childhood diseases, but after the newborn stage, when they can be more dangerous.

      • Kymber Heinze says:

        Thank you for your reply to my comment. This has been one of the toughest decisions my husband and I have made thus far in the adventure in to parenthood! I agree with you! Of course, we have to be cautious and protect our kids, especially at the newborn stage, but I would way rather them get sick, fight it and in return have a natural immunity and a stronger immune system. In my eyes, there are not many things that will be more harmful to an unvaccinated child as compared to a vaccinated child because we all have the same access to sanitary living, clean water and good healthcare if needed.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Kymber, I believe there is great wisdom in your thoughts about this critical matter. We cannot guarantee our “immunity” to every ill that befalls mankind–Life just keeps on “life-ing”. Our best defense is to be active about those things that have the greatest weight for safety and health. That’s why it requires an honest look at all sides of controversial issues. We each have to live our own lives, and the longer we do, the more we are able to observe the outcomes of our decisions. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this article. My parents were pioneers in their understanding that if this issue became a runaway train, it could potentially end in great disaster.

      The only thing I know to do is to encourage everyone to learn as much as possible before they find themselves in an untenable position.

  102. Kelli ALLRED says:

    Ditto. This has been my message for years.

  103. BH says:

    I asked my dad who was born in 1924, last night if he had been vaccinated (I didn’t think so as vaccinations weren’t widely introduced until the 50s but thought I would double check) and he said no. He didn’t think too deeply about the issue but I did. He turns 90 this year. Growing up, I don’t remember him being sick with anything but a cold now and then or visiting the doctor. He has never had any major health issues like cancer, even though he was a smoker for 40 years (he gave up about 30 years ago). He is still pretty healthy for his age considering he spent a lot of time outdoors with no hat or sunscreen, is completely mobile, drives and lives on his own. My 6 year old son has not had any shots either. He, also, has no health issues, recovers quickly from viruses, and has never been to a doctor in his life. I also don’t use sunscreen for normal playing outside, although they are forced to wear hats at school. So much for the unvaccinated being unhealthy – they are two of the healthiest people I know. I also strongly suspect that cold sores are transmitted in vaccinations. Everyone I know in our family who gets them has been vaccinated. Those who don’t, haven’t, even though we are related and in close contact. There is no other logical explanation for why I and my older son get them, but my younger son doesn’t.

  104. erika vega says:

    Can they refuse your child from school because they dont have shots?? I unfortunately was a young parent and didnt do much reading. My daughter got her first few years of shots. But I am refusing all of them ever since I seen this difference in her.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Erika Vega, the laws governing vaccination and schools varies from state to state. If you’ll look back through the comments on this thread you’ll find the resources to investigate the vaccine laws in your state. One great source is the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org).

      • Prudence Dagg says:

        Erika, right now every state allows philosophical and/ or religious exemptions, as well as medical, with the exception of Mississippi and West Virginia, which allow ONLY medical. (To be honest, if I were in a state where I could not get an exemption and homeschooling was not an option, I would move. Hard, yes. But easier than having a vaccine-injured or deceased child.) (I do hear it is harder in some states than others to use other exemptions–some may want a clergy person to sign your religious exemption letter or something like that.)

        Please be aware that you should not expect school or other personnel to inform you of your rights; they are more likely to just tell you they need the shot record. Yes, check NVIC, network and find other parents in your area, and learn the ropes.

        I’m sorry about the difficulties your daughter has experienced. Particularly if she shows any signs of autism, I hope you will look into Kerri Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism. There are other professionals who work with the vaccine injured as well. Do not give up! Best wishes to you.

  105. Amber h says:

    I just want to say thank you for your article. I have a four year old son. He had his first round of shots at about a month old. It was a rough 4 days of crying and fevers sleeping way longer than usual. Had to be woken up to nurse.. I called his pediatrician and they told me it was all “normal”. If that’s their normal I didn’t want any part of it. So I decided after he was back to his normal self. I did lots of vaccine research and stopped completely. He has been sick 3-4 times since then with colds. Hospitalized for RSV I did breast feed him almost two years. He stopped nursing on his own after the RSV happened. That was almost 2 weeks before his second birthday. Anyway my brothers girlfriends cousin who is 5 months older. Has had all her shots, she is sick more often. Was fully bottle fed. They are both babysat by my brothers girlfriend. but my son hasnt been sick except the rsv and occasional cold.I truly believe that me nursing for so long and staying healthy saved or prevented him from getting sick often. I remember having a stomach bug when he was 9 months old. Everyone in my family got it but him lol thank goodness. I’m pregnant with baby number two also a boy and he will not be vaccinated. And will be fully breast fed as long as possible. He is due aug 27th of 2014. I agree with being as healthy as possible. Our bodies are made to fight off germs and fix itself. Breastmilk in my option is a wonderful food source for babies. It has healing capabilities also life long affects that science and formula can never duplicate. Just wanted to share my story and thank you all for sharing your stories.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, Amber h. And congratulations on your upcoming new family member. Best of health to all of you!

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      Amber, so glad you are listening to your instincts. Be prepared and decided for when the Hep B and Vitamin K shots are offered when your baby is born, whatever you are choosing.

      Happy your baby is now doing well. For information on the brain inflammation that can cause a baby to act the way your son did, I would highly recommend reading Russell Blaylock’s foreword to Neil Miller’s Vaccine Safety Manual. Best!

  106. Monia Sidia says:

    Amazing! Been looking for this kind of article for sooooo long!
    Only got one huge question: what countries in the world can you choose NOT to vaccinate your children without getting in trouble for “not taking care of your child” with the government and not having a problem with getting your kid into schools? I myself find it very hard to look forward to becoming a mum with an entire world working against you and FORCING you to with so many methods giving you no choice.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Monia, laws vary in different countries and new vaccine laws are now being enacted in certain areas. I’d suggest doing some research for the specific country/countries where you will be. As I said in the article, I’ve visited 18 foreign countries and also lived outside the U.S. and have never been asked about my vaccine status. (It wouldn’t surprise me if we have the most cumbersome policies for immigrants, but even the unvaccinated from other countries are free to visit America.)
      Please let us know what you discover, and best to you on your journeys.

  107. cia parker says:

    Vaccines are optional in most countries. France only mandates the DT (not pertussis) and polio.

  108. Fmo says:

    I need help we are moving to Mississippi and they have strict vaccination laws. My son is almost 2 and has never had a vaccine and we would like to keep it that way. We have contacted the health department and doctors and get the same thing, he has to have vaccines to go to daycare. If anyone has any information on how to get around it I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      Fmo, I am trying to find you some help in a private facebook group. My email address is listed above and I will be happy to try to keep networking.

      In the meantime, I would urge you to consider finding a different child care situation if the waiver cannot be worked out, such as someone doing child care in her home or a relative. Of *course* you will have to do your due diligence in checking out any child care situation, but perhaps there is someone trustworthy. I think the extra effort will be well worth it to avoid vaccines once you come to this position.

      School is a challenge too in Mississippi, but thankfully homeschooling is an option and homeschooling has so many different developments in terms of co-ops, etc.! But you have a couple of years before you have to worry about that. Best wishes.

  109. Shawn Siegel says:

    Jennifer, I’d love to interview on my show, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust. I just sent you a Facebook friend request.

  110. Kay says:

    I’m glad I found this, but still torn.

    My son was born healthy. Locked eyes with both of us right away (not possible, right? But he did and we melted in his little gaze.) and was nursing right away as well. Everything was great. Lactation consultants said his latch was great and we were naturals.

    Shortly before we left he started acting different. He slept a lot, didn’t nurse well (fell asleep very quickly), wasn’t as alert as he’d been, and started turning yellow. He also was making many diapers at all. But they said it was time to go home.

    Once home he was still a bit off. Was hungry and nursed all the time but didn’t gain weight. He was treated by bringing home a light bed. He was also treated for thrush though second dr said he didn’t have it and took him off meds. Still lost weight and we were told to supplement with formula or he’d have to go into hospital with feeding tube for failure to thrive. After fighting to breast feed and formula feed he ended up on just formula. Even trying to keep up with pumping the supply just wasn’t there.

    We had been fighting to find a formula that didn’t keep causing excessive spit up. Soy has worked best and he was finally doing well though fighting constipation. He was doing lots of cooing, smiling constantly, already could roll over, was locking eyes with us any babling conversations with us among other things.

    We went in for his two month checkup and the nightmare began. We were told he was doing good but was gonna be a little unhappy because it was time for his first round of shots. I never saw info about shots or risks though I signed the waiver like I was told. Never was told we had a choice. And was only told a little about the shots. Like there would be three injected and one oral but 8 vaccines total. So I helped hold my poor boy while he was vaccinated and screaming and fought back tears while I listened to him and watched vaccine run back out of the holes the needles made. Once done his screaming went from ouch it hurts to high pitched ear piercing. They left the room so I could comfort him. After holding and rocking him he passed out. I put him in his carseat and we went to the waiting room. They said it was to be sure there weren’t any reactions. He slept the whole time. They said we could go. I ask what kinda reactions he could have and was just told about rash or swelling or redness.

    We stopped at the store on the way home. He still slept. A couple hours later we were home and he was still asleep. He’d slept right through feeding time. And did so again after we got home. When he did wake up it was always brief and lots of high pitched screaming. I was able to feed him after he woke up acting ravenous and he went through 8 ounces, burped, and passed back out.

    About 12 hrs after the vaccine he started projectile vomiting. He would also roll his eyes back in his head or have one back and one to the side. He also had one leg that would shake while he was vomiting or eyes were different directions. When I got him cleaned up and settled down he fell asleep with me holding him. I couldn’t put him down. I just felt like something was wrong. Shortly after he felt heavy all of a sudden. And then he wasn’t breathing. I tried waking him. Nothing he was heavy and limp. I rolled him over and rubbed under his shoulders (I latter learned it stimulated his lungs) and very quickly he arched his little back into a C and vomited several feet across the room. More high pitched screaming followed but at least he was moving and breathing and the correct color again.

    I’d called his dr and 911. His dr didn’t know what vaccines he’d been given. Said I’d have to call the office Monday but take him to er to be checked out. First responders and ems came and we went to to er. They didn’t do a lot. Monitored vitals, gave him pedialyte, and discharged him as immunization reaction and with instructions to follow up with dr after the weekend.

    Pediatrician after follow up said he didn’t know what kinda bug he had but it wasn’t vaccine related. His regular dr had nurse contact the drug reps which told them that none of the vaccines cause that.

    He took several weeks to mostly recover. He had gone to not moving much. No rolling over, no playing, no smiles or cooing, no eye contact. Nothing but eat, sleep, throw up. And sometimes poop though very constipated.

    He still rolls his eyes back at times. While he will kinda make eye contact he hasn’t locked eyes with us since. He also wakes up at times screaming horribly like he’s had a nightmare or something. And his voice is hoarse a lot.

    I’m terrified to vaccinate him again. But I don’t want to be a bad parent and not vaccinate and him die or something.

    I have a lot of chronic health issues. I was also told I couldn’t have children. He is our miracle baby and I want to do what’s best for him.

    Feel free to email thoughts directly at kayredheart@gmail.com I’m looking for helpful information and after reading everything I can find I’m still torn with his next well baby appt just days away. 🙁

    • Kay says:

      Ps. Vaccine given before we left hospital was HepB. Vaccines at 2 months were rotavirus, prevnar, HepB, TDaP, hib, and polio.

    • The Refusers says:

      Sounds like an encephalitic vaccine adverse reaction. Hope your child lives and doesn’t have permanent brain damage (aka autism).

      Vaccination is your choice, don’t let doctors bully you. Fire them if you don’t agree. There’s a list below of vaccine-friendly doctors in Florida from Dr. Sears.

      You need to come up to speed on what has happened and what will likely keep happening if you keep vaccinating. Read Age of Autism for insight.

      Good luck, hope it’s not too late for you and your child.

      My daughter died in a similar situation.

      The medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction: Brain Infection (Merck Manual)

      The Marvelous Health of Unvaccinated Children – by Françoise Berthoud, MD Pediatrician

      Age of autism – search for vaccine stories and what happened to kids after stories like yours

      Find a Vaccine Friendly Doctor Near You


      David Berger, MD, FAAP
      Owner and Medical Director, Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care
      Assistant Professor, University of South Florida College of Nursing
      3405 W Fletcher Avenue
      Tampa, FL 33618
      (813) 960-3415

      Linda Colon, M.D.
      9750 NW 33rd St, Ste 220
      Coral Springs, FL 33065
      (954) 752-8446

      Family First Pediatrics
      1049 Willa Springs Drive, Suite 1031
      Winter Springs, FL 32708
      (407) 335-4760

      Dr. H.E. Fang-Patrick
      1951 sw 172nd Ave, ste410
      Miramar, FL 33029
      (954) 499-0572

      The Franz Center P.A.
      Cornelia Franz, M.D.
      3160 Southgate Commerce Blvd. #64
      Orlando, FL 32806
      (407) 857-8860

      Dr. Marie John, Pediatrician
      Watson Alternative Health Center, Inc.
      5536 Stewart Street
      Milton, FL 32570
      (850) 497-1575
      Does NOT give vaccines, only provides vaccine counseling.

      Dr. James E. Lemire
      Lemire Clinic
      9401 SW Hwy 200, Bldg 90
      Ocala, FL 34481
      (352) 291-9459

      Valerie Miles, M.D.
      Carolina Ceron-Canas, M.D.
      Progressive Pediatrics
      1539 Parental Home Rd.
      Jacksonville, FL 32211

      Denise Punger M.D., F.A.A.F.P., I.B.C.L.C.
      Family Medicine and Breastfeeding Medicine
      4640 South 25th St,
      Ft Pierce, FL 34981
      (772) 466-8884

      Richard Rodriguez, M.D.
      Sunshine Pediatrics of Central Florida
      210 Lookout Place
      Maitland, FL 32751
      (407) 215-0400
      (407) 215-0402

      Shilpa P Saxena, M.D.
      Living Wellness
      Center for Integrative Family Health
      Lutz, FL 33549
      (813) 751-2020

      Children’s HealthCare of Brevard, LLC
      Margaret Witzleb, MSN, ARNP
      Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
      2351 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Suite 5
      Melbourne, FL 32935

      • Prudence Dagg says:

        Everything above seems to be Florida. Any integrative medicine branches near Bloomington, IN area?

    • Marilou says:

      Kay – Reading your story breaks my heart. You found this blog for a reason. You know in your heart that something went wrong after the 2 months series of vaccines. You had a happy normal baby who suddenly lost eye contact, starting screaming and is constantly sick. Your baby clearly did not react well to the vaccines and was vaccine injured.

      My best advice is STOP all vaccines until you do more research. You can always delay but you cannot undue damage from vaccines. You are not a bad parent from not vaccinating. A good parent makes educated choices whether it’s to vaccinate or not. Know the pros and cons. Know the ingredients. Know the side effects. Be confident of your decision (whatever that is). If you have any doubts, continue researching.

      Here are a few places to start:

      Watch the Greater Good

      Read the vaccine inserts:

      Read the vaccine ingredients:

      FYI – I have a very healthy almost 4 year old UNVAXED child who has been to 9 countries, goes to school and has never had any serious illness or disease. In my personal opinion, GOOD HEALTH DOES NOT COME IN A SHOT FULL OF TOXIC INGREDIENTS.

      I wish you the very best with your research and wish nothing but good health for your baby.

      • Kay says:

        Marilou. I have been able to do some useful research thanks to emails and comments to my story posted on here. Our entire household is no longer going to vaccinate. If the toxic ingredients and reactions werent bad enough what I learned is that they really are against our beliefs. We had no idea that some of the vaccines were created from aborted fetal material or that many of the labels and inserts clearly state they may or may not work. I am not stopping my researching it has simply changed direction. I am now interested in detoxing us from the toxins left in our system as well as living healthily while ceasing to vaccinate. Thank you for your reply. Also thank you to the original story publisher and to those others who took the time to write to us when we pleaded for answers.

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      Yes, sounds like an encephalitic scream. The good news is that there ARE things you can do for your child. However–note: NOT medical advice; I am NOT a medical professional–you have to stop them. It is your job to protect your child.

      Look at Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon, as well as some information I am going to send you. Best.

  111. cia parker says:

    You can google naturopathic doctor, osteopathic doctor (who can write prescriptions), and chiropractor for those in your area, look at their websites or call them to find one who sounds good. And for emergencies, all you have to do is tell an MD that you just don’t want to vax. I’ve read that many will throw you out of their practice for refusing, but you can ask on the phone ahead of time. We’ve never had a doctor throw us out, they’ve all respected my refusing vaccines. One doctor had five children, had fully vaxed the first ones (in the ’80s) , but the last ones she only gave the tetanus vaccine, being convinced herself that vaccines were more dangerous than they were worth.

  112. Danielle Ranger says:

    Thank you for this article!
    Niether myself nor my other two siblings have been vaccinated and None of us have ever had any emergency health problems! So many people look at us like wild animals for not having them, but with my mother being a long time nurse she knew what was in those vaccines and let me tell you…it is not something you would wanna put in your body.

    The only thing about not being vaccinized now in my adult years is that I am trying to get a degree in the health field and I am not able to get into any of my programs because they are all now requiring students to have all of those. So it is a constant struggle with school and I am going to have to get all those vaccines now as an adult and the health department doesnt accept adult insurance I guess.

    But other than that I am so glad that I dont have any of those substances in my body!!

    • Dan Hull says:

      I think it’s wonderful that you have never been vaccinated, but it sounds like you’re considering it now. They will have to shoot me first and wait until I am dead to ever vaccinate me. I would hate to see you throw away your health for a career.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Hi, Danielle. Thanks for your comments. If you’re considering a career in “healthcare”, maybe you can research some fields that don’t involve drugs/surgery. Chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese acupuncture, clinical nutrition, for instance, do not require vaccines for enrollment. And with the way mainstream medicine is evolving, there will be more need than EVER for drugless practitioners. Best to you in your search, and remember “No Forced Vaccines in America.” You always have choices ~ use them wisely.

    • Dan says:

      I work in the health field, I am a medical technologist. I have refused all vaccines in the last five years. They make me wear a mask because I refused the flu shot. But I work second shift and I take it off after everybody leaves. You just tell them you refuse and you’d like to sign the waiver.

  113. Dan says:

    This is one of the best articles I have come accross in my search for vaccine information. I am a medical technologist and I know a good deal about our body’s immune system, antibodies, antigens, leukocytes, etc… I have a 4 month old baby girl and so far my wife and I have decided not to vaccinate her. We have done our research and continue to read about the topic and we trust our intuition. I would like some opinions though on a couple of questions I have. Is there any paticular vaccine that we should consider? How bad is it in real life (not symptoms listed by the CDC) if my baby comes down with mumps, measels, haemopholis, or pertussis? How treatable are these diseases? And finally what kind of things can we do to build her natural immunity and keep her healthy? We already try to eat organic non GMO foods, no soda, no sugary (from concentrate) juices, we don’t smoke, and we enjoy exercise. Thank you all!

    • cia parker says:

      You should keep her at home, not in day care or near possibly contagious people, for at least a year, preferably two. I hope she’s being breast fed. Pertussis can be very dangerous to newborns, and can kill one in 200 newborns who gets it, but after four or five months, it’s very rarely fatal or disabling. My baby (who had gotten three DTaPs) got it anyway at 8 and 9 months old, and it was very uncomfortable and long-lasting, but not dangerous. You should still be mindful of it and try to avoid your daughter being exposed to it. Dr. Langmuir said in 1962 that among babies less than one year old who got measles, four in 10,000 died of it. Not likely that she get it in the U.S., though, even if she’s unvaxed (and you’re doing the right thing not vaxing her). Among one year olds it was two in 10,000, and one in 10,000 for those older than two.
      Hib meningitis can be very dangerous, even fatal, for babies, and it had become fairly common before the vaccine. I let my daughter get it three times, but said no to the fourth when I read it could cause diabetes. Not only that, but now I know that it causes peanut allergies in one in fifty. The disease is very rarely dangerous after the age of two. In my opinion, the risk of allergies or diabetes greatly outweighs the risk of the disease, but the disease could be very bad if it occurred. High-dose intravenous vitamin C if she gets any of these diseases. Again, breastfeeding protects babies from it to a remarkable degree, and keeping them at home protects them still more.
      It would be good to avoid mumps if you could until she is older (it would be good for her to get all but meningitis when she’s older). The diseases are not treatable by allopathic medicine, but they are treatable with vitamin C, vitamin A especially for measles, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, and just common-sense nursing. I recommend you get Aviva Jill Romm’s Vaccinations for advice. Randall Neustaedter in The Vaccine Book has advice on health-building measures like you are asking about.

      • Dan Hull says:

        A hearty +1 to everything cia parker notes in her comment, with the exception of homeopathic remedies. I have never seen good evidence for homeopathy, but that simply means that I would be cautiously open to more information.

        As for intravenous vitamin C and/or high-dose oral C for any and all illnesses, particularly viral, absolutely yes. Linus Pauling was brilliant. After reading his research thoroughly, I take 2 grams of crystalline ascorbic acid in pureed fruit smooties per day (of many acceptable ways to take it) with only one side effect: I’m almost never sick; when I am the symptoms are extremely brief and mild. My kids get organic food and lots of C and D. They’re never sick either, so I feel I’m doing something right! All the best in raising healthy young people. I would never get a single vaccine for your kids if I was you, knowing as I do that a microbe only becomes a “pathogen” in a weak immune system.

    • Prudence Dagg says:

      I am sure you already have a lot of good information. 🙂

      I second the breastfeeding.

      Some good sources are Dr. Mendelsohn’s How to Raise a Healthy Child…in Spite of Your Doctor (print), livingwhole.org (blog), and Modern Alternative Mama (blog). She researches things including building the immune system, nutrition, and much more.

      However, if breastfeeding or keeping the baby home do not work out, exercise caution, but do not lose heart. I do NOT believe vaccines are any kind of a good substitute and would never, never vaccinate “instead” of breastfeeding. Many unvaccinated children who were formula fed (or mostly formula fed) are doing just fine.

      We overcomplicate it in this age, I think. 🙂 Good nutrition for mom, breastmilk for baby (or best possible substitute), good nutrition as the baby gets older…and professionals to consult with who are *very* conservative with medicine (i.e., drugs).

      Wishing you the best!

  114. Dan says:

    Thank you Dan Hull and cia parker. I appreciate the input.

  115. Molly says:

    Thank you Jennifer. It’s always wonderful to see people writing about their actual experiences and encouraging others to do so. I have a 22 year old son, a 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. My firstborn was vaccinated and reacted badly – seizures, learning disabilities, severe behavioural problems… so when I found myself remarried and pregnant again with my second son, I seemed to instinctively know – without much investigation – that I didn’t agree with vaccinating my small baby barely a few hours old. When I said ‘no’ to the vaccination I was treated in a hostile way and told ‘my baby could die’. I stood my ground and told them I was happy to sign whatever consent form they threw at me, but no one was coming anywhere near my baby with a syringe…

    That was the first time I experienced real discrimination and hostility because of my ‘concern’….. which is a ‘refusal’ to join their religion. There’s no doubt about it, vaccination is religion… it’s not about health. You either follow and believe or you are a labelled a ‘refuser’ or ‘anti’. It’s a religion pure and simple, beyond any reasonable discussion of facts or truth.

    My two unvaccinated youngest are thriving, healthy beyond belief, both exceeding in all areas of learning and they are truly the most connected, loving children. I’m a private music teacher and have chosen to home school my youngest – and I am astounded at how many children I see with learning disabilities and behavioural problems. I hear parents speak about ‘the spectrum’ as though they are speaking about whether their child is left or right handed. It’s become the ‘norm’ to speak about these things, when twenty years ago it was unheard of. Learning disabilities among children is an epidemic and I’m amazed that these poor parents dealing with so many ailments – requiring learning aids at school, tutors at home, speech pathologists, counsellors (sometimes all in the one family) – fail to ever question the vaccines let alone realise the damage caused.

    I am so grateful my instinct told me not to vaccinate – it was not until I was home with my baby that I researched what this ‘aggressive persuasion’ was all about… then I realised for the first time the true extent of damage that had been done to my first son. I will always regret vaccinating him and often wonder, who he might have been had I allowed him to grow up healthy and vaccination free. He is so much in his own world now… there’s nothing I can do. I treasure how connected my young son is, how he looks at me, hugs me, how his eyes light up when he’s learnt something new. I never had that with my vaccinated son so there is nothing anyone could ever do to convince me otherwise of the damage I have witnessed with my own eyes – and all the pharmaceutical publications presenting so-called ‘data’, will never change the facts of what I’ve learnt first hand.

    I have tried to gently educate other mums, but it seems to end friendships so I don’t bother anymore, it’s not worth the harsh treatment I receive. But it’s difficult when they tell me about all their hardships with their children’s behaviour, and I feel I can’t say anything. It really troubles me and I worry… but I do what I can for their children by teaching them well… I just wish they would stop vaccinating. One mother told me that her 12 year old writes his maths work in his science book… unless an aid is there to explain to him the difference. This just makes me feel sad and angry all at the same time… I wonder what this world is going to be like with so many learning disabled children coming down the tunnel into adulthood… It’s a frightening thought, so the more parents can be aware and allow their little children to grow up naturally so they can connect, learn and grow normally… the better.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Molly, for sharing your story. Keep sharing with anyone who’ll listen! You’re doing a great job advocating for your children and others.

    • Dan Hull says:

      I am both sad for your oldest and happy that you intuited the correct decision for your younger son and daughter.

      I’m curious, how has the health of your younger children been with regard to infectious disease? If polio or measles became endemic in your area, would you worry? How would you respond?

      The reason I ask is not to be adversarial in the least, but to help others who confront people who say we would change our tune if we lived amidst increased prevalence of infectious diseases for which vaccines are (usually falsely) credited with eradication in North America and other places.

      As for my family, we stay dosed up on vitamins A, B, C (10,000 milligrams daily; more if colds or flu are making the rounds) and D, and we eat a very balanced diet of whole foods and little wheat or sugar (always room for improvement). There is very little sickness in our home, and I can’t imagine that changing if we were exposed to measles or polio, but with all the fear-mongering around microbes nowadays, I hope that those who visit this blog and/or make the decision to not vaccinate understand how to protect good health through diet, nutrient supplementation, and avoidance of toxic substances in our environmement.

      As the numbers grow of us who refuse vaccines, my hope is that we can demonstrate reduced incidence of infectious disease when exposed, or at least milder and more transient symptoms, but data at this point is mostly anecdotal or conducted by large survey. Still, I’ll take what I can get! 🙂

  116. cia parker says:

    Sorry, I know you weren’t asking me, but I don’t think we should expect to see a reduced incidence of infectious disease in unvaxed children. Fifty years ago, all healthy children got measles, mumps, and rubella. Eighty years ago, all children got pertussis and most got diphtheria. It would be the same now if the diseases came back, but it is a good thing to get these diseases (except diphtheria), which is probably why even healthy children got them then and would get them now. Being well-nourished etc. makes them better able to cope with the diseases, as you note, and may increase the likelihood of having only a sub-clinical case (that still gives immunity). Sickness from time to time is not a bad thing, but necessary to educate and strengthen the immune system. Back in 1950, communities that stopped consuming sugar during polio epidemics had 90% fewer cases of polio. Children who had recently gotten the DPT had much higher rates of polio. Most cases of polio were sub-clinical or mild. However, if polio came back, I’d probably get the vaccine for my daughter, even knowing all of that. The injected version may be the least dangerous vaccine, while the disease in the worst-case scenario was devastating.
    Even healthy children can get meningitis, though it’s rare. I woiuldn’t get the shots, but would take precautionary measures with infants, would breast feed for as long as possible, and would be aware of the danger signs of meningitis (inability to lower chin to chest without pain, for example, or raise knee to chin), which would mean to rush to the ER to start antibiotic therapy as quickly as possible. And in the case of a dirty wound, I’d probably take the conventional therapy offered, and be aware of the signs of tetanus.

    • Dan Hull says:

      I don’t really disagree with anything in your reaponse, but do want to clarify that in an unvaccinated poulation of properly nourished kids, most of the diseases for which there are vaccines would be so sub-clinical as to never count toward incidence rates. There would IMHO be exceptions who suffer worse symptoms, but as you indicate, there are alternative treatments to vaccination.

      I would even forego the polio vaccine in preference for megadose IVC, as I fully believe in the work of Drs. Klenner and Pauling and know that 72% of people infected with polio manifest no symptoms whatsoever, even when fully exposed (it’s important to remember such things when fear comes calling). With that said, I also completely respect and would not presume to question your decision to vaccinate for that particular pathogen if incidence increased in your area.

      • Dan Hull says:

        Just thought folks here might enjoy reading the article and comments here: http://www.abetterwaytohealth.com/confused-about-vaccines/

        Really great article and rousing commentary too (I go by my first name, Loni, in the comments). I’d love to hear thoughts from people on therefusers.com about the arguments I’ve used there, as I’m always trying to leave something for logical readers to take away.

      • cia parker says:

        Everyone used to get the childhood diseases, even though we were well-nourished. Being well-nourished means that they probably won’t be serious, but they will cause dramatic symptoms and need to be nursed appropriately.

      • cia parker says:

        My daughter as well as hordes of kids at her school had the enterovirus 68 last August and September, which I think is a new kinds of polio. A few have been paralyzed by it. In my daughter it caused a very severe, long-lasting cough (not long enough fits to be pertussis again, though). I’m sure it will be back at the end of next summer. Being well-nourished gives you many advantages, but having the diseases is very good for developing the humoral immune system, which is probably why Nature wants kids to get them.

    • Prudence says:

      Oh, Cia, please do NOT do that! Your family has already been through so very much.

      I think reading about the reclassification of polio–as you know, simple things like not eating sugar can help–may help with your decision if there is one in the future.

      We have to run out but I wish you the best.

      • cia parker says:

        I don’t think it will ever come up, and it would be after a lot of research at that time. I had a roommate who had been paralyzed by polio when she was three: she was an attractive, laughing girl with many friends, but had to use braces and crutches to walk or a wheelchair. It hadn’t affected her mind, which was a big advantage over autism. She never got married and lives with her mother now, both on Social Security benefits. I talked to her last year, and she said she can’t use crutches anymore, but is confined to a wheelchair. It was tragic, and certainly something to be put in the risk/benefit balance. But, as I say, I would do a lot more research if the situation ever came up.

  117. Jordan says:

    I am choosing not to vaccinate my child based on the research my fiancé and I have been doing for the past few years (although it’s never truly enough!) and I was wondering what you believe is the best waiting period for taking an infant/child out in the “real world” who hasn’t been vaccinated? Is there a true need to keep them in the house for an extended period of time or not? I’ve seen it go both ways… Thank you!

    • cia parker says:

      I think there’s a true need to keep young babies out of any groups of people outside the family, and away from any infected family members. And breast feed him or her for as long as possible, until self-weaning if possible, which may not be until they’re five. I didn’t know that when my baby was little (the first part, I nursed her until self-weaning, and she has to this day never had diarrhea or an ear infection). I started taking her with me to La Leche League meetings when she was three months old: we went to a picnic at a park in August. Then I took her with me every month, and didn’t give it a second thought. I regret it now, but I let her get the DTaP at 2, 4, 6, and 18 months, polio at 3, 5, and 12 months, and HIb at two and a half, four and a half, and six and a half months old (I staggered them, thinking it would be safer: it wasn’t: she had two bad reactions and developed autism). There were maybe twenty babies and toddlers at the La Leche League meetings, but it didni’t even occur to me that it might not be a good idea to expose her to them. And she got pertussis there at 8 months old. Luckily she was old enough that it was very tiring and unpleasant, but not dangerous. As for how long, if the baby is healthy, I’d say until five months old should be out of the range of a dangerous or fatal case of pertussis: most deaths occur in babies less than three months old, in one in 200 cases, so it isn’t hugely dangerous even then. After that, I”d advise you to use your judgment: dangerous cases of Hib or Prevnar meningitis or measles wouild be rare after the age of one year. almost unheard of after the age of two. Pertussis would be the biggest concern, but rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hep-A, and the flu are all possible diseases the baby might catch, and any infection can be very dangerous in a young infant, and all can be avoided by quarantine. The vaccines are a bigger danger, though, and I think it’s good that you’re planning on not vaccinating your baby.

    • cia parker says:

      I just read Jennifer’s reply and thought I’d add a couple of thoughts. It is very important , as she says, to use your judgment and consider your individual circumstances. But when Jennifer’s children were young forty years ago, the (very dangerous) pertussis vaccine used, the whole-cell pertussis vaccine used in the DPT, while causing a lot of SIDS and brain damage, was pretty effective in controlling pertussis. Since the late ’90s, most First World countries have switched to using the acellular pertussis vaccine in the DTaP, or, for people older than seven, the Tdap. It has fewer mild side effects, while causing just as many severe and permanent side effects. It is also much less effective at preventing pertussis, which is why so many thousands are getting pertussis now. It is a cyclical disease, peaking on an average of every 34 months, worldwide. The disease has evolved to become much less dangerous than it was ta hundred and fifty years ago, when it killed tens of thousands of babies and children a year. Now it is only considered dangerous to young infants in the first three or four months of life, whose breathing passages have not developed enough to effectively cough out the mucus that pools in the lungs. Antibiotics are ineffective in treating the disease once the coughing starts, as the damage is caused by a toxin produced by the pathogen rather than by the bacteria themselves. The toxin causes the cilia in the airways to be broken off so that they can no longer assist in pushing the mucus up toward the mouth, and it’s much harder for the person to cough hard enough to get it out. Eventually the cilia grow back. The pooled mucus in the lungs can cause pneumonia, and the combination of the mucus clogging the airways and the lack of oxygen when the baby can’t take a breath until the coughing fit is over, can cause asphyxiation or brain damage. Cough suppressants of any kind should never be given: they probably won’t work, but if they did, they’d just cause the mucus to accumulate in the lungs, which would be extremely dangerous.

      This is not a reason to get the vaccine, which is very dangerous for any age. It is definitely something to be aware of. Pertussis has definitely made a big comeback, and cases occur in every community now, in both the vaxed and the unvaxed. That’s why parents must be aware how important it is to protect their baby from anyone who might be contagious, even if they don’t have obvioius symptoms. Breast feeding does not protect from pertussis, though it does protect from meningitis and many other illnesses. If your baby gets it anyway, high-dose intravenous vitamin C will treat it, as will alternating the homeopathic preparations Pertudoron 1 and 2. Unfortunately, it is of vital importance to observe your baby all the time, day or night, to be ready to put him or her up to your shoulder or upright on your lap during coughing fits, to help him cough up the mucus. The coughing is worse at night. Traditionally a parent used to walk the baby around all night during the worst days (or weeks) of the coughing. And obviously, you’d need at least two people to take turns caring for the baby, as the coughing may last for over a month (as it did in my baby). In her case, the most severe coughing lasted about ten days. Or it might be longer, I coughed over two months. The Chinese call it the hundred-day cough. But, again, the potential severity of the disease means you should be mindful of the possibility. It can occur in summer as well as winter. It is always possible, but much more common during its peaks. You could check with your local health department to ask how common it is at any time in your community. Infants should be kept protected from it at home, absolutely not in day care. But equally absolutely, they should not get the shot. It does’t even work on young infants, whose immune systems haven’t developed enough to respond appropriately, and in many the vaccine never works at all. Absolutely not worth the risk of asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, SIDS, or autism, which are much more likely outcomes than death or disability from the natural disease.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Thanks, Cia, for you additional thoughts. It’s especially important the note that the current vaccine lacks efficacy, while presenting known risks for very young children. All these factors should be considered in each individual case.

  118. Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

    Jordan, each of us has a different history, circumstance and perspective because there is no “one rule” that works for everyone. Cia (whose comments are wonderful and very helpful) had a different history than mine. Or yours. You must look at your own personal circumstances, family health history, level of risk, and determine which choices are best for You. I never had any concern about exposing my child to others, even as an infant, but things are different than they were 40 years ago. There are risks posed by the recently-vaccinated, immune-compromised (possibly even your own family members), and diet, genetics, industrial pollutants, etc.
    The key is EDUCATING Yourself. There is no more valuable use of your time, and you can never UNDO a vaccine. Learn everything you need to know before you make decisions that can never be undone.
    Thank you for taking these decisions seriously. Your child(ren) will thank you. I promise.

  119. Grace says:

    Thank you so much Jennifer, Wow I feel so happy I came across this, I’m so glad my partner was against it. I feel more confident that my son is OK without any vaccinations.

    What are the dangers if he goes on holiday to AFRICA? And is it ok to take the vitamin K when a child is born please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ps can I get advice from anyone as well please.

    • Mark Richards says:

      “And is it ok to take the vitamin K when a child is born please advice.”

      “Vitamin K” is routinely given (mindlessly) to prevent hemorrhage as some newborns have low PT (blood clotting factor) for the first few days.

      True story of the cluelessness of modern medicine:

      1. My newborn son needed a blood draw, so nurse decided to perform heel stick.
      2. Nurse did not warm the heel, and stick gave small drop of blood but clotted quickly so…
      3. Nurse stuck heel again, which at this point had my newborn in hysterics.
      4. As she went in for yet another puncture, I stopped her and said, “Perhaps we should use a hot compress first”, to which she replied, “are you trying to tell me how to do my job?”, to which I replied, “Yes”.
      5. She stomped off, returned with a hot towel, warmed the heel, and then got all the blood she needed.
      6. One hour later, this same nurse appeared with a “vitamin K” injection. I acted dumb and asked, “what’s it for”. “Some infants have a low clotting factor. This prevents it,’ she replied.
      7. I then asked, “aren’t you the same nurse who just had trouble getting blood from my son because it clotted quickly?”.
      8. I then threw her out of our room, with the suggestion that she be re-trained before coming back.

      Amazing, but true.

      • Dan Hull says:

        Hilarious. Way to be a discerning customer instead of being overawed by her “amazing” medical educaton.

      • Gudrun B says:

        This would be funny if it were not true – just one more reason I am leaving nursing

        Too many nurses are unable to think outside of policies and procedures any more and too few patients care; if you give true information so patients can give informed consent too many do not want to know and the rest feels personally attacked

        This site is a refreshing and welcome sight in my eyes! Good to read so many stories of people using their heads!

      • Grace says:

        Thank you so much

      • Grace says:

        Thank you so much

    • cia parker says:

      Healthy babies don’t need the vitamin K shot and it causes several dangers which can be avoided by rejecting the shot. However, there are several ways in which a baby with compromised health can benefit from the vitamin K shot. You’d better research it and then maybe wait to see if the baby has any compromising factor when he’s born that might make the shot a good idea, but reject it if he doesn’t, and be sure to breast feed him and keep him isolated at home for at least four or five months. .

      As for vacationing in Africa or anywhere in the Third World, the risk is probably low as long as you stay in tourist areas at comfortable hotels and eat at restaurants which observe hygiene regulations. You should only drink bottled water and drink beverages made with pure water, no ice, which is usually made from tap water. Only eat fruit that can be peeled. I got rotavirus from eating a salad on an airplane to Mexico that had lettuce that had been washed with unpurified water, and was sick for two weeks. I’d inform myself before I went as to outbreaks of contagious diseases in the country you’re planning to visit before you go. Massive outbreaks might pose a risk to you and your child, while smaller ones probably won’t, but might, depending on the circumstances. You should take the most basic homeopathic remedies with you, but don’t allow them to be X-rayed at the airport, for treating the most common symptoms likely to develop. Going to a developing country might be risky, especially if you go off the tourist track and interact at close range with people who live there, but even people working at hotels, restaurants, and shops might be contagious.

      I would say that you shouldn’t take young babies to developing countries, but as to when you could take them, it would depend on circumstances and your judgment. There is some risk, and you’d have to decide how great it is and whether it would be worth it.

  120. speshlee says:

    I have a 13 month old baby girl and have been up to date on all immunizations but did not return for her 9 mo or 12 month shots. :/ I’m worried she will have a bad reaction seeing it has been months since she’s been immunized.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Speshlee, my advice to you is that you spend every available minute right now reading, studying and learning everything you can about vaccines and the vaccination process. Since your baby has already had some of the recommended shots, I can only assume that you may be having a change of heart about their safety and necessity. Whether she might “have a bad reaction” isn’t about how long it’s been since her original vaccines–it’s about the decision of whether you decide it’s more dangerous to continue on the recommended schedule OR to decline further vaccination.
      In the end, it is you–the parent–who will make the decision and live with the outcome of your decision. For that reason, it’s important that you understand everything involved in making the right decision for you and your family. Study, read, ask questions, and remember that you can never UN-vaccinate. Once the shots are given, they’re impossible to undo, and nobody else can make the decision except you. I wish you well in your search, and encourage you to find a health provider who is willing to work with you in the future.

    • cia parker says:

      What are you afraid she’ll have a bad reaction to? Are you planning on letting her get more vaccines? There would be no more danger than usual if you continue the vaccines even after a long gap, but the vaccines are always very dangerous no matter when you get them.

  121. sally says:

    Hello jennifer,
    I am an expecting mommy for the third time I am 29 years old and I have been doing some research on vaccinated and unvaccinated children and the effects of both. Based on reports and real life horror stories of families that I’ve read out being destroyed because of vaccines. I am leaning toward not vaccinating my newborn I am nine months due any day now and I’m really undecided on what to do I’ve gone over these tips and facts of what I’ve found with my husband but he’s not that all into research I am always researching info about different topics and this one really concerns me. My two other children have been vaccinated on a regular schedule and both of them have health issues and behavioral disorders and developmental delays and based on what I’ve read I think vaccines are to blame what do you recommend I do.

    • cia parker says:

      Thinkingmomsrevolution.com has a new feature where you can type in your questions about vaccine damage and different developmental issues, and they’ll answer you. I think you should try them.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Sally, I agree with Cia Parker regarding The Thinking Moms Revolution. There’s a wealth of knowledge and these families are eager to help. My ‘short answer’ is that you educate yourself about the pro’s and con’s and if necessary, POSTPONE any decisions until you thoroughly understand which course to take. There are many reputable websites for gathering information, including the National Vaccine Information Center (nvic.org) and Thinktwice.com which will give you information on any specific vaccine you need to investigate.
      I wish you calm and peace with your new baby, and remember that you can Never UNvaccinate. Make sure you’re clear before you allow it to happen.

  122. melissa says:

    Hi everyone.I have twin girls that I stopped vaccinating at 3. They start school next year and I now have a one year old who is unvaccinated. I’m worried about mmr and chickenpox. I’m sure the twin will be fine at 5 but are any off these dangerous for a one year old

    • cia parker says:

      He’ll be two by the time school starts next year, and I doubt he’d be in any danger unless he has serious immune deficiency problems. My daughter had chickenpox when she was nearly two and did fine. Measles is VERY unlikely to break out anywhere in the U.S. (and if it did, it would be a good thing), very rarely dangerous even in babies, and so are mumps and rubella. I’d say do NOT vax any of your children, but get Vaccinations by Aviva Jill Romm to find out how to nurse your children if they do get any of these diseases. Also The Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter.

  123. Vanya says:

    Hi Jennifer, i found your website and its very informative. But sadly, i havent found it earlier. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in dubai, and they give my baby a BCG Tubervac and Hep B Engerix B Vaccinations when she’s a day old. And she also had the new one yesterday for DPT/Polio/Hib Infarix Hexa, and pneucoccal Prevnar 13, and rotavirus with Rotateq drops. I’m sad obviously. I shud’ve do my research and not get scared and act like a robot with the common health system. If let say i stop the next vaccination for my baby, would it make a difference?

    • lindsay says:

      YES it will make a difference! each shot is a gamble you take. weigh out the risk everytime! every moment we have a choice no matter what is going on. God bless

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Vanya, I have never heard a sensible argument against a ‘delayed’ schedule. Hopefully, you’re able to exercise your own free will and judgment about your child’s vaccine schedule. Afterward, you can thoughtfully choose whatever options you have available to you. The fact that you’ve already administered some is not necessarily relevant to your future choices.
      Read everything you can (including the comments on this thread) and I suggest the NVIC.org site and thinktwice.com for reliable information. There are many others, as well, but these will give you the basics.

    • cia parker says:

      Stopping further vaccinations will prevent further vaccine damage from being done. You’ll have to wait and see if those she already got have caused damage, and then read voraciously on possible ways to treat it. And read books like Aviva Romm’s on how to treat the milder diseases at home and how to recognize them.

  124. Caroline says:

    I became a young single mother in 2009. I was told to vaccinate my child so I did. The first round of vaccinations made me question then… He wasn’t acting right afterwards. I spoke with my doctor and listened to their opinion and got his next round of vaccines. This time he was lethargic, wouldn’t stop crying, drooling… I felt like the worst parent in the world. I called the ER only to be told that this is normal & he would be fine. I began researching vaccines. I delayed his vaccine schedule and ultimately got him most of his “newborn” shots but it took 3 years. I decided to get them because he is constantly around my (now) fiance’s son whose mother fully vaccinated her children. A few years have since gone by. My fiance’s son had an older brother who is autistic, and he is being looked at for ADHD. He is always sick and bringing illness over to our house… But we love him to bits & pieces & can’t change his situation so we just do our best at our place. My son went through a year of ridicule from his preschool teacher because she said he had learning disabilities, as a result I pulled him out of school & homeschooled him… He did wonderful with me! He is now back in public school, making ‘A’s’. The school wants me to get get him boosters for MMR, Varcilla, and Polio, but I don’t feel comfortable with it
    Furthermore, my fiance and I have had a baby who is beautiful and healthy. He is 5 months old and has not been vaccinated. My fiance and I have decided we would rather eat healthier and live healthier rather than count on vaccines that we don’t feel comfortable with. Unfortunately when I told my doctor this she looked at me like I was a monster and m
    pressured me to sign a piece of paper staying that I am putting my son’s life in danger for not vaccinating. Someone told me that the state could take away my children for not vaccinating. I believe that daily lifestyle choices effect a person’s body better than a vaccine. I do not trust vaccines and can’t find a doctor who makes me want to trust vaccines I have done my research and my fiance and I do not want to vaccinate our baby. But I am torn between these feelings and the knowledge that his soon-to-be step brother will be coming over with live vaccines in his system. Furthermore I can’t deal with the thought of losing my children… They are my world and anybody who knows me know this. I guess I am asking you for advice… I think it’s great that your family has lived healthy and unvaccinated, and I wish mine could too. I really do not trust vaccines and I am finding it hard to trust doctors lately. How do you raise healthy unvaccinated children in a vaccine-oriented world?

    • The Refusers says:

      Fire your doctor and get one who is on your side.
      Find a Vaccine Friendly Doctor Near You (from Dr. Sears)

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        In addition, Caroline, do not ever sign a form stating you acknowledge you are putting your child at risk by not vaccinating. Doctors have no legal authority to require that of you, and it’s the very form that could be used against you for making the decision that is best for you and your family. Find a doctor who is willing to be reasonable.

    • YM says:

      I feel the very same about my daughter. The first time we had our son..he never reacted well to any of the silly shots they have him..but they insisted that “it’s normal”..right..”normal” to their standards is not our standards around here. We are looking to not immunize our daughter (born last Tuesday)..how has your child been with no vaccines? I am a strong believer in all things natural..my birthing was all natural..so power to you and keep going! It’s our right as parents to look after the best interest in our child — not follow the standards of others .. Right?

      • Caroline says:

        I think that not vaccinating is the best option right now, but in making that choice I also think it is very important to make good healthy choices for you and your baby… Like breastfeeding and prenatals on top of eating healthy since baby gets their nutrients from your milk. Our boy has been very healthy… Our community has had a tough year with illnesses… Flu, colds, etc & even when everyone else in the house was severely I’ll he only had a minor case of it…it was actually talk amazing. Furthermore he has been developing & growing at a much faster rate than I remember my first son & step son developing. He is incredibly alert & healthy & it just reaffirms to me that vaccinating my first-born was a mistake. Of course he is human & not immune from getting certain illnesses so I am making sure to study up on such & prepare myself for how to take care of him if something does hit him…but I would rather spend a week fighting chicken pox than a lifetime fighting vaccine injuries & he is just fine. In fact I always get compliments about how smart, active, alert, & beautiful he is!

  125. Caroline says:

    I also was wondering if someone could tell me if they have ever had an experience like we had in 2012 when my son came down with a rash. I took him into the doctor and explained he hadn’t had his MMR at which point she told me she thought it was rubella, sent me home, called the state and they called me to tell me they were putting us in quarantine! I kid you not…it was like a movie. I explained the rash was going away… They sent an official to my house with gloves and a mask on to examine the rash. It was nearly gone so she said it wasn’t rubella and they called off the quarantine but told me I needed to get his MMR right away and called a week later to confirm if I had. It was ridiculous! And a little scary…not the rubella but the fact the government could do that to us so quickly! 🙁 anybody else experience anything like this?!?

  126. YM says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I know this post is quite a bit old but I stumbled upon your post and I am truly touched. I just gave birth to my second child last Tuesday and have been doing major research after having my first born. My son had very terrible eczema and is now suffering through terrible skin irritations since birth. What I didn different this time was NOT have my daughter be bathed by the nurses .. Especially in such a high traffic place like the hospital. Her skin is beautiful. We didn’t bathe her for a good 3 days and I think that keeping her away from “the hospital standard” was best.

    Which brings me to vaccinations. I myself was suggested an MMR shot due to the major outbreak..being a very conscious person who lives a very healthy lifestyle..I was skeptical in getting it..but the nurse kept insisting and being alone in labor and delivery left me no choice but to fear for my child’s safety. I got vaccinated. A few days after being discharged my hands and arms started getting dried. Scaly dried and itchy. Irritated and just outright inflamed. It brings me back to the reason why I chose not to get many “standardized immunizations”. I don’t believe in it. They don’t know everyone’s history, blood type and so forth to determine whether anyone may have adversed affects. It makes me sad that I am now vaccinated with this stupid MMR shot.

    Being first time parents with my fiancé, we got our son vaccinated with all sorts of immunizations in his first year of life. Tdap, rubella, hepatitis b..the only one I didn’t finish getting for him was his second dose of the flu shot after him getting terribly sick off the first dose. That’s when my fiancé and I started getting angry and said to ourselves that we will have to do major research. It’s like the pediatrician a make us live in fear thinking we need all these immunizations even though seek down inside us — our beliefs steer us different.

    I wanted to ask you .. And need support in deciding whether we should go forth in getting out daughter. We truly believe that nature has a way of building our own immunities to everything around us. I come from a string Chinese and Thai background where medicinal practices relied on herbs and natural remedies. It’s so tough being in a society where you can’t have your child mr vaccinated and be looked at as “the cause of diseases”. It’s a disgusting world.

    I love your story and it’s inspired me..I hope I hear back..

    Thank you so much!

    • cia parker says:

      It is a wise decision not to vaccinate your daughter, I hope you can also breast feed her for several years and keep her out of day care. Try to keep her away from other people for at least the first few months. Buy Aviva Jill Romm’s Vaccinations to learn how to care for sick children at home, and how to recognize symptoms of serious illness which may need the support of conventional medical care. Romm thinks highly of traditional Chinese medicine, and gives recommendations from it for home treatment. Good luck!

      • YM says:

        Thank you for being such an inspiration Jennifer. Your story is a movement and I will continue to share your story with others. I breastfed my son for 16 months and then I became pregnant with my daughter. I have a over supply of milk and I’m so happy to be going my now 21 month old son my breast milk again! He loves it. I will make sure to breastfeed my daughter for as long as I can..I just bought a few books by Aviva after reading through all the comments here. You’re a true inspiration.

        Thank you!

  127. Yolanda says:

    I was pressured into vaccinating my little girl at 8 months with her first shots and the influenza vaccine. I was very scared to get it done and the doctor also vaccinated me with all the same shots that day. It was because I was traveling across province that we were pressured even more.

    We were then told to return after our travels to get the 2nd shots done to make it final protection. I am choosing not to. 100%

    But my question to you, is have I harmed my daughters brain development or immune system development by getting the 1st shot? Will it have life consequences in her health down the road? I’m so worried about the shots being in her system 🙁

    Any advice will help.

    • cia parker says:

      You would have to wait until she is older to see what problems she may have. You can read about my baby’s reactions above: she seemed normal outside the reactions until she got close to one year old and didn’t babble, point, wave, or say any words. She had two words at 18 months which were erased by the DTaP booster, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. I didn’t believe it, however, until she was four and a half and I couldn’t deny it any more. She is severely impaired and very low-verbal, will never be independent.

      You will probably never know for sure. She may have milder problems like dyslexia or learning problems of different kinds, but it’s easy to just say that they are due to genetic problems rather than the vaccines. Some say they have found ways to undo the vaccine damage, but, while we have tried many things, I can’t say that any of them have helped. That’s the bad thing, there are ways to treat all the vaccine-preventable diseases, but no way to undo the brain damage of desensitize the immune system once a vaccine has sensitized it to one or more vaccine ingredients and caused auto-immune disease.

      For now you’ll just have to wait and see, but I’d certainly advise not letting her get any more vaccines. (Except maybe complete the tetanus series as dT, not DTaP, that’s the one exception I believe is important.)

      • Prudence Dagg says:

        I would suggest checking into livingwhole.org’s detoxes. There is one for adults and a gentle one for children. Her site does seem to be down today–I pray protection over her and hope it is just a glitch.

        There’s probably some overlap…Kerri Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism has a much more detailed protocol, starting with diet. It has helped an adult I know when nothing else really did (except the initial diet, pre-protocol…but even that was limited). There is even a group of adults (CD Health, on FB) using this for themselves for *other* health problems.

        I wish all of you the best.

    • Mark Richards says:

      The answer turns out to the the problem. It is, “medicine simply doesn’t know”.

      As a consumer of medication you (your child) enroll as an uninformed test subject. Were you testing a new drug yet to be licensed, choosing to undergo experimental surgery, or otherwise accepting a medical treatment with known risks, you would be afforded the protection of “fully informed consent”. Human subjects under the knife of the Nazi regime received no such opportunity. Nuremburg was supposed to end all that.

      Today we do the same bit, only in a more sophisticated form. It would be a horrific crime to force medication on a patient which has well-understood risks and marginal benefit while wearing uniforms with SS on the armband. Instead we do the same forcing while wearing white coats, through slick public relations, considerable social control, fear and guilt, and the force of quasi-law by denying basic social services such as schooling (driver licenses are not far off from the chopping block). Modern government and industry have found ways around the basic fundamental and infallible moral and ethical foundations. Provided you don’t think about it so deeply, all is A-OK. And if you do, the medical system has professional ethicists to bring you to acceptance.

      If there are no immediate issues to a vaccine injection, the most rare being anaphylaxis, later issues are virtually impossible to trace back. Depending on which side of the syringe one is on, this is the beauty and the dark side of the modern medical system and, in this context, the mass vaccination programme specifically.

      The best prevention measures for influenza and for that matter a vast array of communicable diseases are (a) common-sense quarantine/avoidance for children less than 18 months old, (b) hand-washing, (c) healthy diet (vitamin D), and (d) healthy life.

      The human immune system is a wondrous and beautiful thing. So here’s my closing advice: leave nature alone. Stop tinkering.

      Good luck.

    • Gudrun B says:

      Dear Yolanda, please stop worrying! A lot of children turn out with minimal to no observable damage – no reason for me to go with vaccines! – worrying does not hing to help. Keep a diary if you want to keep your observations (not that they would hold up in court, but you have documentation for your concerns. Also write down your child’s reactions to the vaccines. Research! Don’t feed your child any of the common things (loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients), find a suitable detox for your child to get some of the toxins back out of the system. The fact that your baby was already 8 months and her own immune system has started to kick in may help as well to let her come through unscathed. I hope she will be fine! Children are very resilient and as long as she does not get bombarded with more poisons are all in your favor. Worrying has never made any situation better, it makes you all more tense and that is not healthy either. You are on the right track, keep moving and do what is good for you and your daughter! Peace!
      my own children had some vaccines, because i did not know better, and i too was pressured; we stopped and my daughters are doing well (and are against vaccines!)

  128. YM says:

    Hello. Hope everyone is doing well! I’m in need of opinions and experiences.

    I am a new mother of two children. One is 22 months old– got most of his vaccines up until 18 months due to my lack of knowledge that we are allowed to refuse the vaccines. Yes, it’s a sad sad society we live in and I am stronger than I was yesterday because I have finally pulled him out of that lifestyle. I’ve noticed him being weaker and sick often after he got his first doe of the flu shot..and every other shot for that matter. He was noticeably lethargic and never EVER responded well to any vaccines whether it be dtap (or tdap..I forget which), his MMR..just all that crap he was “recommended to take.” If I can go back in time I will fight to protect him from harm’s way.

    I have just given birth to my little girl on January 20th and I am now here to confide in all the experts out there with children who are unvaccinated — or those who weighed out the necessities of certain vaccines..she is currently 7 weeks old and is healthier than ever! I forgot to mention that I strictly breastfeed..I breast fed my son until he was 16 months and then got too pregnant to keep nursing .. But with the over supply I blend my milk for him with spinach just for a booster. What I want to know is — how is your child doing so far without the so called “highly recommended vaccines”?
    I am traveling to Thailand in June which she will then be 6months old. I’ve asked my friends with children in Thailand about rexxomneded shots and they told me there’s no epidemic and hasn’t been any in Thailand for the longest. Any advice? Opinions? Or concerns?

    I am a rock for choosing to not vaccinate my children any more — and if the American school system is going to ban my child then I am more than happy to have my child study abroad at an international school .. No big deal. I went to an International Schook of Bangkok and was never asked whether I was vaccinated or not. It’s ridiculous how the government here turns away children who are not vaccinated. It has to stop!

    • cia parker says:

      Tropical countries are more dangerous than developed countries as far as contagious diseases are concerned. I’d recommend keeping your infant sheltered at home, depending on the situation there, for six months, one year, or two years. And have allopathic, homeopathic, and naturopathic doctors you can consult in case of need. I would seriously consider getting your baby the DT series after she is two. If there is polio in the area, I’d consider getting that vaccine series. But, unless there are particular circumstances warranting it, I wouldn’t permit any more than that.

    • Gudrun B says:

      let me see if i can get the link to the currently running vaccine summit. I think if you can listen to that it may help you make good decisions.
      The VACCINE WORLD SUMMIT features 5 of the most intelligent doctors on the face of the Earth talking about health and public safety – like you’ve never heard before. Truly extraordinary information!

      To hear this event for FREE – simply click the link below:

  129. Joan says:

    I have three children: The oldest is now 26, was fully vaccinated with a much lighter schedule than exists today, and he has autism and suffers from chronic digestive issues. When he was 12, the school nurse insisted he get three HepB shots, and he became so sick, he had to drop out of school anyway. My second child was also fully vaccinated, and she has chronic allergies and chemical sensitivities. Both children were always sick with something during their toddler years, too. My third child is now 13 and has never had a shot or an antibiotic. She also has never had an allergy. She is by far the healthiest child, and I wish I could go back and unvaccinate my older two. Kids in my day got all the childhood diseases, and we grew up just fine, without the disorders that plague today’s kids. Even “dreaded” polio caused no symptoms in 95% of the people who got it, and only .1% of the cases caused paralysis. Most of us probably had polio, too, and didn’t know it. These is NO way I am going to vaccinate my only healthy child.

    • YM says:


      Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me even more sure of my decisions to go vax free for my newborn. She was forced into getting hepatitis b shot right before we left the hospital. She is now 2 months and I will NO WAY in HELL bring her to the pediatrician. I stopped taking my son at 16 months..I believe that his mmr shot gave him all these skin rashes as its done to me after I gave birth to my daughter. The nurses made it seem like a scary thing and forced it on me..in a venerable state of mind..I then succumbed to it. Shame

  130. patty says:

    California just passed a law that your children have to be vaccinated. the only way out is if your doctor states that it is for medical need.
    I have a son who reacted to his first set of shots and became asthmatic and was very allergic to many foods when he was younger. he did not receive his 2 year vaccine. I can’t get the dr to waive the vaccine because the original physician did not put it on his record. I had two of my older children take a blood test
    ( titer). they both received all of their shots with the exception of the vaccine in 7th grade. the blood test thankfully showed that they have the immunity. this blood test was all my daughter needed to show for entrance into college. the college sent her a nasty letter stating if there were a measles out break she would have to leave school and forfeit her tuition if she did not get the mmr vaccine again. but when we sent them the blood test they said that would work. why do they threaten you and not tell you about the blood test? luckily i found this information from a friend. Now what can I do for my younger Son who will be in 7th grade next year? I will have the titer done for him but am not sure if it will help since he may not show the immunity like the other 2 children.
    I work in the medical field and have treated several children who have come down with pertussis even though they received their 7th grade shots. so why should i have to subject my son to a vaccine that does not seem to be effective any way.

  131. natacha says:

    My daughter needs to get shots to enter middle school. What can I do if I don’t want her to be vaccinated? Because they said it is mandatory
    I don’t know if there is any law that protect us.

    • cia parker says:

      What state are you in? If you’re in any state but West Virginia or Mississippi, you can take a religious exemption (on spiritual grounds even if not religious). The school main office or the health department can tell you where to get a form to claim if. In a few states now, they make you get a physician’s signature on the form and make you listen to his spiel first. If you have to do that, remember that he isn’t going to tell you the whole truth. The shots are more dangerous than the diseases for most people. I got the same letter last year on my daughter entering eighth grade, and I went to the health department to get the form, filled it out, and turned it in at the school office.

      • Mark Richards says:

        Read the law, then read the form. You will likely find that the form you’re asked to sign goes beyond what the law requires and places you in a precarious position. In one case I’m familiar with the form demanded an admission that refusing state-mandated medication would result in a health risk which as we know is utter nonsense.

        Later, the state could take your admission to court should your child become ill and it’s all downhill from there.

        • cia parker says:

          What Mark said is not true. There has been no case of the state taking someone to court for having taken a personal (religious or philosophical) to the vaccine “requirement” for school. Of course they’d like to bully you into compliance, but compliance stands a high chance of damaging your child for life. One in nine with asthma from the pertussis vaccine, one in fifty peanut allergy from the HIb vaccine, one in six with learning disabilities, one in three with some kind of allergy, one in ten with ADHD, one in 36 with autism. It’s the vaccine companies and their minions against parents desiring to protect their children from these and other conditions. The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision last summer means (sort of accidentally, it wasn’t the main purpose of the decision or directly addressed) that if a parent claims a religious exemption, it cannot be challenged. Period. No interrogation about the “sincerity” of the religious convictions is allowed.

          There are hundreds of thousands of people who have taken religious exemptions for our children, and they have been accepted and not challenged. Yes, the pharma shills are trying to scare people into compliance, with many threats, and we’ll see what happens with the California mandate, but even that would, as written now, only apply to entering kindergartners, not older schoolkids, if it is finally passed, and I don’t think it will be, not with the tens of thousands of parents vehemently protesting it.

          • Mark Richards says:

            I didn’t say that a court case came of this particular form. I am saying that one should be very cautious before signing a form provided by others. There are agendas involved.

            Your statement should meet the requirements of the law, and that’s that.

            I prepared my own statement rather than sign the broad and assumptive one that’s provided.

          • cia parker says:

            What did your statement say? Most states do not have a philosophical exemption, but 48, including California still, have a religious one, so you’d have to say that getting vaccines violates your religious or spiritual beliefs, but you wouldn’t have to define them any more than that. I have also read that you could probably draft and file a conscientious objection form, and I have no information on how many people have tried that or whether it had been challenged.

  132. Julia says:

    Dear Jennifer and many others on this forum,

    It took me a few days to digest this article and comments. I have always been more on a holistic side, but vaccines have been an unquestionable issue, exception to the rule, something that I had never wondered might hurt my baby. I grew tense when at our wellness visit at two months our paediatrician announced our baby was about to receive his first shots. I wanted to look at the schedule and it clearly stated they wanted to shoot my baby with 7 shots in 3 different syringes. My answer was a clear “no”, I have to read the inserts and research it. The amount of info has been overwhelming and confusing; a few months ago I was leaning towards giving the shots sparingly, but the more I research, the more I doubt in the vaccines safety and effectiveness.

    I currently live in Canada but born and bred in Eastern Europe. I was sick with measles, like most of my classmates, recovered and gained life-long immunity, and was appalled at the public hysteria about this relatively harmless childhood disease. Honestly, the efforts of media to make a big deal out of something as mild as childhood diseases are remarkable. I have a few questions, if you will:

    1. As I mentioned, I was considering the alternative schedule where you give one shot at time. I also know that polio, diphtheria, whooping cough shots are available as single vaccines. The question is don’t those people who chose single vaccines add extra adjuvants, i.e. aluminum , because each vaccine contain aluminum separately, and 5 will contain more than 1?
    2. As this point, when my baby is kept at home most of the time, I will not do anything. I understand after the age of one HIB, Pneumococcal (Prevnar), and Whooping Cough are not very dangerous, therefore, no need to vaxx if didn’t vaxx before that age.
    3. I am worried about meningococcal vaccine. In Canada it’s suggested to vaxx at the age of 12 months against type C, and then, at 12 years old, against strains C, A, Y, W-135. I know in USA it’s only given at 12 y.o. plus. However I am worried about meningitis, I am not convinced that giving something at the age of 12 months is safe, while in the neighbouring country it is not approved until later in life. Moreover, it does not protect against the most dangerous strain B…. The vaccine for strain B has just been developed and I am not willing for my baby to be a testing body.
    4. Is Aviva Romm’s book that you are all referring to called Naturally Healthy Babies and Children? What to do if your child gets sick.

    Thanks so much,

    PS baby is 7 months now

    • cia parker says:

      Actually you can’t get the diphtheria and pertussis vaccines separately: you can get tetanus separately, or the dT (which seems to be safer than the tetanus vaccine alone), or the DTaP all three together. Since that’s true, you don’t need to worry about possibly too many adjuvants if you get them separately.

      The pertussis vaccine continues to be very dangerous, while the disease is only dangerous to a small percentage of the youngest newborns who get it. Your child would be all right now even if she got pertussis (may God not wish it!). My daughter was eight and nine months old when she had it, and it was alarming, lasted a long time, but not dangerous, and we both got over it with no problem. Taking high, frequent doses of vitamin C would help a lot in the case of any disease, and certainly pertussis. I’d shelter her at home a little longer, she’d probably do fine, but there’s no need to tempt fate. If she gets pertussis before ever having had the shot, she’ll get permanent immunity, whereas if she ever gets the shot he may not, because of original antigenic sin. The vaccine continues to be very dangerous, starting with causing asthma in one in nine vaccinated kids.

      The problem with combination shots is that they assault the body with many pathogens and chemicals at once, and cause more dangerous reactions than one at a time. (That being said, my daughter had an encephalitic reaction to the hep-B vaccine by itself.) It’s only an observation, but many people have had horrific reactions to even one at a time. I don’t think you can get the M, M, and R separately anymore, and I don’t think you should try, all three are relatively mild and good for healthy children to get. You’re right, I also am very surprised at the fuss so many people make about measles.

      About meningitis: I understand your concern, it is the most dangerous disease(s) we vaccinate against. You’re right, severe Hib and pneumococcal are much less common after age one, and lower still after age two. Breast feeding offers good protection against them, as does keeping your baby sheltered at home, I’m glad you’re doing that. Most people by the time they’re grown have immunity through having had subclinical exposure to the types of meningitis most common in their area. I recently read Kate Moss and Cilla Whatcott’s book The Solution, and was very impressed by it. It’s an entire schedule for homeoprophylaxis, immunizing babies (or older people) by means of homeopathic nosodes. I was surprised at the studies showing how effective large campaigns have been at preventing polio and meningitis in Cuba and South American countries.

      I say that because I myself am planning on buying the nosodes pneumococcinum (pneumonia), meningococcinum (meningitis), and tetanotoxin for myself and my daughter to use. You might want to order the book on Amazon and consider using it. They only recommend homeoprophylaxis for young children for half the VPDs, although nosodes are available for all of them. Then the rubella nosode at puberty if the girl hasn’t gotten natural immunity.

      You’re right to be wary of the meningococcal vaccines, they have caused a lot of death and disability. I’d recommend you read Dr. Randall Neustaedter’s The Vaccine Guide and also Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s Make an Informed Vaccine Decision, to get a balanced view of the dangers of the vaccine before you even consider getting them.

      No, the book I’m thinking of is Romm’s Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives. Excellent book and excellent advice on nursing children with typical (not serious) cases of the formerly universal childhood diseases at home.

      I can tell you that it’s scary at first to go against common wisdom on vaccines, you feel as though your child is in danger every time you walk out the door. It’s not true, but you have to read a lot to learn the facts, talk to yourself rationally, and be prepared to deal with sickness when it happens, and know the signs of possibly dangerous disease (trouble breathing, inability to lower chin to chest, altered consciousness). I can tell you that statistically speaking your daughter is more likely to enjoy robust health and have a healthy, competent immune system if she doesn’t get vaccines. I can also tell you that if the homeoprophylaxis doesn’t seem like enough, I’d say think about getting her the dT series after the age of two years old (with as little mercury as possible, of course). If polio were to come back in the US or Canada, I”d say research it and think seriously about getting the injected polio series, but I wouldn’t think about it unless it came back. E-68 may well come back in late summer, and it’s apparently a new kind of polio. I’d say avoid using any kind of insecticide or pesticide in your home or garden, as their use leads to severe cases of polio and E-68. My daughter got it last August and had a severe, unrelenting cough for about a month, and then got well. If your daughter gets it, keep her quiet at home as much as possible and look up natural cough remedies on the Internet or in Romm’s book. Modern Alternative Mama is a website with several good recipes for cough syrups with honey and coconut oil.

      • Julia says:

        Wow, this is a well of knowledge. Thank you so much, will research in depth. Amazing info on homeoprophylaxis! Will share it with my homeopath.

        Travelling internationally , which we do not intend to do right now, does it put us at more risk? Our grandparents live internationally.

        Also, I’ve noticed many people here get adjustments from a chiropractor. I have never heard it’s helping immunity, might have to look more into that…

        • cia parker says:

          Yes, you are at somewhat greater risk, depending on the country and any outbreaks going on at that time, when you go abroad. You’d have to research what’s going on in the area you’re going to at that time. You mentioned eastern Europe, so there wouldn’t be the risk of tropical diseases, and I don’t think the risk of the other diseases would be very great. I lived in Mexico for several years, and made the mistake of thinking I needed the typhoid vaccine and a DPT booster for the tetanus protection before I went for the first time. The typhoid vaccine is very dangerous, and I reacted, probably to the tetanus vaccine, with both arms being paralyzed the same day, brachial plexus neuropathy, and was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis by MRI. I think it was a reaction to the considerable amount of mercury it had in it at that time, but am not certain. And then I lived in Mexico for several years, and was amazed that I had been afraid of dangerous diseases there: none of the hundreds of Mexicans I knew had ever gotten any dangerous disease, and I didn’t either. Stomach upset and diarrhea were common for most people, but they said I had a stomach of iron, as I didn’t often have any such problems. The tap water was disgusting, with filaments of something floating in it, but I regret to say that I got to where I drank it without boiling it, and nothing happened to me. But it would have been wiser to boil it or buy bottled water. My friends all bought huge bottles of filtered water in garrafones which they used for drinking and cooking.

          If your daughter got the childhood diseases while visiting relatives there, that would probably be a good thing for her long term health. If you got her the DT series after two years of age, it would probably protect her from diphtheria and tetanus. I know there was an epidemic of diphtheria in the countries of the former Soviet Union around the time it fell, although nearly everyone had gotten the DPT series: it was because of the widespread hunger and homelessness. I read that it didn’t spread to the countries of eastern Europe, although it did to Australia and New Zealand, but didn’t cause much severe damage or death there, though it did in the URSS. Could you tell me what you know about that from the experience of yourself and your family? Of course diphtheria can be extremely serious, but it can be successfully treated with antibiotics and high-dose vitamin C when it occurs (same for meningitis).

          And homeoprophylaxis would probably work to protect your daughter from diseases you were afraid of her getting. I’m glad you are so cautious about getting the vaccines, it really is playing Russian roulette every time you get any vaccine, and there’s no way to undo it once the vaccine is given.

          A lot of people swear by chiropractic adjustments having helped them when nothing else had. I think most chiropractors now also practice naturopathic medicine. Dr. Randall Neustaedter in The Vaccine Guide has recommendations on boosting natural immunity with things like colostrum, and Aviva Romm also gives recommendations.

  133. Julia says:

    I lived in the USSR at the time it collapsed, I was 13 at that time. I do not remember any of my friends or family members being concerned about diphtheria or getting boosters. I am not even sure what I was vaxxed against when I was born, but my mom complied with the schedule back then. I do not remember getting any new shots or boosters. The only time when I succumbed to public hysteria was here in North America. I got the flu shot at my GP’s wellness visit and a few days after came down with the most severe flu. Back then I did not make a connection, I only thought had I not taken the shot, I would’ve been much, much sicker. That thought terrified me since I was already profoundly ill.

    I am sure lots of illnesses bore and spread at the time of the collapse of USSR, but again, I do not know anyone who got sick with diphtheria. I only remember, and up until now, people did not drink tap water. Most people get plastic galloons of water that they use for cooking and drinking.

    We will not travel to Ukraine any time soon because of the situation there, but we do like Europe. We also travel to Israel a lot. We are not fans of tropical vacations, it’s way too hot for me there. I am not as concerned about destinations as I am worried about the airports themselves, especially large hubs where folks connect internationally.. again, do not foresee international travel up until babe is much older.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Julia, I’d like to chime in on your questions and observations, especially since you noted your agreement in the tenor of this article. I appreciated the information that Cia has contributed, although I’m not in total agreement with her views, I’ve had very different experiences and I’m sure she can understand that we all want the same outcome: health.
      One of ‘my’ main points is that I do not adhere to the idea that vaccines are either safe or (the only) effective way to avoid clinical presentations of “vaccine-preventable” illnesses. I have lived most of my life in the U.S., but I also lived in another country, have visited 19 more, and have never had my vaccine status questioned nor encountered any concern by foreign officials. The crux of my sharing this story was to illustrate that there are many (more efficient) ways to stay “healthy” than depending on vaccination. My article spells out what I believe those practices are, and I feel they are much more powerful than vaccines at accomplishing true ‘immunity.’
      You asked about chiropractic, too, and I’d like to add my thoughts on that as well. Chiropractic is a very powerful drugless healing art that is practiced in many parts of the world. It has been marginalized by mainstream medicine, largely because of its success and potential threat to the industries surrounding drugs and surgery. It’s basic mission is to remove unnecessary interference from the nervous system, allowing for greater communication between the brain and the rest of the body. It makes this communication by way of the spine (mostly) and chiropractic’s benefits can be seen in an overall improvement of bodily systems, far outside the spine and musculoskeletal system. It’s a very, very powerful tool in the arsenal of regaining and maintaining proper full-body communication. I believe it is the most powerful tool that my family utilized for reaching the high goals of overall health and true “immunity.”
      I suggest you find a Great chiropractor in your community and learn more about what chiropractic has to offer. It doesn’t require that you ‘remove’ anything from the body, or add anything ‘to’ the body. It Works. I promise.

    • cia parker says:

      Thank you for your interesting reply! I’d like to know more about what life was like for people in the USSR both then and now! I agree with Jennifer that there are many ways to improve health and prevent disease. I think, however, that tetanus is scary: always possible and sometimes even affecting healthy people who were infected by a splinter, not even by a serious wound. Homeopathic ledum and hypericum are said to prevent tetanus in the case of a suspicious wound, and I just saw yesterday that the rate of adverse reaction reports to VAERS from the tetanus vaccine were much higher than I had thought. I can’t give any definitive answer, but can only say that the vaccine series is usually (certainly not always) safe and it is nearly always effective in preventing tetanus, for longer than is usually said, apparently for at least forty years rather than ten (Dr. Mendelsohn). Polio is another scary one, which fortunately people in the First World don’t have to worry about at this time (although there was an outbreak in Israel a couple of years ago). It very rarely paralyzed even at its height, but it still paralyzed and even killed a lot. The vaccine was not completely safe, but was safer than most, and was very effective in stopping polio. Beyond that, I can’t say much. Every parent must research each vaccine and disease carefully to find out what the risks from the diseases are where he lives at that time.

      • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

        Thank you, Cia. As always, your thoughtful and thorough response. Thanks for your information and your passion.

  134. Julia says:

    Dear Cia and Jennifer,

    Thank you for your responses. As for homeoprophylaxis, I’ve consulted with my homeopath and she said she certainly knows about it, but the answer on whether or not its use is beneficial is unclear. She’ll research and once I get a more definite answer, I’ll post here.

    I am definitely going to look into osteopathic care. Thanks for your input about that. Cia, what do you want to know about former USSR? If you could specify I would let you know more.

    Also, when you say sheltering baby at home as much as you can, what about the older siblings who go to school/daycare and the risk of exposure is so high? My baby’s contact with his niece is constant, and my friend is in the same situation – questioning vaccines – sheltering as much as she can, but her elder son is out and about..

    • cia parker says:

      Thank you for your reply, I was wondering if you would be open to letting me ask you questions about life in the USSR by private email. If you are, my email is ciaparker2@gmail.com.

      As for older kids bringing home illnesses they pick up at school, it is a risk, but it would very rarely be the case that they bring home a serious one. It is something to be aware of, certainly. Your baby is old enough now that she could in all likelihood handle pertussis and measles just fine even if she got them, and mumps and chickenpox as well. Those are the only contagious potentially epidemic diseases we’re talking about. Breast feeding will provide substantial immunity to the most common strains of meningitis for as long as it continues. Most adults have achieved immunity through subclinical exposure while growing up, and women give their own antibodies to their babies during nursing. If your child ever shows symptoms of possible meningeal involvement, I’d certainly take her to be evaluated immediately, as it’s very important to start antibiotic treatment quickly. And insist on high-dose intravenous vitamin C treatment, which is miraculously effective in treating all contagious diseases and many chronic ones as well.

      Beyond that, it’s a decision you need to think about carefully. The vaccines are certainly very dangerous, but on the other hand, they usually work the way they are supposed to and provide immunity to the targeted disease for some length of time (usually not for life). Many of us would never take another vaccine, having already been severely damaged. But if for any reason, after careful research, you believe that the disease is more of a danger to your daughter than the vaccines, it is certainly an option to go ahead and get the vaccines, and everyone would respect your choice. You should also consider that there are ways to prevent serious disease (breast feeding, avoiding exposure to large groups of children, good nutrition, and avoiding antibiotics and drugs), and ways to treat disease (antibiotics when necessary, herbal remedies, high-dose vitamin C either orally or by IV, vitamin A for measles and D for flu, homeopathic remedies, and conscientious and loving nursing), that I think there are better ways of handling the possible dangers than by using vaccines. And another consideration is that the immune system has to be trained by practicing on combatting real disease. The developmental task of the child’s early years is to gradually strengthen his or her Th-1 immune response (cell-mediated rather than antibody-mediated). Babies are born with the Th-2 response preponderant, so that the mother’s body not abort the fetus as a foreign intruder. That is the response strengthened by vaccines, which depend on creating antibodies for disease protection, but the role of macrophages in disease protection is probably more important than that of antibodies. There’s a really interesting chapter in Wendy Lydall’s Raising a Vaccine-Free Child about the competition in the late nineteenth century as to which better explained the mechanism by which the immune system protected us from disease: the French promoted the antibody theory and the Germans the macrophage theory.

      But you’re right that it is better to try to keep babies from getting contagious diseases more serious than colds until they are at least one year old.

  135. Aswin says:

    I didn’t take my vaccine on my 15 years old ,now am 18 years old
    if there is any problem happen to me when i didn’t & what are the problems cause when vaccine did not take at the right time?

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Aswin, there’s a bit of a language gap here, but I think you’re asking if there’s any “harm” from deviating from the “schedule”?
      Where are you living? and
      Which vaccines are you concerned about at this time?

  136. Amanda-Beth says:

    The only vaccine I trust for myself is the tetanus shot. My dad did his best to delay my shots as he didn’t in late 80’s and 90’s when I was child know he could set me on delayed vaccination schedule. He however knew what my school required which was a lot less then most schools. He did this cause I got so sick at 3 due to experimental vaccinations to which he signed waver aka nothing on record can’t be sued. Dad had no information. And flu shots make me throw up for 24-48 hrs. At 16 dad allowed me to decide and I haven’t had flu shot but once since and it was a mistake. Never again. People need to know risk and it is dumber then dumb to give infants polio vaccine in my opinion. Side effects need to be given and vaccinations seriously reduced and to find out what is right for you and your child without penalization.

  137. Rosemary says:

    I decided not to vaccinate my daughter. I have always believed that vaccines harm your boddy and have been a strong follower of teaching her healthy eating habits. Now that she will start school full time I have gotten extremely worried about her getting something dangerous like meningitis or diphtheria. I am so scare that she could get something from vaccinated kids. After getting the vaccine, they will have the virus what if she gets it? I believe good eating habits are important. Unfortunately I was never a very healthy person, and became educated about eating habits and all healthy things after having her, so i am afraid that her system is not strong enough due to my way of eating while pregnant. since she was born i have given her natural things, she doesnt eat fast food, processed sugar,etc…Can someone advise me or help me in this case. what to do in case of an issue? Do i take her to the hospital and vaccinate her or what to do (in case about meningitis or diphtheria ). I do believe that i made a good decision but at the same time I am scared she could get something from vaccinated kids.

    • cia parker says:

      I would recommend that you get Aviva Jill Romm book Vaccinations, and read the indications of dangerous symptoms which mean you need to get your daughter to the hospital right away. It’s unlikely, but symptoms like inability to bend her neck forward or touch her chin to her knee might mean meningitis, which can be treated with antibiotics and intravenous vitamin C if treatment is started soon enough. And symptoms like difficulty breathing may mean pneumonia. Altered consciousness might mean meningitis. You might read Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott’s The Solution, about homeoprophylaxis: there are effective nosodes to prevent all of the vaccine-preventable diseases, and you can get them through homeopaths like them, and consult with them on Skype. I recommend against vaccinating your daughter. Possibly the dT or DT series if she is over two and after researching it carefully. It’s pretty safe but not totally safe. Tetanus would be rare, but possible, and very dangerous, although it also can be treated with high-dose vitamin C. It would be reasonable to go either way on that one. Diphtheria is no longer an issue anywhere in the United States, and neither is polio, although we’ll have to see what happens next month with EV-68, a polio-like virus that killed twelve children and paralyzed 120, I think. Most who got it only got a flu-like coughing illness and then recovered (like my daughter). It may depend on whether the child has been exposed to chemicals like pesticides and insecticides whether or not they get the crippling form. There’s no vaccine for it at this time.

  138. Allegra Heinz says:

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story in such a respectful way. The topic of vaccination becomes very emotionally charged-very quickly. I appreciate that your story is your truth and no one can take that from you. Not any doctor, scientist or drug company that tries to claim otherwise. You have walked the walk and LIVE to tell about it!

    I am the Mother of an incredibly smart and willfully spirited toddler and she is everything to me. Because of my utter devotion and unconditional love for her I felt it necessary to look at the legitimate concerns surrounding vaccinations, despite all the intense push back I have received for it. All of that is a mere nuisance compared to what I would have to go through if I chose to vaccinate and she became injured or died as a result.

    I feel there is no transparency from the drug producers and the general public and certainly no accountability being taken when there is injury. Just because the masses are saying it and doing it, it doesn’t make it true.

    Thank you again for sharing your story and standing in truth and grace as you did so!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Allegra Heinz, for your kind words.
      With the vast net of misinformation that exists today, I felt it was important that our story be shared. There are far too many who believe that “none of us would be alive today if not for vaccines.” They’ve lost sight of the inherent mechanisms we have developed over eons, which are capable of keeping us safe and healthy. Our story is an illustration of that knowledge.
      To your Health.

  139. Ana Barisic says:

    I read your article and I have a very important question for you. School is forcing me to vaccinate my daughter although she is Asperger’s and I think that previous vaccinations influenced her digestive system.

    • cia parker says:

      Most states permit you to take a religious exemption to the shot “requirement” for school. Mississippi and West Virginia are the only states which do not permit a personal exemption (philosophical or religious). If the California referendum to try to annul SB 277 fails, then California will become the third state which does not permit a religious exemption. If you live in a state which does not permit a religious or philosophical exemption, it would be good to figure out how to homeschool your daughter or put her in a homeschooling coop. She has already been damaged by vaccines and could easily be more damaged if she got any more.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Ana, if you are in the U.S., your state laws will vary according to state. Please go to NVIC.org and check on the laws governing your state’s vaccine requirements to determine what exemptions are available. You may be able to obtain a philosophical exemption, and if not you can consult a doctor that may be able to provide a medical exemption for your child. The laws vary from state-to-state, so this site can give you information about how to proceed from here. As Cia said, you may also be able to obtain a religious exemption for your daughter.

  140. Gemma says:

    I work in healthcare and I do not vaccinate my child. I once took her to an urgent care centre with a temperature and rash and told the doctor she is unvaccinated. The doctor smiled and said so are all
    My children you are doing nothing wrong but don’t repeat that!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Gemma, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope that someday parents (and providers) no longer have the need to fear the repercussions of their decisions toward vaccine freedom. It’s a sacred right that we should all have the ability to exercise. Best of health to you.

  141. Jay Smith says:

    Keep up the great work. There are tons of things about it here on this pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/patgraves/autism-aspergers-alzheimers-cancer-vaccines-help-l/

  142. mpho says:

    My daughter is starting to have problems like when she talks when she walks she trips and falls.

  143. Karla says:

    Thank you for this!. I Had a Stillbirth a couple months ago & Doctors could not give me any answers. I had the Flu shot weeks before I found out I was pregnant. My midwife recommended I get another flu shot when i was 7 months.. Theres no way I can ever know if this was a factor to his death but this time around (just found out I’m pregnant) I’m choosing not to get any vaccinations. That being said; Im torn between getting my future kids vaccinated. I live in California and public schools demand vaccinations. How can i go around this? Can I just vaccinate them with the required Shots just for school? And refuse all other vaccinations? Any information will be a big help.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Kayla Wildman says:

      Karla, every vaccination causes injury. Please look up Dr. Andrew Moulden on the internet and read his work, and interviews with him, carefully. Also read Dr. Russell Blaylock’s articles on how vaccination injures the brain. And Suzanne Humphries’s book “Dissolving Illusions.” Once you have done this reading, you will understand that “doing just the vaccinations required for school” will put your child at terrible risk of vaccine injury…in fact, you’ll understand that your child will absolutely, no doubt, be vaccine injured.

      If you continue living in California and the law remains the same, you will have to homeschool your child, or enroll your child in an independent study program through a public or private school — which is like homeschooling with a school dictating your academic program and watching over your shoulder (some people are fine with this and some hate it). Some people are warning, though, that California’s pro-vaccine-mandate legislators will come back within a few years with a new law to force even homeschoolers and independent study families to vaccinate.

      Please, educate yourself and join the fight against vaccine mandates, wherever you choose to live. I hope you will keep your new baby safe in your womb and after birth by NOT VACCINATING.

      Best wishes to you for a wonderful, healthy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby!

  144. Deborah says:

    Very well said Serene ,& I was in the health care field / but because I’m opting out on getting any up to date vaccines, am finding that no one will hire you if you don’t. Its becoming a sad day in time. I love helping people

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      There are ever-expanding job opportunities in alternative healthcare settings. I’m sure they’d love to have your expertise as you align, on a daily basis, with the values that are most important to you.
      Your love is “helping people.” It’s a great place to help.

  145. Warrior Mama says:

    An excellent case for some research on the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. Both my kids are unvaccinated and experience all of the good health your wonderful essay conveys. Thanks so much for confirming with wit and intelligence what I have said and believed for 20 years.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      So few (alleged) research dollars to spend any on this (utterly vital) study? Hmm. Who wins…certainly not the children.

  146. Lisa says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this. I am a mother of one and another on the way, she is unvaccinated and I don’t intent on vaccinating the second one. This was a difficult decision to make as I am a nurse and throughout school I was always taught about how important vaccines were. It wasn’t until my niece was diagnosed with Autism that I began to look deeper into the effects vaccines can have on your body. I am amazed at how many people haven’t questioned a) how effective they truly are and b) the serious side effects that one can experience. The vaccine insert alone will give you a bunch of information that is alarming and enough to start the research journey. In the years that I have looked into this, I have been scrutinized by my colleagues and some family members because I have different view on this and now that the media is involved it had made things more difficult as I am “that one” at work, comments like my child is going to make theirs ill…..my child is the one that will spread the illness. I simply laugh at their ignorance and hope that one day their eyes will be wide open as more and more people are speaking up against this. I thank you for being one of the voices for us!!!!

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I hear from more and more medical professionals who echo your thoughts. I like to think the “hundredth monkey” effect will eventually tip the scales. In the meantime, we can all attempt to educate all who have ears to hear. Just know that silent eyes applaud you.

  147. Beth Crafts Bell says:

    Thank you Jennifer for your efforts to share your experience with your family that has this wonderful (and RARE) heritage of not vaccinating! I am 55 years old and I had grandparents who cherished health, faith, and were committed to giving the body organically grown food (mostly from their own garden), and eliminate putting any chemicals and poor quality food in the body, taking in pure air & good water, etc. Many of my cousins were never vaccinated and all have lived to be very healthy adults. My mom decided to vaccinate us kids, all 5 of us. I have suffered since early teen years with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue issues, weakened immune, etc. I was recently treated by a natural heath care healer to clear my body of toxicity partly due to vaccinations. When I was in 8th grade, I had a bad reaction after receiving the polo drops administered at school. The next morning, my legs would not move for a few hours. It was after that time that I started having a lot of issues with fatigue, falling asleep in class, struggling to keep up in sports, etc. — The blessing in all of this is that years ago I decided to learn more about what my grandparents taught, lived, and believed. They lived to be 87 and 92 and in good health to the end. Clear minds, beautiful skin, productive lives…without taking any prescriptions drugs, and believing in allowing the body to heal …giving the body the best nutrients, and environment for healing, praying for wisdom and healing of the body. My other set of grandparents followed more of the mainstream American diet & lifestyle, both suffered with cancer and disease and a poorer quality of life. — When it came time for carrying my first child, I decided to eat and live more like my healthy grandparents. I took non-prescription pre-natal supplements and added a lot of quality protein, proper herbs, supplements & food during my pregnancy. I loved being pregnant, felt very good, enjoyed every day of my pregnancy (and not one stretch mark). I had a wonderful delivery of my son and was home within 48 hours. My son had only breast milk, not a drop of formula until introducing other foods at 6 months. I was committed to do all I knew to have very nutritious breast milk, avoiding being around chemicals, toxins, strong perfumes, cleaners, etc. and also searched high & low to find organic cotton infant nighties…vs chemically drench “safe” night clothes. My baby was very easy to care for and to bond with.. a happy, content, and gorgeous baby that was a joy and blessing to us. I did not want to vaccinate him but was still trying to get my hands on material to read that would give the other side of the story…facts and information that you would never be given through the medical community. After feeling pressured from some family members I caved in and at 6 months agreed to give him the DPT shot. After that he never had another vaccination. I found support with informed parents who were committed to not vaccinating their children. I stood strong with them. I literally had the healthiest baby…only going to well visits. My son had taken antibiotics only 1 time til he turned 5. He had his first terrible head cold when in high school. No one will ever convince me about the importance of quality food, breast milk, lifestyle, chemical avoidance, etc. My son was and is now a very healthy adult, smart, strong, well adjusted. A few years later I gave birth to my daughter. She has never been vaccinated. She too is extremely healthy and I don’t believe she ever had any antibiotics …maybe in high school. She is beautiful, smart, well adjusted, very social, completed college, has a great job, is engaged and plans to raise her children as I did with her. She will not vaccinate her children unless for some reason they are not healthy & Strong and have some sort of other reason that she would need to consider doing so. Oh, and I had her at home with two midwives assisting. We were blessed with an intimate birth experience filled with amazing joy and gratefulness. I was able to have my son and parents there with me at our home to be a part of such a beautiful time in our family. I share all of this to those who need encouragement & support in making decisions, and to state how GRATEFUL I am for the wisdom that my grandparents had which came from their growth in their faith and the desire to care for the amazing human body the best way they could. I share to encourage others to have a wonderful pregnancy, beautiful birth experience, and a healthy happy child to nurture, ready contribute to the next generation, and to serve our awesome Creator. Blessings to all who seek wisdom and truth in HIS name. May we seek truth and receive great blessing from exercising the truth we learn.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Beth, for sharing your beautiful story. One of the most gratifying parts of telling mine has been in learning how many others there are who have had the same result from honoring their bodies’ inherent wisdom. Please keep sharing with anyone who has ears to hear, and build confidence in others to trust the process of relying on the basics of robust health rather than the artificial, outside-in approach. I wish you the greatest of success in having the same quality of life that your grandparents achieved. I believe that’s the way Nature intended it.

  148. Genee' says:

    I have a 3 1/2 year old. She is over due for MMR, and a few others because we had a bad experience with the last vaccines. I really don’t want to give her any more! 🙁
    What happens when the child needs to start Pre-K?
    They require the children to be UTD with their vaccines.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Genee’, please look at the website for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org) to learn about the vaccine laws in your state. They vary widely, but many states require NO vaccines for school attendance, provided you have satisfied the paperwork required. There are currently 3 types of exemption in many states:

  149. Tanya says:

    An inspiration. I also decided to go against the grain and my children were unvaccinated too and rarely had any sickness, apart from chickenpox, rosacea, the odd cold and flu. Glad of it. Spread the word.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thanks, Tanya. You are living proof that ‘going against the grain’ is both possible and highly desirable. Please tell your story to all who have ears to hear.

  150. Chuck says:

    My Family of 8 are non-vaxers we are being forced to leave California because of the new Vaccine regulations.. We tried to home school our kids over the years but when you have 6 kids ranging from a senior in high school to a Preschooler it makes it very hard to home school so we decided to send them to Public School but now with the new mandates we can’t use the Religious exemption nor the personal beliefs exemption to keep our kids safe from vaccines. Now our kids won’t get to see their Grandparents nor their cousins I want to thank you for writing this article I plan on sharing it with all of my family and friends.
    While I served in the Marines I was forced to get the Anthrax Vaccine or face Courts Martial it was a 6 shot series and after my 1st shot I developed severe Migraines and have had to live with 2-3 Migraine headaches a week and I will have them the rest of my life. After the 6th shot I was diagnosed with Cerebral Atrophy which has led me to have almost no long term memory and my short term is not that great either. I served from 1995-2003 every single anthrax shot I got were from expired lots with an experimental adjuvant to reactivate the vaccine basically we were being used as guinea pigs. Between 1990-2000 over 400 service members died from the vaccine and over 44,000 have had severe adverse reactions basically what is now called Gulf War Syndrome. The Federal government has denied that there is or has ever been anything wrong with the vaccine so those of us who got injured from it can’t get compensation for our injuries. The Anthrax Vaccine was never approved for human use by the FDA nice right..

  151. Angel says:

    Hey, my question is this I’ve been avoiding immunizations for my child she’s 10 months now and perfectly healthy my son who is two had all his vaccination and was very sick as a child. I’m in school and I don’t have much money so I can afford organic foods I’m on wic and I get what it says I can get. Should I vaccine my child since I can’t afford a super healthy life style yet. I try to not let my son eat sugar and I cook fresh veggies and fruit but he is extremely picking right now.

    • cia parker says:

      No, you shouldn’t. If your child reacts with neurological or autoimmune disease (etc.), it will be very costly for the rest of her life. Just do the best you can, just getting enough calories keeps children from the worst consequences of malnutrition. When she gets sick, put her to bed, keep her at home, keep her well-hydrated, no fever reducers.

    • Prudence says:

      Hi Angel,

      Other health matters are a hot topic in the community (very large community) of those who delay vaccines in some way.

      Please know you are not alone. Just take all this one step at a time, making improvements where you can. I am not downplaying the role of diet. However, I have never heard of someone dying–or, specifically, thousands of correlated cases of deaths–after eating a box of twinkies or something like that.

      The same cannot be said of vaccines.

      Vaccines can be dropped quickly (once you are sure of what you want to do). But food, unlike necessary “preventative” medicine, needs to be replaced with the right stuff. Same with some other things in life (cleaning supplies, etc.)

      One step at a time.

      **This is an exaggeration. Of course I hope even those of us not perfect with diet don’t eat whole boxes of twinkies! 🙂

  152. Alma says:

    my daughter is 12 months and has been on the delayed schedule for vaccines but after her last visit I noticed she was different not my normal happy baby. I mean she is happy but not the same if that makes sense? she used to be happy all the time and it took almost nothing to make her smile or content. I don’t know if I can attribute that to her vaccines but in my gut I just knew it was after her last shots I could tell she was different but I thought maybe I was over reacting or crazy?My question is, if I wanted to refuse the rest of her vaccinations, would I still be able to enroll her in preschool of school later on??? I’m not familiar with the laws or what’s mandatory to get in to schools. I live in Hawaii

  153. Linda says:

    I live in California and they have made it mandatory to get my child vaccinated. I have refused to until I apsolutely have no choice. I cannot enroll him in to any childcare program or school unless he is. He is 1 years old now and healthy, but I need to know a few things. Is there a amount of vaccines that’s less then a full dose that by law would be the very minimum amount I need to give him? Is there any other way around vaccines in California if I go to a alternative doctor? Which states do not require me to do this to my child? How do I get help with childcare here in California without getting him vaccinated? Thank you for the responses as I am very scared now.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Linda, a good place to start is at NVIC.org. It will give you information about the particulars state-by-state. California’s new law is creating problems for many, and there is a Facebook page dedicated to the cause. (I believe it’s California Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccines, but might be Californians for Vaccine Choice.) There are some other Facebook groups (aimed at the Californians) that are set to “private” but once you’re in on the public forum, perhaps someone can sponsor you for the others.

    • cia parker says:

      I doubt that any doctor would be willing to give your child less than the amount of the recommended dose, as that might get them into a lot of trouble. You might be able to find some reason that your child should get a medical exemption: if he or she doesn’t have any health problems, you might see if there is any neurological or autoimmune disease in your close family members that might be a contraindication for your child as well. There are some doctors who would be more willing than others to write a medical exemption, like Dr. Sears or Dr. Jay Gordon. I’d recommend reading the posts on Dr, Sears’ Facebook page: he had a lot of information last year on different aspects of this mandate and ways to get around it.

      If you don’t have to put your child in daycare or preschool, I don’t think you should do it. That would give you four, even five years before kindergarten, and by that time I think there’s a good chance that the mandate will be struck down. Otherwise, I’d leave California if I were you. My child has autism, GI disease, and aphasia (stroke-like damage to the language center of her brain) from severe reactions to two vaccines. The chance of damage or death from any of the vaccine-preventable diseases is very small, the chance of disability from vaccines much greater. If you have any possible alternative, I’d take it rather than take the chance of ruining your child’s life with vaccines.

    • GB says:

      just a question that came up when i read about your plight:
      California has so many times been on the forefront with innovating ideas – has no one organized small groups yet, where parents who refuse to vaccinate band together for day care needs, even early school years and do a home program? If 5 or 6 friends get together and arrange for that small circle; not sure what license requirements would be, but as long as it is a “friends only” and not a open to every one. it might work?

      • cia parker says:

        Good advice, I think that would work.. The legislature ultimately exempted groups of homeschoolers from the laws regulating private schools (which would have to comply with the vaccine mandate). I’ll bet there are a lot of grass roots home school groups springing up!

  154. Sham says:

    I haven’t read all comments, so forgive if I comment or ask something that has already been said. I am concerned for my family too trying to go organic. Meat and dairy is the hardest (and then so many studies show we don’t need dairy and grains and others show we need them so I don’t know what I’m supposed to add or take away from my diet). We are on the WIC progam as well, and for those who don’t know, it ain’t healthy like they want you to believe. We get the cheapest of cheap. Anyway, my son is 7 months old and not-vaxed (we did the vit k which i regret now; what if I messed up his immune system?). My oldest kids are vaxed, and so I want to detox them, but they are picky eaters! I’m afraid they are gonna get something from school and bring it to my son. I am an EMT and I concerned about that too! He has had an ear infection and now has a cough (but thankfully no antibiotics yet), and it stresses me thinking he is getting something serious even though I’m breastfeeding!! And other concerns are when we go visit the grandparents for a lengthy time. They cook for us and its gonna be non-organic, probably GMO, and processed, and are gonna want to shove sugar down my kids because its “fun”!! And they think there is nothing wrong with fast food. My mom has no idea my son is not vaxxed, and she is gonna flip!! Our families would rather be happy eating what they love and live shorter lives, than to have to take time to read labels and live longer. I can’t afford essential oils right now, but I’m also scared to use them. So, I’m just paranoid we can’t get healthy quick enough in order to prevent disease. I love seeing y’alls encouragement, then I run into stories and videos of kids who get these diseases and how some die. Being an EMT, I went to a conference where they did a presentation on pediatrics. One case was of a little girl who developed epiglotitis (complication of a certain pneumonia)that is so-called “prevented” by vaccines, and wound up in ER. This can be deadly quickly. She was unvaxxed, and the doctor was of course irate. Now, I don’t know the little girls’ background (diet, etc.), but it scares the mess out of me. So, yes if money was not an issue, I don’t think I would be as stressed. Our house is not even in good shape and we can’t save for that either. I want to do the homeopathy thing, but insurance doesn’t cover it. I’m afraid I’m setting my own body up for disease due to stress, and my oldest kids don’t understand why I don’t let them have candy and sugar any more. Since they are in public school, they get tons of snacks and garbage for parties and what not. How are we supposed to detox with that? I have found tons of recipes for homemade treats, but I am horrible at time management and can’t manage the kitchen, cleaning, homework, etc. very well. So, anyway, I guess I would just love to hear some encouragement, and thank you for allowing me to vent!!

    • gb says:

      Dear Sham, don’t worry yourself sick! When my children were little I was on WIC for a short time and we had little money; you do the best you can and improve over time. My children are now grown and have their own children and live healthy despite initial not so healthy food (school lunches, cookies from relatives…..) You change as you can and keep your goal in mind without stressing over everything. I don’t know how old your children are, but you can assign simple chores so you are not overwhelmed with all the things to do; you can make healthy choices on WIC (beans, rice, oatmeal) a little meat can go a long way if you don’t serve one piece (cut it up and add it to veggies, like you would in stir fry) and it goes much further. bake cookies with your kids with less sugar…. veggies do not have to be all organic, inform yourself. You will get there!
      And do not be so afraid of children getting some horrible illness, breathe! relax!

  155. Jo says:

    This is a great article Jennifer, it answered so many of my fears and questions. My two year old daughter has been vaccinated mostly according to schedule, we delayed all of the vaccines though. Thank God she seems fine, but if I were to do it again I probably wouldn’t vaccinate or only opt for a few. She has not had her MMR vaccine – I am fairly sure I don’t want her to get it, but I am struggling with the fear of A) what if she gets the disease and complications, how will I deal with the guilt for not having vaccinated? B) I recently read this article where a doctor described how an unvaccinated child sick with measles came to her office and in the waiting room was also an 8 month old baby, who apparently contracted measles from the unvaccinated child and suffered horrific side effects. the doctor now says she doesn’t accept unvaccinated kids as patients, because they can ‘kill’ other vulnerable babies/kids. I guess what I am trying to get my head around is – if I don’t vaccinate for the sake of my child’s health and well being, am I putting other kids at risk of illness or, worst, death?

    • gb says:

      Fear is one of the worst reasons to do any thing!
      Measles are contracted through droplets, from sneezing – ebven on the hands and then touching a toy which the little one could have picked up at the doctor’s office. Doctors’ offices are one of the worst places to catch any thing contagious, because every one sick comes there – and then they do “well baby visits” right there???? Beats me, one of the incredible illogical things of modern medicine because of $$$ – a doctor can see more patients (=more money) when all the people come to the office vs doing home visits for the sick.
      That aside, the incubation period for measles is from exposure to onset of symptoms is 10-12 days. After that time, when the symptoms appear, the person is infectious, able to spread the virus for another 8 days or so. When was the infected child at the doctor’s office? When did the 8 month old show symptoms? Were there other recently vaccinated children in the office who may have passed on/ shed the virus from the vaccine? All in all, articles like that do NEVER tell you the whole story!
      Your child is 2? With a healthy immune system she should be just fine -just like you drive with her in the car and have not had a bad accident, or do you worry about that every time you drive some place?
      Why worry about possible worst scenarios should your daughter get measles? Do you worry about vaccine damage? What is the greater fear? Stop living in fear of what ifs, please!
      Follow your heart, not the fear mongering! And blessings to you!

  156. april says:

    I have never had a vaccine and I’m alive and healthier than half the kids in my school. My family has never had a disease so far and all we take is old Indian cherry bark syrup. It works and I havnt got sick since forth grade.I’m almost in seventh grade. I agree with you:)

    • gb says:

      this is the best email yet, from some one young, not a parent and also not afraid that you might get sick – you go to school and other kids get sick but you are well! Keep going strong!

  157. Kelly says:

    From a mother who is up at 2 am because it’s her 7 month olds first fever. Iam at peace and feel such a relief to hear such stories. I also have not and will not be vaccinating my second child. My first I didn’t trust my gut 100% and didn’t do enough research at the time and went ahead with vaccinating. She was so sick with high fevers every 2 weeks I was considering renting a room at my Drs office he saw me so often. I wish I would I would of done things differently but with my second child now Iam deff seeing the difference of what a clean heathy diet can do. Along with breastfeeding on demand and so many other natural remedies there can only be a positive outcome. I can see the difference and feel it from my healthy girls now. Thank you for telling your story and bringing postive feedback in a world that’s so full of negatives now.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Thank you, Kelly, for your kind words. But especially for being open to learn more about the risk vs. benefits of the immunization schedule. Please share your story with others. Every bit of leaven helps the whole loaf rise.
      Thanks again and best to you in your journey.

  158. Stacie J. says:

    I vaccinated my four oldest, but when I had my last two, I had done a lot of reading and investigating and decided I wanted things to be as natural as possible. My oldest never got sick, but I believe he was blessed with a very healthy immune system. When he entered the Navy and had to have a round of shots, he said he had the worst bowel movement a day later and then was fine, while everyone else around him was sick for days.
    The 3 others I had vaccinated contracted everything that came around and have had issues with asthma and eczema. The 2 unvaccinated boys were also the longest I breastfed. My six year old I breastfed for 3 years. He never got sick during that time. But since he has been in school, he repeatedly gets sick. I thought from all the stories I had read of others who haven’t vaccinated, that when he got sick, his body would be able to fight things off quicker. It seems like he is constantly sick. And lately he keeps telling me that his legs and neck are hurting him and sometimes its as if one or the other of his legs will go numb and he stumbles or falls. I thought maybe he had Lyme disease and had him tested, but the results were negative. Then out of the blue it popped into my mind that what if he had Polio. I know that its probably not it, but I suddenly doubted myself for not vaccinating him and started getting fearful. If he ended up with something that damaged him because of my decision, I don’t know if I could live with that. I know everyone around me would probably want me put in jail or think I shouldn’t have children. I am so nervous. I read accounts like the above and everyone’s testimonies and I feel that I have done the right thing, even when family members think I am insane, but what if? I am kind of alone here, and scared.
    My youngest is 2 and still nursing and he hardly ever gets sick. When he does its for one day max, not even a full day and he’s bouncing around again.
    I wish I could live in a community where everyone felt the same way about nutrition, health, and vaccinations.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Stacie J., thank you for sharing your story and your concerns. Although you really haven’t asked for “advice”, I would like to make a couple of observations and recommendations. I applaud your efforts toward keeping your family healthy, and I also understand your fear. But as with all things, the most effective weapon against “fear” is “knowledge.” Some of your statements indicate that you’ve made your children’s vaccine decisions on a “gut level”. (Those feelings should always be honored in parenting, in my opinion.)
      I also believe that you can eliminate a good deal of your worry and concerns by learning as much as possible about vaccines, as well as the diseases they are given for. There are many great resources, and one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen is “Vaccine Safety Manual: For Concerned Parents and Healthcare Providers” by Neil Z. Miller. It can be ordered from his website http://www.thinktwice.com
      I think you could get a much better idea of the relative dangers of so-called “vaccine-preventable” conditions.
      Second, I understand your reluctance to rely on mainstream medical doctors and clinics. I STRONGLY recommend that you find an alternative practitioner in your area to help you navigate safely toward your family’s health. My personal preference is a well-versed pediatric chiropractor, as well as a naturopath and/or homeopath. These professionals will be of great value and will never belittle or criticize the choices you have made. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association has a directory for “find a doctor” on their website that might help you locate one nearby. Once you have those two areas — full understanding of the diseases and professionals who can assist you, I believe you will feel much less ‘alone’ in your effort. Best to you in your journey.

  159. yoline pascal says:

    I just moved to the state of Georgia and the school is threatening to kick my daughter out if i don’t have her vaccinated what can I do to stop her from having to be vaccinated

    • The Refusers says:

      You are in the belly of the beast (CDC’s home state).

      Get a religious exemption.

      “For a child to be exempt from immunizations on religious grounds, the parent or guardian must furnish the school/facility with a notarized affidavit stating that immunization conflicts with his or her religious beliefs. There is no standard form for Religious Exemption. Medical exemptions are also allowed.”


  160. Jennifer says:

    My daughter is almost 9 months and we are strongly against vaccinating but I feel everywhere I turn it’s being shoved down my throat. We live in Tennessee and plan to homeschool but from my understanding in this state you still have to provide proof of vaccinations to the state. I’m scared my decision will become a legal issue. Any advice we be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • The Refusers says:

      Religious exemption, learn about it.

      “Requirements do not apply to any child whose parent or guardian files with school authorities a signed, written statement that the immunization and other preventive measures conflict with the parent’s or guardian’s religious tenets and practices, affirmed under the penalties of perjury. Medical exemptions are also allowed.”

      Tennessee Chapter of Vaccination Liberation
      Kelly Riggs
      P.O. Box 70131
      Knoxville, TN 37938

      Kelly Riggs, director
      1-865-556-7345 cell
      Email: kel.riggs@gmail.com

    • cia parker says:

      I see Mike has already answered you. I just looked up the exemptions allowed in Tennessee and also found that religious exemptions are allowed.
      “Religious – This exemption requires a signed statement by the parent/guardian that vaccination conflicts with their religious tenets or practices. If the child needs documentation of a health examination for the school, it must be noted by the healthcare provider on the immunization certificate. In that case, the provider should check the box in section 1a. that the parent has sought a religious exemption to explain why immunization information is absent or incomplete. – See more at: http://tn.gov/health/article/childcare-12th-grade-immunization-requirements#sthash.SA9YC5DI.dpuf

      I’ve taken a religious exemption for my daughter since she started kindergarten. It was easy to get and no one has ever given me a hard time about it. I’d recommend you do the same.

      • jennifer says:

        Are you in TN? I have read that some states question and want proof and give push back and then some a
        States they can’t question.

        • cia parker says:

          I’m in MO. I’ve read that some states will give you a harder time than others, but I don’t think that matters. If you have the state statute in hand, I’d just say to politely tell anyone blocking the way that you have a legally-assured right to taking a religious (or philosophical, where available) exemption to the vaccine “requirement” for school and you want to take it. Say you’re going to talk to a lawyer if they try to prevent you from using your legal right to an exemption.

  161. az says:

    I have a question for my daughter school the district says I have to put immunization shot or they can’t take my daughter to school for the enrollment what should I do ?

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      az, you can go to NVIC.org (National Vaccine Information Center) and search by state. It will lead you to links for specific information.

    • cia parker says:

      In all states but Mississippi, West Virginia, and California, you can take a personal exemption to the vaccine “requirement,” either religious or philosophical. Don’t let them push you into getting vaccines: they ARE dangerous, and not required in 47 states.

  162. Melissa Maxfield says:

    I have a five year old and three year old that has never been immunized. I was need more websites to back this up. I have a cousin that just recently had a newborn and the doctors have her convinced that my kids will make her baby sick even though mine are healthier than most kids I see that gets there vaccines. If any one can help me.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Melissa, this should give you a good start at researching the subject of vaccines. There are many more, as well, but if you start with these, you will be led to other great sources of information to answer your questions.

      1) http://greatmothersquestioningvaccines.com
      This site has a large selection of topics related to individual vaccines

      This also has a large data base

      3) “The Greater Good” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_nWp6ZHA2Q
      This documentary can be viewed in its entirety online

      Short film narrated by Rob Schneider regarding vaccine practices in the U.S.

      5)”Vaccine Safety Manual: For Concerned Parents and Healthcare Practitioners” by Neil Z Miller @ thinktwice.com
      This book contains detailed information on each vaccine that appears on the childhood schedule

      6) http://drsuzanne.net/dr-suzanne-humphries-vaccines-vaccination/
      Dr. Humphries (MD) has a large compilation of detailed information regarding vaccines on this site.

  163. pansy says:

    Once you vaccinate can you stop? After gaining knowledge about not vaccinating, I no longer want to vaccinate my 10 month old. After his second shots he developed eczema and it made me research. I want to stop!

    • cia parker says:

      Yes, you can and should stop. More vaccines will only make your child’s condition worse. For eczema, try giving you child Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, Norwegian cod liver oil, and evening primrose oil. Ask at the health food store how much they recommend that a child his age take. Sometimes I get eczema on my wrists and hands, and Oregon grape tincture is wonderful at drying it up and healing it. I just drip it on and let it dry. Erbavita used to make an Oregon grape eczema cream, but I don’t think they do anymore. I found one on Etsy, but I think just the tincture is fine. Dabbing witch hazel on is good too, an old Indian remedy. Oatmeal baths are soothing, and wet compresses with chickweed or plantain tea (which grow wild in most people’s yards, mine anyway).

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Pansy, I agree with Cia. If you feel that your child has been injured or harmed by vaccination, it is not only your ‘right’, but also your responsibility to stop administering others. You can always decide later to continue, but once a vaccine is given, you cannot ever ‘take it back’.

  164. Zoey says:

    A few days ago i took my 10 month old son for his shots but now hes eaking up in the middle of the nght with chills and throwing up. He also has a bump where he had one of his shots.. im pretty worried How do i stop taking my son for his vaccines without being taken to court?

    • cia parker says:

      The bump is probably aluminum from the vaccine(s). They’re not going to take you to court if you sound worried about the health effects of vaccines. That’s worst case, it’s very unlikely it would come to that. If you’re in one of the states that demands shots for school, you can homeschool, and they wouldn’t take you to court, they just wouldn’t let your child attend school. In 47 states you can take a religious exemption to the shot requirement: we took one, it was no problem, no one gave us a hard time, in those 47 states it’s your legal right. And they can’t take you to court over it. Only for egregious neglect or abuse, not for genuine concern about vaccines.

  165. jazz says:

    Wow how can you do this…. I’VE just started researching I’m pregnant with my third child and my first two have had all those crazy shots. And I don’t know what to do because I don’t want them including my newborn to get them ever again help please

    • cia parker says:

      It’s really no problem. Just make it very clear in your birth plan that you don’t want the hep-B vaccine for your baby, but DON’T stop there, I have a friend who had it in both daughters’ birth plans and they gave it to both of them anyway. I told the pediatrician and he agreed, but the staff at the hospital gave it to my daughter without permission. Tell every single person you see at the hospital that you DON’T want the hep-B vaccine, and keep telling them until you’re back home with the baby. Room in with your baby and keep an eye on him/her all the time.

      I’d get the book The Solution and get the homeopathic nosodes for pertussis and the three types of meningitis and follow the instructions for giving one a month. You can talk on Skype to Kate Birch or Cilla Whatcott, and they’ll sell you the nosodes, which are very effective at disease prevention, and safe. Tell any doctor you see that you DON’T want your child to get whatever vaccines you don’t want. If they kick you out of their practice, try a general practitioner instead of a pediatrician, or a chiropractor or a naturopath. They probably won’t kick you out, but I’ve heard of people and know one person it happened to. I refused shots from three pediatricians at different practices, and they didn’t approve, but they respected my choice.

  166. jazz says:

    Wow I would love to have more info about how can I not get shots for my children anymore

    • cia parker says:

      If you’re in any state but Mississippi, West Virginia, or California, you can get a religious exemption if your child needs one to satisfy the vaccine ” requirement” for school. If you’re in one of those states, you’ll need to find a doctor who is willing to write you a medical exemption, or move.

      Otherwise, you can just stop getting them the shots. Get Aviva Jill Romm’s Vaccinations for advice on caring for patients with the relatively mild childhood diseases. Also read The Solution, on homeopathic nosodes to prevent disease. You can get the nosodes from the authors, Kate Birch and Cylla Whatcott. They’re available for all the vaccine-preventable diseases, but you probably won’t want all of them. Research the issue and then make your own decisions. It’s very unlikely your child would suffer a severe case of any VPD.

  167. Chaste says:

    I Am trying to convince my husband to have our baby vaccinated. Please send me links and more details to show my husband that this vaccines are dangerous. Many thanks

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Chaste, one of the best resources for full information (in my opinion, as there are many) is Neil Z Miller’s book “Vaccine Safety Manual”. It can be purchased online via thinktwice.com
      It breaks down each vaccine, and every parent I’ve recommended it to has made the decision to withhold vaccines. It’s not about conjecture, and all about the facts. Thank you for your efforts to protect your child.

  168. Shalimar Crowe says:

    Hello everyone! Seen some posts about exemptions. Wanted to lend a hand for those in Georgia. I’m fairly new to all this so please forgive if info is lacking. Here is the link to the “new” religious exemption form for GA. http://gasn.org/revised-religious-exemption-form-from-the-ga-dph-form-2208/. The problem here is the Dept of Health skipped the legislative portion (apparently that’s legal). They have worded everything very similar to the “Refuse to vaccinate” forms at many pediatrician offices. In statement 3 things such as being at “risk for disease”, “vaccines are safe”, etc. and then in statement 5 about being vaccinated if there is an epidemic. We are no longer allowed to just write a letter. A GA group is doing research to see if we are allowed to “cross out” phrases and sign and still use it. I “think” if there was a religious exemption on file before May 15, 2015, you are grandfathered in.
    So I put this out there to educate you all. Yes we still have a religious exemption, but the form is not what we agree with. I know that I will not be able to homeschool any time soon and it sucks that the state of GA has done this. My oldest 2 of 3 are vaccinated and I just turned in their shot records last year before I had decided against vaccines. I’m unsure of “boosters” they are “due for” if any (rising 5th and 1st graders), so I’m also looking for advice if anyone else has run into this. I don’t know how to continue forward with my religious exemption for them. But mYbe by the time my youngest (11 months) goes to school I’ll have it figured out.
    Hope this could help someone and I’ll take advice in return s well! Everyone have a blessed and God-filled day!!

    • cia parker says:

      It depends on the state, but a lot of states, maybe most, “require” vaccines only for entry into kindergarten and seventh grade. Usually the Tdap for seventh grade. There was an article at Thinking Moms Revolution maybe two years ago about a mom who got her already vaccine-damaged son that Tdap at that time, and he had a terrible reaction and his autism got a lot worse.

      This also depends on the state and the individual physician, but if there is any neurological or autoimmune disease in your immediate family, or possibly one or two generations back, you might be able to get a medical exemption. or if the child already has an autoimmune or neurological condition, even eczema, you might be able to get the medical exemption. And these days, nearly all children would quality for one of those.

  169. Jazmin says:

    It’s been a couple of years since this article was written. I am curious of any updates or changes in what was originally written? I have 2 kids, my oldest about to be 11, and my youngest just about 7 months. My first born was completely vaccinated as I was young and not knowledgeable about alternative options. But my youngest, her father is not wanting to vaccinate her. Reading your article gives me hope that there are other ways to go about things, but I’m concerned about some of the issues that may arise down the line because of the ever-growing push to vaccinate.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Jazmin, it’s true that we are seeing a nation-wide flurry of activity in attempts to make vaccines “difficult to avoid.” However, there is No Such Thing as mandatory vaccination for civilian populations in America. State laws vary in their requirements for school attendance (California, Mississippi, and West Virginia holding the tightest requirements) but many states allow for religious and/or ‘philosophical’ or ‘reasons of conscience’ exemptions. I suggest you visit NVIC.org to see the laws that apply to your state and find a healthcare provider who is in alignment with your wishes.
      I also suggest you become involved in the political activities in your state to contain overriding vaccine mandates. Your children (I assure you) will thank you later.

      • UZMA says:

        My18 month old baby who has having atopic dermatitis problem by birth is healthy and happy without vaccination and after reading this story I’m feeling happy that I’m one of those

  170. Saul Pelayo says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I have a son that is going to start 7th grade next month, but since We live in California no immunization exceptions are valid, he will not be able to attend public school. We have decided not to vaccinate because he has been diagnosed with ADHD combined with anxiety and besides that, the ingredients used in the vaccines, but it is mandatory. My question is: should We move to a diferente state or homeschool. We dont know what to do, please help, Thank you.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Saul, I would suggest you find a medical provider who will write a medical exemption for your son. There are many such providers in California, so ask around and you will likely find one nearby.

  171. Jen says:

    I would like to know if there is anyway to keep my kid in school and keep her from having to take these shots. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Jennifer Z Vaughn says:

      Jen, if you scroll back through the comments on this article you will see lots of helpful information regarding vaccine choice. Start with the home page of NVIC.org and you will find a list of state-by-state exemptions that vary throughout the U.S. All states honor a medical exemption, most honor religious exemptions, and several more also offer a philosophical exemption.

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