What is a Conscientious Objector?

MB Comment: Paul Offit has done The Refusers a favor. He obviously didn’t mean to, but we will graciously accept his unintended generosity. I actually purchased his book Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All (Kindle version) and read it. So I’ve paid the price of admission, including wading through his strident criticism of me for being an advocate for vaccine safety when I testified before the House Government Reform Committee. By now everyone should be familiar with Offit’s agenda and modus operandi. He touts his vaccine pseudo-science sponsored by Merck as the gospel truth, including his crackpot assertion that children can safely take 100,000 vaccines at once (publicly made in the October 2005 Parents Pack Newsletter from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). If you don’t shut up and take your vaccines, sooner or later you will come under the crosshairs of Offit’s Elmer Fudd wabbit gun. Eh, what’s up doc?

So how did Offit do the Refusers a favor? On page 125 of his magnum opus is this marvelous quote:

“In 1898, The British Government finally gave in, appeasing angry citizens by passing a conscientious-objection law. People who didn’t want to get a vaccine didn’t have to. (The term conscientious objector, born of England’s anti-vaccine movement, was later applied to those who refused to fight in World War 1 and subsequent wars).”

So there you have it. Conscientious objector refers to vaccine refusal. The term was only borrowed and applied to those who for reasons of conscience refused to kill others during war. Vaccine refusers have a long and distinguished tradition of opposition to medical tyranny. We should use the term conscientious objector proudly. What Offit disparages in his silly book is actually our strength. My conscience forces me to refuse the system of mandatory vaccination, which is causing an epidemic of neurological damage (encephalopathy), as defined in the Merck Manual (the largest selling medical textbook) and as acknowledged by the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, through its numerous awards for that definition of vaccine adverse reaction. I stand for the victims. I am a conscientious objector.

Read a Google Extract of Offit’s Conscientious Objector Quote

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