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    Long before the current freewheeling battle for the soul of America’s future, Michael Belkin, singer/songwriter of high energy Seattle based band The Refusers, started writing provocative, blistering songs for the newly aware masses. Their forthcoming album, Wake Up America, which will be released on October 14th, features 15 socially conscious tracks and is Belkin’s declaration of war on mind-numbing pop music. Blasting through the establishment’s twisted goals with incisive lyrics and a set of spirited diverse modern rock music, The Refusers (Belkin - vocals, lead, rhythm, slide and pedal steel guitar; bassist Steve Newton; Seattle keyboard legend Joe Doria, who has played with Santana; and contributing drummer Brendan Hill, who plays with Blues Traveler), create songs of musical defiance.

    Belkin, a onetime LA studio guitarist, experienced the dirty dealings at the pinnacles of power he now writes about firsthand as a former Wall Street wizard, before turning his back on the greed and corruption.
    Escaping with his soul intact, he lives the ethos he learned at UC Berkeley’s Haas School, where he learned to question the status quo, and vowed to share his experience via rock music, forming The Refusers four years ago. He says, “The band’s name represents the essence of Rock rebellion. Our logo is the raised hand saying NO. No to the establishment. No to corporate BS. No to government corruption. The name Refusers is a recognizable symbol that represents edgy rebellion.”

    Belkin and The Refusers speak today’s spirit of rage and simmering revolution against the establishment, calling out corruption and greed and reminding us of eras when music elevated generations. With Wake Up America, The Refusers declare war on dumbed-down status quo music.